#OpChile – Anonymous Chile Hacks Carabineros Troops, Chilean Police Forces, Leaks Data Online

A group of hackers affiliated with the AnonOps IRC going by the name of “Anonymous Chile” has claimed responsibility for a large string of hacks targeting Chile’s national uniformed police forces – otherwise known as the “Carabineros.” Exposed in the leaks provided below is information such as officers names, user names and passwords, RUT, sex, addresses, ranks and the police stations they work at, as well as instructions for others to compromise Chilean data entry interfaces.

The hacks/leaks themselves are being carried out in conjunction with “Operation Chile” (#OpChile) and “”Operation Chile Desperato” (#OpChileDesperato), as well as with the Marcha Mas Grande De Chile” – supporting protesters actively being repressed by Chilean police forces and their Government. It should be noted that the group is not finished yet, and promises more leaks will soon be on the way – the longer these demonstrations continue in the streets. More importantly, the group has already had their social media accounts taken down and the location of some of the files removed – which is why I am hosting their files here – in case their index gets taken down too. Should any more leaks be published over the coming days, I will make sure to provide updates here for Rogue Media – stay tuned!

Leak Location: https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/

Leak Backups 11/02/2019:

25 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/funcionarios.zip | Bases de datos con Nombres, RUT, Sexo, Zona, Prefectura, Comisaría de TODOS los Pacos de Chile (1.7MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/instructivos.zip | Instructivos de uso de plataforma de Documentación electrónica (DOE) (6.7MB)

26 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo.html | INFORMATIVO #1 ACERCA DEL HACKEO A CARABINEROS DE CHILE

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/codigofuente.tar.gz | Código fuente plataforma de Documentación Electrónica (DOE) de Carabineros (12MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/dump_intranet.txt | Dump de cuentas de acceso al intranet DOE (1.02MB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/grabaciones-walkie-talkie.zip | Algunas grabaciones de comunicaciones radiales de Carabineros (se viene más) (0.53M)

27 de Octubre 2019:

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo-2.html | INFORMATIVO #2 ¿EL FINAL? NO LO CREEMOS

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/msg.zip | Algunos mensajes desencriptados intercambiados en la plataforma DOE (140KB)

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/adjuntos-10-2019-10k.tar.gz | 10K de archivos adjuntados a los mensajes (3.11GB) Checksum de archivos

https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/check.txt | Checksum MD5 y SHA1 de archivos (ultima actualizacion: 29/10)

01 de Noviembre 2019:

https://pacoleaks.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/informativo-3.html |

INFORMATIVO #3 MADE IN CHILE: https://pacos.rebelside.pw/pacoleaks/Adjunt09.zip | 20K de archivos adjuntados a mensajes (6GB)


Here’s A Look at Leaked Passports from MI6 Agents

Unfortunately, you will not find James Bond on here or any other 007’s, but interestingly enough a hacker by the name of “neptuneX3c,” the same hacker behind a leak of MOSSAD emails earlier this year, has released another batch of leaks, this time exposing agents known to have worked with MI6 – England’s version of the Central Intelligence Agency. For those of you whom might not be aware, MI5 refers to any agents of England’s Government working on National Intelligence, on the island. On the other hand, MI6 refers to a group of “private” or “secret” agents working in the field of international intelligence gathering and espionage. Trust me, as someone whom has worked with many international intelligence agencies and offices over the years through the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, I’ve found MI6 to be by far the most impenetrable – or least responsive to any outside assistance.

As for the back drop to the story, there really isn’t much to tell, so I’ll just get on then with the leaks – enjoy!

Download File: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/mi6-passports.pdf

Browse Leaks (9 Pages):

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/mi6-passports.pdf”%5D


** If you cant browse the documents, hover you mouse over the pdf (above) and look at the bottom left where you will see up and down arrows, this will help you navigate the document **

The Highlights: Fallout & Damage from #OpCatalonia2019

For those of you whom might not have been aware, massive protests and demonstrations took place all throughout Spain today, October 14th 2019, in protest for the failed annexation of Catalonia in December 2017, in support of all the political prisoners whom continue to be incarcerated from it at the hands of the Spanish Government ever since and those whom will continue to be imprisoned for it in the future, as well as to renew Nationalistic spirits/ambitions to make Catalonia an independent state once again in the future. While most of the protests were political based and non-violent, this does not mean there wasn’t any violence – from both police and/or protestors alike.

Additionally, as I was writing this article, it was just announced that members of the Catalonia independence leaders were just sentenced to 13 years in prison for encouraging people to take to the streets in protest today – essentially being sentenced in wake of some of the carnage that ultimately took place as a result of their encouragement.

However, what most of the main stream media did not cover about today’s protest were the events which took place online. While they may not get the popular headlines like those on the ground, this does not mean they were ineffective, went unnoticed or did not have an effect. For example, below you can find more about “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalionia2019), what it is all about, who was victimized by today’s attacks, as well as what hackers have done in support of this movement for the better part of the last year and a half or so – shout out to Anonymous Espana!

Learn More – #OpCatalonia: https://roguemedia.co/tag/opcatalonia/
Follow #OpCatalonia2019: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23OpCatalonia2019&src=typeahead_click&f=live

Largely lead by Anonymous CyberGuerrilla (#CgAn) and splinter groups operating under their jurisdiction this year, different Spanish-based political parties, politicians, universities, pubic businesses and more were targeted by today’s attack. Below is a confirmed list of the full run down from today’s events…..

DDoS Attacked

hxxp://minhap.es hxxp://mjusticia.gob.es

Information Drop

Target: Centro nacional de inteligencia
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/G0zat481n1/cni_txt

Target: Congreso
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/K2z4ta8bn5/congreso.es_txt

Target: Correo gob
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/O2z9tc83nf/correo.gob.es_txt

Target: Min de defensa
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/M7zbta89nd/mde_txt

Target: Poder Judicial
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/L4zdt686nb/poderjudicial.es_txt

Target: vox
Mails Leak: https://anonfile.com/Qczftf86nb/voxmail_txt


Target: hxxp://ctas.es (Hacked)
Leak: https://anonfile.com/b608td88n7/www.ctas.es_rar

Target: hxxp://ctfc.cat/ (Hacked)
Leak: https://anonfile.com/p00eta84n9/www.ctfc.cat_rar

Target: hxxp://edimodul.es/ (Hacked)
Leak: https://anonfile.com/U7z5tc8en5/www.edimodul.es_rar

Target: hxxp://ilsa.es/ (Hacked)
Leak: https://anonfile.com/Yez2tc87n9/www.ilsa.es_rar

Target: hxxp://mmb.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/c900tb87na/www.mrsoft.es_rar

Target: hxxp://mrsoft.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/c900tb87na/www.mrsoft.es_rar

Target: hxxp://anticosa.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/t20ate88nf/www.panticosa.es_rar

Target: hxxp://segypr
Leak: https://anonfile.com/A402t982n5/www.segypro.es_rar

Target: hxxp://spainweather.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/y30at889nc/www.spainweather.es_rar

Target: hxxp://movilidadgranada.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/ac09t48dne/www.movilidadgranada.es_rar

Target: (Psoe de Burgos) hxxp://psoeburgos.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/s82ct18en7/www.psoeburgos.es_rar

Target: (PartidoPopular de Puertolumbreras) hxxp://pp-puertolumbreras.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/q11ctd8en5/www.pp-puertolumbreras.es_rar

Target: (Diputacion de Granada) hxxp://dipgra.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/j814t187ne/www.dipgra.es_rar

Target: (Portal de la Dirección General del Catastro) hxxp://catastro.minhap.gob.es/
Leak: https://anonfile.com/Razft18fnf/www.catastro.minhap.gob.es_rar

Mayor of Rome, +30,000 Members of Italian Bar Association Exposed In Massive Data Breach

Earlier today, unrelated to leaks released by LulzSec_ITA yesterday, in direct response to Israeli air strikes carried out in Gaza over the weekend, Anonymous Cyber Guerrilla (CgAn) and “Anonymous Italy” (@Anon_ITA) decided to expedite a leak of high ranking Roman officials – including Mayor Virginia Raggi. To be more exact, the leak encompasses more than 30,000 members of the Italian Bar Association, which Mayor Raggi just so happens to be a part of, including their account usernames and passwords – in addition to much, much more.

Believe it or not, the hackers have been holding onto this data for quite a while now, and I say this because I once covered a previous leak from Anonymous Italy dated March 8th 2019, during which they first hinted that they had come in possession of this very data. It appears as though the results of a new operation being undertaken by “Lulzsec Italy,” in conjunction of Italy’s support of Israeli bombings, was enough for the hackers to publish the data this morning. In response to today’s leaks, in a posting to Twitter, Mayor Raggi simply stated that there has been “Very serious breach of privacy against me and my colleagues in the Rome Bar Association” – such as you can see below, lulz.

Original Press Release (Italian): https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/05/giustizia-e-hacktivismo-avvocati-roma.html

File Download/Backup – Should Original Be Destroyed: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/OrdineAvvocati_PEC_Roma.zip

Browse Leak – LINK MEGA con TUTTO: https://mega.nz/#F!5LJU2Qhb!WqUXAu84t6-h_Ebgr52riQ
LINK PRIVATEBIN con DB e TABLES: https://privatebin.net/?2113c7c96a2f7b7d#f98VNtsTCf9d7jHAR4MtS03O7nwrjDV22gD1fFu5/fU=
LINK DATI GENERALI AVVOCATI: https://privatebin.net/?733c77b53f0a18bb#mOfP7ehglNAogRlakrBvJqi/LUil8ld4tm6VoECNZqw=

PEC login: https://postacertificata.ordineavvocatiroma.org/webmail/
Admin login: https://visura.it/amministrazione/ (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)
User login: https://visura.it/Registrazione/Login.asp (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)

In a message attached to the leak, Anonymous hackers stated:

Hello Italian citizens,

Today Anonymous, with this operation and with the approaching anniversary of their capture, wants to remember the old Aken and Otherwise Friends arrested in May 2015. Do you understand that Anonymous has no leader? Arrest 2 and another 100 are born.

We continue our struggle, and despite the arrests we refuse give up.

Yesterday, for the first time in history, we witnessed a country responded to a cyber attack with hundreds of missile warheads on a civilian population – a dangerous precedent.

After years of attacks you still don’t understand who the real villains are.

Your lawyers are part of the Justice System that defends the rich and condemns the poor.

‘Lawyers defend thieves. He knows how it is … among colleagues. ‘(Totò)

But in this case perhaps it would be better to say “The more corrupt a state is, the more laws it creates.

We leave you a glimpse of our weapons, so that you can understand that nobody is invulnerable to this world.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

As Part of A New Hacking Campaign, LulzSec Italy Releases Data Leak Effecting The Legal Teams of Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera

So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this article today because, technically speaking, the subject matter is going to be a five part series. So, do I publish one story a day for the next five days? Or do I wait until the 5th day to write one giant article? Well, after some heavy contemplation, as it turns out, I have decided on neither – welcome to the life/mind of a news editor.

With that out of the way, getting to the news at hand, earlier today, May 6th 2019, “LulzSec Italy(@LulzSec_ITA) launched a cyber attack against two legal institutions – Order Lawyers Caltagirone & Order Lawyers Matera. Contained with the leak are the user names and passwords of approximately 371 users/clients of these two legal teams – available to the public as a download via the links provided below. Perhaps most interestingly, LulzSecITA also marked the leak part one of five – perhaps indicating that there will be 4 more leaks similar to this over the coming days. Stay tuned for updates.

Browse Leak: https://mega.nz/#F!ZCQVyQ7A!C-lJE8GNttfzaewpesjLKQ
Download Leak: https://mega.nz/#!IHpkhCQI!0w9mfXADtLsTu4hi2grVh5G0XtjtKEc2Unteh8bU0Ds

Pinoy LulzSec Releases Leak of Zoom Couriers Incorporated, A National Delivery Service Operating Out of The Philippines

So, I’ve decided to redact the location where I originally found this leak today, because the group behind it has already had their accounts suspended multiple times in the past, and are actively plotting new attacks for May 13th 2019 – the date of National Mid-Term Elections across the Philippines. Quite frankly, I want to see what they produce – especially in light of recent news surrounding the group. But, without any further adieu, according to a leak posted online April 23rd 2019, the international group of hackers known as “Pinoy LulzSec” announced a hack and leak of Zoom Couriers Inc, a delivery services courier operating out of the Philippines similar in many ways to UPS here in the United States.

Contained within leaked files dumped online are Microsoft Excel documents exposing Zooms customer emails, user names and other personal information, such as their personal phone numbers attached to various deliveries. Rogue Media Labs has downloaded the file and can certify the download is safe to the general public – enjoy!

Zoom Courier Incorporated: hxxp://zoomcourier.ph/
Database Leak: https://anonfiles.com/I7F3qcjdn5/abc35626_zoomph_db_1_.tar_gz

#OpHonduras: 48 Hours Into The Operation, Dozens of Government Owned Websites Have Been Hacked, Leaked, Defaced and/or DDos’ed Offline

A little less than 48 hours after news of “Operation Honduras” (#OpHonduras) broke on May 3rd 2019, nearly half a dozen offices/branches affiliated with the Honduran Government, and dozens of their subdomains, have been hacked, leaked, defaced and/or crashed online. For example, named in a list of hacks over the weekend were the Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State, Office of The Presidency, Secretary of Agriculture, as well as the Secretary of Development and Social Inclusion. Perhaps more importantly, in addition to the hacking campaign, news of the operation itself has also begun attracting the attention of the international media, bringing global attention to the struggle of the people of Honduras – such as you can read via the press clippings below.

Learn More – #OpHonduras

Red Revolution Media: https://redrevolution.co.uk/2019/05/04/as-media-stands-silent-anonymous-stands-with-protestors-in-honduras/
Rogue Media Labs: https://roguemedia.co/2019/05/03/anonymous-launches-ophonduras-in-solidarity-w-protesters-around-honduras/

Tango Down’ed:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras: hxxp://www.sre.gob.hn/
Secretary of State of the Presidency of Honduras: hxxp://www.sep.gob.hn/


Platform for Monitoring and Evaluation of the SAG (Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería): hxxp://sisem.sag.gob.hn/
Data Leak: https://anonfile.com/WfQ4Aem3nc/sisem.sag.gob.hn_zip
Defacement: http://sisem.sag.gob.hn/PSME/

Honduran Secretary of Development and Social Inclusion Mass Defaced:


Deface List:
Deface Mirror:

Screen Shot of Defaces:

Image may contain: text


xS1lenc3d of Iznaye Dumps +70,000 Customer Emails Online Following Attack on The Forums of Peugot France

Earlier today, May 1st 2019, a hacker going by the name of “xS1lenc3d” () of the international hacking group referring to themselves as “Iznaye” () released a massive leak of customer email addresses attached to the forums of Peugeot France – a French based automotive manufacturing company. The leak is significant, allegedly exposing over 70,000 customer emails spanning almost a decade. The leak itself comes in the form of multiple individual Microsoft Excel files, dating between March 18th 2010 to November 5th 2018 – again, encompassing over 70,000 individuals.

xS1lenc3d is said to have carried out the attack in solidarity with the Yellow Vest protesters of France. More specifically, in a message attacked to the release, xS1lenc3d stated:

The French people are rising against to protest in France, fighting for their rights and freedoms. Mr. Macron seems to the President of ALL the French People.

If you do not want these demonstrations to turn into a Revolution, listen to them, listen to us. Take care of these revolts, those people who do not even have enough money to feed themselves. These people are victims of this society so unfair and unequal. I will tell you, Mr. President, you are not able to run a country like France.

We will not submit,
We will continue to fight,
Until the last drop of blood.

Target: hxxp://forum-peugeot.com/
Data Leak: https://anonfile.com/pf1c2fl7n3/PeugeotLeak_rar

LulzSecITA Hacks/Leaks The Military Library of Italy, National Democratic Judiciary & National Federation of Newspaper Journalists

Earlier today, April 30th 2019, “LulzSec Italy” (@LulzSec_ITA) unleash a massive round of hacks and leaks effecting 4 national institutions across Italy. More specifically named in the leaks were the Military Library of Italy, the Italian Federation of Newspaper Journalists, the Italian Democratic Judiciary and IL Sole 24 Ore – an Italian based daily newspaper. The leaks are significant, in some instances exposing the records of thousands upon thousands of users, including the logins of both site administrators and their users – granting full access to Government level accounts. Honestly, there’s too much information to sum up here, so I invite you to browse through the leaked data for yourselves – enjoy!

La Libreria Militare: hxxp://libreriamilitare.com/
Database Dump: https://privatebin.net/?1299306357344736#v9E01JxAXFXeEcPYc6fC9MHFZhyQyUi/phaDPnfFfvM=

Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali: hxxp://fieg.it/
Database Dump: https://privatebin.net/?644bd3d6bde0dc72#7hTM/bW7IuRbRSaxuf/U/9twETL9/AKdpv5e3tvASn8=

Magistratura Democratica: hxxp://magistraturademocratica.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?c95e24ad9260ea9a#OqaNu6yiShr/bvon8L9qCaiM/YXSNtjeTqhmLbFdljE=

IL Sole 24 Ore: hxxps://ilsole24ore.com/
Admin Login Page: http://www.assistenzaclienti.ilsole24ore.com/admin/
Admin Password Dump: https://privatebin.net/?7eb734ddc670c6ec#JsGq8G+yqa8PZuDBqelPYfoCevdV0B7cA9NVF3uuNKA=

Screen Shots from Hacks:

Sc0rpi0n Gh0s7 Hacks, Leaks & Defaces Several Government Websites Across Ecuador In Protest of Julian Assange’s Incarceration

Earlier today, April 25th 2019, an old friend of mine from Ethiopia going by the name of “Sc0rpi0nGh0s7” of “Shad0w Security” released a massive leak on behalf of #OpJulian – a spinoff the international hacking operations known as #OpEcuador and #OpAssange, all launched in protest of the arrest of Julian Assange two weeks ago. This was also their second such major hacking event of the last week, following a separate hack, leak and defacement of Geographic Management System of Ecuador on April 22nd. While the leak that day was taken down within hours of its initial release before anyone could back it up, fortunately, Rogue Media Labs has backup today’s release before anyone could touch it.

The database itself is large, featuring a 514 Megabyte zip file of various text files stolen from the servers of various Ecuadorian websites. Honestly, it’s too much data to all summarize here. So, if you you are interested in learning more, you are invited to download either of the files located below – both certified safe to the browsing public.

Target 04/22/2019: hxxp://catastro.archidona.gob.ec/WebAppCatastro/
Deface: http://catastro.archidona.gob.ec/WebAppCatastro/index.html

Data Leak 04/25/2019: https://megaupload.nz/M1M4Gbi8n3/ecu1_tar
Data Leak Backup: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ecu1.tar

Second Leaked Memo Reveals Trumps Close Ties With State Owned Russian Banks & Money Launderers Throughout The Course of 2016 Election Season

This article is a follow up to an article I published a two days ago, April 19th 2019, describing a $600 million dollar loan granted to a sub-agency of the Russian Government known as VTB Group. Leaked to the public by Black Water Security Group and dated November 25th 2016, was a copy of an internal memo sent to all Deutsche Bank employees advising them to disregard any future developments surrounding the loan in question – specifically advising employees to ignore any future developments with the loan, even if they suspected fraudulent activity might be at play. As fate would have it, just a couple weeks after that memo was released, a Russian Banking institution known as Alfa Bank purchased $300 million dollars of that loan out from under Deutsche Bank. As was also pointed out at the time, Alfa Bank is long known to have partaken in extensive money laundering campaigns throughout the past.

Full Story – Leaked Memo Exposes Potential Money Laundering Scandal: https://roguemedia.co/2019/04/19/black-water-security-releases-internal-memo-leaked-by-former-duetsche-bank-employee-shedding-light-on-possible-money-laundering-scandal/

However, another leaked document from Deutsche Bank released by Black Water Security Group yesterday begins to tell another interesting story. Dated December 18th 2016, just days after half of VTB Group‘s $600 million dollar loan was sold to Alfa Bank, the memo advises all Deutsche Bank affiliates against doing any business with VTB Group in the future – especially given their close ties to known money launderers. Whats particularly interesting though is a reference to then President-elect Donald Trump, explaining how he had been actively seeking a loan with VTB Group and Deutsche Bank to begin building a new Trump tower in Moscow. Essentially, the memo, sent by the banks anti-crime division, warned all Deutsche Bank affiliates against staking any loan with Donald Trump – specifically due to his relationship with the Russian Government and known money launders operating through or with them.

It should be noted that the memo’s released by Black Water Security this week were meant to do more to expose Donald Trumps close ties to Russia, after it was believed the Mueller report did not do enough to prove so. While the leaks are far from a smoking gun, so to speak, they certainly do provide an interesting perspective on Donald Trump and whom he had been doing business whilst he was actively campaigning to become President – including members of the Russian mob, money launderers and state owned Russian banks.

Download Documents: https://www.scribd.com/document/406923882/Deutsche-Bank-Anti-Financial-Crime-Complaint

Browse 2 Page Document Release:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/406923882-Deutsche-Bank-Anti-Financial-Crime-Complaint.pdf”%5D

#OpGreenRights: Anonymous Italia – Extinction Rebellion Release Joint Data Leak of 6 Organizations Across Italy

Earlier today, April 18th 2019, after almost a month away from the hacking scene, “Anonymous Italia” burst back onto the hacking scene with a series of hacks/leaks across the country.  Interestingly enough, they also released a video along side their press release in Italian – something they normally do not. The cyber attacks themselves were carried out under the general umbrella of “Operation Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights) but with a new purpose/direction they call “Extinction Rebellion” – an international movement focused on issues/events effecting the worlds ecology and environment which effect us all collectively as a species. More specifically, issues and events that theoretically threaten to wipe us off the planet if continued to be left unchecked.

Exposed in the latest round of data leaks were the Conference of Regional Parliaments, a private law body aiming to enhance the role of the Assemblies of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Council of Agricultural Research and Analysis, Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians, Academy of Autonomy, a project in agreement between the Ministry of the Interior, ANCI and UPI, as well as the Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont, a territorial branch of the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture, and COMECO – an organization responsible for the production and distribution of products for environmental treatments using biological and/or natural methods.

Hack/Leaks 4/18/2019:

Conference of Regional Parliaments: hxxp://parlamentiregionali.it/
INFO: Presidenti/Direttori/Dirigenti dei Consigli regionali e delle Regioni emails, password (non cifrate), password (cracked), hashes
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?7fc19a371a1bb748#YL3zCDE1qs9LUj528yF71O7AUT3UjcUCwwWFboV8RjQ=

Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of The Agricultural Economy: hxxp://sito.entecra.it/
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?323562d28d577333#Gn7yBo22LPFZyEN/UtLGeW2QzUyK/zl0XVi2NpbYp7U=

Provincial College of Agricultural Technicians: hxxp://agrotecnicicuneo.it/
INFO: users, contacts, advice, emails/passwords
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?4e22e5240293ecedh38wQQ9+blxOAehWIrR4Y7hzoEc9+LXXjNpgRwackvI=

Academy for Autonomy:


INFO: administrators, passwords (unencrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?e8253ff14997fca764m1fPNzuwolsLZft9KSmqB6SNXBc9FsurS+HNcaCSY=

The Regional Federation of Farmers of Piedmont:


Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?bea3923708fddb70YIJombXRXpS5gvaxlfOZJfQ1JSYoFGsJ4B7mmfbRTRo=

COMECO: hxxp://comecoambiente.it/
INFO: admin, password (not encrypted)
Data Leak: https://privatebin.net/?3af13941ef62af24/2gaKP5lcckairV5ipdGQ8UQ9q4wIvUOmajAUq1ZhNA=

Additionally, in a message attached to the leaks translated from Italian, the hackers wanted the world to know:


Consider the following truths:

We are facing our darkest hour.

Humanity is threatened by an event unprecedented in history. If we do not immediately face the situation, we will be catapulted into further destruction of everything we care about: this nation, the peoples that inhabit it, the ecosystems in which we live and the future generations to come.

The message of scientists is clear: we are on course for the sixth mass extinction and in the absence of rapid/determined action we will find ourselves facing catastrophe.

Everywhere in the world we are witnessing the annihilation of biodiversity. The seas are poisoned, their acidity is increasing and so is the rise of sea levels. Floods and desertification will soon make large areas of land uninhabitable, causing mass migration.

Our air has become so toxic that states now break their own laws. This air hurts our children before they are even born and is known to have caused the death of tens of thousands of people. The drastic imbalance of the climate is already witness in front of our eyes. There will be more fires, unpredictable anomalous storms, an incalculable increase in famines and unprecedented droughts that will lead to the exhaustion of food and drinking water supplies.

No being endowed with reason, ethical conscience, moral concerns or spiritual beliefs can continue to ignore, deny or leave unanswered the ecological crisis that is affecting every single nation on this planet as a whole, along with its wildlife.

Recalling these values, and looking at the truth indicated by overwhelming scientific evidence, we declare that it is our duty to act in the name of the safety and well-being of our children, our communities and the very future of this planet.

Copy of Original Press Release: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/04/opgreenrights-xrebellion.html

Full Video (Italian):