A Word About The Geneva Convention & US Immigration Border Camps

My mind has been wandering throughout the course the day today, so I figure why not write an article having a frank discussion about the Geneva Convention and the US’s current immigration ‘crisis’? What I think is most important to understand is that the US media’s coverage of this situation takes everything so far out of context and honestly, is completely immoral and completely immoral.

The reason I say this is because I have personally attempted to seek asylum abroad, much like those currently being held in US border camps for example, but was not treated anywhere near as nice as the US treats our immigrants. What you must understand is that in accordance with international law regarding asylum seekers – id est the Geneva Convention – it is quite literally the law to detain asylum seekers and hold them for a period of up to three months before giving them the right to trial to see if their needs/situation justify the right of asylum. Therefore, when you are seeing on CNN or reading by The New York Times about how cruel and horrible the USA is being detaining/holding all these people at border camps, just remember that the US is the one just following “the law,” doing the right thing – what they should be doing.

Following international law on this issue is also a concept lost on many countries around the world these days, and don’t forget that. For example, in the Bahamas. In April of 2018 I fled the United States to the Bahamas, where I entered the country and declared refugee status, seeking political asylum. Only I wasn’t detained or given a trial like international law and the Geneva convention mandate, of which the Bahamas is also a signatory by the way. Instead, I was literally walked right through the airport and shipped back to Miami right then in there, less than two hours after declaring asylum in the first place. So, just remember my story and how it’s supposed to go in these asylum cases cases, and then you’ll know how proper the US is actually behaving here, complying with all international standards – because CNN, The Washington Post or New York Times will never tell you that incredibly important piece on information when reporting on the US border crisis. Honestly, you tell me why you think that is?

I mean it’s not just the Bahamas that violates the Geneva Convention for asylum seekers and immigrants, look no further the situation in Macedonia from 2015-2017. Forget detaining, feeding, protecting and giving illegal immigrants fair trial, Macedonia intead brought in tanks, their army, tear gas, built fences and beat the $hit out of anyone trying to enter their country – those who were detained were simply sent back across their borders via train to the other side of the track. Or look at Italy, whom actually passed new laws criminalizing rescuing refugees at sea while drowning off their coastline. How f*cked is that?

I could go on and on here, but you do not want to read forever.  Just remember that the main steam media has a deliberate bias in all the smut they put in your face. Too often the truth of the matter is buried behind political bias, which is such a damn shame. But the truth is out there, if you are educated enough to learn/find it. I guarantee anyone who just read this now has a different understanding of international law, and what/why the US Government is doing what they do at our borders. Only trust independent media.


Op-Ed: Predictions for The European Unions Upcoming Round of National Elections

For those of you whom might not be aware, between May 23rd and 26th 2019 the European Parliament is set to hold their next round of national elections, with seats in all 28 members states up for grabs. Given the nature of my expertise and work, the other day I was asked by a small private group of intelligence contractors based out of France what my opinions were about these elections, who I thought might be a target and what information I might expect to see coming from them over the next few weeks/months leading up to the elections? While I didn’t necessarily think much about it at the time, upon reflection, I suppose if international intelligence contractors were interested in this information then it might make for an interesting article concept.

As such, I write this article here today. What I tried to explain to them was a number of concepts, such as:

Russia Owns EVERYTHING. It is not for no reason that Russia is at the center of all these hack/leaks, and it is not for no reason that on through to today, Russia continues to hack just about anyone and everyone they desire. What’s critically important to understand is that Russia is using never before seen technology/computers. Meaning that Russia has developed hardward, software and operating systems that no one else in the world can match or have access too. Moreover, these OS’s do not operate on/by or follow the same traditional computing “rules” as everyone else – particularly MacOS, Windows or Linux. Rather, Russia uses its own design whose computers are not limited to, governed or restricted by the same rules as everyone else.

As you can see from the links above, this initiative dates back to 2015 when Kremilin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov announced that Vladimir Putin would soon be banning Microsoft devices from Government devices in Russia, instead switching them over to new domestically sourced programs unique to Russia. Ever since, Russia has just about owned every Government or Government agency they desire. Again, because their hackers are not following the same computing rules as the rest of the world.

Top Priorities/Threats

Romania. In terms of theoretical targets for future leaks, espionage, hacking campaigns and the like over the months to follow, I maintain that Romania it a top tier target. I say this because their economy is fragile and the countries leaders are essentially desperate. For years on end Romania has been begging NATO to stockpile them with weapons and munitions as to deter Russia from ever thinking about trying to take over the country directly- again, for a second time. In fact, NATO weapon transfers to Romania dating back to 2015 are at the literal heart of all the current missile related conflicts between our two countries in 2019 – a year which has already seen both the US and Russia remove their signatures from various Cold War enacted agreements/treaties.

For these very reasons, I maintain that Romania is perhaps the single highest priority target/threat, or most vulnerable country in the European Union at the present moment in time.

Albania. While Albania is not in the EU, they will be holding elections in June of 2019 and the country is a bit of a powder keg – so to speak. I say this because it was only recently exposed, in August 2016, that the countries current Prime Minister, Edi Rama, was essentially elected via a coup thrown by international Globalists including George Soros and Hillary Clinton. For example, you may recall a 2011 leaked email from Hillary Clinton posted by Wikileaks in 2016, in which is was exposed how George Soros, a private citizen, quite literally ordered/instructed Clinton, the US State Department and the European Uninon to throw the weight of their platforms behind Edi Rama in the Albanian National dispute. Not only this, but the very person whom went on to negotiate/mediate the government transition, Miroslav Lajcak, was also personally named in the email, by Soros, as the person who Clinton and the EU should appoint to do exactly this.

At the time, the leak served the perfect ‘smoking gun,’ revealing how billionaire lobbyists, such as Soros and his foundation, collude with international politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, to achieve the political results they desire. In other words, on through to today, the leak remains so significant because it exposes the so-called “Shadow Government” that many are aware of, but seldom ever get a chance to see. Consequentially, this is also why Albania now finds itself a top level target, especially given the rise of international Nationalists appointed around them in the years since Rama was first elected. Moreover, the country is also vulnerable to liberal socialists alike, given the fact that Albania has long since asked for inclusion in the European Union – but continues to be denied.

2016 Clinton-Soros Leaked Email on Albania/Edi Rama: https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/28972

Poland. It’s perhaps the worst kept secret in the world that Poland is home to the single largest remaining faction of the Nazi Party as it existed during World War II. The evidence of this can be seen by wave after wave after wave of White Nationalists protests in Poland over the course of the last several years. For example, see samples of protests from 2015, 2017, 2018 and on through to today…….

Needless to say, the people of Poland are quite pissed off and have been pissed off for a very long time. Moreover, especially given all of the countries poverty levels, coupled with ethnic, racists and religious tensions inside the country, it wouldn’t exactly take too much effort to tip the country and its people over the edge, so to speak, and send them all into an uproar. For this very reason, Poland is considered another top level target in the future – especially with elections just on the horizon.

Macedonia. Macedonia is the country which taught me that if you are ever coming under heavy fire from tear gas, you should smear toothpaste under your eyes like eye-black to mitigate the effects. This is because Macedonia has been home to ongoing border disputes with various EU nations dating back to 2015. This is because the country is positioned at a unique point in the world, geo-strategically making it a gateway into Europe – especially from the Mediterranean, were many refugees from North Africa and the Middle East continue to poor into Europe. Again, see evidence of border clashed from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

As it should be obvious to see, these conflicts have been raging for quite some time now, and despite “peace agreements” in 2018 many people are still upset and the conflict at Macedonia’s borders are still ongoing. While Macedonia is not an EU country, they do directly border several EU countries whom all have less than favorable opinions of the country and their policies – geo-political disputes rip for the picking, so to speak, which can be exploited by internetional threat actors.

France, Spain and Greece also remain vulnerable targets, espcially considering that all of these EU countries already have or are actively on the brink of economic collapse. However, these targets are too obvious, which is why I didn’t include a break down of their vulnerabilites here today.