Rogue Media Labs Year In Review

While I just started Rogue Media Labs on October 20th 2018, my brief time as Editor-In-Chief has seen a number of small successes. Not only has Google accepted my inclusion into their news index, but Facebook has officially verified my account and approved my page to run/advertise political content ahead of the 2019 EU election season and into the 2020 US Presidential election. Additionally, as a result of my work online I have also been extended an open position to submit work to the award winning Italian based cyber security blog Security Affairs.

Other Notes & Statistics:

  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 607%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 612%
  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by 318%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by another 899%
  • Google News & Facebook verification algorithms have boosted site traffic by 558%
  • Rogue Media Labs has published 172 articles to date, including this one.
  • Over the last 71 days I have received unique visitors/internet traffic from 124 different countries around the world – which is saying something considering I’ve banned Tor traffic the entire time.
  • In order, the United States, Brasil, France, UK and Mexico have generated the most amount of traffic to my website, followed by India, Peru and Spain.
  • To date, Rogue Security Labs has absorbed 2,337 Web Application and/or Brute Force Attacks, primarily originating out of Israel and Ukraine.
  • Rogue Security Labs has blocked 47 followers on Twitter, or 18.3% of anyone whom has attempted to follow me – primarily corporate executives and/or Government employees.

Top 10 Most Read Articles All Time – To Date:

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2.) Brasilian Based Cloud Storage & IT Solutions Firm Tivit Compromised by Massive Data Breach:
3.) Connecting The Online Hacking World – The Ultimate Anonymous Handbook:
4.) AnonOps – CyberGuerrilla Announce Joint Data Leak Effecting FBI, CIA, DGSE & MI6:
5.) Ghost Squad Hackers Leak Terror Identities Online:
6.) Central Bank of The Bahamas Crashed for +28 Hours by SHIZEN:
7.) Op-Ed: Dropping The Metaphorical Mother of All Bombs, Blowing Up the US’s Historical War Strategy for Afghanistan:
8.) Government of Sudan Shuts Down National Internet Access, So Anonymous Shuts Down The Government:
9.) San Jose State University Hacked, French National Police/DynDNS/Internet Brasil Downed by Shizen:
10.) Hundreds of French Police Officers Doxxed by Anonymous In Retaliation for Crimes/Brutality Against Protesters This Weekend:

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– Brian Dunn –

Owner: Rogue Security Labs
Editor: Rogue Media Labs

Satirical: FSB/Kremlin Prepared to Declassify All Documents Corresponding To 2016 Election Hacking Campaign

** WARNING: This article is a Satire. I know this is a “big word” for my American viewing audience, so to specify, the definition of a satire “is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” Understand now? Didn’t think so. **

By now I think more and more people are starting to come to the realization/understanding that I have access to a lot of information that others do not, and have perhaps seen more than my fair share of things I shouldn’t have over the years. Not only do I remain one of Anonymous largest supporters, but dating back to 2015 I literally wrote the book(s) on how to remain/keep an Anonymous identity online. But on through today people look at my website and Twitter feed and ask, “how is it possible for one person to source so much content on a daily basis? How do you do it” they wonder?

Well, if you must know, I presided as contents specialist over one of the biggest “Russian Propaganda” outlets in the world from mid 2015 to November 2016 – at least according to the Washington Post and US liberal media, that is. If you didn’t pick up on it right away, this was also the exact same time period of the EU elections and US Presidential campaign season directly leading up to the month and year of Donald Trumps election – but that’s all just a coincidence, I think. Years after the fact, not only did my Government flag my work and the work I sourced to others as “Fake News,” but it has also been “Blacklisted” and banned from Google and Facebook as propaganda. Quite ironic that I have since gotten 4 different domains accepted for inclusion into Google News and 3 different pages verified by Facebook over the exact same period they were blacklisting all my previous work – don’t you think?

But without making this about myself, one of the most interesting pieces of “information” I’ve ever come across in all my years online was the alleged dirt that “the Russians” were holding over Donald Trumps head. To be more exact, back in 2013, well before Donald Trump ever became President, he traveled to Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant. As the story goes, one night that Donald Trump returned to his hotel room he was sent a “gift” – a gift of the flesh; a prostitute. However, what Donald Trump did not know at the time was that this prostitute was deliberately underage, and given that everything in Russia has been ‘wiretapped‘ dating back to the KGB days of the Cold War, the Russians have been holding this over Donald Trumps head as “Blackmail” ever since.

Consequentially enough, this is the real reason why Donald Trump has refused to sign US Congressional sanctions against Russia into law, the reason why Jared Kushner has tried to outsource so much business to Russia over the years, as well as why Donald Trump has been an apologist for Vladimir Putin since first taking office – “allegedly.” I also call this ‘alleged information‘ for a reason, because as the saying goes, “there is a difference between facts and information” and if I was ever actually able to prove any of this, Donald Trump would either resign or be impeached, and I would either be winning a Pulitzer prize for journalism or assassinated – take your pick. #WhatUpKhashoggi! Too soon?

Why Any of This Bring This Up?

I bring this up because yesterday afternoon I came across a press release from Nikolai Murashov, deputy director of the Federal Security Service CTRC, explaining how the FSB is prepared to declassify all correspondence related to the US election hacking campaign of 2016 – if the FSB’s counterparts in the USA don’t object to it, that is. Before breaking this down, you seriously have to understand much of a loaded statement this really is.

For example, between Robert Mueller, the House of Representative, US Senate and God knows how many lobbyists working for or on behalf of different inter-governmental agencies, the United States has quite literally spent two years and hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars collectively trying to figure out what the Russians were up to in 2016. Not only this, but despite all of this time, money and effort, not a single one of these investigations has actually concluded yet, been closed or even “solved.” Yet as we site here today, December 12th 2018, the Kremlin is saying that they are fully prepared to publish everything these people/investigators have spent years trying to figure out, entirely for free with no strings attached – lulz.

So Why Ask US Permission?

This is exactly why I say you have to understand how much of a loaded statement the FSB’s announcement this week really was, because indubitably this is just a “Troll.” But despite the hilarity of it all, this may be no joking matter.

Of course Russia is ready to release this information to the international public right now, I mean think about it. Despite however strong the US Oligarchy may be, soon enough someone is eventually going to have to ask or demand Mueller to start wrapping things up already, and even Congress knows they can’t possibly let a 4 year old investigation distract from new/critical talking points headed into the 2020 election season. Within the next year, possibly sooner, everyone working for this Government is going to have start moving on with their lives, stop pouting about being bested by the Russians in 2015/2016 and start closing their investigations. Put a different way, all of these Russian investigations are going to be coming to an end within the next year, more likely that not before the first Presidential debates in December 2019.

You better believe that Russia would love nothing more than to declassify all of their documents relating to the 2016 election hacking campaign right now, because it would completely undermine the results of every US investigation into it. Essentially, who cares what Mueller, Warner and Burr think about what Russia did when you can have the actual intelligence documents/blueprint straight from the source; straight from the Kremlin? Moreover, how hilarious would it be for the Kremlin to spontaneously release all of this material within weeks of the conclusion of all these two year long Federal investigations? It would make the last two years and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent look/seem utterly worthless.

Secondly, the FSB’s announcement this week only puts added pressure on Trump and the US Government. Think about it, what if Donald Trump or someone working in his cabinet actually says “No” to Russia and tells them not to declassify the material? Wouldn’t that make it seem like he was trying to hide something –  or was “colluding” with them if you will to keep something secret? Don’t you think the US press would jump all over that? Do you know how bad the Trump Administration would look if someone representing him actually told Russia not to go through with it? That’s what makes the FSB’s announcement this week such a world class troll, or ingenious depending on how you want to look at it – because so many people are going to get f*cked by it either way, whether Russia decides to publish the documents or not.

But Such Is Informational Warfare – Right?

The even funnier thing about all of this is that Russia has already admitted to trying to undermine or meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election several times throughout the course of the last year and a half – just not necessarily using those exact/specific words.

For example, in February 2017 Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu publicly announced the formation of Russia’s newest military unit, an “Informational Warfare Unit” specifically designed to combat fake news/propaganda against Russia and spread it on their behalf across the global theater. While Shoigu indicated the unit had been active for quite some time before February 2017, the occasion marked the first time the Russian military was willing to admit to its existence. If that’s not enough evidence to sway you, just a few weeks ago the Kremlin officially filed motion in a New York City court room to dismiss charges against 10 Russian operatives charged as being Wikileaks sources for the Hillary Clinton and DNC email hack/leaks.

Read More & Find Official Court Documents Here:

In the motion linked above, dated November 18th 2018, the Kremlin specifically demands that their operatives be granted immunity in this case, because hacking Clinton and the DNC were tied to a deliberate military operation – and military actions/operations are granted immunity in individual courtrooms worldwide, regardless of the country perpetrating them. Given that the US has the largest military on Earth and is actively engaged in 7 different War zones right now, perhaps no other country on Earth benefits more from this immunity than the US does. Regardless, in doing so, Russia is directly admitting that the Kremlin ordered the hack of Clinton and the DNC as part of a much broader military campaign/operation in 2016 – they are even willing to testify to this in court!

Given the evidence, I am not quite sure why none of these Federal investigations have concluded or why the US public is last to know, but it is a general fact that Russia has already admitted guilt into election hacking/meddling years ago. Quite frankly, it’s a marvel how the US press organizations operate. This is also why, on through to today, all those millions spent and years lost investigating Russia’s influence is utterly useless. Whether the Russians declassify these documents or not, we already know the truth, we already know Russia was behind all of this. The fact of the matter is that all of these never-ending investigations into Russian meddling are nothing more than wastes of time and money, abusing resources to keep producing news headlines, keep the American public living in fear of Russia while making Donald Trump look as corrupt as possible. In other words, all of these Federal investigations into Russian propaganda are nothing more than “American Propaganda” in their own right – farcical at best.

Sorry if this is the first time you are hearing any of this or you are the last to know. But keep watching CNN, I’m sure they’ll have a breakthrough on any of these investigations any day now 😂

Op-Ed: Changes To Facebooks Paid Advertising System Since The ‘Fake News’ Crackdowns

In my limited experience working as a news editor, some of my proudest accomplishments have been getting two different Facebook Pages verified during the full height of Facebook’s Fake News crackdowns in 2017 and 3 domains indexed for inclusion into the Google News during the same period of time they were blacklisting different news websites all around the world. While I have since deleted these pages and platforms offline, now that I’m beginning a new journey and have created Rogue Media Labs, I can’t help but notice how much things have changed in such a short time.

When I first founded Alternative Medi4 in July of 2016 I was angry, and perhaps a little arrogant. I had around $4,000 saved up and had every intention of using every last dime of it to create the best news platform I knew how – which is exactly what I did. In fact, by March 2018 I had managed to completely bankrupt myself and appropriately enough, switched the domain over to Bankrupt Medi4 one last time before completely shutting the site down for good. Despite my failures however, there were several takeaways I got from the experience that continue to help me on through today. For the purposes of this article, I would briefly like to discuss my experience in paid advertisements through Facebook.

Given that I was fiercely covering human rights and various battles at the time, one of my primary objectives for Alternative Medi4 was to show/prove to the world that the United States was capable of outsourcing more than just War, death and destruction. For this reason, I restricted all advertisements specifically to every country the United States was either at War with or presently bombing; Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Pakistan. What I uncovered was remarkable.

Over the course of about 7-8 months, using only about $635, I had managed to obtain close to 21,000 followers throughout the Middle East and Africa. In fact, studying my targeting tactics actually changed the way that members of the US Government fought back against Islamic State propaganda. For example, after studying my page and how effective my advertisements had become, members of the FBI, US Department of Defense and other like them began paying for advertisements themselves – specifically in the Middle East targeting audiences susceptible to Islamic State recruitment or propaganda – in order to raise awareness and/or curb them away from extremism.

However, fast forward into 2018, with an entirely new project ahead of me, my first two attempts at getting different domains indexed through Google News have both been declined, and my page is so new that Facebook is still blocking me from applying for verification. Twitter verification on the other hand has been so abused over the years that it no longer even exists.

Starting last weekend, for the first time in about 7 months, I have begun purchasing Facebook advertisements and cant help but notice how much things have changed since the last time I’ve done business with them. Even the set up for Facebook ads itself has been completely updated/revamped/changed. What I’m seeing is that Facebook has vastly changed their algorithms and completely redesigned their ad user interface, now requiring much more detail when it comes to filling out/completing an ad form. While this could be construed either positively or negatively, personally, I kind of like it.

Perhaps most noticeably, Facebook has drastically cut down on the number of “like” websites you can tie or attach your target audience to, I think to put more emphasis on verified pages only. They have also completely redesigned and/or recatagorized different interests, hobbies or activities into more consolidated groups – I think to better string together a wider group/array of people for each target, thus helping page owners reach more people with each advertisement.

My Short Term Results?

Over the course of the last 6 days, at a clip of $3 a day, I have managed to get just short of 70 new followers – targeting audiences specifically around the fields of hacking and computer/data security. This translates to roughly 10-12 followers a day, or $.25 per follower. Believe it or not, this is actually far more effective than I was anticipating. I say this because I once paid Facebook $20 in 2017 to target essentially the same audience, but only received roughly 2-10 followers combined for the money. I’m not entirely sure if this change is more a result of the new content I am covering for Rogue Media Labs, or a reflection of Facebook‘s changes to their own algorithms. Though if I had a guess, I would assume it’s all on Facebook’s end.

What I do know is that I have owned Rogue Media Labs for 2 weeks now and ever since paying Facebook to promote my page/content about a week ago, my website hits have increased by approximately 307%. On top of this, my Facebook Page views have increased 263% and I am now getting traffic from 13 different countries – 6 more than during my first week. Having only spent about $16 to date, I would say that is pretty effective – though to be fair it is hard to say how much of this is a reflection of my content/work and the connections I’m making with other authors/websites, or how much social media is contributing. Given the new direction of my site I don’t see myself going back to the Middle East for page likes, but over the course of the next several weeks and months I will be experimenting with different paid advertisements targeting different audience, stay tuned for updates.