A Word About This Years Presidential Season

This is really an article I’ve had in my mind since the last Presidential election, nothing more than an inner monologue of sorts. Granted, at 33, I’ve only really been old enough to actually care about 3 elections in my lifetime, this year I am starting to see why things happen that I’ve read about in history books in the past. More specifically, what I’m talking about is how volatile elections can be for different political parties, politicians and President – especially over the course of just a 2-4 year time period.

Of course, a lot of this is due to the advent of the “Electoral College,” whom essentially chooses Presidents completely independent of the “Popular Vote.” What I mean to say is that if it were not for the Electoral College, the last 4 Presidents of the United States would have all been Democrat – but of course they haven’t been, now have they? I mean think about it, Bill Clinton won outright, Al Gore then beat George Bush by sheer vote count, Obama won outright and Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by sheer vote count. While I do not know if it’s on purpose, the Electoral College helps to ensure a sort of political diversity of the Oval Office that we otherwise would not see.

But what I’m discovering in 2018 is that there is something much different at play here, which is ultimately sure to effect changes to political offices next year – in November 2019. I’ve sometimes always wondered, how can one President serve just 4 years? What really happened or went wrong to cause that? Then I think about how fast the country can and does theoretically change. The Democrats had the House, Senate and Presidency in 2009, then by 2016 the Republicans had the same. Then, just two years later, the Republicans lost the House and as a result, now we have political gridlock with the Senate – the same thing that happened to the Obama Administration in 2014. Why these extreme change in just 2 to 4 years has always fascinated me as a young student? But now I may be able to answer that question in live time as this is all happening this year.

Look no further than the last Democratic Presidential Debate, featuring 12 candidates all on stage with one another fighting for air time. It infuriated me to a degree to watch what was going down there, just different Democrats talking about shared Democrat talking points. No rebuttal or challenge was given to a single statement or allegedly “fact” that night, just more and more liberals talking about liberalist philosophy. Meanwhile, are/were the Republicans holding any public debates? Are they really doing anything, at all?

I mean just think about, all the media coverage that debate generated, all the follow interviews, all the follow up television squabble/coverage was all 100% in response to the words of the Democrats – giving them even more publicity. Even the Republicans are doing nothing more than talking about what the Democrats are talking about everyday – giving the Dems even more publicity/airtime. But it’s not just the debates, it’s all the political advertisements, full of Democrats seeking office. I honestly haven’t seen a single Republican ad over the same time, only angry Democrats. I mean some US Republican led states are even cancelling primary debates, not just because they are all in on Donald Trump supporters/candiates, but also to “save money.” This means that people in these states or in the national media are never going to here important Republicans responses/headline, nor the views of the part right now or what they plan for future – after the election. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to run wild in the media and with commercials.

You want to understand how political parties trade power so easily or often in elections over 2-4 years, or how some Presidents only last 4 years instead of 8? Look no further than what’s on the media/television right now. Look no further than the way the Republicans are acting right now. Quite frankly, the Republicans aren’t trying an ounce as hard as the Democrats right now and it shows, not just today in the here and now but I also suspect next years election. But who am I to predict the future? Just saying…..

Fact Checking The Democratic Debate on The Syria/Turkey Question

I’m not sure why it has me so fired up the last couple of days, but when I saw Joe Biden’s face on the television tonight being asked a question about President Erdogan’s new initiative in Syria and Donald Trumps decision to withdraw troops from the country I flicked off the TV and said “Fuck You. Fuck You. You know how many people died because of you?” Then I just kind of walked away for a second to calm down. When I walked back I proceeded to watch the rest of the debate surrounding Syria and I just shook my head the whole time.

I just couldn’t believe how perverted the Democrats logic was on this issue, which was easy to press forward given that there was no opposition to any of their points of view – so they all just piled on. So, for the purposes of this “article” I just want to fact check some of the so called information the international public was subjected to tonight.

What I think angered me most was the fact the nearly all the Democrats, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, essentially vowed to create a new permanent and more official War in Syria if they ever became President in 2020. But it’s almost as if they have no understanding why the USA “lost” the War in Syria in the first place? It was because Russia literally went all in to back/save Bashir al-Assad, for a number of reasons I am not going to talk about today. Meanwhile, the USA merely has 1,000 troops forced to operate under the rules of engagement, which esentially doesn’t allow them to fire a shot without permission. Russia on the other hand will blow anything and anyone up anytime, and they don’t give a f*ck about it either. Point being, for the USA to ever logistically “win” in Syria it would have had to dramatically stepped up military presence and directly taken on Russian forces already stationed on the ground there – id est the USA would literally have to go to War with Russia to win in Syria. Is that what the Democrats want? All out War with Russia? To bad there wasn’t anyone around to challenge their strong positions on this subject.

But that brings me to my second point. Why did Russia beat us to the punch in Syria? This was because of Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s decision to not invest more heavily in the country than we did, instead choosing to ship weapons and munitions to forces already on the ground in Syria, rather than have US forces do it directly for themselves. Such as was the case with arming the Kurds, whom were gifted more arms and munitions than you can shake a big stick at, which is now why Turkey has to target them militarily today, because the US armed them so heavily they became their own rogue militant threat in the region – which happens to border Turkey. Keeping up yet?

Point being, the decision to not invest in Syria more heavily, sooner, was Obama/Biden’s decision or indecision. Moreover, the decision to overthrow the the Assad regime in the first place was also made by Obama/Biden, and the decision to arm the Kurds so heavily was also made by Obama/Biden’s – leading to the crisis everyone is debating today. The Dems all said that Donals Trump has all the blood on his hands for what he did, but they need not look any further than the man man on stage with them, Joe Biden, whom has more blood on his hands than Doanld Trump could ever soak in – specifically in regards to talk to Syria. I guess if Biden is looking for the guilty, he need not look any further than a mirror.

Also, lets be real. There is a reason why Turkey “flipped” on the United States and why commentators now have to ask the question at the 2019 debate “does Turkey still belong in NATO?” The question is obviously yes, why do you think Donald Trump is doing what he is doing? To save NATO. Just think about it, if the US engages in Syria more heavily, specifically in regards to backing up the Kurds coming under assault, the US would literally be engaging with and against Turkey – a NATO member. So, it begs the question, if two NATO allies start bombing one another, what does that mean for Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and which side would all the other NATO countries have to come in defense with? You see, stopping Erdogan in Syria now would mean two NATO countries going to War with one another, which would essentially spell the end of NATO entirely. By exiting Syria, Trump is avoiding a NATO breakup. In this sense, Trump is trying to save the NATO alliance for much bigger issues which may arise throughout the future – preserving its power structure. Does the Democrats want to break up NATO just to save the Middle Eastern Kurds? Is that really a deal they are willing to cut, also going to War with Turkey in the process? I think not, but just let them talk all loud and proud in front of a microphone for a night.

** EDITORS NOTE: Turkey flipped on the USA in 2016 to side with Russia because Russia showed Turkey some leaked cables in the weeks leading up the attempted coup of President Erdogan in July 2016, which was easily foiled by the President. As Turkey has now since also proven, not only did they see hacked materials from the US by their Russians counterparts meant to sway their opinions, but Turkey also produced evidence of their own that the CIA and Obama/Biden were behind the attempted coup – largely for many of the same fallacious notions you are hearing about the Syrian conflict in the Democrats debate today. Essentially, Obama/Biden and Israel wanted Erdogan out to get rid of Assad and create a new Kurdish state. As they say, the so called “Best laid plans of mice and men” – right? Or should it be, “how Biden/Obama f*cked up the Middle East and US relations for a decade?” There is a reason Turkey turned on the USA and Trump has nothing to do with it – it was all Obama/Biden **

I guess that’s all I really have to say here, I’m just being real about the situation. I have no ‘skin in the game,’ what do I have to gain from typing this out for you? I don’t support Trump and I am not a Democrat, but you better damn sure bet even I would give Donald Trump a high five for pulling out of Syria. Better to end it now and not to make it our next Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Vietnam, or Korea – etc.

Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Chairmen of US House Oversight Committee – Elijah Cummings

Interestingly enough, a day after publishing two leaked internal documents from Deutche Bank regarding a suspected money laundering campaign, one of which directly implicates Donald Trump’s ambitions to build a new Trump Tower in Moscow along with the help of VTB Group, a sub-agency of the Russian Government, Donald Trump officially filed motion in a Washington DC Court room this morning to block US Democrats from successfully subpoenaing a copy of his tax records from 2015 and 2016 – the same months/years  Trump was originally campaigning for Presidential office. More specifically, the lawsuit names Elijah Cummings, Chairmen of the US House Oversight Committee for his attempts to subpoena Trumps tax records – something which Trump argues is a gross overreach of Government authority, jurisdiction and/or power.

While I will not get into the whole “charade” here, Trump maintains that the Democrats requests for his tax records have “no legitimate legislative purpose” and claims that the Democrats merely want them to use them as a “political weapon” headed into the 2020 election season. Meanwhile, the Democrats say the documents are necessary because they contain “years worth of confidential information” that can either tie Trump to the Russians or prove his innocence – hence why it is so important that they become a matter of public record, especially after the ambiguity of the Mueller Report. Rogue Media Labs has attached a full copy of the motion filed in court this morning below for your browsing pleasures – enjoy!

Download Copy of Trump’s Lawsuit v Elijah Cummings: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/5973473/4-22-19-Trump-v-Cummings-Complaint.pdf

Browse Document:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/4-22-19-Trump-v-Cummings-Complaint.pdf”%5D

Senator Markey (D-MA) Introduces The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act To US Congress

Last Friday, April 12th 2019, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced a new piece of legislation referred to as the “Privacy Bill of Rights Act” – aiming to enforce set a new standards surrounding electronic data and consumer privacy that rivals the freedoms/protections guaranteed to Americans by the traditional Bill of Rights when this country was first formed. According to Senator Markey himself, the bill would formally establish “rules for both online and offline companies and bans the use of individuals’ personal information for harmful, discriminatory purposes, such as housing and employment advertisements targeted based on demographics like race and gender. It also includes cybersecurity standards and provides the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with rulemaking authority.

Truth be told, the new bill is actually a combination of 3 bills which have all previously failed to pass US Congress, including President Obama’s Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015 (CPBORA), Mr. Markey’s Customer Online Notification for Stopping Edge-provider Network Transgressions Act of 2018 (CONSENT), and Ro Khanna’s Internet Bill of Rights Act of 2018. Despite previous failures however, Mr. Markey has decided to re-introduces the measures in “the wake of a series of revelations about myriad companies sharing consumers’ personal information without their consent, as well as unauthorized breaches of the data of hundreds of millions of consumers.” Consequentially, this is also why Markey believes the bill may now finally come to fruition.

More specifically, Markey’s bill:

  • Prohibits companies from using individuals’ personal information in discriminatory ways
  • Requires companies to protect and secure the personal information that they hold
  • Establishes a centralized FTC website that tells consumers about their privacy rights and requires companies to use easy to read short-form notices provided directly to consumers
  • Ensures companies collect only the information they need from consumers in order to provide the requested services
  • Enables State Attorneys General to protect the interest of their residents and bring action against companies that violate the privacy rights of individuals. Individuals will also have a private right of action empowering them to defend their own privacy rights.

Learn More About Bill: https://www.markey.senate.gov/news/press-releases/senator-markey-introduces-comprehensive-privacy-legislation

Download Copy of Bill: https://www.markey.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Privacy%20Bill%20of%20Rights%20Act.pdf

Browse Bill:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Privacy-Bill-of-Rights-Act.pdf” title=”Privacy Bill of Rights Act”]

Senator Booker Introduces Marijuana Justice Act of 2019

Without making this article about myself, I used to struggle with drug abuse – but have remained 100% clean for the last 351 days. With that established, I wholeheartedly believe that Marijuana legalization would be of tremendous benefit to civilized society, and continue to maintain that alcohol consumption remains an infinitesimally greater danger to both the individual and society than marijuana consumption can ever be.

With that out of the way, I’m not exactly certain why it escaped my attention until just last night, but as of last month, February 28th 2019, Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) has officially introduced a new piece of legislation to US Congress entitled the “Marijuana Justice Act” of 2019. According to press release made available on his website, the bill, “cosponsored by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kamala Harris (D-CA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Michael Bennet (D-CO),” aims to “end the federal prohibition on marijuana, expunge records, and reinvest in communities most impacted by the War on Drugs.

Senator Booker goes on to explain how, “beyond removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances – making it legal at the federal level – the bill would also automatically expunge the convictions of those who have served federal time for marijuana use and possession offenses, and it would reinvest in the communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs.” To do this, Booker plans on incentivizing marijuana legalization not only through the added revenue each state will generate from taxing Cannabis, but also by offering states Federal grant money to invest in community projects – stressing that these federal grants will only be made available to states whom make the switch to full marijuana legalization.

Let it also be noted that I personally believe Corey Booker will become the next President of the United States in November 2020 – you heard it here first, mark it down! And I am a conservative too by the way, I just call it like I see it.

Learn More: https://www.booker.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=892
Download Full Text of Bill Here: https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/s1689/BILLS-115s1689is.pdf

Full Text of Bill:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BILLS-115s1689is.pdf”%5D

New Study: 60% of Americans Believe Social Media Is Corrupting Society

A few years ago I remember writing that social media is slowly but surely contributing to the moral decay of America and that if I had some sort of button I could push that would magically end it all, I would almost certainly push that button. Granted this was before I ever created my first Twitter account and began paying Facebook for advertising space, my feelings on the matter haven’t necessarily changed over the years either. However, as it turns out, I am not alone.

According to a new Survey Monkey poll conducted by Axios for HBO, only 40% of Americans believe that social media represents a “net positive for society.” Meaning that 60% of Americans now believe social media is harmful to or having a negative impact on organized/civilized society. To gather data and asses results, Axios polled Americans based on political ideology, separating the answers of Democrats from Republicans and independents before cross referencing their answers for analysis. What they found was rather interesting. For example:

  • 57% of Americans believe that social media is actually taking away from or hurting free speech and Democracy – up 14% from this time in 2017. Oddly enough though, Democrats were the only group of pollsters that believe social media is increasing or helping free speech in this country, but the opinions of independents and Republicans combined essentially drowned them out. To be more exact, only 48% of Democrats believe social media takes away from free speech, down 10% from last year. Comparatively, 69% of Republicans believe social media harms or detracts from free speech in this country – up 17% since 2017.
  • 55% of Americans believe that that social media is being abused by politicians for political gain and that such abuse prevents law makers from adequately regulating the industry – up 15% from 2017.
  • 65% of Americans polled stated that the invention of smart phones has made their lives easier or better.
  • 51% of Americans said that their phones are the one piece of technology they “cant live without.
  • 63% of Americans say they sleep with their phones by their pillow each night.

As for why independents and Republicans believe that social media is taking away from internet freedoms and free speech in this country, they point to the “censorship” of political conservatives across Twitter and the closing of millions of Facebook accounts throughout the course of 2018 as evidence. As for why the opinions of so many Americans in general is falling in regards to social media, pollsters point to the recent Senate hearings and data breaches faced by Mark Zuckerberg and his company, which Americans now believe puts them and their privacy much higher risk. For example, well before Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress in 2018, a separate study from January 2017 found that 64% of all Americans have either had their identity stolen, or been a victim of some sort of data breach/leak.

However, there may be other factors at play here besides political ideology. As was once pointed out by Melissa Hunt, the associate director of clinical training at the University of Pennsylvania, there is a direct correlation between depression rates and the amount of time people spend in front of a computer or go online. Meaning that people whom tend to spend the majority of their time on a computer, tend to have higher rates of depression and suicide than those whom do not. Naturally then, it would make sense the Americans views of social media and online activity are beginning to sour the longer they are spending on it.

You can view Ms. Hunts study below or download it here: https://guilfordjournals.com/doi/pdf/10.1521/jscp.2018.37.10.751

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/jscp.2018.37.10.751.pdf”%5D

Op-Ed: Why I’ve Stopped Covering US Politics

Granted the overall theme or direction I ultimately hope to take this website and its content hasn’t exactly been decided yet, I just cant bring myself to cover US politics at the present moment in time. I just cant think of anything more pointless or tiresome. You want a quick horoscope of the next two years to come? There will be endless gridlock, again. Democrats wont let Republicans in the House draft any new laws, Republicans in the Senate wont pass any new bills drafted by Democrats in the House, resulting in Donald Trump writing more Executive Orders than you can shake a “Big Stick” at. All the while, there will be endless legal battles/Supreme Court trials resulting from these same Executive Orders. On top of this, our countries National Debt will only continue to soar beyond crippling levels as we continue to increase funding to our Nations military, empowering them to wage War all around the planet while blowing up more and more brown people. So, there you have it, the state of US politics 2018-2021 in a nutshell – welcome to America.

I already know what this is all going to look like too by the way. After-all, I was a content specialist at the full height of the “Fake News fiasco” and “Russian propaganda” nonsense. You best believe if there is a way to spin a story, I know how to spin it. The main stream “Liberal Media” is going to jump over every new bill the Democrats draft, telling you why/how it is greatest or biggest thing since sliced bread, knowing full well those same bills are never actually going to be passed into law by Republicans in the Senate. They are going to tell you all about how the Democrats are standing up to Trump, trying to progress this nation forward and pass bold new initiatives to help the country. Then, once those same bills/laws are inevitably voted down, the press will draft new stories telling you all about how those stubborn conservatives are only working to hold this country back, how it is there fault nothing is getting done and that the Republicans are just trying to defend Trumps legacy/vision for this country.

As for the Republicans, they are just going to sit back and watch it all unfold – all while preparing the Republican National Committee (RNC) for re-elections. They are going to tell you how speaker Pelosi is too “extreme” to be a competent leader, how every bill being drafted by the Democrats is so far “Left” that Republicans cant help but vote it down. They are going to tell you how the Democrats refuse to negotiate or work with anyone to get anything done, all while they try to spend more money than we already have. This will also be by design too, the Republicans know full well that nothing actually has to get done, because Republicans already own the Presidency and have full control over the Supreme Court. In 2020 Republicans can look back at the last two years and say look! The Democrats had full control over the House of Representatives and didn’t pass a single law into existence!! Is this really the group of dysfunctional “leaders” you want to pass control of this country over to in the future?

Therefore, I don’t have to write a single article relating to US politics if I don’t want to, I just covered every article you are going to read for the next two years in less than 600 words. Of course, this isn’t going to stop the US media from writing it on there end. After-all, websites like The Washington Post, New York Times, Breitbart and Fox News all get paid for every single article they produce – why do you think they write so damn many of them?

Moreover, as a small time publisher it would be pointless trying to cover US politics independently, that isn’t what the American peoples want anyways. I’ve been there and done that, independently covering US politics for my last website only succeeded in bankrupting me completely – wont be making that same mistake again. It is no wonder why sites/papers like the Times and Fox News get so many regular readers, because people know exactly what they are going to be getting every time they go there. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest US Patriot/hero since George Washington? Turn on Fox News or read Breitbart. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest bigot in history and a disgrace to this Nation? Turn on CNN or read The Guardian. Trust me, it never fails.

The fact of the matter is that the US public, and most people in general for that matter, aren’t interested in putting in the time or effort to learn something new or challenge their own convictions/ideals – they only want to reinforce what’s already in their minds. People read papers like The Guardian or Breitbart for a reason, because they already know exactly what they are going to be seeing/hearing every time they visit. Every single “News” story these outlets produce is going to tell their  readers exactly what their readers want(ed) to hear going in. This is exactly why/how these outlets develop such rabid fan bases in the first place. With the attention span of the average citizen in our society rivaling that of a Goldfish, in our “busy” day in age, with the print industry slowly but surely dying, almost no one feels like they have the time to sit down and read story after story or article after article anymore, never-mind potentially reading something they aren’t going to agree with. This is also why attempting to develop or create an independent news/print media outlet covering US politics is nothing more than “fools errand” in 2018. Consequentially enough, this is also why I envision myself staying as far away from US politics as humanly possible – at least until mid to late 2020, that is…… 😉