Investigative Report: How Mass Surveillance Works Inside China

(HRW) – Chinese authorities are using a mobile app to carry out illegal mass surveillance and arbitrary detention of Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region. The Human Rights Watch report, “China’s Algorithms of Repression’: Reverse Engineering a Xinjiang Police Mass Surveillance App,” presents new evidence about the surveillance state in Xinjiang, where the government has subjected 13 million Turkic Muslims to heightened repression as part of its “Strike Hard Campaign against Violent Terrorism.

Between January 2018 and February 2019, Human Rights Watch was able to reverse engineer the mobile app that officials use to connect to the Integrated Joint Operations Platform (IJOP), the Xinjiang policing program that aggregates data about people and flags those deemed potentially threatening. By examining the design of the app, which at the time was publicly available, Human Rights Watch revealed specifically the kinds of behaviors and people this mass surveillance system targets.

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Our research shows, for the first time, that Xinjiang police are using illegally gathered information about people’s completely lawful behavior – and using it against them,” said Maya Wang, senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The Chinese government is monitoring every aspect of people’s lives in Xinjiang, picking out those it mistrusts, and subjecting them to extra scrutiny.

Human Rights Watch published screenshots from the IJOP app, in the original Chinese and translated into English. The app’s source code also reveals that the police platform targets 36 types of people for data collection. Those include people who have stopped using smart phones, those who fail to “socialize with neighbors,” and those who “collected money or materials for mosques with enthusiasm.

The IJOP platform tracks everyone in Xinjiang. It monitors people’s movements by tracing their phones, vehicles, and ID cards. It keeps track of people’s use of electricity and gas stations. Human Rights Watch found that the system and some of the region’s checkpoints work together to form a series of invisible or virtual fences. People’s freedom of movement is restricted to varying degrees depending on the level of threat authorities perceive they pose, determined by factors programmed into the system.

A former Xinjiang resident told Human Rights Watch a week after he was released from arbitrary detention: “I was entering a mall, and an orange alarm went off.” The police came and took him to a police station. “I said to them, ‘I was in a detention center and you guys released me because I was innocent.’… The police told me, ‘Just don’t go to any public places.’… I said, ‘What do I do now? Just stay home?’ He said, ‘Yes, that’s better than this, right?

The authorities have programmed the IJOP so that it treats many ordinary and lawful activities as indicators of suspicious behavior. Some of the investigations involve checking people’s phones for any one of the 51 internet tools that are considered suspicious, including WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Human Rights Watch found. The IJOP system also monitors people’s relationships, identifying as suspicious traveling with anyone on a police watch list, for example, or anyone related to someone who has recently obtained a new phone number.

Based on these broad and dubious criteria, the system generates lists of people to be evaluated by officials for detention. Official documents state individuals “who ought to be taken, should be taken,” suggesting the goal is to maximize detentions for people found to be “untrustworthy.” Those people are then interrogated without basic protections. They have no right to legal counsel, and some are tortured or otherwise mistreated, for which they have no effective redress.

The IJOP system was developed by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a major state-owned military contractor in China. The IJOP app was developed by Hebei Far East Communication System Engineering Company (HBFEC), a company that, at the time of the app’s development, was fully owned by CETC.

Under the Strike Hard Campaign, Xinjiang authorities have also collected biometrics, including DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans, and blood types of all residents in the region ages 12 to 65. The authorities require residents to give voice samples when they apply for passports. All of this data is being entered into centralized, searchable government databases. While Xinjiang’s systems are particularly intrusive, their basic designs are similar to those the police are planning and implementing throughout China.

The Chinese government should immediately shut down the IJOP platform and delete all the data that it has collected from individuals in Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said. Concerned foreign governments should impose targeted sanctions, such as under the US Global Magnitsky Act, including visa bans and asset freezes, against the Xinjiang Party Secretary, Chen Quanguo, and other senior officials linked to abuses in the Strike Hard Campaign. They should also impose appropriate export control mechanisms to prevent the Chinese government from obtaining technologies used to violate basic rights. United Nations member countries should push for an international fact-finding mission to assess the situation in Xinjiang and report to the UN Human Rights Council.

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This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on May 2nd 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits, Teets, Videos and pdf added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

DC Capitol Police – FBI Foil Plot To Assassinate Congresswomen Ilhan Omar

As a proud and open supporter/member of the Anti-Fascism (ANTIFA) alliance, I am perhaps more aware than most that White Supremicism/Nationalism and neo-Nazism is alive an well in this country – a far greater/larger problem than anyone in the United States actually gives it credit for. In this spirit, this past Friday, April 4th 2019, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) successfully foiled an assassination plot targeting Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MI) – the second ever Muslim women elected to US Congress, and the first ever naturalized citizen of Africa to serve in US Congress.

The man behind the assassination plot was one Patrick Carlineo, a US citizen from upstate New York. According to reports, upon being interrogated, Carlineo told the FBI that he was “a patriot who loves Donald Trump” – whom “hates radical Muslim extremists serving in our Government.” Later going to state that “if our forefathers were still alive, the would’ve put a bulltet in her skull.” Consequentially enough, as phone transcripts intercepted by DC Capitol Police can attest, Carlineo threatened to do this very act for himself.

Patrick Carlineo was arrested Friday afternoon and is officially being charged with “threatening to murder a United States official with intent to impede, intimidate and interfere with such United States official while engaged in the performance of official duties.” You can read more about Capitol Police’s investigation and the charges against Carineo via the court documents provided below.

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LulzSecKurdistan Hacks/Defaces 4 Websites Across Turkey & Iran

Last night, March 29th 2019, a new group of hackers going by the name of “LulzSec Kurdistan” (@LulzSecKu) claimed responsibility for hack and defacement of 4 websites across Turkey and Iran. While the group is new to social media as of March 2019 and the hacks below represent their first couple postings to the service, according to the groups website, the hackers appears to have been very active over the course of the last two weeks – hacking/defacing 150 websites around the world dating back to March 14th 2019.

LulzSecKurdistan’s Portfolio:

Browsing through their archives, it appears as though the group is primarily interested in targets in the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey and Iran, targeting various local businesses, organizations and/or gaming websites hosted inside these countries. The group also appears to be political active as well, hacking some websites and replacing them with a message reading “Stop Killing Muslims.

Hacked Iran:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxp://

Hacked Turkey:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxps://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

No photo description available.

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Somalian Refugees File Lawsuit Against Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Citing 1st Amendment Violations

Along with the help of Americans for Immigrant Justice and Muslim Advocates, two national civil rights organizations fighting for equality, a group of 20 Somalian refugees are suing the State of Florida and national Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for what they deem to be violations of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution while being detained by Donald Trumps Government over the course of the last 15 months. Officially filed in a Florida District Court room yesterday, February 27th 2019, the 32 page lawsuit alleges that, ever since being detained more than one year ago today, ICE officials have prevented the Somalian detainees from freely being able to “practice their faith in various ways” – acts which constitute a clear violation of the Constitution.

According to a joint statement from both the groups representing the Somalian immigrants, the lawsuit hopes to “ensure that, going forward, Glades County, Florida is going to treat Muslim detainees and detainees of all faiths respectfully.” Adding that “It’s important to us that ICE take the protection of immigration detainees seriously and that it actually enforce its detention standards.” According to a separate report from The Intercept yesterday, “the lawsuit is just the latest development in a nearly 15-month-old saga for a group of Somalis whom ICE tried, and failed, to deport in December 2017.” Explaining how “their deportation flight to Somalia was interrupted by a technical problem with the airplane; after spending more than 24 hours in shackles on a runway in Dakar, Senegal, they were brought back to the United States” – where they have continued to remain detained ever since.

Official Copy of Lawsuit:

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New Study: What Do Modern Israelite’s Think of Their Arab Counterparts?

The other week I came across an interesting study that you do not see everyday. The study set out to discover what Jewish Israeli citizens really felt/thought about their Arab counterparts in the region, and what they discovered was rather unsettling. Conducted by researchers at the Guttman Center for Public OpinionPolicy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute and PANELS Survey Institute, the online survey questioned over 500 Jewish Israeli residents living inside Israel on various social, economic and political topics in an effort to gauge the levels of racism as they might exist inside Jewish culture.

Here’s what the researchers discovered:

  • 37% of Jewish Israeli citizens say that it bothers them to have Arab pharmacists in Israel.
  • 40% of Jewish Israeli citizens say that it disturbs them to see Arab doctors and nurses inside Israeli hospitals.
  • 15% of Jewish Israeli citizens say that it bothers them to have Arab soccer players participating in or representing the Israeli National soccer team.
  • 27% of Jewish Israeli citizens think that is troublesome to have Arab judges sentencing Jewish people.
  • 43% of Jewish Israeli citizens report being disturbed by hearing people speak Arabic in public inside Israel.
  • 76% of Jewish Israeli citizens claim to be bothered that their sons or daughters had Arab friends of the opposite sex. 51% of them said that their son’s friendship with an Arab boy bothers them and  53% said that their daughters’s friendship with an Arab boy bothers them.
  • 80% of Jewish Israeli parents disprove of a romantic relationship between their daughter and an Arab boy.
  • 51% of Jewish Israeli citizens said that having Arab neighbors living in their neighborhood is bothersome.
  • 50% of Jewish Israeli citizens say they would refuse to rent an apartment or room to an Arab.
  • When asked “Do you think the following opinion is true or false? Most Jews are better than most Gentiles because they were born Jews.” 12% believe that this statement is very correct, 11% think it is correct, 25% are undecided and say that it is not very correct, and only 43% reject it completely.
  • 90% of respondents said that they believe everyone in the world should know as much as possible about the Holocaust. But, 70% of respondents claim they knew nothing about the Rwandan genocide and/or had never heard of it before and 80% of respondents claim they knew nothing about the Cambodian genocide and/or had never heard of it before.

Source – TV News 10 in Israeli:


English Defense League Hacked by TeaMp0isoN, 21.83 KB of Data Leaked Online

Earlier today, December 13 2018, the website belonging to the English Defense League (EDL), a far-right English Nationalists group opposed to Islamic immigration and religious practices, was hacked and contents belonging to its databases were leaked online. The hack and subsequent leak has been claimed by “TriCk aka Saywhat?” of ZCOMPANY HACKING CREW and TeaMp0isoN, a once famous group of international hackers that is to have disbanded years ago. More than likely, the hack was conducted to make a stand against xenophobia and racism, targeting religious extremists active in the discrimination of Muslims.

According to a press release posted on the Pastebin web service this morning, hackers managed to leak the identities of EDL leadership, website and staff, including their real names, place of work, home addresses, phone numbers, social accounts, pictures, emails, IP Address, account names and passwords, as well as internal messages exchanged between group members.

Website Effected: hxxp://
Raw Full Leak (21.83 KB):