#OpGreenRights: Anonymous Italia – Extinction Rebellion Release Joint Data Leak of 6 Organizations Across Italy

Earlier today, April 18th 2019, after almost a month away from the hacking scene, “Anonymous Italia” burst back onto the hacking scene with a series of hacks/leaks across the country.  Interestingly enough, they also released a video along side their press release in Italian – something they normally do not. The cyber attacks themselves were carried out under the general umbrella of “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights) but with a new purpose/direction they call “Extinction Rebellion” – an international movement focused on issues/events effecting the worlds ecology and environment which effect us all collectively as a species. More specifically, issues and events that theoretically threaten to wipe us off the planet if continued to be left unchecked.

Exposed in the latest round of data leaks were the Conference of Regional Parliaments, a private law body aiming to enhance the role of the Assemblies of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Council of Agricultural Research and Analysis, Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians, Academy of Autonomy, a project in agreement between the Ministry of the Interior, ANCI and UPI, as well as the Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont, a territorial branch of the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture, and COMECO – an organization responsible for the production and distribution of products for environmental treatments using biological and/or natural methods.

Hack/Leaks 4/18/2019:

Conference of Regional Parliaments: hxxp://parlamentiregionali.it/
INFO: Presidenti/Direttori/Dirigenti dei Consigli regionali e delle Regioni emails, password (non cifrate), password (cracked), hashes
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?7fc19a371a1bb748#YL3zCDE1qs9LUj528yF71O7AUT3UjcUCwwWFboV8RjQ=

Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of The Agricultural Economy: hxxp://sito.entecra.it/
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?323562d28d577333#Gn7yBo22LPFZyEN/UtLGeW2QzUyK/zl0XVi2NpbYp7U=

Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians: hxxp://agrotecnicicuneo.it/
INFO: users, contacts, advice, emails/passwords
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?4e22e5240293ecedh38wQQ9+blxOAehWIrR4Y7hzoEc9+LXXjNpgRwackvI=

Academy for Autonomy:


INFO: administrators, passwords (unencrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?e8253ff14997fca764m1fPNzuwolsLZft9KSmqB6SNXBc9FsurS+HNcaCSY=

The Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont:


Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?bea3923708fddb70YIJombXRXpS5gvaxlfOZJfQ1JSYoFGsJ4B7mmfbRTRo=

COMECO: hxxp://comecoambiente.it/
INFO: admin, password (not encrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?3af13941ef62af24/2gaKP5lcckairV5ipdGQ8UQ9q4wIvUOmajAUq1ZhNA=

Additionally, in a message attached to the leaks translated from Italian, the hackers wanted the world to know:


Consider the following truths:

We are facing our darkest hour.

Humanity is threatened by an event unprecedented in history. If we do not immediately face the situation, we will be catapulted into further destruction of everything we care about: this nation, the peoples that inhabit it, the ecosystems in which we live and the future generations to come.

The message of scientists is clear: we are on course for the sixth mass extinction and in the absence of rapid/determined action we will find ourselves facing catastrophe.

Everywhere in the world we are witnessing the annihilation of biodiversity. The seas are poisoned, their acidity is increasing and so is the rise of sea levels. Floods and desertification will soon make large areas of land uninhabitable, causing mass migration.

Our air has become so toxic that states now break their own laws. This air hurts our children before they are even born and is known to have caused the death of tens of thousands of people. The drastic imbalance of the climate is already witness in front of our eyes. There will be more fires, unpredictable anomalous storms, an incalculable increase in famines and unprecedented droughts that will lead to the exhaustion of food and drinking water supplies.

No being endowed with reason, ethical conscience, moral concerns or spiritual beliefs can continue to ignore, deny or leave unanswered the ecological crisis that is affecting every single nation on this planet as a whole, along with its wildlife.

Recalling these values, and looking at the truth indicated by overwhelming scientific evidence, we declare that it is our duty to act in the name of the safety and well-being of our children, our communities and the very future of this planet.

Copy of Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/04/opgreenrights-xrebellion.html

Full Video (Italian):