Criticisms of Israel May Soon Be Banned In all US Schools, New Freedom of Information Act Request Uncovers

A new string of emails won via a successful Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) by Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) paints an interesting portrayal for the way talk or history of the Jewish people may soon be taught in US schools nation wide. Taken from an exchange involving a right-wing American group of lobbyists going by the name of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the emails document how openly far right wing lobbyists are currently working to pass new legislation banning any negative reporting or criticisms of Israel in US schools headed into the future.

More specifically, ALEC wants US legislature to ban talk of “human rights investigations focusing specifically on Israel.” As well as ban any speech “demonizing Israel by blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions” or “de-legitimizing Israel by questioning Israel’s right to exist.

Reportedly, state representatives/lawmakers from from Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, all Republic powerhouses, have all met with ALEC about approving these measures in their states as of August. In addition to the 9 lawmakers (below), similar emails were also send to to state lawmakers; A.D. Motzen, national director of state Relations at Agudath Israel of America; and Joseph Sabag Israeli-American Coalition (IAC) for Action – all dated August 2019. You are invited to read those emails by browsing or downloading the documents provided below – enjoy!

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Senator Scott Demands Meeting w/ FBI Following Release of Mueller Report

Over the course of my 4 year career, for whatever reason, one of the topics I’ve covered most heavily are the US elections hacking/tampering campaigns of 2016 – and US voter hacks in general. In fact, this topic was the first article I ever covered here for Rogue Media Labs, following a voter registration leak of 35 million records less than a month before the November elections of 2018. Perhaps this is why I happen to find a recent letter from Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) particularly interesting. In it, Scott is essentially demanding that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation make public any/all records they have in regards to voter fraud and/or election interference in the state of Florida, after information contained in the Mueller Report was redacted.

More specifically, according to the results of the Mueller Report, approximately 120 different election officials throughout Florida were found to have had their personal email addresses hacked by foreign threat actors – though the report never did specify whom exactly or what counties around Florida they represented. Consequentially, this is also what Senator Scott would like to find out – in order to predict which areas of his state may be most susceptible to voter fraud and/or tampering next year, ahead of the 2020 elections.

For those of you whom might be unaware, Florida is quite literally the United States most “transient” state, with the highest population of active residents residing outside of that state – at least depending on the time of year. Generally speaking, Florida is also considered the have the US’s single largest and most undecided/unpredictable voter bases – making it the US’s largest “Swing State” election after election. Because of this, and for literally all of the same reasons, it theoretically makes Florida voting systems and records the single easiest to fake or tamper with at the same time. For the time being, it appears as though the FBI has agreed to meet with Senator Scott to address these issues, though an exact time and date have not been set.

Download Copy of Letter: https://www. files/2019-04/190419-FBI-GRU-Florida.pdf

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FBI’s National Academy Association Hacked by PokemonGo Team, 203 MB of Data Leaked Online

While the internet is just catching on to the leak for the first time today, two days ago a group of hackers calling themselves “PokemonGo Team” released the contents of a leak effecting the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. More specifically, the hackers appear to have breached 3 websites belonging to the FBI’s National Academy Associationa collection/association of various offices offering law enforcement training and consultation across the United States.

While not much is known about the hackers or their backstories, and they are new to social media as of April 2019, they do appear to be highly advanced. Not only are they building their own websites, but they’ve also released the source code of their very own ransomware variant and claim to be in possession of several important/critical databases worldwide. Perhaps most importantly or interestingly, the hackers claim that the hack/leak of the FBI was nothing more than a publicity stunt, so to speak, because they are actually in possession of much more interesting/valuable information that they’ll begin selling as soon as their website is complete. Essentially, the release of FBI data was meant to show how serious they are – as well as to attract the attention of future buyers.

The leak itself is significant, including enough sensitive information to scare off some of the tech worlds largest websites from wanting to go near or publish it – see TechCrunch’s so-called reporting on the leak. More specifically, the meat of the leak contains personal records of nearly 4,000 individuals across the FBI, Secret Service and local/state law enforcement offices nationwide. You can find a link to the data leak, as well the password needed to decrypt it below. Rogue Media Labs has already downloaded/decrypted the file and can confirm that it is 100% safe to the general public – enjoy!

Press Release:
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Somalian Refugees File Lawsuit Against Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Citing 1st Amendment Violations

Along with the help of Americans for Immigrant Justice and Muslim Advocates, two national civil rights organizations fighting for equality, a group of 20 Somalian refugees are suing the State of Florida and national Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for what they deem to be violations of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution while being detained by Donald Trumps Government over the course of the last 15 months. Officially filed in a Florida District Court room yesterday, February 27th 2019, the 32 page lawsuit alleges that, ever since being detained more than one year ago today, ICE officials have prevented the Somalian detainees from freely being able to “practice their faith in various ways” – acts which constitute a clear violation of the Constitution.

According to a joint statement from both the groups representing the Somalian immigrants, the lawsuit hopes to “ensure that, going forward, Glades County, Florida is going to treat Muslim detainees and detainees of all faiths respectfully.” Adding that “It’s important to us that ICE take the protection of immigration detainees seriously and that it actually enforce its detention standards.” According to a separate report from The Intercept yesterday, “the lawsuit is just the latest development in a nearly 15-month-old saga for a group of Somalis whom ICE tried, and failed, to deport in December 2017.” Explaining how “their deportation flight to Somalia was interrupted by a technical problem with the airplane; after spending more than 24 hours in shackles on a runway in Dakar, Senegal, they were brought back to the United States” – where they have continued to remain detained ever since.

Official Copy of Lawsuit:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D & Hacked by New World Hackers, Access To Various Databases Leaked Online

This afternoon, December 31st 2018, “Qurlla” of New World Hackers announced the breach of two databases tied to the States of Florida and Texas. The first hack targeted the state website of Florida, exposing information of what appears to either be various state contractors or employees, including their names, addresses, emails and phone numbers – roughly 1,066 lines of data. The second leak effected the state website of Texas and contains much more detailed/sensitive information, including 83 website administrators full names, email addresses, user login names and passwords. Additional information leaked from the site exposes access to the sites user database contents, as well as video files.

In a message to Rogue Media Labs, Qurlla explained how his group was able to hack both the websites via SQL Injection, presumably through a vulnerability tied to the sites back end. However, the exact URL’s effected or payloads delivered were not disclosed online. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Qurlla did tag the states of Texas and Florida in the leak, meaning that there is no discernible timetable as to how long the credentials exposed online will remain valid – if you were interested in poking around, that is 😉.

Websites Targeted:

hxxp:// Leak: Leak: