Trump Tells Erdogan ‘I Will Destroy Turkeys Economy’ In Leaked White House Letter

Interestingly enough, Russia Today is now touting a leaked White House letter from the office of the Presidency, in which Donald Trump literally tells President Erdogan of Turkey “Dont be a fool” in regards to his current Syria invasion, with treats of “destroying Turkeys economy” if Erdogan and Trump can not reach a deal in the near future. Dated October 9th 2019, the letter is incredibly interesting for many reasons, first off is the fact it is completely immature and almost childish language coming the from nations highest office. Second, Trump is outright threatening a NATO ally with economic sanctions and economic Warfare – much like we have done to Russia, Venezuela, Iran and many others over recent years. This is also incredibly dangerous for not just the future of international relations between the US and Turkey, but all NATO countries for that matter.

Honestly, I am not going to hype up the letter any more or any less for you, instead you can read it for yourself below…..

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The Modern Facsimile of Subjugation

Ever since humans have been humans we have always attempted to subjugate ourselves in some form, shape or way. But ask yourselves, why do you think that is? I begin thinking about the origins of the Fascist Party of Italy under Mussolini in World War II, neighboring the Vatican and remnants of the great Roman Empire – perhaps the two most powerful forces of subjugation humanity has ever realized. Regardless, whether it be politics or religion, or both, everyone all seems to come to the almost subconscious understanding that humans need to be controlled in some way, we need to be conformed, herded, subjugated or otherwise controlled in some way. But why?

I believe it’s because it’s the unspoken truth that humans are inherently or naturally, bad, negative, self destructive, evil or some other facsimile. Humans need to be told what to do (laws), what not to do (Bible), how to behave, how to dress, how to learn, how to do everything. Without structure, it appears as though humanity would literally tear itself apart. I mean, we’ve already been at this a few hundred thousand years now and still look at all our Wars and conflicts – humans just cant be controlled or tamed, even by ourselves. Even God himself was so disgusted with humanity and how it behaved that he once tried to drown us all off the Earth for all time – in vain.

It just begs the question, why are humans the way we are, why are we such a cancerous and vile organism? If your religious, even your own God can’t answer – he’s already tried to kill you for being you. And if you’re political, just keep making new laws – I’m sure you’ll solve humanities problems there one day, just sign one more bill into law buddy!

But it makes me think about how things change, or how people try to change things. I mean, look at World War II again and why it was fought, why the Fascist Party even rose to begin with. Over population, poverty, inflation, food shortages and anarchy. Whether it be breeding or consuming, humans and humanity can not be stopped – so they much be controlled, right Mussolini, Hitler, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Churchill? I don’t know why, but when depopulation agenda’s, War and fascism don’t work, what’s really left? What’s the next evolution of subjugation of humanity to take?

For me at least, the answer is far more obvious than anyone may care to realize…..

When War and depopulation don’t work, what does? Contraception and Planned Parenthood? One is certainly less violent that the other. Empire after Empire has taught humanity that you can not control society or humanity by attempting to hold it down or constrict it forcefully, so what else can be done? What if we began controlling society with vanity, materialism, or luxury than austerity. Give the people a little bit more, make the people happy and in return slowly coerce their silent obedience, rather than proactively demand or force it upon them outright. Such is a much less violent means of controlling a population than Fascism and War isn’t it? It is quite sedation, rather than a forceful exercise – all accomplishing the same means as the other ends.

They say modern slaves do not exist in chains, we exist in debt. That from the time we are born we are born into a slavery we cannot see, but all still experience everyday. We are quite literally owned by our Government and stamped with a Social Security Number, CPF (Brasil) or some other facsimile upon birth. Owe too much child support? Owe the US Government too much money? Good luck getting a Passport, you’ll never be allowed to leave these borders. Still think you are free, or living in the land of the free?

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We are not living in the Matrix. The greatest secret of modern time is that the global elite, or whatever you want to call “them,” are no longer farming crops on plantations, they are farming economies from Governments. It’s not just Jews or Africans doing the dirty work anymore, its each of us and it is all of us.

Obey. Consume. Reproduce and Pay your taxes. Stay ignorant, dumb and lazy. Don’t learn to much, don’t question anything or ask too many questions, and we’ll do our best to keep you happy, fat, entertained and distracted from the realities of the world.” – The Puppeteers –

Go to school, learn, grow up, get a job and start earning money, pay your taxes. Your whole life/survival is not longer about your basic instincts, it is about playing by the rules, obeying the system and making money. Without money, you’ll never survive. But regardless of your survival, at all times your life/existence is making someone else money .Your job, your paycheck, your taxes, your children, your life; your very existence makes your Government money. It is why you exist here, it is why you are an economic slave – to produce for your country. Don’t conform, obey or play by the rules and have to be discarded from society by going to prison? Your still making your Government money. The US Justice Department gets on average over $40,000 per person it locks up, all stolen from the taxes of people it doesn’t lock up. Ever wonder why the US has the largest number of incarcerated citizens on planet Earth?

Your life is nothing more than an economic prison, whether you obey and play by the rules or not. The elite no longer care about forcing people to do something the hard way to make a profit, they’ve moved on to coercing them to to it voluntarily, secretly, slightly, mechanically. Sure it may be a little more “expensive,” short term profit margins may go down, but isn’t that worth the toil fighting and bloodshed Communism and traditional slavery has sowed for thousands of years? Capitalism is the new slavery.

Why This American Has No Quarrels About Re-Locating Abroad

Starting in the very near future it’s one of my primary goals to start traveling the world, visiting new places and perhaps even settling down in a new country abroad for the long term. However, the more people I start talking to the more everyone keeps saying the same things, sayings things like “oh I don’t know about that, there are a lot of bad places outside the United States. Are you sure you want to do that?” Or “you know how many people are trying to get into this country? Why would you want to leave?” Their opinions all seem to be based off a fallacious notion that somehow it’s impossible to be happy or live a good/quality life outside the United States, pretending as if everyone currently living inside the US is as happy as could possibly be and we are all living the lives of our dreams.

There are roughly 7.3 billion people living on planet Earth at the present moment in time and only about 0.3 of them live inside the United States. Meaning that the overwhelming majority of all people on planet Earth live outside of the United States, and live perfectly fine or happy lives at that. It might be a notion lost on most modern Americans these days, but life outside of the United States is not just some great giant “dystopia.” In fact, you might be surprised to know that, based on the 2019 Global Democracy index, the United States currently ranks 27th in the world out of 160 countries and according to the 2018 worlds happiness report, the United States ranks 18th in the world out of 117 countries. These two studies are also based off factors such as poverty rates, incarceration rates, average annual income, health coverage, life expectancy, voter turnout, purchasing power, quality of life – et cetera.

On top of this, in terms of education, the United States ranks 115th among 200 countries in terms of linguistic diversity, and ranks 20th in math and 27th in science internationally. Moreover, out of 40 countries ranked based off their colleges or secondary educational systems, the USA ranks 20th in the world. Even here inside the United States, according to our own ACT testing agency, it is estimated that 76% of all high school students are unprepared to enter into college level courses upon graduating high school.

As for me personally, I’ve been ‘that guy‘ who used to work seasonally around the United States – all with migrant workers because I couldn’t get hired anywhere else. At times, on more than one occasion, I’ve literally been the only American working in a group of maybe +45 people – also some of the most enjoyable times of my life being honest with you.

In vain, what I keep trying to get the average American to understand is that there is a very real reason why so many people and/or countries around the world hate America and American tourists – and no, it isn’t because they are envious or jealous of you and your lifestyle. People hate Americans and American culture because we base our moral and ethical set of principles around materialism, vanity, vulgar-ness, indecency, gluttony, and arrogance.

Americans literally look at signers, rappers and movie stars as role models, we glorify transgender people as hero’s, we turn children into sex symbols, have the highest rate of obesity in the world, elect billionaire narcissists to be our National leader/President and our Government genuinely views itself as the worlds police. For example, did you know that out of 239 years in existence the United States Government has been engaged in different Wars for 222 of them?

Let me ask you a rhetorical question, why do you think so many migrants from around the world all enter the United States from foreign countries and then refuse to self identify as Americans? As an example, down in Florida there is an extremely large population of people whom defected from Cuba. These are people who were literally so ashamed of their country/government that they denounced their citizenship and sought asylum abroad. Yet, even after they were granted freedom in the United States, if you ever talk to them, they all still call themselves “Cubans” – not “Americans.” Ask yourself, why do you think this is?

The answer is simple, American culture/society is nothing to look up to or be envious of. The fact of the matter is that foreigners all come to this country for one reason and one reason only, to exploit our economic system and make as much money for themselves and their families as possible – not because they fancy American “culture.” This is why they all immigrate here and start settling into their own local communities, such as “Little Italy” or “China Town” or “New Haiti” and identify themselves with their old countries – because the culture where they came from is still fundamentally better than the culture we’ve created here in America, even if their economies aren’t.

‘Freedom’ & Human Rights

While I’m on the subject , I also want to touch on the notion of America being “free,” because it is yet again another major fallacy. In fact, you might be surprised to learn, but the United States of America is actually THE least free country on planet Earth – at least according to the statistics.

For example, did you know that the United States is home to 5% of the globes overall population, but 25% of the worlds prison population? How about the fact that America arrests more citizens ‘per capita’ than any country in the world, including Iran, North Korea, Russia or anyone else? Or the fact that the United States is considered one of the worst human rights violators in the world, not only because of our Wars but because our criminal justice system has created the conditions allowing for the US to actively host the worlds largest population of incarcerated citizens? Every year for example, the United States always makes the list of the worlds top human rights violators because of this very fact.


Did you know that, at the present moment in time, the United States Government currently holds $21.97 Trillion Dollars in National Debt?:

How about the fact that US Congress has operated the US Government at an annual budget deficit every year since 2002?:

Or the fact that the US’s National Debt has literally more than doubled within the course of the last 10 years alone?:

On top of this, 80% of Americans admit to being burdened by some form of debt & 70% admit they could not afford their lifestyles without the active use of debt:

For example, the average American currently holds over $7,000 in credit card debt:

The average ‘homeowner’ owes, on average, $164,000 on their mortgages:

The average college graduate in American owes, on average, $29,000 on their student loans:

Meanwhile, the average unemployment rate for recent college graduates in their early 20’s fluctuates between 26% to 30% – more than twice that of the combined national average:

Moreover, it’s estimated that each month, 43% of all households in the US spend more money than they make:

And 41% of all Americans either have re-occurring medical expenses or hold outstanding medical debts:

In total, it is estimated that the average American adult owns/owes somewhere around $225,238 in debt – each:

Adding insult to injury now, there are over 1.17 million foreclosed homes in the United States:

With a total homeless population hovering around 3.5 million each year:

Now, if you really want to fry your noodles, consider the fact that, according to the US Treasury Department, there’s only $1.57 Trillion Dollars of currency in physical circulation/existence? Meaning that if every coin and “Federal Reserve Note” in the world were magically handed in right now at this very moment, not only would there be no money left for anyone in society to spend, but there would only be $1.57 trillion dollars to account for. Breaking things down further, this means that if we’ve spent $21.97 Trillion Dollars in conjunction with our National Debt but only have $1.57 to account for, then only 14% of money is actually real. Meaning that 86% of money – aka debt – only exists inside in cyber space, as numbers/figures transferred from computer to computer across them “inter-webs.


The African Union May Have Died with Gaddafi, But African Continental Free Trade Area Is Alive and Well

Before his death, one of Muammar Gaddafi’s most ambitions goals/projects was to unite the continent of Africa by dropping the US dollar in exchange for an entirely new economic system/model called the “African Union” – which would have been similar in many ways to the European Union, just in Africa. In fact, while it is impossible to ever quantify, it has since been argued by many that the only reason Gaddafi was assassinated by Western powers in the first place was to throw Libya into a state of civil/economic chaos, and therefore prevent the Union from forming well before it could ever begin.

Regardless, earlier this month the Governments of South Africa and Togo agreed to ratify a document known as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), growing the combined total of state signatures to 49. As was reported by Tralac, the African Trade Law Centre, “the AfCFTA will bring together all 55 member states of the African Union covering a market of more than 1.2 billion people, including a growing middle class, and a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of more than US$3.4 trillion.” Once complete, the project plans on making the AfCFTA the single largest free trade zone in the entire world, expected to boost trade inside Africa by up to 52.3%, eliminate the current 6.1% tariff imposed on African nations by foreign traders, and bring in untold amounts of new manufacturing jobs/opportunities throughout the continent. Organizers also hope to establish an entirely new form of currency for trade members as well, though discussions on what this would look like or entail are still ongoing.

While the AfCFTA was first introduced back in 2012, less than a year after Gaddafi’s death, as of the end of December 2018, 49 of 55 African states have endorsed their full support of the ‘union‘ should it ever be formed – with more expected to sign on throughout the course of 2019. However, as per document/treaty requirements, in order for AfCFTA to officially go into effect, at least 22 member nations must first submit articles of ratification. Earlier this month South Africa and Togo submitted their ratification, bringing the official total to 15. According to the African Union’s (AU) Commissioner for Trade and Industry, Albert Muchanga, he is “confident the remaining votes required to enforce AfCFTA will be secured before the next AU summit in February 2019.

Official Document:

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