97% of American Failed This Basic Cyber Security Test, Myself Included

For the first time in my life, I am actually a part of the majority. What I’m referring to are results from a new cyber security test launched by Google developers designed to see how well Americans are able to pick up on subtle security warnings/threats online. While I didn’t necessarily take the test seriously at the time and rushed through them just to see how it was structured, I did fail it nonetheless – despite writing extensive tutorials on phishing attacks, email security and website security. Maybe that explains why Rogue Security Labs doesn’t have a single customer, but who whom knows – right?

Conduced throughout the course of March 2019 and consisting of over 2,000 American adults over the age of 16, Google discovered that….

– Despite 55% of Americans saying they would grade themselves as A level experience in cyber security, 97% got at least one question wrong on a basic, six-question security test
48% of Americans say they would like to build their own websites in the future
45% say their websites would be designed around business, while 43% say their websites would be for hobby
– Only 20% of Americans have actually built a website at one point or another in the past
64% of internet users never realized they could be re-directed to a false website without their knowledge/consent simply by clicking on a link
42% of internet users didn’t realize there is a security difference between websites with http and https
29% of internet users have no idea what the “s” in https stands for, nevermind look for it

See Full Results & Take The Test: https://safe.page/survey