A Word About This Years Presidential Season

This is really an article I’ve had in my mind since the last Presidential election, nothing more than an inner monologue of sorts. Granted, at 33, I’ve only really been old enough to actually care about 3 elections in my lifetime, this year I am starting to see why things happen that I’ve read about in history books in the past. More specifically, what I’m talking about is how volatile elections can be for different political parties, politicians and President – especially over the course of just a 2-4 year time period.

Of course, a lot of this is due to the advent of the “Electoral College,” whom essentially chooses Presidents completely independent of the “Popular Vote.” What I mean to say is that if it were not for the Electoral College, the last 4 Presidents of the United States would have all been Democrat – but of course they haven’t been, now have they? I mean think about it, Bill Clinton won outright, Al Gore then beat George Bush by sheer vote count, Obama won outright and Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by sheer vote count. While I do not know if it’s on purpose, the Electoral College helps to ensure a sort of political diversity of the Oval Office that we otherwise would not see.

But what I’m discovering in 2018 is that there is something much different at play here, which is ultimately sure to effect changes to political offices next year – in November 2019. I’ve sometimes always wondered, how can one President serve just 4 years? What really happened or went wrong to cause that? Then I think about how fast the country can and does theoretically change. The Democrats had the House, Senate and Presidency in 2009, then by 2016 the Republicans had the same. Then, just two years later, the Republicans lost the House and as a result, now we have political gridlock with the Senate – the same thing that happened to the Obama Administration in 2014. Why these extreme change in just 2 to 4 years has always fascinated me as a young student? But now I may be able to answer that question in live time as this is all happening this year.

Look no further than the last Democratic Presidential Debate, featuring 12 candidates all on stage with one another fighting for air time. It infuriated me to a degree to watch what was going down there, just different Democrats talking about shared Democrat talking points. No rebuttal or challenge was given to a single statement or allegedly “fact” that night, just more and more liberals talking about liberalist philosophy. Meanwhile, are/were the Republicans holding any public debates? Are they really doing anything, at all?

I mean just think about, all the media coverage that debate generated, all the follow interviews, all the follow up television squabble/coverage was all 100% in response to the words of the Democrats – giving them even more publicity. Even the Republicans are doing nothing more than talking about what the Democrats are talking about everyday – giving the Dems even more publicity/airtime. But it’s not just the debates, it’s all the political advertisements, full of Democrats seeking office. I honestly haven’t seen a single Republican ad over the same time, only angry Democrats. I mean some US Republican led states are even cancelling primary debates, not just because they are all in on Donald Trump supporters/candiates, but also to “save money.” This means that people in these states or in the national media are never going to here important Republicans responses/headline, nor the views of the part right now or what they plan for future – after the election. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to run wild in the media and with commercials.

You want to understand how political parties trade power so easily or often in elections over 2-4 years, or how some Presidents only last 4 years instead of 8? Look no further than what’s on the media/television right now. Look no further than the way the Republicans are acting right now. Quite frankly, the Republicans aren’t trying an ounce as hard as the Democrats right now and it shows, not just today in the here and now but I also suspect next years election. But who am I to predict the future? Just saying…..

22 Months Later, Robert Mueller Finally Closes His Investigation, Revealing No Direct Collusion Between Trump & The Kremlin

Alright, I’m not going to eat up a bunch of time on this article because every source for news worldwide already has or will write their own take on these events. But if for some reason you live under a rock and aren’t already aware, on March 24th the US Department of Justice finally wrapped up a 22 month long investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged “collusion” with ‘those dirto pinko commies over in Russia,’ so to speak – otherwise referred to as “The Mueller Investigation.

What you should know is that, despite however much pain it might bring people to admit, Donald Trump was right all along – and there is zero evidence of any direct collusion between Donald Trump and the Kremlin. With that said however, it is not for no reason that Michael Flynn is going to prison, and we now also know that Donald Trump’s election team, including Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and others, were made aware of Wikileaks publications on Hillary Clinton and the DNC days before the information was made available to the rest of the world. Moreover, while there will never be any charges levied against Donald Trump himself, to date, 37 individuals have been charged as a result of Robert Mueller’s investigation, including six former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one UK-based lawyer.

Complete List of Those Charged from Mueller Investigation:

1) George Papadopoulos
2) Paul Manafort
3) Rick Gates
4) Michael Flynn
5) Richard Pinedo
6) Alex van der Zwaan
7) Konstantin Kilimnik
8) Michael Cohen
9) Roger Stone
10-25) 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies, including Yevgeny Prigozhin – none of whom are likely to ever be extradited.
26-37) 12 Russian GRU officers, also unlikely to ever be extradited.

In response to the conclusion of the investigation and the 4 page Executive Summary of its findings released yesterday, the Kremlin stated this morning that “Russia doesn’t interfere in the affairs of other countries and has no intention of doing so,” calling any/all accusations of Russia’s meddling in US elections contained in the Mueller report “groundless.” A Presidential spokesperson for Vladimir Putin, Demitry Peskov, later added that “It’s hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it isn’t one there,” drawing specific attention to the fact that America’s own investigation revealed an “absence of collusion” between their President and Russia – the whole point of the investigation in the first place.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also stated that the “political motivation” behind Mueller’s investigation was “obvious,” calling the DOJ’s report “a disgrace of American justice” – one which cost the tax payers tens of millions of dollars and wasted 22 months of their time. They also took the opportunity to troll the US in general, stating that Washington finally had the “courage” to acknowledge that “any slurs about the ‘Russian meddling’ were nothing more than groundless defamation.

Official Statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry: http://www.mid.ru/ru/foreign_policy/news/-/asset_publisher/cKNonkJE02Bw/content/id/3584133

With that said however, Mueller does explain how Russia did attempt to interfere in the 2016 US Presidential election through their use of the Internet Research Agency, otherwise referred to as the GRU, as well as through various publications/leaks made available through Wikileaks. And for those of you whom might not remember or were never made aware, the Russian Federation has already officially called the hack of Hillary Clinton and the DNC “military operations” in US court last year – though to be fair, they never have stated whether or not they did it specifically to boost the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Download Offical Mueller Summary Doc: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/5779714/Attorney-general-s-letter-to-Congress-detailing.pdf

Browse 4 Page Summary of Mueller Investigation:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Attorney-general-s-letter-to-Congress-detailing.pdf”%5D

The Courage Foundation Publishes “The Assange Precedent,” Outlining The Dangers To Journalism Presented by The Trial of Julian Assange

The last article ever I published for Legacy Medi4 in June 2018 was an article about the ongoing dangers of the Democrat National Committee‘s (DNC) lawsuit against Julain Assange, explaining how, if the case was successfully argued, it would set a dangerous precedent allowing journalists all over the country to begin facing lawsuits themselves – including all the journalists working for papers like the Washington Post and New York Times for publishing all those White House leaks during Trumps first couple months in office, theoretically enough to potentially bankrupt these press organizations in the future. Independent of that however, I just cant help but notice how all of the same criticisms, misunderstanding or misconceptions of Julian Assange’s work are also applied to me and what I am attempting to do here.

People keep asking me, “how have you not been arrested for publishing all these leaks or talking to hackers?” To which I respond, “how are you so stupid?” People just do not seem to understand, publishing leaks is in no way, shape or form illegal. Nothing Julian Assange or I do is illegal. Sure, the information we obtain was illegally obtained, but we didn’t hack or steal it ourselves – did we? No matter how many times/ways it’s explained to them, people just cant seem to grasp the concept that publishing information is not illegal. What our sources do is illegal, but what we do with our sources information is not. It’s illegal to be the hacker/leaker, but its not illegal to publish the leaks – understand? Didn’t think so.

To this effect, earlier this morning, March 18th 2019, The Courage Foundation published an open source document entitled “The Assange Precedent: The Threat To The Media Posed by Trumps Prosecution of Julian Assange.” Honestly, I would rather just have you waste your time reading the document for yourself and drawing your own conclusions from it, rather than read a regurgitated summary of it from me. In that spirit, I have provided the full document for your browsing pleasures below. Happy clicking!

Download Document Here: https://defend.wikileaks.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-Assange-Precedent.-March-2019.pdf

The Threat To The Media Posed by Trumps Prosecution of Julian Assange:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-Assange-Precedent.-March-2019.pdf”%5D

Federal Judge Unseals 49 Pages of Testimony from Christopher Steele, Exposing The True Origins of The Now Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’

Having been traveling and/or in the hospital over the course of the last several days, I’m not exactly sure what has been making “the news” here in the United States, but last night I came across a piece of information that I wanted to share with the public here today. This would be the news that, just before the weekend, a Federal judge decided to unseal 49 pages of the testimony given by Christopher Steele in regards to the drafting/publication of the now infamous “Trump Dossier” in the months leading up to the 2016 November Presidential elections.

If you are unfamiliar with the backdrop, you should know that this has been one of the most hotly contested documents of the last half decade I dare say. This is because it cost millions to produce, resulted in the death of at least one person, and allegedly involved the private dealings and psychological makeup of our countries current Commander In Chief – Donald Trump. However, as the now unsealed testimony reveals, the dossier itself is nothing more than a complete and utter hoax – quite literally based off a piece of “Fake News” that Steele mistakenly thought was credible.

Just so you understand exactly what I am talking about here, according to his own testimony, Steele admitted that he used a 2009 report posted to a website known as iReport to connect the dealings of Donald Trump and his associates to Russia and the Kremlin. For those of you whom are unfamiliar with iReport, it is a crowd-sourced news platform where citizens can go to write their own stories online. However, given that CNN technically owns and operates it, Steele mistakenly thought that every story posted to it was from CNN accredited journalists – not just random civilians online.

For example, when asked under oath if he understood that the content available on iReport was not generated by CNN reporters, he said, “I do not.” He was then asked: “Do you understand that they have no connection to any CNN reporters?” Steele replied, “I do not.” He was pressed further: “Do you understand that CNN iReports are or were nothing more than any random individuals’ assertions on the Internet?” Steele replied: “No, I, obviously, presume that if it is on a CNN site that it has some kind of CNN status. Albeit that it may be an independent person posting on the site.

This is an absolute :facepalm: because Steele is actually a former intelligence contractor employed by MI6, whom based a large part of the ‘Trump Dossier,‘ the code-name of actual intelligence documents, off some random bum posting nonsense online. Do you understanding how irresponsible and retarded that actually is – especially from a former intelligence contractor? At least now you understand why a Federal judge decided to release this information to the public last week. From the start, Wikileaks has always maintained that the Trump Dossier was fake, something now officially confirmed. It is just a damn shame that it take almost 3 years for this sort of evidence to come to light – welcome to America.

Read All 49 Pages of Unsealed Christopher Steele Testimony:

Steele deposition — Exhibi… by on Scribd

Steele Deposition — Exhibi… by on Scribd

Steele Deposition — Exhibi… by on Scribd

As US CyberCommand Declares War On Russia, Here’s A Look At The Laws & International Regulations Governing CyberWarfare

Earlier today I managed to fall down one my proverbial “Rabbit Holes” before stumbling onto some interesting information – if you are into that sort of thing, that is 🤓. I managed to stumble upon it after conducting research into a hack of Russia’s Internet Research Agency at the hands of US Cyber Command  last year, news of which was first released to the public yesterday, February 26th 2019. According to reports, the attack was launched in retaliation for something referred to as “Project Lahkta,” a Russian influence campaign designed to interfere with US democracy during the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. Essentially, US CyberCommand took down the Internet Research Agency before they could launch any sort of preemptive attack compromising the November elections or the dialogue surrounding it.

Read More About Project Lahkta from US Department of Justice: https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1102316/download

As the news goes, US CyberCommand allegedly took down the entire network belonging to Russia’s Internet Research Agency – though the specifics into or behind the attack remain unknown. However, what I found interesting is the fact that US Government officials are now going out their way to explain how their actions fell within the acceptable parameters of “Cyber Warfare” as they are outlined in various treaties around the world. Unaware that such things even existed, I then began researching said laws/treaties. What I managed to find were two manuals produced for all the member states belonging to the National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), entitled “Tallinn On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Warfare” and “Tallinn Manual 2.0 On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Operations.

302 Pages – Full Tallinn On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Warfare:https://www.peacepalacelibrary.nl/ebooks/files/356296245.pdf
30 Page – Tallinn Manual 2.0 On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Operations: http://assets.cambridge.org/97811071/77222/frontmatter/9781107177222_frontmatter.pdf

What makes this news particularly interesting is the fact that the United States Government is out in front of this issue, blatantly calling last years attacks on Russian network infrastructure an act of War. Just let that soak in for a moment, US CyberCommand has literally/publicly just declared War on Russia – at least within cyber space. That’s certainly a noteworthy development – don’t you think? Interestingly enough, the US’s attack occurred just before Russia’s State Duma came out with a series of new proposals aiming to disconnect Russia from the world-wide web, or at least create a backup system of network infrastructure similar to it inside Russia. For the purposes of this article, I have no other reason than to believe that Duma’s announcements in December 2018 were spurned by US military actions in November 2018.

Read More – State Duma’s Plan for Creating Internet Sovereignty (2/20/2019): https://roguemedia.co/2019/02/21/moscow-introduces-new-legislation-designed-to-create-a-sovereign-internet-inside-russian-borders/
Read More – State Duma’s Plan To Create Backup To Worldwide Web (12/14/2018): https://roguemedia.co/2018/12/16/russia-aims-to-create-backup-to-the-world-wide-web-create-its-own-national-internet-infrastructure/

All being fair however, it was Russia whom first declared War on us – wasn’t it? I say this because you might remember a motion filed in a New York State court room on November 9th 2018, in which the Kremlin asked for the immunity of 9 Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) agents believed to have been behind the hacks and leaks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton throughout the course of 2015-2016? According to the official motion linked below, Russia demanded the immunity of its agents on the grounds that the hack of Clinton and DNC was ordered as the direct result of a military operation. As such, international military operations are granted immunity in courts worldwide – including here in the US.

Read More – Russian Federation Files Motion Requesting DNC/Clinton Hacking Lawsuits Be Thrown Out of Court: https://roguemedia.co/2018/11/19/russian-federation-files-motion-requesting-dnc-clinton-hacking-lawsuits-be-thrown-out-of-court/

However, Russia’s motion in November 2018 was essentially the first time the Kremlin had admitted to directly interfering in/with the US Presidential election – at least publicly. Moreover, considering that the Kremlin itself is now claiming that the hack of Clinton and DNC were military operations, this means that the Kremlin has de facto declared Cyber War on the United States dating as far back as at least 2015. This means that whether anyone likes to admit it or not, the United States and Russia are quite literally at War with one another at the present moment in time. February 2019 just happens to mark the first time in history both sides are publicly admitting as such. Make no mistake, this is literally history in the making….. to be continued.

Tallinn On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Warfare:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/NATO_CyberWarfare_Manual.pdf”%5D

Tallinn Manual 2.0 On The International Law Applicable To Cyber Operations:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/NATO_Cyber_Operations_Law_Manual.pdf”%5D

Russia’s 2018 “Operation Lahkta”:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Operation_Lahkta.pdf”%5D

Russian Federations Motion To Dismiss Charges Under Military Immunity:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/393601847-Russian-Embassy-Letter.pdf”%5D

Transcript of Michael Cohen’s Testimony In Front of US House of Representatives

Earlier this morning, February 27th 2019, Donald Trumps estranged lawyer, Michael Dean Cohen, testified in front of the Committee on Oversight and Reform under the United States House of Representatives. What’s perhaps most interesting about his testimony is the fact that Cohen literally calls Trump a “racist, conman” and “a cheat,” and goes as far as to say he is ‘ashamed to have known Trump’ or given him his support (Pg 3). However, without a doubt the biggest news to come from his testimony were statements explaining how  Donald Trump had been in personal contact with Julian Assange and Wikileaks days before the initial release of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s email leaks, meaning that the Trump camp was made directly aware of pending releases before the information ever became a matter of public record. Essentially, you could say that Trump was therefore “colluding” with Wikileaks. This would also appear to confirm 2017 reports that Donald Trump Jr. was aware of the Clinton/DNC leaks well before the information ever went public – something Trump Jr had previously adamantly denied.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and write a 1,000 word detailed summary of a 1,500 word testimony like everyone else, instead, Rogue Media Labs would rather just have you read through Cohen’s testimony for yourself – see below. But with that said, some of the other interesting points from his testimony I’d like to highlight are the fact that Cohen explains how Trump was in contact with partners in Russia in January 2016, during the full height of his Presidential campaign – something Trump has always denied since day one. Additionally, Cohen explains how Trump threatened to sue his high school and college if they ever releases his SAT scores or GPA, shedding light to just how small/petty Donald Trump as a man really is. For example, you might remember how Trump once called himself a “stable genius, I’m a very stable genius I think.” Because you know, everyone who is actually mentally stable needs to tell the world repeatedly how mentally stable they really are – right?……

Read Cohen’s Full Testimony:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Cohen_Testimony.pdf”%5D

Transcript from IRC Chatroom Leaked Online Detailing Connections Between Guccifer 2.0, Donald Trump, Russia & The DNC

This afternoon I managed to stumble across an interesting transcript leaked online from an Internet-Relay-Chatroom attached to rizon.net. In the leak provided below, different hackers discuss Guccifer 2.0 and the 2015 hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), discussing different details surrounding the incident including how the hack was pulled off, what network infrastructure was compromised to make it possible, the different implications between the hack, Russia and Donald Trump, as well as how they are all related to one another.

The leak was interesting enough for me to post here today, especially because the transcript provides access to information and resources I have never seen before. For example, one of the URL’s attached to the transcript links directly to Guccifer 2.0‘s personal website, which has been updated as recently as within the course of the last month. This site also includes direct links to various file downloads stolen from DNC servers, as well as a whole host of other information chronicling the hack of the DNC, the media coverage which surrounded it and a timeline of events involving the hack and the prosecution of Guccifer leading up on through to today. Most notably included within the files are the DNC’s “Trump Report” and Barack Obama’s strategy guide for assuming Presidential office. Access to these websites and files is also provided below.

Transcript Leak from IRC Chat: https://pastebin.com/raw/xpmbHCM0

G-Space | Guccifers Private Website: http://g-2.space/
Guccifer 2.0 Year In Review – Published December 2018: https://disobedientmedia.com/2018/12/guccifer-2-0-game-over-year-end-review/

DNC Confidential Trump Report: https://anonfile.com/U9IfSds6b7/DNC_Confidential_Trump_Report_rtf
Obama Presidential Strategy: https://anonfile.com/Z8IdS2s4b4/Obama_Presidential_Transition_Strategy_rtf

Op-Ed: Need Any More Proof The Integrity Initiative Leaks & Institute for Statecraft are Real?

Over the course of the last several weeks I have heard many Americans around New York City skeptical of the Integrity Initiative leaks, essentially dismissing it as nothing more than just a “Conspiracy Theory” – typical America. People look at the name Institute for Statecraft and chuckle a bit, you expect us to believe that a classified Government organization would actually be set up to disseminate fake news and propaganda to boost up the English empire, and that it calls itself the Institute for Statecraft? That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard of, sounds like something out of Harry Potter they say, so it must be fake.

This is exactly why I hate America, we are single-handedly the most unaware, oblivious and ignorant culture of people on planet Earth. Even when the truth is staring people right in the face, they still lack the intellectual processing power to see/understand it. After-all, this is literally the same population of people whom actually still believe that Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s own personal hand written emails are somehow Russian propaganda. Hmm, didn’t know that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were Russian agents/propagandists! Whats that say about the Democrat Party then I wonder? Trying to teach the average American anything about the world of international espionage, or anything not related to sex, music or materialism for that matter, is utterly futile.

What’s The Rant About?

Over the course of the last 24 hours Rogue Media Labs has been in contact with the Director of Strong Point Security Limited, a defense intelligence contractor for the UK Government implicated within the Integrity Initiative leaks. While I will not reveal our entire exchange, in a message to myself, their acting director stated:

No photo description available.

This is not an isolated incident, I only had to personally back up these files on my website in the first place because they were being taken down all over the world – including on the very file hosting platforms they were originally uploaded onto. This is also a phenomenon which effected parts 1-3 of the Integrity Initiative leaks, which is why CyberGuerrilla had to republish them all again a second time consolidated into 1 singular file posted through AnonFile. This is also why I have had to personally host part 4 of the leaks myself, in a location where no one in the world could possible take it down – my personal website.

Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-3: https://roguemedia.co/2018/12/20/scribd-took-down-all-leaked-integrity-initiative-documents-so-cyberguerrilla-consolidated-them-all-in-one-place/

Integrity Initiative Leak 4: https://roguemedia.co/2019/01/05/cyberguerrilla-publishes-pt-4-of-integrity-initiative-leaks-exposing-uk-military-operations-propaganda-campaigns-throughout-us-china-2/

My rhetorical question to America is: if all of these leaks were nothing more than a conspiracy theory and the Institute for Statecraft isn’t a real thing, then why would the British Government be working so hard to try and scrub all of the material offline? Why would they even bother to contact and/or later threaten me?

On a side note, if you are not aware, I am currently living in a homeless shelter – where I also run this website out of. Just think about the gravity of what’s happening here. One of the UK’s biggest military/intelligence defense contractors, Strong Point Security Limited, is asking a homeless man for help. Moreover, they are asking a homeless man to take down factual information about a secret government agency used to spread fictional information. Do you see how hilarious and/or pathetic that is? Then they actually wonder why the Russian’s are eating Western Democracies for lunch and why I wont take down the information personally.

My Policy Regarding Leaked Documents

It is not Rogue Media Labs policy to take down any publicly available information found on the internet, which remains a “public domain” – a public space. Additionally, as Rogue Media Labs was not the hacker whom hacked the documents, nor did I coordinate to hack, leak or obtain the documents myself, nor was I the original publisher of the leaks in the first place, I am under no legal burden whatsoever to take the leaked documents down or face any legal burden for the information contained inside of them. Therefore, no matter how much Strong Point Security Limited wants to pout and complain and throw hissy fits, the documents are staying up.

Lastly, a message to the wise. You want to mess around in the world of foreign relations, geo-politics and international espionage? Best believe you are going to become a target yourself. This is something perhaps Mr. Kaszeta should have considered a little more strongly before sighing his multi-million dollars contract with the UK Government. He was only a target because of the immoral work he was getting paid so handsomely to sow for them.

Leaked Documents They Want Me To Take Down:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/chemical.pdf”%5D

Satirical: FSB/Kremlin Prepared to Declassify All Documents Corresponding To 2016 Election Hacking Campaign

** WARNING: This article is a Satire. I know this is a “big word” for my American viewing audience, so to specify, the definition of a satire “is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” Understand now? Didn’t think so. **

By now I think more and more people are starting to come to the realization/understanding that I have access to a lot of information that others do not, and have perhaps seen more than my fair share of things I shouldn’t have over the years. Not only do I remain one of Anonymous largest supporters, but dating back to 2015 I literally wrote the book(s) on how to remain/keep an Anonymous identity online. But on through today people look at my website and Twitter feed and ask, “how is it possible for one person to source so much content on a daily basis? How do you do it” they wonder?

Well, if you must know, I presided as contents specialist over one of the biggest “Russian Propaganda” outlets in the world from mid 2015 to November 2016 – at least according to the Washington Post and US liberal media, that is. If you didn’t pick up on it right away, this was also the exact same time period of the EU elections and US Presidential campaign season directly leading up to the month and year of Donald Trumps election – but that’s all just a coincidence, I think. Years after the fact, not only did my Government flag my work and the work I sourced to others as “Fake News,” but it has also been “Blacklisted” and banned from Google and Facebook as propaganda. Quite ironic that I have since gotten 4 different domains accepted for inclusion into Google News and 3 different pages verified by Facebook over the exact same period they were blacklisting all my previous work – don’t you think?

But without making this about myself, one of the most interesting pieces of “information” I’ve ever come across in all my years online was the alleged dirt that “the Russians” were holding over Donald Trumps head. To be more exact, back in 2013, well before Donald Trump ever became President, he traveled to Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant. As the story goes, one night that Donald Trump returned to his hotel room he was sent a “gift” – a gift of the flesh; a prostitute. However, what Donald Trump did not know at the time was that this prostitute was deliberately underage, and given that everything in Russia has been ‘wiretapped‘ dating back to the KGB days of the Cold War, the Russians have been holding this over Donald Trumps head as “Blackmail” ever since.

Consequentially enough, this is the real reason why Donald Trump has refused to sign US Congressional sanctions against Russia into law, the reason why Jared Kushner has tried to outsource so much business to Russia over the years, as well as why Donald Trump has been an apologist for Vladimir Putin since first taking office – “allegedly.” I also call this ‘alleged information‘ for a reason, because as the saying goes, “there is a difference between facts and information” and if I was ever actually able to prove any of this, Donald Trump would either resign or be impeached, and I would either be winning a Pulitzer prize for journalism or assassinated – take your pick. #WhatUpKhashoggi! Too soon?

Why Any of This Bring This Up?

I bring this up because yesterday afternoon I came across a press release from Nikolai Murashov, deputy director of the Federal Security Service CTRC, explaining how the FSB is prepared to declassify all correspondence related to the US election hacking campaign of 2016 – if the FSB’s counterparts in the USA don’t object to it, that is. Before breaking this down, you seriously have to understand much of a loaded statement this really is.

For example, between Robert Mueller, the House of Representative, US Senate and God knows how many lobbyists working for or on behalf of different inter-governmental agencies, the United States has quite literally spent two years and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars collectively trying to figure out what the Russians were up to in 2016. Not only this, but despite all of this time, money and effort, not a single one of these investigations has actually concluded yet, been closed or even “solved.” Yet as we site here today, December 12th 2018, the Kremlin is saying that they are fully prepared to publish everything these people/investigators have spent years trying to figure out, entirely for free with no strings attached – lulz.

So Why Ask US Permission?

This is exactly why I say you have to understand how much of a loaded statement the FSB’s announcement this week really was, because indubitably this is just a “Troll.” But despite the hilarity of it all, this may be no joking matter.

Of course Russia is ready to release this information to the international public right now, I mean think about it. Despite however strong the US Oligarchy may be, soon enough someone is eventually going to have to ask or demand Mueller to start wrapping things up already, and even Congress knows they can’t possibly let a 4 year old investigation distract from new/critical talking points headed into the 2020 election season. Within the next year, possibly sooner, everyone working for this Government is going to have start moving on with their lives, stop pouting about being bested by the Russians in 2015/2016 and start closing their investigations. Put a different way, all of these Russian investigations are going to be coming to an end within the next year, more likely that not before the first Presidential debates in December 2019.

You better believe that Russia would love nothing more than to declassify all of their documents relating to the 2016 election hacking campaign right now, because it would completely undermine the results of every US investigation into it. Essentially, who cares what Mueller, Warner and Burr think about what Russia did when you can have the actual intelligence documents/blueprint straight from the source; straight from the Kremlin? Moreover, how hilarious would it be for the Kremlin to spontaneously release all of this material within weeks of the conclusion of all these two year long Federal investigations? It would make the last two years and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent look/seem utterly worthless.

Secondly, the FSB’s announcement this week only puts added pressure on Trump and the US Government. Think about it, what if Donald Trump or someone working in his cabinet actually says “No” to Russia and tells them not to declassify the material? Wouldn’t that make it seem like he was trying to hide something –  or was “colluding” with them if you will to keep something secret? Don’t you think the US press would jump all over that? Do you know how bad the Trump Administration would look if someone representing him actually told Russia not to go through with it? That’s what makes the FSB’s announcement this week such a world class troll, or ingenious depending on how you want to look at it – because so many people are going to get f*cked by it either way, whether Russia decides to publish the documents or not.

But Such Is Informational Warfare – Right?

The even funnier thing about all of this is that Russia has already admitted to trying to undermine or meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election several times throughout the course of the last year and a half – just not necessarily using those exact/specific words.

For example, in February 2017 Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu publicly announced the formation of Russia’s newest military unit, an “Informational Warfare Unit” specifically designed to combat fake news/propaganda against Russia and spread it on their behalf across the global theater. While Shoigu indicated the unit had been active for quite some time before February 2017, the occasion marked the first time the Russian military was willing to admit to its existence. If that’s not enough evidence to sway you, just a few weeks ago the Kremlin officially filed motion in a New York City court room to dismiss charges against 10 Russian operatives charged as being Wikileaks sources for the Hillary Clinton and DNC email hack/leaks.

Read More & Find Official Court Documents Here: https://roguemedia.co/2018/11/19/russian-federation-files-motion-requesting-dnc-clinton-hacking-lawsuits-be-thrown-out-of-court/

In the motion linked above, dated November 18th 2018, the Kremlin specifically demands that their operatives be granted immunity in this case, because hacking Clinton and the DNC were tied to a deliberate military operation – and military actions/operations are granted immunity in individual courtrooms worldwide, regardless of the country perpetrating them. Given that the US has the largest military on Earth and is actively engaged in 7 different War zones right now, perhaps no other country on Earth benefits more from this immunity than the US does. Regardless, in doing so, Russia is directly admitting that the Kremlin ordered the hack of Clinton and the DNC as part of a much broader military campaign/operation in 2016 – they are even willing to testify to this in court!

Given the evidence, I am not quite sure why none of these Federal investigations have concluded or why the US public is last to know, but it is a general fact that Russia has already admitted guilt into election hacking/meddling years ago. Quite frankly, it’s a marvel how the US press organizations operate. This is also why, on through to today, all those millions spent and years lost investigating Russia’s influence is utterly useless. Whether the Russians declassify these documents or not, we already know the truth, we already know Russia was behind all of this. The fact of the matter is that all of these never-ending investigations into Russian meddling are nothing more than wastes of time and money, abusing resources to keep producing news headlines, keep the American public living in fear of Russia while making Donald Trump look as corrupt as possible. In other words, all of these Federal investigations into Russian propaganda are nothing more than “American Propaganda” in their own right – farcical at best.

Sorry if this is the first time you are hearing any of this or you are the last to know. But keep watching CNN, I’m sure they’ll have a breakthrough on any of these investigations any day now 😂

Russian Federation Files Motion Requesting DNC/Clinton Hacking Lawsuits Be Thrown Out of Court

I have got to admit, it is rather amusing piecing all of this information together as it is coming out. For example, you might remember two stories from last week. The first being an accidental leak of sexual assault charges to be filed against Julian Assange, and the second report outlining veiled charges to be filed against Julian Assange attached to the indictment of 12 Russian spies/hackers believed to be the sources behind Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s emails in the fall of 2016.

However, new research released by Catalin Cimpanu of ZDNet today shows that just days before the US Justice Department accidentally leaked future charges to be filed against Assange on November 15th, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation filed a court document in New York City on November 9th requesting that all charges levied against those 12 Russian spies/hackers be dropped/thrown out of court.  In the 15-page letter, the Russian Federation argues that the US Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) grants Russia immunity in this matter.

As their letter states, “the FSIA provides that foreign sovereign States enjoy absolute jurisdictional immunity from suit unless a plaintiff can demonstrate that one of the FSIA’s enumerated ‘exceptions’ applies.” Moreover, “the DNC’s allegations regarding a purported ‘military attack’ by ‘Russia’s military intelligence agency’ do not fall within any of the FSIA’s enumerated exceptions to the Russian Federation’s sovereign immunity.” More specifically, Russia argued that a country’s military operations are immune from civil lawsuits like the one filed by the DNC, stating that “any alleged military attack is a quintessential sovereign act that does not fall within any exception to the FSIA or the customary international law of foreign sovereign immunity. The Russian Federation’s sovereign immunity with respect to claims based upon such allegations is absolute.

View/Download Full FSIA Act: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/STATUTE-90/pdf/STATUTE-90-Pg2891.pdf

Russia also points out that, given US military operations all around the world, perhaps no other country on Earth has benefited from such international immunity over the decades. Stating that “the United States benefits significantly from the sovereign immunity that it enjoys (and U.S. officials enjoy) in foreign courts around the world with respect to the United States’ frequent acts of cyber intrusion and political interference. As current and former U.S. officials have acknowledged on many occasions, the United States–acting primarily through the National Security Agency (NSA) within the U.S. Department of Defense–is one of the most prolific practitioners of cyberattacks and cyber-intrusions on the planet.

As the Russian Ministry of Defense is quick to point out, the United States of America currently hosts over 900 active duty international military bases outside of US borders, whereas Russia only operates two. Moreover, the United States has dropped bombs on 7 different countries since 2001, compared to Russia’s 3. Additionally, no one should be ignorant enough to think that Russia is the only country spying on or launching cyber attacks against others, including their own allies. For example, you might remember Barack Obama was caught hacking/spying on Angela Merkel and other European allies in 2013, well before the Russian hacking fiasco in 2016? Therefore, if the United States and/or New York City was ever arrogant enough to bring this particular case forward against Russia, it would only serve to open up a “Pandora’s Box” of international lawsuits to be filed back against the United States under the same grounds -something that Russia argues is not in the US’s best interests.

The Russian Federation argues that such incidents outlined in the US’s indictment from this July are “State-to-State matters” and should therefore be resolved between governments, not in courts. “The DNC’s allegations do not permit the U.S. District Court to exercise jurisdiction in this case” argues the Russian Federation, demanding that the US throw out to case before it ever goes to trial.

Full Motion Filed by Russian Federation:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/393601847-Russian-Embassy-Letter.pdf”%5D