Follow Up: Highlights from First Annual April Lulz Day 2019

On March 31st 2019, I published an article advertising “April Lulz Day 2019,”  an international hacking operation to be launched on April 1st 2019 on behalf of international LulzSec affiliates worldwide. Therefore, it only seems right to do a follow up article here today, chronicling all of the “festivities” associated with the operation – you’re welcome @TheInternet. While I’m certain I did not uncover them all, below is a list of hacks, leaks and defaces from April 1st – at least that I was able to find.

So, what were the highlights you ask!? Ohh, I don’t know, nothing major, “only” about 16 websites were crashed via DDoS attack, 5 websites had their databases hacked and leaked online, 28 websites were defaced, at least 500 Twitter accounts were closed and over 1,000 Facebook accounts were hacked – 😏. Below you can see the full run down, attributed to the sources behind them. All sites marked with “hxxp” are websites crashed via DDoS attacks.

LulzSec Argentina (@LulzSeguridad):


Quilmes Encendido Oeste Wifi Passwords Leak:

LulzSec Kurdistan (@LulzSecKu):

List of 27 Websites Defaced 4/01/2019:
Deface Mirror of 27 Websites Hacked/Defaced:

Target: hxxp://

List of 500 Twitter Accounts Taken Down:

Pinoy LulzSec (@PinoyLulzSec__):


Target: hxxp://
Database Leak:

+250 Hacked Facebook Account Logins:
Additional Facebook Leaks Part 1:
Additional Facebook Leaks Part 2:

Polytech University of Phillipines: hxxps://
Database Download:
Download Backup:

Confidential Doc Stolen from Philippines Army:

Lorian Synaro (@LorianSynaro):



750 Facebook Accounts Hijacked – ClownSec:

Target: hxxp://

Hackers The World Over Prepare for April Lulz Day 2019

Having been around the internet for a while I cant help but notice an increased level of international fervor surround something referred to as “April Lulz Day 2019,” an international hacking operation being launched by LulzSec affiliates all around the world. While I’m certain not all of the targets whom will be #TangoDown‘ed tomorrow have been released publicly, it appears as though the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency appear to be the groups central targets, no pun intended – with all of the those 3 letter acronyms appearing in several publications advertising the date.

To date, at least from what I have been able to find, LulzSec Argentina, LulzSec Kurdistan, LulzSecITA, Pinoy LulzSec and ForTheLulz have all been pushing advertisements on behalf of it for several days now.  Rumor has it LulzSecITA has been holding onto a leak of a certain Mayor from Rome, though it remains to be seen if/when that leak will be released to the public. For the time being, if you are not planning on participation yourself, I guess just sit back and enjoy the lulz! 🍿

LulzSecKurdistan Hacks/Defaces 4 Websites Across Turkey & Iran

Last night, March 29th 2019, a new group of hackers going by the name of “LulzSec Kurdistan” (@LulzSecKu) claimed responsibility for hack and defacement of 4 websites across Turkey and Iran. While the group is new to social media as of March 2019 and the hacks below represent their first couple postings to the service, according to the groups website, the hackers appears to have been very active over the course of the last two weeks – hacking/defacing 150 websites around the world dating back to March 14th 2019.

LulzSecKurdistan’s Portfolio:

Browsing through their archives, it appears as though the group is primarily interested in targets in the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey and Iran, targeting various local businesses, organizations and/or gaming websites hosted inside these countries. The group also appears to be political active as well, hacking some websites and replacing them with a message reading “Stop Killing Muslims.

Hacked Iran:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxp://

Hacked Turkey:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxps://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: text

Connecting The Online Hacking World – The Ultimate Anonymous Handbook

I’m not sure if it’s a result of all the protests and riots around France, or the political fallout following the perceived failures/letdowns of international conservatives elected throughout the course of 2015 and 2016, or its the new treasure troves of hacks and leaks coming out of Brasil and Europe, but it certainly feels as though more and more people around the world are starting to become interested in hacking, Anonymous and online activism in general. In that spirit, a group of hackers known as LulzSecITA is leading the charge for #OpPaperStorm to close out the year 2018, explaining to the world that:

“You do not have to be a HACKER if you want CHANGE. Important events do not just occur on the internet. The revolution of consciousness is already taking place all around the world, and now is a unique time in history to make all of our voices count! You can participate too. In fact, you MUST participate. There is the global battle taking place online and in our streets to conquer your minds, freedom and to hide you from the truth. Our goal is to get our voices in the ears of all politicians in all rooms of Parliament, Ministry’s and Government Agencies worldwide. Collectively, we use our right to free speech in the war against corruption and equality. Join us!

Politicians do not represent you, the media deceives and lies to you while distorting the truth, and your government censors critical information at the heart of many important issues. What you must realize is that you are the media, you are the truth. In out modern time, the internet and social media is a tool which allows any and all of us to be our own reporter, so go and make the news! Create your own accounts, tell your stories and share truth with the world. Collectively we CAN change the world.

In spirit of their message and overall goal, I too would like to add to the discussion and resources. For those of you whom may be unfamiliar with the movement, here is a little information to help teach and get you started down the path towards becoming an online activist or part of the Anonymous movement. First off, while it might be a little cliche, anyone whom has ever “joined” Anonymous or thought about doing so has indubitably come across the following video:

All The Tools Necessary To Find or Become Anonymous:

AnonOps IRC | Home To AntiSec & LulzSec:

CyberGuerrilla IRC | Home To The Undergrounds Best: (ClearNet)
https://aldfqlbwtsagq2gy.onion (Tor) (WebChat)

Other Places To Look:

4Chan Random Board:
Reddit Anonymous Board:
Reddit WTF Board:

Security Resources:

The Onion Network:
Security Handbook:
Email Encryption Basics:
Connecting To The IRC:
HexChat IRC On Windows or Linux:
How To Write Un-Hackable Passwords:
Phone Security:
Email Security Strategies:
Making The Switch To Encrypted Emails:
Securing Your Social Media Accounts:
Building & Selecting Safer Web Browsers:
The Value of Copy & Paste Services:
Data Servers, Country of Origin & Cyber Security:
Encrypted Chatrooms & VoIP Apps:
Internet Router Security:
Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks & Security ‘Hacks’:
Anonymous Security Guide 2.0:
Operation Security:

Operating Systems:

Alternative Hacker OS:
Kali Linux:
ParrotSec OS:
BlackArch OS:
Tails OS:
Installing Duel OS’s Through Virtual Machines:

Linux Commands Encyclopedia:
Windows cmd Encyclopedia:
macOS Commands Encyclopedia:

Pirates Guide To Anonymous:

** Note: Some, but not all links/downloads have been taken down by authorities **

Leak 1 | EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course: 

SQL Injection:
Scanning Networks:
Hacking Web Servers:
Hacking Web Applications:
Session Hijacking:
Social Engineering:
System Hacking:
Denial of Service:
Hacking Wireless Networks:
Malware Threats:
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots:
Hacking Mobile Platforms:

Leak 2 | More Hacking Courses:

Introduction to Pentesting and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux:
Introduction to Firewalls:
Introduction to Browser Security Headers:
Introduction to Wireshark:
Troubleshooting with Wireshark:
Wireshark 2.0:
Network Security Testing with Nmap:
All about buffer Overflows:
Network Pentesting using Python and Kali Linux:
Metasploit Basics:
CloudFlare Security:
Hack your API First:
Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis:
Check Point Certified Security Administrator; Install & Deploy:
Cloud Security:
Cloud Computing:
Introduction to Pentesting using Metasploit:

Leak 3 | Coursera Training Courses:

Software Security:
Hardware Security:
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Tech:[Princeton+University].7z

Leak 4 | Programming:

C++ Fundamentals:
C++ Advanced Topics:
C Fundamentals:
C In Action:
Java Fundamentals:
Java from Scratch:
Introduction to Java:
Introductions to HTML:
Introduction To JQuery:
Introduction To CSS:
Introduction To Arduino:
Getting Started with AngularJS:
Building Angular & Node JS Apps:
ExtJS Desktop Fundamentals:
Python Fundamentals:
Python, Beyong The Basics:
An Introduction To Concurrent Python:
Ruby 2.0:
Getting Started with BackBone JS:
Introduction To Powershell:
Raspberry Pi Home Server:
Raspberry Pi for Developers:

Leak 5 | Cisco CCNA Security:

Introduction To Network Security:
AAA & IP Security:
Firewalls & VPN’s:

Leak 6 | # CompTIA A+:

Computer Hardware:
Peripherals & Best Practices:
Operating Systems:
Mobile Devices & Troubleshooting:

Leak 7 | CompTIA Security+:

Network & Domain Security:
Network Architecture:
Network Operations:
Network Security 2:

Leak 8 | Linux:

Linux Installation and Initial Configuration:
Introduction to the Bash Shell:
Shell Scripting with Bash:
Linux Command Line Interface Fundamentals:

Leak 9 | Video Editing:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Fundamentals:
Animation and Video Editing in Photoshop:
Color Correction and Grading in Adobe Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade:
Action Scene Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Setup (Software Itself, Not A Course):

Leak 10 | Miscellaneous:

Clean Code:
Test Driven Development with Brad Wilson:
The Fundamentals of Scrum Methodology:
Building A Successful Blog:
Building A High Traffic Profitable Blog:

Leak 11 | Other Resources:

Hacking PDF’s Extracted from
Alternative Cloud Services:

Accounts To Follow:

@CgAn_Doemela | @JTSEC3313 | @LulzSec_ITA | @4n0nGh05t | @LulzSeguridad | @nonymousNews | @ArgGhostHackers |@Scode404 | @Shad0wS3C ‏‏| @LorianSynaro ‏| @__s1ege ‏| @GhostSquadHack | @NamaTikure ‏| @urharmful | @LabDefCon ‏| @SH4RPSH0OTER ‏| @NewWorldHacker ‏| @Mecz1nho ‏| @ergo_hacker ‏| @M1r0x__ ‏| @Knushh ‏| @zglobal_ ‏| @La9deAnon | @Lil_Sh4wtyy ‏| @YourAnonArg ‏| @yellowvestanons ‏| @AnonyResistance ‏| @AnonFrance ‏| @AnonsCouncil ‏| @campuscodi

Best Sources for Hacking News:

Rogue Media Labs:
SC Media:
Bleeping Computer:
Security Affairs:
The Hacker News:
InfoSec Magazine:

Latest Human Rights News Worldwide:

Human Rights Watch:
Amnesty International:

As LulzSecITA closes out their press release, once you get the hang of the online stuff you should next take to the streets – #OpPaperStorm:

1. Be creative, serious and maybe even a little ironic, use direct messages. Express your opinions and criticisms against the state. You must want change.

2. Organize, prepare, photocopy leaflets, banners, posters, stickers, indelible markers or color cans, or simply download the existing images and print them! With a few euros you can create masterpieces. Be your own artist and express yourself in a way only you can.

3. Distribute flyers, hang your banners, paste your posters with adhesive tape, spray with the can on the walls to create real street-art, put images on the bulletin boards around the city. Create a team and join forces with other. Talk to as many people as possible about ANONYMOUS, about corrupt politics and about poverty or whatever you are passionate about!

4. Document what you create! Capture your art with a photo in order to get as many people as possible your message!

5. Work at night or whenever there are few people! Pay attention to the cameras and the police, leave no traces except your art! Activism is not a crime! But unfortunately in recent times you have to be very careful!

ATTENTION: All work is good for Anonymous, there is no fixed ideology of Anonymous, but carefully use our logos, emblems, existing images, posters / banners, the V mask (Guy Fawkes) or our well-known slogan!

Create with us,
Be Anonymous,
Be a street warrior!

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Wait for us!

OpPaperStorm Press Release 2018: