Russia Today Creates Online Test Asking Americans How Well They Know The US’s War On Terror

Browsing through the headlines this evening I stumbled upon a new test designed by Russia Today, asking Americans how well they know the US’s War On Terror? Interestingly enough, despite being a War reporter for the better part of the last 3 years, I only got 9 of the 14 questions right – a failing score of 65%. The test is simple and straight forward, taking maybe 2-3 minutes of your time. I do not want to give away any spoilers, because some of the information contained within the test is information that every American should know. Despite whatever you may think of the source whom created the test, it is an interesting and accurate way to consume information, facts and statistics you may not have previously been aware of – but really should.

Rogue Media Labs has managed to embed the test inside this article for you to take. If you would like to access the tests original location you can find it here:

Take Test:

Behind The Headlines, The Aftermath of War

Here’s a glimpse of an article I started in October 2018, but just never wanted to finish. It shows the aftermath of what War really looks like. What it looks like to the people who have to live in these cities everyday and have lived in these area’s their entire life. There is only one point to the video’s below. Imagine this was your neighborhood. Imagine that you had lived your entire life here and this happened, not only because your Government, but also because of the intervention of Governments half a world away – such as the United States.

How would you feel? How would you behave? How would you react? These are questions the media never asks of you, aside footage you are never shown – which is why I bring it up today.

Raqqa, Sria



Aleppo, Syria

Homs, Syria

Daraa, Syria

Mosul, Iraq

Sirte, Libya

Popular Video Game Players Unknown Battleground (PUGB) Simultaneously Banned from Two Countries In Less Than One Weeks Time (India & Iraq)

On April 17th 2019, the Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism, and Archaeology of Iraq’s Parliament unanimously voted to pass a new piece of legislation banning the popular video games known as Players Unknown Battleground, otherwise referred to as PUGB, as well as another online video game known as Fortnite. According to Iraq’s Culture Committee, the games are believed to be “inciting violence amoungst children” whilst also simultaneously “taking away from family time” – thus negatively impacting/threatening “social security, morals, civics and education” across Iraqi society. Believe it or not, PUBG has also previously been ruledHaram” (Forbidden) by Islamic authorities in the Kurdish controlled regions of Iraq last October, following the death and arrests of Kurdish citizens taking part in a role play of the game.

Similarly, less than a week before Iraq’s vote on April 17th, the Government of Nepal and India’s Western Gujarat also passed a vote to ban Players Unknown Battleground on April 11th 2019. Much in line with Iraq’s Parliament, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) stated that “we have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers with its violent content and negative impact on children.

Leaked Photo of Proposed Legislation from Iraq’s Parliament:

No photo description available.

However, it must be noted that while Parliament has voted unanimously to ban the two video games, the law has yet to be passed into law by Iraq’s Cabinet – which has yet to be fully established following last years elections. Meaning that, at least for the time being, gamers are still technically allowed to play the video game if they desire. Additionally, Iraq’s youth is now protesting the decision of their Government to ban these games, making memes and taking to social media to mock the priorities or ethics of the Iraqi Government for banning video games depicting War, whilst simultaneously engaging in actual War.

Meme Mocking Parliaments Priorities | Iraq Before & After Ban Goes Into Effect:


Iraqi’s Pose for Picture In PUGB Role Play:

Four Iraqi women pose in PUBG clothes to protest ban (Twitter)

Recently Declassified Files from The DoD & CIA Paint an Interesting Portrayal of Middle Eastern History & The Bible

This article isn’t really “news,” so to speak, but rather an opportunity to consume some recently declassified files from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). More specifically, below you can find declassified files which contain information on ancient historical buildings, landmarks, infrastructure and mythology – including the Bible itself. Honestly, who isn’t interested in that? And if that doesn’t draw you in to want to read more then honestly, what are you even doing on my site?

The first document I would like to share is a release from the Department of Defense  yesterday, actually, showcasing aerial footage and photography of historical architecture and world heritage sites across Iraq – ancient Babylon. While the photos were originally assembled in the 1950’s to track enemy ground movements across the country, they do provide an interesting and unique perspective in terms of Middle Eastern history. Perhaps some of this is even more interesting given the fact that many world heritage sites across Iraq have since been lost forever – destroyed by the Islamic State over the course of the last decade.

Download Full Declassified Release/Study from DoD:

Browse Release:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

The second release of documents I would like to share were included in a treasure trove of leaked documents released by the CIA in 2017 – the result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. However, the subject of these particular documents is extremely peculiar. For example, they discuss the stories of Genesis, Adam and Eve and the Great Flood of Noah in terms of both history and climatology. Honestly, I have never come across anything like them in all of my years of academic study or online activism. Consequentially, this is why I am featuring them here today – simply to share interesting information with the world – you’re welcome!

Full CIA Reading Room Database:
Download Release from CIA:

Browse Documents:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

US Army Releases 30MB of Data On 16 Year History/Study of The Iraq War, 3 Years Past Scheduled Release Date

So, I am writing this article here today for many reasons. The first is the fact that the study provided below is not directly available for public reading – only public download. So, I have decided to download both Army files, combine them into one and host it through this website/domain to make the information freely available and accessible to the public – you’re welcome world! The second reason is that fact the documents below represent an in depth study of the Iraq War commissioned by the US Army itself, breaking down a conflict which has existed for literally half my entire lifetime – perhaps also the most significant conflict of my entire lifetime, at least to date.

The study itself was commissioned by Ray Ordierno in 2013 and scheduled to be released to the public by 2016. However, for whatever reason, organizing and drafting the publication has taken far longer than anyone ever anticipated, and was just quietly released to the international public for the first time about 2 months ago – January 17th 2019. The release itself was original broken down into two release, Volumes 1 and 2.

The first volume of the study details the invasion of Iraq starting in 2003, as well as the tactical problems and strategies that went into establishing a full time, long term, military presence in the country. The second volume of the study details the establishment of the new Iraqi Government as the country struggled with its new Democracy, as well as all of the trials and tribulations that went into withdrawing from the country under Barack Obama in 2011 – ultimately leading to the rise of the Islamic State in the years thereafter. I could explain all of this in more detail, but would rather just have you browse through and read the study for yourself. Happy clicking!

Executive Summary Volume 1 – Invasion, Insurgency, Civil War:
Executive Summary Volume 2 – Surge and Withdrawal:

Download Full Study for Yourself:

Browse Through Full Study:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Russian Parliament Moves Ahead w/ Two New Bills Designed To Crack Down On Fake News Publications & Civilian Dissidents

Earlier this week the upper chamber of the Russian parliament approved two bills, each designed to fight the flow of fake news, disinformation and other political propaganda around the country. The laws are similar in many ways to fake news legislation recently passed by various countries around the word over the course of the last year or so, including in France, Iraq, Jordan – et cetera. Also similar to them, critics fear that Russia’s newest legislation constitutes a massive blow to free speech and freedom of the press/journalism.

The first bill, Article 15-3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and on Protection of Information,” prevents citizens from publishing so-called “unreliable news stories” on the Internet – whilst applying the same prohibition to traditional news outlets and other forms of media, both online and off. The bill will also add all sources deemed unreliable to National filtration databases, that will block the sites from the customers of Russian Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). As was also reported by Russia Today, “the bill also stipulates fines for deliberately publishing harmful misinformation measuring from as low as $460 to as much as $23,000 depending on who is fined and how much harm they managed to inflict.

Track Bill Here:

The second bill amending Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” penalizes people deemed to be using the Internet to disrespect society, the Russian government, state’s officials, symbols of the Russian Federation, Constitution, or any other sources of legal authority – as constituted by the Code of Administrative Offenses. As was reported by Russia Today, “for the dissemination of unreliable information in the media or on the Internet, fines of 3-5 thousand rubles are imposed for citizens and from 400 thousand to one million rubles for companies.” With that said however, lawmakers did specify that the bill won’t apply to criticism in “any form,” rather, that which is just “blatantly insulting.

Track Bill Here:

Article 15-3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and on Protection of Information:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Federal Law On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Report from UK’s Ministry of Defense Claims To Only Have Killed 1 Civilian In Combat Throughout Iraq & Syria Over The Years

I felt compelled to write this article here today after coming across a piece of information that downright enraged me yesterday. This would be the news that, according to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense at least, UK forces have only killed 1 civilian in combat throughout the course of the Syrian Civil War and War in Iraq. The official report, along with files and statistics, was officially published by a European Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) going by the name of Action On Armed Violence towards the end of February – a report which also pretends to claim that British Forces are only responsible for the deaths of approximately 4,315 enemy combatants dating back to the beginnings of these armed conflicts dating back to 2003 and 2011.

However, according to another NGO going by the name of Rogue Security Labs, this report is absolutely asinine – and you can quote me on that. I say this because, according to UNICEF, over 560,000 people have died in the Syrian Civil War alone since the start of 2011. And according to Iraq Body Count (IBC), over 193,000 people have died in Iraq since the start of the War in 2003. This is not to mention the millions whom have been displaced by violence over the years, nor those who have died as a result of disease, famine or lack of resources in these countries over the same time period. Considering that the UK has been the single largest participant/donor to the US led coalition over the course of the last two decades, it’s an utterly absurd notion to think/state that the UK is only responsible for a little over 4,000 deaths. I mean honestly, who are they actually trying to fool or convince?

In response to news of the release yesterday, a spokesperson from Amnesty International stated: these statistics “beggars belief and show just how deeply in denial the Ministry of Defense is in its role of mass bombings – particularly in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria.” Adding that “The US-led Coalition has admitted killing hundreds in Iraq and Syria. Why can’t the British own up to their role in this? The days in which powerful nations can subject foreign territories to massive bombardment and then refuse to admit and accept responsibility for the civilians that they kill and injure must be consigned to history.

To serve as proof refuting the MoD’s release, which can be found in its entirety at the very bottom of this article, Amnesty International has decided to republish all of their investigatory reports from recent battles in Iraq and Syria – evidence of just how widespread civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria have been, exposing just how ridiculous the MoD’s publication really is.

Full 70 pg Report – “WAR OF ANNIHILATION” The Devastating Toll The Syrian Civil War Has Taken On The Civilians of Raqqa, Syria:

No Where To Run, Trapped In Raqqa, Syria:
Full 36 pg Investigative Report – Civilians Trapped In The Battle for Raqqa:

Civilians Bombed In Mosul, Iraq After Being Told Not To Flee Their Homes:
Full 50 pg Report – At Any Cost, The Civilian Casualties As The US Led Coalition Fights for Mosul, Iraq:

Download MoD’s Report for Yourself:
Download Collated Data/Spreadsheet from Report:

UK Ministry of Defense Causalities Report 2019:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Iraqi Parliament Proposes Draconian New Cybercrime Laws Designed To Crackdown On Political & Religious Extremism Online

Similar in many ways to laws being put forth in Jordan, the Iraqi parliament is actively debating passing a new cyber crime bill into law aimed at cracking down on religious and political extremism online. However, as Amnesty International is now warning, as written, the proposed laws could begin criminalizing acts that would otherwise fall under freedom of expression, freedom of the press and free speech in general. Official called the “Law On Informational Technology,” the new law will give Iraqi authorities excessive powers to impose harsh sentences, including life imprisonment, for vaguely worded offences such as undermining the country’s “independence, peace and political, military security and economic interests.

According to Razaw Salihy, Iraq researcher at Amnesty International, “if passed, this draconian cybercrime law will be a devastating blow for freedom of expression in Iraq,” because “the vague and overly broad wording of the law means it could easily become a tool for repression in a country where the space for critical voices is already severely restricted.” As a result, Amnesty International and 9 other human rights and technical organizations such as Access NowHuman Rights Watch, International Press Institute, Iraq Journalists Right Defence Association (IJRDA), Iraqi Network for Social Media (INSM), Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights (IOHR), MENA Rights Group, PEN International and PEN Iraq have each singed an open letter to the Iraqi Parliament asking them to abandon the law before it moves ahead any further.

Read or Download Full Open Letter:

Full Text – Law on Information Technology Crimes:

[pdf-embedder url=”القراءة-الاولى-لقانون-جرائم-المعلوماتية.pdf”%5D

Copy of Open Letter 03/01/2019:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Year In Review: State of Human Rights In North Africa & Middle East 2018 – 2019

(AI) – On February 26th 2019, Amnesty International released their newest investigative report entitled “Human Right In The Middle East & North Africa.” The 77 page document highlights the state of human rights, current affairs and political issues, events and debates throughout the geographic areas of the Middle East and North Africa. More specifically, Amnesty’s report highlights the state of affairs in 17 countries during the calendar year of 2018, including Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Israel and Palestine.

More Information – Review of Report:
Download Full 77 Page Report Here:

View Full Report:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on February 25th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and PDF added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs

Op-Ed: As The US Military Begins Its Withdrawl from Syria, Here’s Why We Cant Just Abandon The Syrian People

** EDITORS NOTE: Example of an article concept I started but never entirely finished **

Early in 2017 I remember writing an article entitled “Why Mosul,” explaining why the Islamic State had strategically decided the city of Mosul, Iraq to make their infamous “last stand.” I explained how, literally interpreting Islamic scripture, battles signifying the “end times” or “End of Days” will one day take place in and around the ancient city of Ninevah – present day Mosul. I explained how, given my experience tracking and infiltrating Islamic State circles online throughout the past, I had come to the understanding that ISIS was an end-times cult of sorts, dead set on manifesting the end of day by using scripture as a road map to manifest/create real world events – as to enact a self fulfilling prophesy by bringing scripture to life.

Essentially, if you believe the words of the Bible and Koran, you know that the end times are eventually going to arrive one day, as well as that there will be a series of events signifying its arrival. So, from the perspective of a religious extremist, why not try and make those events come true? The conception in regards to the actions of ISIS is not much different than that modern Zionists, the philosophical train of thought leading to the re-establishment of Israel around the Holy city of Jerusalem following the conclusion of World War II. In fact, members of ISIS only got the idea of creating a “self-fulfilling prophesy” in their heads based off the foundation of Israel decade ago, a self-fulling prophesy enacted/implemented by Christian and Jewish religious extremists/fundamentalists.

Jeremiah 31:1-6

No photo description available.

In my 2017 article I explained how, living in a post Saddam Iraq, growing up in the Middle of a War zone, getting bombed into oblivion by foreign invaders for nearly a decade on end whilst also simultaneously living in an arid desert region with no water, food, resources or electricity, surrounded by death, famine and destruction in all directions, one might actually begin to believe or fantasize that they are actually living in/through some type of end times scenario. For example, there are plenty of Americans whom also believe the end times are real and will manifest itself within their life times, and these people haven’t faced an ounce of the tragedy, struggle, trials or tribulations that any of the the people living in Iraq or Syria have.

Put another way, our Wars in Iraq and Syria are exactly what led to people in Iraq and Syria to begin believing that the end times were real or coming to life – creating states of chaos and tragedy allowing for depressive or destructive trains of thought to flourish. For example, do you see the destruction of Mosul below? If you had lived your entire life in this city and then this became your new reality, would you not believe something evil was happening? Would you not be depressed and/or angry too?

With that established, it is then important to understand that prophesy is not just isolated to Israel or Iraq, but the greater Middle East region/Levant in general. For example, it was not for naught that the group called itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and targeted these area’s so heavily, and it was for a very specific reason that they targeted Damascus, Syria so heavily at the beginning phases of their religious campaigns………

ISIAH 17:1-3

No photo description available.

With that established, you must understand how this all started. Now, I have no intention of turning this into some sort of partisan article on the subject, but it all started with Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq on December 18th, 2011 – essentially creating a giant ‘vacuum of power‘ inside the region, ultimately leading to the unchecked rise of religious extremist militant groups inside the country. As such, the Islamic State was born and by 2013 the group had already cemented control over nearly all major transportation routes across the country.

Image result for islamic state territory 2013

Now, I only bring this up to establish a very important point, which is that fact that in our rush to get out of Iraq we completely and utterly abandoned the people of Iraq, essentially hanging the Government we left behind out to dry while compromising all of the resources left behind to support them. Essentially, after 8 years of full military invasion and War, in an effort to bring “peace,” the USA just simply up and decided to leave one day, directly leading to the unchecked rise of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State.

Because of our reckless line of thinking/planning, not only did terrorists manage to rise to power by defeating the Iraqi military, but they also managed to seize control over much of the assets and equipment left behind by US forces for the Iraqi military to defend themselves – claimed as “Spoils of War” by terror groups, further advancing their power. Combine this with control over oil fields previously liberated under Hussein, ISIS had all of the funding and resources it needed to become one of the single greatest threats in the world – the rest is history.

Office of Government Accountability Report How US Arms Transfers To Iraq Ultimately Wound Up In The Hands of Terrorists:

I am bringing all of this up on the heels of Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all troops from Syria, another US conflict the US military has been heavily engaged in dating back to 2013. However, just as with Iraq, I fear that a brash pull out of our military could result in the same catastrophic series of events once witnessed in Iraq. As such, it is critically important to learn from the mistakes of the past as to not repeat them. I fully support the pull out of US troops in Syria, but that doesn’t mean we can just abandon the country entirely either.

There is a reason why the Islamic State and religious extremism spread throughout Iraq and Syria, because of the US military’s decision to go to War with and invade these countries in the first place. Barack Obama’s decision to fund the Syrian rebels to wage a Civil War against Bashar al-Assad has already led to the deaths of +500,000 Syrians since 2011. And George Bush’s decision to overthrow the Government of Sadam Hussein has led to the deaths of +450,000 more. There is a reason everyone in the world hates the US and US culture, we invade other countries, throw their governments and societies into a states of complete chaos, blow things up, kill their countrymen, friends and family, then return home as if nothing happened to drink our beer, watch football and look at pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass online.

Not only have these sorts of decisions led to the deaths of millions collectively, they have also directly advanced the rise of terrorism and religious extremism at the same time. I am not sure what the US’s long term strategy for Syria should look like, I just know that we cant go in, kill 530,000 and then just say ‘oopsie daisy‘ and leave. The world doesn’t work like that, and if we do not remedy the mistakes of the past, surely they will come back to haunt us in the future. This is exactly why it is necessary to begin investing in other countries instead of going to War with them. We already release hundreds of billions of dollars around the world in financial aid, then spend hundreds of billions more making bombs, going to War and destroying things. All dollars, time, money, effort and resources sowing death and destruction instead of something more positive.

#OpGreenRights: LulzSecITA Hacks 7 International Environmental & Energy Supply Companies

In the late evening hours of January 22nd 2019, LulzSecITA announced the hack and leak of 7 international companies throughout Europe and the Middle East, leaking sensitive information stolen from each of the companies websites online. The hacks were carried out as part of a much larger initiative known as “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights), an international operation led by the Anonymous hacker collective designed to raise awareness on behalf environment issues effecting our planet, while punishing any companies doing harm to it.

Included in the hacks/leaks this week were Euronova International, a European based sewage solutions provider, Optimus, a Belgium based pharmaceutical equipment supplier, Cable Energy, a European based electrical panel producer, Scott Petrolium Corporation, self explanatory, Recherche Exploitation Produits (REP), a French based company specializing in pollution prevention and mitigation, as well as the Specialized Company For Energy Services (SES), an Iraqi based power solutions provider.

Read More About #OpGreenRights:

In a statement attached to the leaks, LulzSecITA explained the following:

Anonymous began as an idea, an idea that unites people of the world in the struggle for human rights and freedom. The same ideals that led to the birth of this faction of Anonymous.

Operation Green Rights is the sum of our frustration at seeing the human race enslaved by god’s money, which commits murder, exploit and oppress people and goes against the principles of democracy and human respect that should be the basis of any modern civilized society.

We have seen wars carried out for (the black gold) oil, natural gases, precius metals or for access to vast pastures or arable land, subjecting people to convenient dictatorships for trade agreements, meanwhile billions are spent on weapons research and nuclear war, and funding for research on renewable energy keep getting cut, and oil tankers keep sinking.

In addition, global warming, caused by these policies, it is a reality that we must be aware. The glaciers are melting, tides rise, the ozone hole is growing, the climate changes, changing climatic conditions, animal species become extinct.

The current global policies of many large corporations and many governments are trampling on our rights and those of every other living being, only in exchange for money.

We of Operation Green Rights say stop to this!

Operation Green Rights wants for our children a life in a civilized world that welcomes them with open arms and show respect for life and nature itself.
We want that Mother Earth will continue to live healthy and promoting life with its beauty.

We want the exploitation of peoples and the blood spilled in the streets no longer in the name of greed. But today we are not here just to talk about that, but also about the air quality in the world (that we should do something more to change the disaster we making day by day) and how industrialized agriculture is responsible of 95% on Ammonia emission in air, water and soil.

We all know fighting air pollution is the main point of many environmental “policies” and “schemes” of the past few years. However, agriculture, and specifically meat production, seems the only sector always omitted and forgotten.

It’s not enough to reduce factories and vehicles gas emissions, as asked by the agriculture lobbyists, neither is “a more efficient” use of heavy nitrogen fertilizers, as asked by the other sectors lobbyists. It becomes futile trying to reduce air pollution while continuing to pour tons of manure, drugs, chemicals fertilizers and all the others byproduct of intensive farming into rivers and landfills. The People hope the big Lobbies, not only the Industry, but also the Intensive Farming and Meat Producers, understand the damages they are doing to the heart, lungs and blood of our planet.

Operation Green Rights wants a future for our kids where a clean and civilized world is waiting for them with open arms where there is respect for nature.
We don’t want anymore oppression and blood to rule because of greed.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


Fire & Gas Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Analyzer Systems, Pressurized Cabinets and Air Conditioning Units.

Website: hxxps://


Euronova International

Website: hxxp://

Optimus – Calibration, testing and maintenance of lab equipment by European Lab Services


Cabel Energy progetta e realizza quadri elettrici


Scott Petroleum Corporation


REP (“Recherche Exploitation Produits”, or Research Operation Products)


Specialized Company For Energy Services


Original Press Release 1/22/2019:

Dropping The Metaphorical M.O.A.B. – Blowing Up the US’s Long Term Vision/Strategy for Afghanistan

Before I get into the reason why I am writing this article here today, you have to understand the current situation and state of affairs leading up to this moment in time. In 2001 the United States of America invaded Afghanistan in retaliation for the terror attacks of September 11th, as well as to combat Osama Bin Lad and remove the Taliban’s influence from political power in the country. Those were the so called “Primary Objectives” of the War effort in the first place – at least publicly.

I say this because upon landing in the country for the first time in November 2001, the first thing that then Brigadier General and now US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said upon stepping off his helicopter and onto Afghan soil was “the United States now officially owns a piece of Afghanistan” – something that Mattis was later forced to apologize for in front of Congress years after the fact. I bring this up because, in terms of the “Bigger Picture,” you need to start thinking in terms of geography and how this relates to military strategy. For example, do you notice how Iran is sandwiched on either side by Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you think it was any coincidence that within a two year time period the US invaded and establish permanent military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Image result for middle east

While Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein may have been convenient excuses to originally invade these countries, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were also extremely “tactical” in terms of long term War strategy. For many decades running now, Iran has been one of the United States and Israel’s single larges threats. 17 years after the invasions of 2001, the US has now cemented permanent military presences lining/flanking Iran’s Eastern and Western borders – we have them surrounded. Especially considering that the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still ongoing with no foreseeable end in sight, this is why I have always maintained that Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were never truly the US’s primary objectives in the first place, they were merely excuses/opportunities.

If you want any more proof of this, look no further than the current state of affairs inside Afghanistan. Despite the US military spending 10x more than any other country on Earth annually, the Taliban has only increased territory, funding and revenue since 2001. By now, it is well known fact that Afghanistan produces over 93% of the worlds opium poppy harvest. However, did you know that according to the Afghan Ministry of Counter Nacrotics, in 2017 the Taliban now controls 271% more farmland than they did in 2002? How about the fact that, according to the Russian Federal Drug Control Center, as of 2016 the Taliban had started making over $1 billion dollars annually from the sale of heroine to ISIS alone? How about the fact that, according to the United Nations Security Council, as of 2017 the Taliban was making upwards of $50 billion from the sale of heroine across Europe? Did I mention that according to the US Center for Disease Control heroine related deaths in the United States have spiked over 600% since 2001?

Honestly, if the Taliban truly were the US’s primary objective for this War, do you really think any of this would be happening?

With that established, lets start breaking down the history of US military involvement inside Afghanistan – shall we? While it can never be entirely proved or refuted, what we do know is that the United States Government, mainly the Central Intelligence Agency, did support/fund Osama Bin Laden back in the day – throughout the late 1970’s and into the 80’s. This was also done to counter-act Soviet involvement/influence in the country throughout the course of the Cold War. While Bin Laden may not have ever ‘been on the CIA payroll,‘ the US did fund him for quite a long time, nearly identical in nature to what the CIA did under President Barack Obama with the Syrian rebels throughout the course of his Presidency.

If you need any more proof of this, look no further than Donald Trumps decision to drop the “Mother of All Bombs” inside Afghanistan on April 13th 2017. Ask yourself, why do you think he decided to drop the bomb at that strategic location, essentially in the middle of nowhere? Any guess?……

Moving onto to 2018, Donald Trump is on public record as stating that he has no intentions of ending the War in Afghanistan any time soon. In fact, Trump has only committed thousands of more troops into the country since first taking office in 2016, with threats to add up to 4,000 more in the future. Perhaps more importantly, Trump has also stated that US soldiers need to experience a “victory” in Afghanistan before we retreat or withdraw, as to “justify” or “honor” all of the lives lost in the conflict over the years – admitting defeat in this War is not an option for this President. Somewhat similarly, did you know that the same month President Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 he committed +30,000 troops into Afghanistan? #FunFactofTheDay #Irony

With that established, lets take a look at the current state of affairs inside Afghanistan and the effects decades of War has had on the civilians living in the country. Despite 15 years of War at that point, 2016 saw the highest amount of civilian causalities inside Afghanistan than in any year prior. While the figures did decline, 2017 still saw the second highest rate of civilian causalities of any year since 2001. Quite literally, the longer the US has stayed involved in this conflict, the worse things have gotten and the more people continue to die. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what a successful War strategy should look like? Welcome to the “Quagmire.

Ending with the reason why I decided to write this article here today, perhaps most troubling of all, on December 5th 2018, following the success of the Afghanistan Peace Conference in Moscow last month, news officially broke that the Government of Afghanistan had officially sent an offer to Taliban leaders, inviting them to the negotiating table to begin editing/drafting a new Constitution governing the country headed into the future. In statements to RIA Novisti, according to Ehsan Taheri, spokesman for Afghanistan’s High Peace Council,the talks in Moscow marked the first time the Taliban has publicly appeared in the international arena since they were removed from power in Afghanistan following the US-led invasion in 2001. The meeting, brokered by Russian diplomats, helped pave the way for a future dialogue between Kabul and the Taliban,” Taheri said. Adding that there will be “no preconditions” for Taliban’s input in the negotiations when the time comes.

Considering that the Taliban was in control of 70-75% of Afghanistan at the time of the US invasion of 2001, and that Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qeada then joined forces with the Taliban to fight the US influence shortly thereafter, and the three sides have been at War with one another ever since, for obvious reasons, it is extremely troubling to now see the Afghanistan Government, which the United States helped put in place, reaching out the Taliban to begin negotiating an alliance/partnership headed into the future. Tens of thousands of deaths later, with millions more displaced displaced by the violence and trillions of dollars spent, 17 years into the conflict now, we are essentially right back where we started on day 1. So, what the hell is the US even still doing Afghanistan and what exactly is their path to so-called victory there?

Unfortunately, the US never set out to “win” this War in the first place, which is why we continue to fight a “War of Attrition” on through today. The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were nothing more than strategic/tactical planning as part of a much broader, long-term War strategy/initiative for the Middle East – gaining control of critical assets and infrastructure, including oil fields, lithium mines and natural gas reserve’s, whilst simultaneously setting up permanent military bases flanking Iran’s Eastern and Western borders. In doing so, also cutting of Russian influence inside the region. Tragically, the humanitarian disaster and conditions as they have existed inside Afghanistan and Iraq since the end of 2001 are merely just “Collateral Damage” in the implementation of this strategy.

That’s only a small part of whats ‘in my head‘ as I sit here today…..