A Word About The Geneva Convention & US Immigration Border Camps

My mind has been wandering throughout the course the day today, so I figure why not write an article having a frank discussion about the Geneva Convention and the US’s current immigration ‘crisis’? What I think is most important to understand is that the US media’s coverage of this situation takes everything so far out of context and honestly, is completely immoral and completely immoral.

The reason I say this is because I have personally attempted to seek asylum abroad, much like those currently being held in US border camps for example, but was not treated anywhere near as nice as the US treats our immigrants. What you must understand is that in accordance with international law regarding asylum seekers – id est the Geneva Convention – it is quite literally the law to detain asylum seekers and hold them for a period of up to three months before giving them the right to trial to see if their needs/situation justify the right of asylum. Therefore, when you are seeing on CNN or reading by The New York Times about how cruel and horrible the USA is being detaining/holding all these people at border camps, just remember that the US is the one just following “the law,” doing the right thing – what they should be doing.

Following international law on this issue is also a concept lost on many countries around the world these days, and don’t forget that. For example, in the Bahamas. In April of 2018 I fled the United States to the Bahamas, where I entered the country and declared refugee status, seeking political asylum. Only I wasn’t detained or given a trial like international law and the Geneva convention mandate, of which the Bahamas is also a signatory by the way. Instead, I was literally walked right through the airport and shipped back to Miami right then in there, less than two hours after declaring asylum in the first place. So, just remember my story and how it’s supposed to go in these asylum cases cases, and then you’ll know how proper the US is actually behaving here, complying with all international standards – because CNN, The Washington Post or New York Times will never tell you that incredibly important piece on information when reporting on the US border crisis. Honestly, you tell me why you think that is?

I mean it’s not just the Bahamas that violates the Geneva Convention for asylum seekers and immigrants, look no further the situation in Macedonia from 2015-2017. Forget detaining, feeding, protecting and giving illegal immigrants fair trial, Macedonia intead brought in tanks, their army, tear gas, built fences and beat the $hit out of anyone trying to enter their country – those who were detained were simply sent back across their borders via train to the other side of the track. Or look at Italy, whom actually passed new laws criminalizing rescuing refugees at sea while drowning off their coastline. How f*cked is that?

I could go on and on here, but you do not want to read forever.  Just remember that the main steam media has a deliberate bias in all the smut they put in your face. Too often the truth of the matter is buried behind political bias, which is such a damn shame. But the truth is out there, if you are educated enough to learn/find it. I guarantee anyone who just read this now has a different understanding of international law, and what/why the US Government is doing what they do at our borders. Only trust independent media.


The Modern Facsimile of Subjugation

Ever since humans have been humans we have always attempted to subjugate ourselves in some form, shape or way. But ask yourselves, why do you think that is? I begin thinking about the origins of the Fascist Party of Italy under Mussolini in World War II, neighboring the Vatican and remnants of the great Roman Empire – perhaps the two most powerful forces of subjugation humanity has ever realized. Regardless, whether it be politics or religion, or both, everyone all seems to come to the almost subconscious understanding that humans need to be controlled in some way, we need to be conformed, herded, subjugated or otherwise controlled in some way. But why?

I believe it’s because it’s the unspoken truth that humans are inherently or naturally, bad, negative, self destructive, evil or some other facsimile. Humans need to be told what to do (laws), what not to do (Bible), how to behave, how to dress, how to learn, how to do everything. Without structure, it appears as though humanity would literally tear itself apart. I mean, we’ve already been at this a few hundred thousand years now and still look at all our Wars and conflicts – humans just cant be controlled or tamed, even by ourselves. Even God himself was so disgusted with humanity and how it behaved that he once tried to drown us all off the Earth for all time – in vain.

It just begs the question, why are humans the way we are, why are we such a cancerous and vile organism? If your religious, even your own God can’t answer – he’s already tried to kill you for being you. And if you’re political, just keep making new laws – I’m sure you’ll solve humanities problems there one day, just sign one more bill into law buddy!

But it makes me think about how things change, or how people try to change things. I mean, look at World War II again and why it was fought, why the Fascist Party even rose to begin with. Over population, poverty, inflation, food shortages and anarchy. Whether it be breeding or consuming, humans and humanity can not be stopped – so they much be controlled, right Mussolini, Hitler, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Churchill? I don’t know why, but when depopulation agenda’s, War and fascism don’t work, what’s really left? What’s the next evolution of subjugation of humanity to take?

For me at least, the answer is far more obvious than anyone may care to realize…..

When War and depopulation don’t work, what does? Contraception and Planned Parenthood? One is certainly less violent that the other. Empire after Empire has taught humanity that you can not control society or humanity by attempting to hold it down or constrict it forcefully, so what else can be done? What if we began controlling society with vanity, materialism, or luxury than austerity. Give the people a little bit more, make the people happy and in return slowly coerce their silent obedience, rather than proactively demand or force it upon them outright. Such is a much less violent means of controlling a population than Fascism and War isn’t it? It is quite sedation, rather than a forceful exercise – all accomplishing the same means as the other ends.

They say modern slaves do not exist in chains, we exist in debt. That from the time we are born we are born into a slavery we cannot see, but all still experience everyday. We are quite literally owned by our Government and stamped with a Social Security Number, CPF (Brasil) or some other facsimile upon birth. Owe too much child support? Owe the US Government too much money? Good luck getting a Passport, you’ll never be allowed to leave these borders. Still think you are free, or living in the land of the free?

Related image

We are not living in the Matrix. The greatest secret of modern time is that the global elite, or whatever you want to call “them,” are no longer farming crops on plantations, they are farming economies from Governments. It’s not just Jews or Africans doing the dirty work anymore, its each of us and it is all of us.

Obey. Consume. Reproduce and Pay your taxes. Stay ignorant, dumb and lazy. Don’t learn to much, don’t question anything or ask too many questions, and we’ll do our best to keep you happy, fat, entertained and distracted from the realities of the world.” – The Puppeteers –

Go to school, learn, grow up, get a job and start earning money, pay your taxes. Your whole life/survival is not longer about your basic instincts, it is about playing by the rules, obeying the system and making money. Without money, you’ll never survive. But regardless of your survival, at all times your life/existence is making someone else money .Your job, your paycheck, your taxes, your children, your life; your very existence makes your Government money. It is why you exist here, it is why you are an economic slave – to produce for your country. Don’t conform, obey or play by the rules and have to be discarded from society by going to prison? Your still making your Government money. The US Justice Department gets on average over $40,000 per person it locks up, all stolen from the taxes of people it doesn’t lock up. Ever wonder why the US has the largest number of incarcerated citizens on planet Earth?

Your life is nothing more than an economic prison, whether you obey and play by the rules or not. The elite no longer care about forcing people to do something the hard way to make a profit, they’ve moved on to coercing them to to it voluntarily, secretly, slightly, mechanically. Sure it may be a little more “expensive,” short term profit margins may go down, but isn’t that worth the toil fighting and bloodshed Communism and traditional slavery has sowed for thousands of years? Capitalism is the new slavery.

#OpPharma: Anonymous Hackers Publishes Leaks Across European Health Care Organizations

Earlier today, May 15th 2019, Anonymous hackers published a leak of 4 health care providers across Europe. Their actions were carried out under the banner of “Operational Pharma” (#OpPharma), an international hacking operating dating back to 2015 designed to spread awareness on behalf of medical malpractice, the harmful/shady operations of the global pharmaceutical complex, as well to shine a light on the corrupt practices/dealings fueling these industries. Exposed in today’s leaks are the National Association of Hospital Primaries, ASSIST Italy, a multinational corporation involved in the shipping of medial supplies and waste across Europe, as well as the HS Hospital Service and National Associating of Doctors and Executives.

Not only were each of the websites below hacked/compromised but, in addition to stealing the sites databases, the hackers also went out of their way to deface each of the websites while they were at it.

Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/05/opsafepharma-malasanita.html

Associazione Nazionale Primari Ospedalieri:

Target: hxxp://anpo.net/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?dc657405e5860ef0#Oi7zKlYpwtD8frwkjO2AtxLt8Dg/GhljuU2cnIJ1w9M=

Screenshot of Deface:


Target: hxxp://assistsanita.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?b0f61f761725c6fb#3oBZuANAjyx00n1ViC9wamePbzmodDRYgWkRVzZd7tQ=

Screenshot of Deface:

Associazione Medici e Dirigenti del SSN:

Target: hxxp://anaao.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?86f5a4b501f9c0c5#3ribGwdngojaF0ehmHMmH2iH52EBNWXXP3ItYquv9DE=

HS Hospital Service:

Target: hxxp://hshospitalservice.com/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?6d3fe8c0e60a9c96#JG/8GfgskSyUvcet6/vwuD3xQAZNbKgNGVW2vfFAf8w=

Screenshot of Deface:

In am message to the public released along side the data leak, the hackers stated:

“Today we want to bring your attention to a problem that affects everyone, poor health care.

According to data from the 2018 world report, the Italian national health system spends around 22 billion to remedy medical errors – a considerable figure. If proportionate to national health expenditure, then it’s estimated to be around 150 billion euros.

To succeed in obtaining a better healthcare system in the future, the 2018 World Report suggests involving not only health systems and health professionals, but also citizenship and patients in the network of proposals. Inviting them, for example, to play a more active role in the study of new models of assistance, in order to better meet the needs of local communities.

In Italy the media use the term malpractice to indicate very different phenomena: medical error, superfluous, useless and harmful treatments or practices, poor management of public health and corruption, speculation and theft. Even in our country, however, it is difficult to quantify the data of deaths specifically due to malpractice – such as attributed to the inexperience of doctors or disorganization within hospitals.

Data sets have been provided by various associations, including professional ones. However, this data should be taken with a grain of salt. Partial databases do not allow anyone to have a thorough and clear understanding of the full dimensions of the healthcare phenomenon.

It’s estimated that 90 deaths occur per day in Italy alone due to medical mistakes, drug exchanges, incorrect dosages and oversights in the operating room. In all, more than 80% of the legal proceedings enacted because of these deaths result with the innocence of the accused doctors.

Article 2236 of the Civil Code recalls that cases are limited to episodes of malice and gross negligence, while the Court of Cassation has repeatedly provided for acquittal in cases where the pathologies are little known or little studied in the literature. In such cases, the hospital must not follow the art 1176 first paragraph cod. civ (of the good family man) but the former art. 1176 second paragraph cod. civ. which configures him as a qualified debtor which entails the necessary expertise by the doctor. However, recourse to the judge must necessarily be preceded by a mandatory conciliation attempt (the mediational conciliation decree) which must be held before a conciliation body.

Mayor of Rome, +30,000 Members of Italian Bar Association Exposed In Massive Data Breach

Earlier today, unrelated to leaks released by LulzSec_ITA yesterday, in direct response to Israeli air strikes carried out in Gaza over the weekend, Anonymous Cyber Guerrilla (CgAn) and “Anonymous Italy” (@Anon_ITA) decided to expedite a leak of high ranking Roman officials – including Mayor Virginia Raggi. To be more exact, the leak encompasses more than 30,000 members of the Italian Bar Association, which Mayor Raggi just so happens to be a part of, including their account usernames and passwords – in addition to much, much more.

Believe it or not, the hackers have been holding onto this data for quite a while now, and I say this because I once covered a previous leak from Anonymous Italy dated March 8th 2019, during which they first hinted that they had come in possession of this very data. It appears as though the results of a new operation being undertaken by “Lulzsec Italy,” in conjunction of Italy’s support of Israeli bombings, was enough for the hackers to publish the data this morning. In response to today’s leaks, in a posting to Twitter, Mayor Raggi simply stated that there has been “Very serious breach of privacy against me and my colleagues in the Rome Bar Association” – such as you can see below, lulz.

Original Press Release (Italian): https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/05/giustizia-e-hacktivismo-avvocati-roma.html

File Download/Backup – Should Original Be Destroyed: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/OrdineAvvocati_PEC_Roma.zip

Browse Leak – LINK MEGA con TUTTO: https://mega.nz/#F!5LJU2Qhb!WqUXAu84t6-h_Ebgr52riQ
LINK PRIVATEBIN con DB e TABLES: https://privatebin.net/?2113c7c96a2f7b7d#f98VNtsTCf9d7jHAR4MtS03O7nwrjDV22gD1fFu5/fU=
LINK DATI GENERALI AVVOCATI: https://privatebin.net/?733c77b53f0a18bb#mOfP7ehglNAogRlakrBvJqi/LUil8ld4tm6VoECNZqw=

PEC login: https://postacertificata.ordineavvocatiroma.org/webmail/
Admin login: https://visura.it/amministrazione/ (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)
User login: https://visura.it/Registrazione/Login.asp (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)

In a message attached to the leak, Anonymous hackers stated:

Hello Italian citizens,

Today Anonymous, with this operation and with the approaching anniversary of their capture, wants to remember the old Aken and Otherwise Friends arrested in May 2015. Do you understand that Anonymous has no leader? Arrest 2 and another 100 are born.

We continue our struggle, and despite the arrests we refuse give up.

Yesterday, for the first time in history, we witnessed a country responded to a cyber attack with hundreds of missile warheads on a civilian population – a dangerous precedent.

After years of attacks you still don’t understand who the real villains are.

Your lawyers are part of the Justice System that defends the rich and condemns the poor.

‘Lawyers defend thieves. He knows how it is … among colleagues. ‘(Totò)

But in this case perhaps it would be better to say “The more corrupt a state is, the more laws it creates.

We leave you a glimpse of our weapons, so that you can understand that nobody is invulnerable to this world.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

As Part of A New Hacking Campaign, LulzSec Italy Releases Data Leak Effecting The Legal Teams of Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera

So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this article today because, technically speaking, the subject matter is going to be a five part series. So, do I publish one story a day for the next five days? Or do I wait until the 5th day to write one giant article? Well, after some heavy contemplation, as it turns out, I have decided on neither – welcome to the life/mind of a news editor.

With that out of the way, getting to the news at hand, earlier today, May 6th 2019, “LulzSec Italy(@LulzSec_ITA) launched a cyber attack against two legal institutions – Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera. Contained with the leak are the user names and passwords of approximately 371 users/clients of these two legal teams – available to the public as a download via the links provided below. Perhaps most interestingly, LulzSecITA also marked the leak part one of five – perhaps indicating that there will be 4 more leaks similar to this over the coming days. Stay tuned for updates.

Browse Leak: https://mega.nz/#F!ZCQVyQ7A!C-lJE8GNttfzaewpesjLKQ
Download Leak: https://mega.nz/#!IHpkhCQI!0w9mfXADtLsTu4hi2grVh5G0XtjtKEc2Unteh8bU0Ds

LulzSecITA Hacks/Leaks The Military Library of Italy, National Democratic Judiciary & National Federation of Newspaper Journalists

Earlier today, April 30th 2019, “LulzSec Italy” (@LulzSec_ITA) unleash a massive round of hacks and leaks effecting 4 national institutions across Italy. More specifically named in the leaks were the Military Library of Italy, the Italian Federation of Newspaper Journalists, the Italian Democratic Judiciary and IL Sole 24 Ore – an Italian based daily newspaper. The leaks are significant, in some instances exposing the records of thousands upon thousands of users, including the logins of both site administrators and their users – granting full access to Government level accounts. Honestly, there’s too much information to sum up here, so I invite you to browse through the leaked data for yourselves – enjoy!

La Libreria Militare: hxxp://libreriamilitare.com/
Database Dump: https://privatebin.net/?1299306357344736#v9E01JxAXFXeEcPYc6fC9MHFZhyQyUi/phaDPnfFfvM=

Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali: hxxp://fieg.it/
Database Dump: https://privatebin.net/?644bd3d6bde0dc72#7hTM/bW7IuRbRSaxuf/U/9twETL9/AKdpv5e3tvASn8=

Magistratura Democratica: hxxp://magistraturademocratica.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?c95e24ad9260ea9a#OqaNu6yiShr/bvon8L9qCaiM/YXSNtjeTqhmLbFdljE=

IL Sole 24 Ore: hxxps://ilsole24ore.com/
Admin Login Page: http://www.assistenzaclienti.ilsole24ore.com/admin/
Admin Password Dump: https://privatebin.net/?7eb734ddc670c6ec#JsGq8G+yqa8PZuDBqelPYfoCevdV0B7cA9NVF3uuNKA=

Screen Shots from Hacks:

#OpGreenRights: Anonymous Italia – Extinction Rebellion Release Joint Data Leak of 6 Organizations Across Italy

Earlier today, April 18th 2019, after almost a month away from the hacking scene, “Anonymous Italia” burst back onto the hacking scene with a series of hacks/leaks across the country.  Interestingly enough, they also released a video along side their press release in Italian – something they normally do not. The cyber attacks themselves were carried out under the general umbrella of “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights) but with a new purpose/direction they call “Extinction Rebellion” – an international movement focused on issues/events effecting the worlds ecology and environment which effect us all collectively as a species. More specifically, issues and events that theoretically threaten to wipe us off the planet if continued to be left unchecked.

Exposed in the latest round of data leaks were the Conference of Regional Parliaments, a private law body aiming to enhance the role of the Assemblies of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Council of Agricultural Research and Analysis, Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians, Academy of Autonomy, a project in agreement between the Ministry of the Interior, ANCI and UPI, as well as the Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont, a territorial branch of the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture, and COMECO – an organization responsible for the production and distribution of products for environmental treatments using biological and/or natural methods.

Hack/Leaks 4/18/2019:

Conference of Regional Parliaments: hxxp://parlamentiregionali.it/
INFO: Presidenti/Direttori/Dirigenti dei Consigli regionali e delle Regioni emails, password (non cifrate), password (cracked), hashes
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?7fc19a371a1bb748#YL3zCDE1qs9LUj528yF71O7AUT3UjcUCwwWFboV8RjQ=

Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of The Agricultural Economy: hxxp://sito.entecra.it/
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?323562d28d577333#Gn7yBo22LPFZyEN/UtLGeW2QzUyK/zl0XVi2NpbYp7U=

Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians: hxxp://agrotecnicicuneo.it/
INFO: users, contacts, advice, emails/passwords
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?4e22e5240293ecedh38wQQ9+blxOAehWIrR4Y7hzoEc9+LXXjNpgRwackvI=

Academy for Autonomy:


INFO: administrators, passwords (unencrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?e8253ff14997fca764m1fPNzuwolsLZft9KSmqB6SNXBc9FsurS+HNcaCSY=

The Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont:


Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?bea3923708fddb70YIJombXRXpS5gvaxlfOZJfQ1JSYoFGsJ4B7mmfbRTRo=

COMECO: hxxp://comecoambiente.it/
INFO: admin, password (not encrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?3af13941ef62af24/2gaKP5lcckairV5ipdGQ8UQ9q4wIvUOmajAUq1ZhNA=

Additionally, in a message attached to the leaks translated from Italian, the hackers wanted the world to know:


Consider the following truths:

We are facing our darkest hour.

Humanity is threatened by an event unprecedented in history. If we do not immediately face the situation, we will be catapulted into further destruction of everything we care about: this nation, the peoples that inhabit it, the ecosystems in which we live and the future generations to come.

The message of scientists is clear: we are on course for the sixth mass extinction and in the absence of rapid/determined action we will find ourselves facing catastrophe.

Everywhere in the world we are witnessing the annihilation of biodiversity. The seas are poisoned, their acidity is increasing and so is the rise of sea levels. Floods and desertification will soon make large areas of land uninhabitable, causing mass migration.

Our air has become so toxic that states now break their own laws. This air hurts our children before they are even born and is known to have caused the death of tens of thousands of people. The drastic imbalance of the climate is already witness in front of our eyes. There will be more fires, unpredictable anomalous storms, an incalculable increase in famines and unprecedented droughts that will lead to the exhaustion of food and drinking water supplies.

No being endowed with reason, ethical conscience, moral concerns or spiritual beliefs can continue to ignore, deny or leave unanswered the ecological crisis that is affecting every single nation on this planet as a whole, along with its wildlife.

Recalling these values, and looking at the truth indicated by overwhelming scientific evidence, we declare that it is our duty to act in the name of the safety and well-being of our children, our communities and the very future of this planet.

Copy of Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/04/opgreenrights-xrebellion.html

Full Video (Italian):




Hackers The World Over Prepare for April Lulz Day 2019

Having been around the internet for a while I cant help but notice an increased level of international fervor surround something referred to as “April Lulz Day 2019,” an international hacking operation being launched by LulzSec affiliates all around the world. While I’m certain not all of the targets whom will be #TangoDown‘ed tomorrow have been released publicly, it appears as though the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency appear to be the groups central targets, no pun intended – with all of the those 3 letter acronyms appearing in several publications advertising the date.

To date, at least from what I have been able to find, LulzSec Argentina, LulzSec Kurdistan, LulzSecITA, Pinoy LulzSec and ForTheLulz have all been pushing advertisements on behalf of it for several days now.  Rumor has it LulzSecITA has been holding onto a leak of a certain Mayor from Rome, though it remains to be seen if/when that leak will be released to the public. For the time being, if you are not planning on participation yourself, I guess just sit back and enjoy the lulz! 🍿






Motorizzazione Civile di Roma Hacked, 333 Government Employees Exposed by Data Breach

Earlier this morning, March 8th 2019, LulzSecITA announced a hack and leak effecting the Motorization Department of Rome (MIT) in Italy. Exposed in the data breach are the full names, passwords and login credentials of approximately 333 government employees employed by the department. While the hackers claimed this particular hack was carried out simply “for the lulz,” it was indubitably tied to one of their internal operations known as #OpGreenRights – a much broader hacking campaign raising awareness on behalf of environmental issues, such as vehicular carbon emissions.

In a message attached to the leak, LulzSecITA stated:

Hello citizens,

Today we want to focus on cars, always in our commitment to a cleaner world. In 2019 we find it inconceivable that most cars still operate on fossil fuels, and that incentives to make the move to cleaner forms of energy are either useless or non-existent in most cases. For this reason, strongly we say NO to a policy focused on oil, a primary cause of environmental disasters and countless wars in the world.

Additionally, the hackers also used the data dump as a teaser of sorts for their next release – indicating they may have hacked Virginia Raggi, the current Mayor of Rome. I say this because in their release of the data on social media this morning, LulzSecITA tagged the mayor in a message reading “What do we do, take her off her license.” Later adding “Happy Women’s Day Mayor Rays!!” in an article posted on the groups website featuring the leak provided below.

Target: hxxp://www.motorizzazioneroma.it/
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?d61cf6423802df29#Wsz7YTCIGk55K9vSqnziNVRG3Z+NuSLIu1kH5+VmOnQ=
Leak Backup (38.78 KB): https://anonfile.com/x823oew4b3/EY20DkS5_txt

Anonymous Announces #StopACTA2, an International Call To Action – Protests Scheduled Throughout Europe On March 23rd 2019

Ahead of the European Unions final vote to pass their new Copyright Directive into law in April, Anonymous hacktivists and political activists alike are teaming up together to stage a series of protests across Europe. Planned for March 23rd 2019 and officially entitled “StopACTA 2019,” protests are currently scheduled to be held across 25 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

View Map of All Demonstrations: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1tmjhVLt_-nomkGk6Hy77JtNnum5lc_cW&ll=50.56698897867709%2C12.68248445000006&z=6

Original Release Calling for Protests:

What are They Protesting?

ACTA2 is what we call the Copyright Directive on the digital market. We call it #ACTA2 because it’s not just about helping creators circumvent copyright restrictions, its about the European Unions attempts to use copyright law as a means/excuse of seizing control over the internet – including the information you post and receive from it. The way we see it, the EU’s Copyright Directive is nothing more than the Governments way of financing censorship. We wholeheartedly believe ACTA2 is dangerous, as it will set the precedent allowing the EU to step in an censor the internet throughout the future. The way we see it, ACTA2 is the beginning of the Orwellian world and we mustn’t open the door too allow our Governments to do this, which is why we will be staging these protests on March 23rd.

Article 11

Also known as the #LinkTax, Article 11 is in essence a direct result of corporate lobbying. It gives extra protections/rights to legacy press organizations and media outlets, requiring mutually agreed upon licenses between the publisher and anyone else whom would like to use, share or republish their information. This includes pieces of information as small as SEO snippets, article titles or headlines, summary descriptions and pictures. In essence, many believe that Article 11 spells the death of small time or independent media outlets online.

Image may contain: text

Article 13

Also known as #UploadFilters the new law dumps the responsibility for posts & comments from the authors who write them to the owners of a website. It offers a tool to help owners of websites better filter their content. However, internet purists fear that this so called “filter” is merely a guise for censorship, restricting the free speech of people on the internet by flagging or blocking users based off specific key words that could be focused around religion, politics, sexuality – et cetera. Activists fear that certain groups of people could be excluded from all conversations in the EU entirely, which sets a dangerous precedent for future abuses or complications.

No photo description available.

The Problem Explained In More Detail

Hello World, we are Anonymous

With overshadowing unease we are observing the deformation of copyright coming from the EU parliament. The so-called Article 13, which was unified agreed upon by EU states, Commission and Parlament on the 13th of February, is threatening the freedom of the internet.

The articles 4b and 4c contained in Article 13 could bring birth to the feared upload filter. This would lead to a massive limitation of uploads on media-sharing websites like YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. This includes the use and circulation of Memes.

We already achieved the aversion of a similar problem in 2012, ACTA. We protested on the web as well as in the streets. The final decision regarding Article 13 will be made mid-April 2019. We cannot rest without showing the EU parliament what it means to steal the freedom of the internet.

The loose collective Anonymous won’t be standing still, choosing to drop its cloak of the silent observer. Censorship of the free internet is one step too far. Anonymous will be supporting the protests on the web as well as the marching on the 23rd of March. The coalition ‘Save your Internet’ provides every information on the topic, including dates for demonstrations. There you will find all the representatives with whom you can share your worries about Article 13.

Together we have to be loud! Together we have to fight for the freedom of the internet! Together we have to shelve Article 13! Make the demonstrations on the 23rd of March massive. As we, the internet, are the very last, strong instance to fight for our rights. All important information is found in the description.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Other Resources:

Save Your Internet: https://saveyourinternet.eu/
A Message To All The Creators – Artists, Bloggers, Youtube’rs: https://www.stopacta2.org/on-line-creators/
Save The Internet: https://savetheinternet.info/

This Directive is known by many hashtags on the internet – here are some of them: #stopACTA2, #CopyrightDirective, #SaveYourInternet, #SaveTheInternet, #Article11, #Article13, #UploadFilters, #LinkTax, #Filternet, #ACTA2.

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Taranto Informa & Unimpresa Puglia Bari Hacked/Defaced by Anonymous Italia To Raise Awareness Over Rising Cancer Rates Inside The Region

Yesterday, February 28th 2019, Anonymous Italia announced a hack and defacement of Taranto Informa, an online shopping portal specifically designed for the city of Taranto, Italy, as well as Unimpresa Puglia Bari, the regional and provincial headquarters of the National Union of Businesses of Puglia, Italy. The hacks were carried as part of a much larger international campaign known as “Operation Green Rights,” a group largely led by Italian hackers in the name/spirit of raising awareness of ongoing political issues effecting the local environment and ecology.

Reading through their original press release, it appears as though this weeks hacks were carried out in an effort to raise awareness over rising cancer rates inside the geographic region of Taranot, Italy – which have grown disproportionately larger than other areas of the country.  Indubitably, these cancer rates are directly tied to the heavy industrial development of the region over the decades, which is exactly why the hackers chose to target various online business portals attached to the city – attempting to hit the corporations where it hurts them the most, in the pockets.

Read More – #OpGreenRights: https://roguemedia.co/?s=opgreenrights&x=0&y=0

In a message attached to the hack, Anonymous Italia left the following:

Hello citizens of the world.

Today we want to continue talking about industrial pollution , a silent killer threatening our children. However, this time we do not talk about the future, but rather about the past and how the profit margins of rich corporations have ruined the lives of countless generations of people.  

For example, Taranto is a city which has been destroyed by nefarious policies and economics, which have had no respect for the environment or the people populating the region.

While Ilva has brought work and prosperity, the others have brought massacres – destroying the lives of people who have lost their loved ones. The data is clear, the cancerous tumors of women, children and men in that area continue to grow exponentially with each new year. For example, as summarized by the Cancer registry released to the public in 2016, “If even Ilva and other industries in Taranto were closed, the people of Taranto would continue to get cancer at higher rates than other regions of Italy for many more years to come. “

When our children start getting cancer, it means its now time to say that BASTA has arrived. We at Anonymous and LulzSecIta do not want to see the world end in oblivion at the hands of politicians whose words do not follow the evidence. Together with the Ministry of the Environment, it is time to reclaim Taranto from the Government ensure a better quality of life for all the future generation of the city! 

We are with Taranto
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
we do not forget
Always expect us

Target: hxxp://tarantoinforma.it/

Screen Shot of Deface:

Target: hxxp://unimpresapuglia.com/

Screen Shot of Deface:

Italian Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare Pwned by LulzSecITA, 2.31 GB of Compressed Database Files Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, February 21st 2019, LulzSecITA announced a massive data breach effecting the Government of Italy. More specifically exposed in the hacks/leaks are the the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Department of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH.gov), as well as the countries Ecotoxicological Database on Chemical Substances and office of Environmental Assessments and Authorizations.

Once again, the hacks were carried out in conjunction with “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights), an international hacking campaign designed to raise awareness on behalf of issues effecting the world’s environment and bring justice to those whom either do harm to it or are not doing enough to prevent it. This is also the 4th such major hack/leak of the Italian Government in 2019 alone, adding to a hack of 7 governmental argicuture industries on February 16th, a hack of the cities of Vento and Trento on Febraury 12th and hack of the City State Conference and Local Autonomies Authority on January 21st.

Exposed in the leaks are over 2 Gigabytes (GB) of compressed files stolen from the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, essentially comprising of the Ministry’s entire set of internal databases. The leaks also feature access to the Ministry’s WebMail servers, providing the login web page and administrator credentials necessary to gain root access Ministry’s servers – exposing confidential emails exchanged by Ministry employees and personnel. In addition to this, the hackers also took the opportunity to hack/deface the Ministry and one of its sub-domains, along with two other organizations operating under its jurisdiction – screen shots of which you can find below.

In a message attached to the leak, LulzSecITA stated the following:

Hello Citizens of the World,

Anonymous was born as an idea, an idea which unites the people of this world in our common struggle for human rights and freedom. These are also the same ideals which led to the birth of this faction of Anonymous.

Operation Green Rights is a summary of our collective frustration over seeing the human race subjugated by money, for which people commit murder, or exploit and oppress others, which undermines any principle of democracy and human dignity, issues which should be at the heart of every civilized country.

Today our attention has turned to the ministry of the environment, the authority supposedly tasked with the protection of our territory and ecosystems. For this reason we thought we might take a peak inside the data of your ministry, including ‘confidential’ documents hidden from the public eye as to get and idea of the true importance of the work you provide our society. 

Much like with the construction of the airport of Florence, where you can read studies documented by the Florentine University outlining the danger to flora and fauna that the increased air traffic and construction projects will produce, as well as the danger to local wildlife including the regions bird populations – studies which point to possible extinction of at least some species in the area. 

Despite academic studies and these warnings however, projects like the TAP pipeline carried forward without any regards to pollution or the disfigurement of the land. It was also constructed with no regards given to the local population or people its construction displaced – despite the public appeals of the Municipalities of Puglia and other local associations. 

Did someone get rich off these works?

As always, just as with your continued incompetence in managing the ministry, you are equally as incompetent managing your servers and data – treated with little respect for all the people at play, including ourselves.  

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forget
We do not lose

Today’s Leak In Its Entirety:

Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/02/ministero-dellambiente-hacked-leaked.html

Database Dump (2.31 GB):

Zip File: https://mega.nz/#!vVZlmKTQ!Y5_putZuPARehTT0gwmojNaFfx48-7a4RzfaEhrW6kU
Browse Folders: https://mega.nz/#F!WJRyiSwB!uSTqFdZ_CeBopYaWJnwHpg
Backup Download: https://anonfiles.com/80u0Bcu1b1/minambiente_db_zip

** Rogue Media Labs also now owns the database. Should any of the links be taken offline, inquire within or email Brian Dunn for the file. **

Webmail/Database/Integration Systems Credentials:

Raw Leak: https://privatebin.net/?8f95a1f3abc9afab#Z6zd38xQbzKrHFYg8WZvUz96F3HB5zHArvifd90dbEI=

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Screen Shots from Defaces:





As of the evening hours of 2/21/2019 the websites no longer remain in their defaced condition, rather, it appears as though the Government has taken them down entirely – presumably to repair the damage and conduct forensic analysis of the hacks themselves…..