State Auditor: “Mississippi Shows Disregard for Cyber Security in State Government”

An internal audit of security systems, measures and protocols of the Mississippi State Government, at the hands of the states own auditor, is said to have revealed complete “disregard for cyber security” at the hands of Government employers and public universities – leaving the state particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks as we head deeper into the 2020 US Presidential election season.

As was reported by Mississippi’s State Auditor earlier this month, “As required by state law, the Auditor’s office sent a cyber security survey to 125 state agencies, boards, commissions, and universities. Only 71 state entities responded to the survey, and several respondents did not complete it. This leaves the status of cyber security in more than 50 state entities completely unknown.

Among the government offices that replied to the survey, the report shows at least 11 do not have adequate written procedures to prevent or recover from a cyber attack. Another 22 respondents have not executed a third-party risk assessment. Having a third party test the vulnerability of an agency’s server is a requirement under state law. Further, 38% of all respondents indicate sensitive information like health information, tax data, and student information is not being encrypted to protect it from hackers.

In short, the survey found over half of all respondents are less than 75% compliant with state cyber security laws.“”

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New Hampshire Ranked The Least Developed State In The US In Terms of Cyber Security Practices

So, I bring up this research here today for no other reason than the fact that I live in New Hampshire and ironically, am struggling to operate a cyber security business here. Regardless, earlier today I stumbled upon the results of a new study carried out by researchers at Wakefield and Webroot Security, breaking down security habits/practices across the United States. What they uncovered was certainly interesting, to say the least.

For example, according to the data, researchers discovered that the top five safest states across the US in terms of cybersecurity were Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Alaska, and Connecticut – in that order. Consequentially, on the other side of the spectrum, the top 5 least safest states in terms of cybersecurity were found to be Kentucky, Idaho, Ohio, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. As you can imagine, this news was particularly interesting/depressing to me, especially given my situation.

Other Results from The Study:

5% of Americans back up their files or file systems.
62% of Americans only use free versions of anti-virus software.
63% of Americans use the same password across all of their online accounts.
64% of Americans don’t secure their social media accounts.
80% of Americans have never even heard of the term “Malware” before – let alone understand it.
– Somehow, despite all of these stats, 90% of Americans say they believe they are practicing proper proper cyber security strategies.

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