Behind The US’s Use of Hacktivists Groups As Cover for Cyber Campaigns Targeting Brasil

As someone whom has covered hacking news and hacktivists quite heavily for the last 5 years now, I found many events which took place between the later half of 2018 and beginning of 2019 particularly interesting. For those of you whom might not have been paying attention, over this time period the country of Brasil came under heavy fire from seemingly every direction – with many local, state and federal political/Government agencies and organizations getting hacked/leaked.

However, as a hacking news journalists whom got many exclusives over this time period, what was particularly interesting to note were the people whom were behind at least some of these attacks. While some were Brasilians, such as Pryzraky, the longer all of the hacks went on, the more different groups began outing themselves as internationals – particularly Americans. Such as was the case of the group known as “Shadow Squad Hackers” whom were Americans and claimed they were targeting Brasil because they were “disgusting and dirty people.” They claimed they were targeting Brasil for know other reason that they “hate Brasil and Brasilians.” Many also claimed to the be former members of the US Department of Defense at the same time.

While those are just some examples, they were far from alone. As you can see by following the tag below, the number of new or previously unknown hacktivists groups targeting Brasil in 2018/2019 were almost too many to count.

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Why Is This Happening?

This is a two part answer. The first is the fact that Brasilian Government and political websites are far behind the rest of the world when it comes to sound cyber security practices. For example, the vast majority of hacks were all pulled off via SQL injection (SQLi) – because their website’s IT staff apparently doesn’t know how to block bad query strings. Upon further investigation, many political websites leave their login pages out in the open, on the front end landing page, making themselves an easy target for brute force attacks. Still even further, many of the smaller, local government websites don’t even utilize a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) – making them easier targets for DDoS attacks and defacement campaigns, of which there were many.

However, the second reason is far more interesting – geopolitics. What you may not know is that Brasil is a member/signatory the the BRICS Alliance. Built by an international outreach campaign by Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years, what you should know is that BRICS is built on a long term economic/military strategy to lock the United States out of South Pacific and South Atlantic trading routes, opening up trade routes for developing countries and emerging economies – such as Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

If you think about it logistically or tactically it makes sense, Brasil has potential for the largest economy in South America and sticks the furthest out into the South Atlantic, which gives them the best chance at controlling the South Atlantic and sealing out countries from doing business in those waters. South Africa, for example, can control the Cape of Good Hope – the only route for Western Countries to cross over the African continent and reach Eastern markets by sea. Moving further East, India could have full control over the Indian ocean and has already begun sealing out the US from shipping rubbage to their country. And still yet, further East, Russian and China have the military power necessary to completely lock out the US from reaching all Eastern countries if they really wanted – with an all out attack on Japan not withstanding (RIP).

With that established and with countless coverage of all the Brasilian attacks, along with interviews with each of the hackers and hacking groups behind the hacks, it is my firm belief that the United States Government was using “hacktivist” groups as a cover for the hacks of major political parties and Government websites across Brasil, as revenge for the Brasilians having signed new alliances with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. Moreover, do you believe that all of these cyber attacks targeting Brasil occurring over the same exact timeline of the US’s attacks against Venezuela were any coincidence?

It is my firm belief that the US Government used these groups and these tactics not only to expose information on the Brasilian Government and its members, but also to show them how weak their cyber security practices were. As we already know, the USA does also have a long and extensive history of “meddling” in South America as well. Many of these attacks were no different, they just didn’t have computers in the 60s and 70’s.

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Popular Video Game Players Unknown Battleground (PUGB) Simultaneously Banned from Two Countries In Less Than One Weeks Time (India & Iraq)

On April 17th 2019, the Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism, and Archaeology of Iraq’s Parliament unanimously voted to pass a new piece of legislation banning the popular video games known as Players Unknown Battleground, otherwise referred to as PUGB, as well as another online video game known as Fortnite. According to Iraq’s Culture Committee, the games are believed to be “inciting violence amoungst children” whilst also simultaneously “taking away from family time” – thus negatively impacting/threatening “social security, morals, civics and education” across Iraqi society. Believe it or not, PUBG has also previously been ruledHaram” (Forbidden) by Islamic authorities in the Kurdish controlled regions of Iraq last October, following the death and arrests of Kurdish citizens taking part in a role play of the game.

Similarly, less than a week before Iraq’s vote on April 17th, the Government of Nepal and India’s Western Gujarat also passed a vote to ban Players Unknown Battleground on April 11th 2019. Much in line with Iraq’s Parliament, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) stated that “we have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers with its violent content and negative impact on children.

Leaked Photo of Proposed Legislation from Iraq’s Parliament:

No photo description available.

However, it must be noted that while Parliament has voted unanimously to ban the two video games, the law has yet to be passed into law by Iraq’s Cabinet – which has yet to be fully established following last years elections. Meaning that, at least for the time being, gamers are still technically allowed to play the video game if they desire. Additionally, Iraq’s youth is now protesting the decision of their Government to ban these games, making memes and taking to social media to mock the priorities or ethics of the Iraqi Government for banning video games depicting War, whilst simultaneously engaging in actual War.

Meme Mocking Parliaments Priorities | Iraq Before & After Ban Goes Into Effect:


Iraqi’s Pose for Picture In PUGB Role Play:

Four Iraqi women pose in PUBG clothes to protest ban (Twitter)

OurMine & Qurlla of New World Hackers Team Up To Hijack Twitter Accounts Belonging To International Celebrities

After taking a brief break away from the hacking scene over recent months, it appears as though the “OurMine” hacking gang and “Qurlla” of New World Hackers are making a comeback of sorts – at least momentarily. I say this because last night, both groups teamed up together to hack the social accounts belonging to Shiamak Davar, a famous international choreographer making his home in India, but with multiple Twitter accounts/handles across the US and Europe.

While one of his accounts was hacked and erased to feature the logo and name of OurMine, a separate account hijacked by Qurlla has essentially become his new de facto Twitter account – instantaneously giving him access to well over 53,000 fans internationally, lulz. To this effect, in the time since first hacking the accounts a little over 24 hours ago, Qurlla has been using the account to post a brief bio about himself, as well as to release samples of all his most recent hacks/leaks – whilst also monitoring all of Davar’s incoming notifications/messages. You can see this information and more, along with access to the hacked account via the information provided below – enjoy!

Screen Shots of Hacked Accounts:

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Infamous/Notorious Hacker Forum Known as Dark0de Comes Back Online Under New Ownership

Roughly 3 years after first being taken down by European/international police in 2016, the infamous hacking forum known as “Dark0de” has officially come back online. For those of you whom may be unfamiliar with the sites legacy/history, originally founded in 2007, Dark0de went on become perhaps the single largest and most notorious hacking forum in the world up until the time of its closing just a few years ago. In fact, as described by Europol, the police organization which initially closed it, “Darkode is the most prolific English-speaking cybercriminal forum to date.

The operation to close the forum, originally code-named “Operation Shrouded Horizon” by the FBI, ultimately resulted in the arrests of 70 people across 20 countries – including Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Romania, Sweden, and the UK. At the time, then US Attorney General, Leslie Caldwell, called the closing of Dark0dea milestone in our efforts to shut down criminals’ ability to buy, sell, and trade malware, botnets and personally identifiable information used to steal from US citizens and individuals around the world.” Also stating how she believed that “this operation is a great example of what international law enforcement can accomplish when we work closely together to neutralize a global cyber-crime marketplace.

Learn More – Operation Shrouded Horizon:




Today however, the site is now being managed by “Hitman,” the owner of Dark0de, as well as “Ownz” – the leader/founder of New World Hackers. At the current moment in time the site and its forums are back online and open for business – featuring categories/information such as leaks, forum resources, webmasters, malware, exploits & 0days, cracking, hacking, technology and gaming – among many more.

Access Website:
Online Chat Affiliated w/ Dark0de:

In statements made available to Rouge Media Labs, Dark0de‘s developers explained how “we plan to bring back Dark0de to give hackers a place to go to look for accounts, tools, proxies, methods, and configs – not to mention email:username combinations for cracking accounts.” According to Ownz, “the goal is to become the #1 hacking forum once again like done in the past back in 2013-2015.” Adding that “the reason we waited three years is because we were aware that there was an investigation ongoing because the actual original owner of the site was not ‘Hitman‘ but it was ‘Obstriegel‘ aka ‘Sp3cial1st‘ and we didn’t want the same troubles as he had trying to cover up what he had created.

While the forum used to be associated almost primarily with the DarkNet, it is now freely available across the ClearNet. Aside from a change of ownership, the sites current developers claim that “nothing has changed, but we did add more site categories for Malware, Exploits, and the Marketplace” – etc. For example, the forum has already been restored to its previous version – with over 12,000 registered users, featuring +55,000 postings across +6,000 different threads.

Pakistan Navy Logs Hacked/Dumped Online by Unknown Hacker Out of India

For those of you whom might not be aware, all of the recent events surrounding the disputed territory of Kashmir around Pakistan and India are not just limited to physical military presences – the battle very much extends to cyberspace, with many talented parties/hackers existing on either side of the dispute. To this effect, last night I came across an interesting leak effecting the Navy of Pakistan, offering up over a dozen military logs necessary to access the contents of and the sites back-end.

The hack/leak itself was claimed by a group of hackers known as “LulzSec India,” whom similarly claimed a hack/leak of the United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in February 2019. However, the accounts and social profiles representing the group itself have since been taken offline and/or abandoned. The leak of Pakistan’s Navy itself was posted March 16th 2019, so there is no telling whether or not the logs provided below are still valid. For the purposes of this article I have redacted the passwords featured in the leak, but the file location available below features raw leak in its entirety with no censorship.

Target: hxxp://

Sample of Redacted Leak:

Image may contain: text

Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Raju Institute of Technology of New Delhi Hacked by H 17 Shadow

Two days ago, March 25th 2019, a hacker going by the name of “H 17 Shadow” announced a hack/leak of the Nadimpalli Satyanarayana Raju Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. While not much is known about the hacker, this is the 3rd such hack and leak they have posted online in the calendar year 2019 – with every attack targeting Indian institutions. Again, while not much is known about that hacker this may indeed reveal a lot about them. For example, from the hacks and leak posted to date we can almost definitively infer that they are a hacker from India, or a rival of the country – such as Pakistan.

Regardless, exposed in the leak are the personal email accounts and passwords of 150 faculty and alumni, as well as the root login information of 14 administrators of the websites – granting access to different offices and departments affiliated with the university.

Full Raw Leak:

Computer Science Graduates from The United States Currently Lead The World In Academic Testing

In a previous article attempting to ‘put Americans back in their place,’ so to speak, Rogue Media Labs explained how, at the present moment in time, “the United States ranks 115th among 200 countries in terms of linguistic diversity, 20th in math and 27th in science. On top of this, out of 40 countries ranked based off their colleges or secondary educational systems, the United States ranks 20th in the world.” Additionally, “according to our own ACT testing agency, it’s now estimated that 76% of all high school students are unprepared to enter into college level courses upon graduating high school.

This aside however, a new international study conducted by researchers at Stanford University and UC – Berkley an published by the International DOI Foundation (IDF) last week, the scores of senior level graduates from US based secondary institutions within the fields of Computer Science outperform those from all other world leaders, including China, Russia and India. Interestingly enough, the researchers do not attribute our test scores to income or wealth, but rather based on the fact the the US “has a large population of high scoring international students” – essentially on account of the countries ethnic diversity.  I could write more, but why? I have included the studies abstract and the full publication below – enjoy!

Download Full Study for Yourself:

Browse Full Study/Publication:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”1814646116.full”]

India Bans Un-Recyclable Plastic Waste Imports from United States, So Trump Imposes New Tariffs On The Country – Further Fueling Asia’s ‘Trade War’

I generally operate under the notion that if I didn’t know something, then most likely you didn’t know it either. In this spirit, earlier today I learned that the United States has been paying or rewarding the country/Government of India to be a dumping ground of sorts, specifically for plastic waste products produced domestically here in the United States. Essentially, in return for importing our un-recyclable plastic waste products, India has been given zero tariffs on $5.6 billion dollars worth of imports into the United States each year.

What’s particularly interesting however is that India only started taking in so much of our trash last year after the Government of China first banned the import of US waste products in July 2017, in direct retaliation for Donald Trumps decision to impose new tariffs on the country. With that established, the news of the day is that, effective March 1st 2019, India has decided to make ratification’s to the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1981, banning waste imports from the United States and other countries like them throughout the future. Wouldn’t you then know it? As fate would have it, within a weeks time of India’s announcement, Donald Trump officially ordered the US Trade Representative’s Office to drop India from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), establishing a new set of tariffs on all of India’s imports here in the United States.

Read More About US Recyclable Exports Here:

As for why India arrived at this decision, it wasn’t to wage any sort of “Trade War” with the United States as Donald Trump is now turning it into, rather, it was part of new long term mission undertaken by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to clean up the country and reduce pollution around India’s southern most territories. Essentially, India no longer wants the burden of being the worlds dumping grounds – especially considering that fact that the country lacks the ability to handle its own domestic waste problems. According to reports, India’s ultimate goal is to phase out 100% of all single-use plastic products by the year 2022. This months banning of US waste imports was just one step in that direction.

Copy of India’s New Directive:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Press Information Bureau Plastic Waste”]

A Look Inside The Current Military Dispute Unfolding Between India & Pakistan Around Kashmir

(HRW) – Yet again, last week, people around the world had to contemplate the possibility that India and Pakistan’s seemingly unending scrap over Kashmir could lead to nuclear conflagration. Indians were outraged after a deadly attack by Pakistan-based armed group, Jaish-e-Mohammad, on February 14 targeted a security forces convoy. In the ensuing military escalation, voices on both sides promoting human rights and temperance could be barely heard over the jeering, taunting, threats, and gloating, or the allegations of mendacity.

In all this, the Kashmiris are forgotten. A three-decade insurgency has left them squeezed between armed groups, violent protesters, and Pakistan-based campaigners who claim to speak for their rights on one side, while on the other are Indian policy makers and security forces who believe they are protecting Kashmiri citizens. What has in fact ensued is a cycle of violence where the rights of Kashmiris have been repeatedly violated – they have been victims of torture, threats, extortion, arrests, and killings. An estimated 50,000 have died, many of them civilians, while entire communities have been displaced.

This time, India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party and supporters, including in the media, used the attack to whip up extremist nationalist fervor. As a result, Kashmiri students and businessmen in several Indian cities were harassed or beaten up, even forcefully evicted from rented homes and dormitories. As the threat of military attacks escalated, Kashmiris scrambled to stock up on essentials. And once hostilities ensued, at least six civilians were killed in cross-border shelling at the Line of Control, the de facto international border in disputed Kashmir.

The hostilities for now have dialed down, though the bristling continues. Pakistan has taken some steps by arresting Jaish-e-Mohammad leaders, but should end its support to militant groups that commit serious rights abuses. Pakistan’s actions do not absolve India from its responsibility to end its repression in Kashmir. India’s failure to address the rights of people in Kashmir has led to increased violence in recent years. Indian authorities rejected a June 2018 United Nations report calling for justice.

Read More – Human Rights Organizations Call for Investigation Into India’s Crimes In Kashmir:

To do right by Kashmiri victims and maybe also help ensure the world has one less reason to fear a nuclear war, the international community should now insist on reform to address decades of repression in Kashmir.

Full Report from United Nations:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on March 6th 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits, Tweets, video and PDF’s added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hacked by LulzSec India

No photo description available.

On Friday February 22nd 2019, a group of hackers calling themselves LulzSec India claimed credit for an apparent hack of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States. Honestly, I didn’t report on this hack at first because the information released from it doesn’t appear to be that interesting and/or important. But in an interesting development, the Twitter account behind the leak itself has already since been taken down/suspended – perhaps giving more legitimacy to the leak itself?

The hack itself is said to have been pulled off by members P4R4sit3, ChuckChow, Cogitabundus, Wo0rmer, husz, Effexor and of LulzSec and AntiSec India. Not much is known about the group, but after doing a little bit of research on them it appears as though majority of their hacks revolve around Pakistani targets – at least historically. Contained within the leaked information below appears to be various data on towns and municipalities around the United States, including their GPS position and other coordinates. Honestly, I’m not even sure what half the data leaked below means or represents, but I’m sure it’s important to someone or something….


Image may contain: text


Ghost Squad Hackers Release Contents from Internal Operation Known as #OpDecryptISIS, Exposing +1GB of Compressed Data Related To ISIS Members, Recruiters & Sympathizers Online

Earlier this morning, February 12th 2019, “S1ege” of Ghost Squad Hackers released a treasure trove of leaked documents compiled as the result of something known as “Operation Decrypt ISIS” (#OpDecryptISIS), an exclusive operation unique to Ghost Squad Hackers. In a personal interview with Rogue Media LabsS1ege explains how the data provided below comes as the result of months of work, time spent quietly working behind the scenes infiltrating ISIS networks, socially engineering its members and compromising their administrators online.

Unlike operations of the past, such as #OpISIS and #OpIceISIS, largely carried out under the banner of the Anonymous Hacker Collective and which typically targeted low level members of ISIS located on the ClearNet, Ghost Squad’s most recent operation was unique in the fact that it was almost exclusively designed “to take out the top chain of ISIS’s command” – which also subsequently led to the uncovering of countless lower level members involved with the terror group.

Operation Decrypt ISIS Raw Press Release:

Included in the leaked material provided below are rooted phone numbers belonging to ISIS members, the account names and numbers of ISIS members operating on encrypted Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services such as WhatsApp or Telegram, as well as detailed logs stolen from ISIS members as they browsed through the internet. The leak also contains detailed files on the identities of ISIS members extracted from various accounts, chatrooms and web pages across the internet, divided across the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Moldova, Syria, Turkey, Uganada and Yemen. Ghost Squad also attached a separate file of ISIS member compromised via their VPN connections. The individual file folders contained with the leak also contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on countless terror members, including their “Phones, Geolocation, Cameras, Telegram accounts, numbers and channels, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, personal ID’s, Credit Card details and IP Logs.

Screen Shot of Main Leak:

No photo description available.

It should be noted however that the information contained within the leaked files only includes information on those who are either directly operating under the flag of ISIS, or directly participating within clandestine communications associated with the terror group. Quite simply, you do not find your way into these sorts of rooms or channels by accident, meaning that everyone named in the leak represents legitimate targets either actively participating with ISIS or attempting to learn how to do so. Either way, they are all guilty – even if by nothing other than association.

In a message attached to the leak, S1ege wanted the world to know that:

The Islamic state is far from dead..

People fail to realize that Isis is a lot like a decentralized movement, they operate primarily based on ideologies. They’re not a centralized group or physically located anywhere. Think deeply about the fact that most of the Islamic state’s attacks globally aren’t executed by some foot soldier sent abroad to carry out an operation/terrorist attack handed to him by Isis’ chain of command, rather, they’re done by lone wolves inspired by radical ideologies discovered somewhere on the internet – not their local mosque’s.

Presidents fails to acknowledge what causes the Islamic state to gain in numbers, fails to understand how to tackle the core/root problem. Isis/terrorism will never die, so long as one remaining member creates propaganda GSH will continue to combat Isis wherever, whenever on the internet.

Encrypted or decrypted we will find you and expose you Isis…

Browse Through Entire File Archive Leak:!izo1XC7Q!xq18rHeHzwJrss9sJrIoTQ

Contacts Data from Hacked Islamic State Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak (77KB):

SMS Data from Hacked Islamic Stat Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak 1 (656 KB):
Raw Leak 2 (482 KB):

Call log Data from Hacked Islamic State Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak 1 (1,214 KB):
Raw Leak 2 (956 KB): 

File Archive Backup 1:
File Archive Backup 2:
Auto-Download Backup:

While today’s leak comes as something of a surprise, after talking with various group members over the course of the last several weeks and months perhaps it shouldn’t have. I say this because while they never hinted that a large scale release was immediately immanent, Ghost Squad Hackers have been making it clear that they intend to make 2019 the year in which this Islamic States online presence is finally exterminated once and for good. For example, these were sentiments echoed by M1r0x of GSH just last week.

Even with the release this week, the fight isn’t over and new intelligence indicates the Islamic State has once again started shifting their presence to a newer means of communication – such as ZeroNet. As always, the fight continues….

Browse Through Some of The Leaks Featured Above:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

CYB3R S4GE of Backbone Squad Hacks 6 Companies Across India, Portugal & UK, Releasing Poems With Each Leak

No photo description available.

Over the course of the weekend, January 26th – 28th 2019, a hacker going by the name of “CYB3R S4GE” of the Brasilian based hacking group “Backbone Squad” announced the hack and leak of 6 businesses across Portugal, India and the United Kingdom. Not only did Cyb3r S4ge manage to leak the root login information to 5 of the 6 websites, but they also took the hacks as an opportunity to publish what appears to be personally written poems accompanying each data leak – something which is certainly unique. Originally written in Portuguese, I have done my best to translate each of the poems into English, but may not have been able to do them all true justice.

The hacked companies in question include Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática (Portugal), Niraj Polymers Private LTD. (India), Orthoflex Medisys (India), A.K. Industries (India), Nemichem Industries (India) and Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants – located in the United Kingdom. You can read more or browse through each of the leaks for yourself via the information provided below.

Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática

The hack/leak of Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática includes the ID numbers and email accounts of 12,886 customers, along with the login credentials (usernames and passwords) of two site administrators, granting access to all of the websites online databases. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

Behold, I walk on this dirt road, seeking the one who will stone and roll that razor I call the sword. For what purpose will I use this sword? I still do not know. I just hope I can cut the stolen diamonds. I can not forget to try and cut off the head of a “President” who idolizes himself as if he were a God. False Messiah? Perhaps. I just hope you stop trying to be God, because that’s not your job. This is not who you really are. Mr. Smith, could you sharpen my blade, please?

All that is above, is below, as well as that which is below, is above. Just 0’s and 1’s scattered on all sides. Why are so many cars stopped, operating in static mode?

Raw Data Leak:

Niraj Polymers Private LTD

The hack/leak of Niraj Polymers Private LTD includes the root login user name and password of a singular site administrator, granting access to various files and designs published/produced by the company. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

That glare which once gnawed through the sky can now hardly be identified. We all thought it could’ve been a simple comet, meteor, or something that could wreak havoc, but behold, one of us came out of it, without even telling us where they came from …

Raw Data Leak:

Orthoflex Medisys

The hack/leak of Orthoflex Medisys once again revealed the root login username and password of a singular website administrator, granting access to all files and file logs uploaded onto the website. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

The Chronicles of the Cybernetic Sage Act IV – The Path.

9 houses forward, 2 houses back, as if playing an old board game. No wonder some of us are all living the same way. This all just sounds like some “Crazy Race,” with each competitors fighting to see who knocks down the other one first as we advance towards the finished line. It’s such a shame to the pureness of gold produced by our Earth shining light on another Earth, following us in the same path towards the collective ends of out time.

Raw Data Leak:

A.K. Industries

The hack/leak of A.K. Industries was a little less exciting, offering nothing for anyone to really grab onto or access for themselves. Rather, the leaked information mirrors the folders that only the hackers were able to see/access for themselves – essentially comprising of various media files and folders published by the website. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

Love vincit omnia – That was the phrase that perhaps many believed would the salvation of mankind a long time. It’s sad how human beings have become deaf to the point they can not longer listen to their inner selves. It’s incredible that so many human beings have become blind to the truth that shows itself right in front of their faces. That’s because I did not mention the mud played cruelly and fraudulently by Vale … Anyway … Only time will tell when to play my cards on the table.

Raw Data Leak:

Nemichem Industries

Most notably, the last hack of Nemichem Industries revealed the root login email address and password of one site administrator, granting access to all the files contained within the sites databases. The leak also features the login user name, email address, contact information and password of 16 website users/clients. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4ge stated:

The Chronicles of the Cybernetic Sage Act II – The longing.

“There are those out there who are expecting a revolution to come from those sitting behind machines, yearning for light in these dark times. Do not be a mere byte amid statistical data ,computed by a system you yourself have not created. All that is my boredom. My enemies can see my light without understanding its color. They try to decipher a code that is not SHA-256, but rather something ethereal. Do not try and decipher what only silence can interpret.

Raw Data Leak:

Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants

And finally, the hack/leak of Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants exposed the login username and password of a singular website administrator, granting full access to the websites back-end. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4ge stated:

A sound from the forest floor echoes from across a dark, empty, silent road. I think to myself: where does such melody come from? Songs about revolution in a kingdom where there has never been a possibility of hope of self-improvement. They spoiled us. There are those who say that the new is right, knowing full well how old the argument is, as well as how wrong their actions were. Why do we need all of this? Who wants to see us dead? It’s important to open your eyes …