Op-Ed: Boomers v Millennials (2019 US Presidential Election Version)

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve done everything humanly possible to distance myself from the US Presidential election and all of the hoopla surrounding it – at least while we are still in the calendar year 2018, that is. But riding back from work the other day I couldn’t help but hear the man on the radio say “Bernie Sanders is now fully recovered from his heart attack.” To which I made the remark to my boss, “Bernie Sanders had a heart attack?” Not so sarcastically adding, “well that must have finally put a nail in the coffin of his political career?” My boss responded with a laugh and “you’d think.” To which I responded “I’d hope. I mean that makes his Vice Presidential pick particularly important, doesn’t it?

Now, I may not ever vote for Sanders once day but that doesn’t mean I look at him as the enemy or hold bad feeling towards him. My social commentary was specifically in regards to age and how it effects work performance, such as in the most stressful job in the entire world; the US Presidency. Bernie Sanders is 78 now and the November 2019 election is not even 1 year away at this point, yet he is already having heart attacks over stress in the Democratic prelims to the elections? How the hell can any voter, even his closest followers, now justify voting for this man to become the Nations next President for the next 4-8 years? I mean, he literally almost just died of old age – not so far away from John McCain’s death either. In this instance, Bernie Sanders Vice Presidential pick might just be who you are voting for in the 2019 election, not for the man (candidate) himself – which is a dangerous thought/notion, and not an unjustified one either.

For the life of me, I just can not understand. How long has Bernie Sanders served in Office? How long have some of his counterparts like Joe Biden? Almost 50 years now! When will enough be enough? When will they ever retire or step away from their power trip? I mean, you only have to be 35 years old the run for the Presidency, so why are all of the leading candidates and the current incumbent more than twice as old as that? It just madness to me. Regardless, it reminds me of an old opinion editorial I wrote a few years back as an onlooker to the US primary election season, leading up to the 2016 US Presidential debate. I believe its sentiments hold equally strong then as they do today, which is why I am releasing it here for this website again today.

Download Op-Ed File: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/BoomersvMillenials.pdf

Boomers v Millenials (4 Pages)

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Chelsea Manning Releases Op-Ed from Prison

Via the documents provided below, you can read the full letter presented by Chelsea Manning’s legal team to a Virginia Court room yesterday, May 6th 2019, detailing what she calls “torturous conditions and ‘abuse of the judicial system for political ends’” during her detainment for refusing to testify against Julian Assange. Honestly, there’s nothing more I can or want to add to this story, and rather than read a summary of it from myself, you are instead invited to read Chelsea Manning’s own words for yourself.

Download Op-Ed: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/vaed-1_19-dm-00003-29-1-1.pdf

Read 8 Page Op-Ed:

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Satire/Op-Ed: Prepare for Tomorrows Rainbow Zombie Unicorn Invasion from Mars!

Yesterday I came across an article that I think presents the perfect opportunity to explain how irresponsible it is to report on leaked documents, without publishing said documents along with your report – and not the other way around. What I mean to say is that it seems like some major publishers around the internet try to stay as far away from leaks as humanly possible, believing that leaked documents are highly unethical, immoral or illegal in nature. Still others will report on leaks, but choose to keep the leaked documents redacted from the general public. For the purposes of this article, from the perspective of someone willing to publish anything and everything, these are the types of publishers I would like to address or draw attention to here today.

Truth be told, I was first inspired to write this article today after seeing an article in Express.co.uk yesterday, allegedly reporting on leaked documents “seen by The Sunday Times” the day beforehand. I put that wording in quotations specifically because, conspicuously absent from the “reports” on the leaked documents in both publications was the leaked documents themselves 🤔.


In response to the article and the man whom shared it with me, I made the snide remarks “In other news, in leaks seen by Rogue Media Labs, rainbow zombie unicorns from Mars are set to invade tomorrow!” It was obviously a joke of course, but I was also being serious. I used it as an opportunity to explain how irresponsible it is to report on leaked documents without actually showing said documents. The way I look at the situation, none of these stories have any validity without them. For example, why should anyone believe what these authors, reporters or sources have to say about the situation? How can we be certain they weren’t just written by some extremist Christian Zionist pretending to be ISIS in order to keep the public in fear? How can we ensure the information is even real or authentic? Why should anyone believe the words of this reporter, because they said so?

It’s quite literally impossible for anyone to validate the reports without anyone seeing the documents for ourselves, which is why I find this type of reporting incredibly reckless and irresponsible. I get why some publishers do this though. For example, I can almost guarantee the Express.co.uk reporters in question omitted these documents because they thought it might be too dangerous/extreme to include in the article first place. In this way, they actually see their reporting as moral/ethical, even though I still believe the exact opposite. Still other publishers, such as Reuters, refuse to publish leaks or link to other sources of news in their documents for the “prestige“of it all; they want their readers to believe they are the top of the internet food chain and are so “fancy-pants” that they are privy to information no one else is – nah nah 😛

As I’ve already stated, I get why these publishers do this – I just don’t understand it. The way I look at it, the whole reason for owning a news site and wasting so much time writing is so that I can educate the public and give them as much information as humanly possible when it comes to issues/events making the news. This is the disconnect I feel/see with other news reporters, which is why I do what I do here at Rogue Media Labs. It’s almost funny in a way, some people think it’s unethical for me to publish so many raw leaks to the public, while I think it is arrogant and irresponsible not to. The way I look at it, if you do not have the balls to publish leaked documents for yourself, you are either hiding something, have a deliberate agenda, or scared. Either way, if you are not willing to openly publish leaked documents, you should probably just stay away from writing about them in the first place – yeah? After-all, this game isn’t for everyone.

“Don’t take life too seriously,
None of us are getting out alive.”

For A Highly Advanced Species, Humans are Still Pretty Dumb

This is essentially another republish from an article I once published a few years back, seemingly in a different lifetime than the one I’m living today. The theme revolves around the central concept of human “ingenuity” and humanity in general, essentially breaking down how stupid of a species we are or have become. In validation of this premise, I invite you to consider to following evidence…..

Elon Musk and SpaceX

The other year I went out my way to make a meme mocking Elon Musk and his “revolutionary” new vision to leave planet Earth behind and begin the colonization of Mars, an endeavor which would no doubt take decades of planning and untold billions of dollars in investment to actually pull off.

While this might sound “cool,” I want you to actually take a moment to intellectually break this down for a moment. I mean think about it, one of the planets smartest and richest men is proposing investing countless billions of dollars and decades of planning into a project designed to colonize another planet, when there are still regions of this planet suffering from a severe lack of resources, infrastructure and investment, resulting in famine, disease, War, death and destruction? In what world does that make any sense?

As I put forward, Elon Musk may be one of the worlds smartest men, but that’s pretty stupid when you really think about it – at least in my opinion. How about we learn to perfect life on this planet first, before we go ahead and try to start colonizing another one – shall we?

NASA and Pretty Pictures

Along the same lines as Musk and SpaceX, it has always continued fascinating me the amount of time, money and resources we continuously pump into NASA’s budget each year. I mean don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t like looking at all of the “bad-ass” photos being released by NASA every year – especially some of their most recent ones….

We all get it, those pictures are pretty freaking sweet. But I mean honestly, what good are these pictures? What purpose are they actually serving us or society? Outside of something pretty to look at from time to time, was it really worth hundreds of billions of dollars in investment and decades of research/study to get? Looking around at some of the problems currently facing the world today, by comparison, it hardly feels worth it. What else could have we accomplished with all of those great minds and with all of that money? The way I look it, every penny spent looking at objects essentially an infinity billion light years away, that no one will ever actually physically see or visit, is one less penny spent investing in humanity itself – or the world we presently live in. I just don’t understand the logic.

Carbon Monoxide & Green House Emissions

Here’s another rant, this time revolving around the invention of the good ole combustible engine – something which was undeniably revolutionary, but which has since come back to haunt us. Truth be told, I first got the idea to write about this after coming across so many “Chemtrail” conspiracy theorists online. It always fascinated me the lengths to which these people would go to ‘raise awareness’ on behalf of this issue. They all rant and rave and endlessly complain about all of the planes/jets occasionally flying over their heads every week, but not once have I ever heard a single one of them complain about all of those “Carbon Monoxide Trails” being left behind by all those cars driving around them every day. Where are their priorities at I wonder?

I mean think about it, every car on this planet is currently spewing out enough Carbon Monoxide to kill its owner every single day/time it is turned on. Don’t believe me? Seal yourself inside your garage and leave you car running for a while – trust me, it’ll be fun. I remember joking once about going down to the US patents office and applying for a new invention. When they asked me what my patent was for I would tell them that I was going to invent a Carbon Monoxide machine, explaining how you would just simply turn it on and it would magically begin turning life giving Oxygen into life ending Carbon Monoxide! Isn’t that exciting!? Of course they would call me crazy and kick me out of the building, but is that not the same exact patent every car manufacturer on Earth keeps getting granted every year? 🤔

Now think for a moment about every single combustible engine currently on this planet and throughout time, that’s a lot of combustible engines all spewing out a ton of Carbon Monoxide. However, no one ever seems to care or think twice about this because once we are outside and turn them on, all of the Carbon Monoxide just seems to “harmlessly” float away with the wind. Well, the problem is that the wind on this planet operates within a closed loop, and whatever just harmlessly floats away from one location ends up in another location. Over a long enough time, all of these emissions and greenhouses gas get caught up in the atmosphere, mix together and homogenize to come back effecting everyone in humanity full circle. As a demonstration, see below.

Continuing on with the central premise of this article, once again, while it took a great mind to ultimately come up with and invent the combustible engine, was it really such a good idea for the world/society in retrospect? I mean, none of this is to mention the societal impact/damages caused by years of War over natural resources needed to sustain combustible engines, nor the environmental damages caused trying to mine or manufacture these same resources – which have irreparably damaged our planet in entirely separate ways over the decades.

With that established however, if the combustible engine and its ravenous need for oil consumption isn’t enough to convince you of humanities failings just yet, then buckle up kiddos because its about to start getting even darker…..

Fukishima & Nuclear Radiation/Waste

It is an undeniable truth that one of humanities “greatest” inventions was the advent of nuclear technology/power. However, even though it took some the worlds greatest minds to realize, in retrospect, has there ever been a dumber invention? For example, consider the following evidence.

Around 80 years after it was first invented, not only have we had several major meltdowns over the decades, but we are already facing major problems/setbacks in regards to nuclear storage. Less than 100 years after its invention, we cant even contain some of the worlds largest hazardous waste dumps/fields, and the waste will “only” remain radio-active for, oh I don’t know, say the next hundreds of thousands to millions of years – give or take. If we cant contain nuclear waste here in the present, how the hell can we possibly keep justifying storing more and more of it throughout the future? Its as if these scientists had no foresight whatsoever.

Read More – The Dangers of Radioactive Waste Disposal: http://large.stanford.edu/courses/2015/ph240/sherman2/

As if Chernobyl wasn’t bad enough, the single worst environmental disaster in all of human history occurred on March 11th 2011, and has been negatively the world ever since. While there has indubitably been a lot of damage control in the international media regarding the incident over the years, it remains an indisputable fact that the Pacific Ocean has more or less been destroyed for the remainder of human history – at least on this planet, right Elon? 😉

For those of you unfamiliar, on March 11th 2011 the Fukushima power plant in Japan was hit by a tsunami, an event leading a complete meltdown of its reactors. On through to today however, despite the best laid plans of countless inventors, contractors and Government agencies worldwide, the situation at Fukushima has still never been fully remedied and Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak radioactive groundwater into the Pacific Ocean every single day. At this point, it’s considered scientifically impossible to stop.

Image may contain: text

The is a situation is only made more troubling by the fact that nuclear radiation does not just simply sit on top of water like an oil spill, rather, nuclear radiation mixes in with and becomes apart of it. Meaning that there will never be a way to clean up, remove or separate said radiation from the oceanic waters – the radioactive water will quite literally remain a part of the Pacific Ocean for the remainder of history and the situation will only continue deteriorating and growing larger over time.

If you think I am just some crazy conspiracy theorist or paranoid alarmist in regards to this matter, please review the evidence provided below. But hey, if you still aren’t persuaded or think I’m just some crazy person after that, then keep-enjoying them scrumptious Pacific crab legs buddy! You’ve earned them!

Op-Ed: Need Any More Proof The Integrity Initiative Leaks & Institute for Statecraft are Real?

Over the course of the last several weeks I have heard many Americans around New York City skeptical of the Integrity Initiative leaks, essentially dismissing it as nothing more than just a “Conspiracy Theory” – typical America. People look at the name Institute for Statecraft and chuckle a bit, you expect us to believe that a classified Government organization would actually be set up to disseminate fake news and propaganda to boost up the English empire, and that it calls itself the Institute for Statecraft? That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard of, sounds like something out of Harry Potter they say, so it must be fake.

This is exactly why I hate America, we are single-handedly the most unaware, oblivious and ignorant culture of people on planet Earth. Even when the truth is staring people right in the face, they still lack the intellectual processing power to see/understand it. After-all, this is literally the same population of people whom actually still believe that Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s own personal hand written emails are somehow Russian propaganda. Hmm, didn’t know that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were Russian agents/propagandists! Whats that say about the Democrat Party then I wonder? Trying to teach the average American anything about the world of international espionage, or anything not related to sex, music or materialism for that matter, is utterly futile.

What’s The Rant About?

Over the course of the last 24 hours Rogue Media Labs has been in contact with the Director of Strong Point Security Limited, a defense intelligence contractor for the UK Government implicated within the Integrity Initiative leaks. While I will not reveal our entire exchange, in a message to myself, their acting director stated:

No photo description available.

This is not an isolated incident, I only had to personally back up these files on my website in the first place because they were being taken down all over the world – including on the very file hosting platforms they were originally uploaded onto. This is also a phenomenon which effected parts 1-3 of the Integrity Initiative leaks, which is why CyberGuerrilla had to republish them all again a second time consolidated into 1 singular file posted through AnonFile. This is also why I have had to personally host part 4 of the leaks myself, in a location where no one in the world could possible take it down – my personal website.

Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-3: https://roguemedia.co/2018/12/20/scribd-took-down-all-leaked-integrity-initiative-documents-so-cyberguerrilla-consolidated-them-all-in-one-place/

Integrity Initiative Leak 4: https://roguemedia.co/2019/01/05/cyberguerrilla-publishes-pt-4-of-integrity-initiative-leaks-exposing-uk-military-operations-propaganda-campaigns-throughout-us-china-2/

My rhetorical question to America is: if all of these leaks were nothing more than a conspiracy theory and the Institute for Statecraft isn’t a real thing, then why would the British Government be working so hard to try and scrub all of the material offline? Why would they even bother to contact and/or later threaten me?

On a side note, if you are not aware, I am currently living in a homeless shelter – where I also run this website out of. Just think about the gravity of what’s happening here. One of the UK’s biggest military/intelligence defense contractors, Strong Point Security Limited, is asking a homeless man for help. Moreover, they are asking a homeless man to take down factual information about a secret government agency used to spread fictional information. Do you see how hilarious and/or pathetic that is? Then they actually wonder why the Russian’s are eating Western Democracies for lunch and why I wont take down the information personally.

My Policy Regarding Leaked Documents

It is not Rogue Media Labs policy to take down any publicly available information found on the internet, which remains a “public domain” – a public space. Additionally, as Rogue Media Labs was not the hacker whom hacked the documents, nor did I coordinate to hack, leak or obtain the documents myself, nor was I the original publisher of the leaks in the first place, I am under no legal burden whatsoever to take the leaked documents down or face any legal burden for the information contained inside of them. Therefore, no matter how much Strong Point Security Limited wants to pout and complain and throw hissy fits, the documents are staying up.

Lastly, a message to the wise. You want to mess around in the world of foreign relations, geo-politics and international espionage? Best believe you are going to become a target yourself. This is something perhaps Mr. Kaszeta should have considered a little more strongly before sighing his multi-million dollars contract with the UK Government. He was only a target because of the immoral work he was getting paid so handsomely to sow for them.

Leaked Documents They Want Me To Take Down:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/chemical.pdf”%5D

Op-Ed: The Corporate World Is So Afraid of Hacking They Make Themselves Even Less Secure

The news has been a little slow this Holiday season, so I am going to take the opportunity to go on a mini rant of sorts, explaining just how clueless business executives and “professionals” can be when it comes to their online or data security. I got motivated to write this after reading an article by Information Security Magazine, discussing how passwordless authentication is going to become the next “Big Thing” of the future.

However, that article was nothing more than a literal :facepalm: for me to read because I know it is exponentially harder to crack passwords than it is pins – which passwordless authentication relies on. Put another way,  it is much easier to run Brute Force attacks against a series of numbers, such as those contained within a pin, than it is a series of numbers, letters and symbols – such as are included in passwords. Why anyone working specifically in the field of Information Security would then write an article advocating for passwordless authentication as a good thing for the industry is completely beyond my understanding.

With that established, here’s a look at a few other examples which also have me shaking my head in disbelief.


The other week I featured an article discussing two emerging businesses, Starlink internet service and Space Belt data storage. In fact, executives at Space Belt were so impressed with my coverage that they sent me an email explaining that the company had just raised another $100 million dollars, asking me to write a press release about it in the future.

While I told their Chief Commercial Officer I would be happy to cover an update for them, I also used the opportunity to point out some serious flaws in their websites security. For example, the site does not even have an active Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate – something which costs, on average, between $3-$20 to install. I explained to him that without an SSL certificate, any hacker or interested 3rd party could intercept/steal the information that visitors input on spacebelt.com – it also puts their site at advanced risk of DDoS attack. I explained to them how it is not a good look for a company trying to literally sell itself as world-class security specialists to have the words “Not Secure” featured on the front page of their website – the first thing any customers/visitors sees upon accessing their website. For example, I also have an online business website, and I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to sell security with an unsecured website – get it?

Well, apparently Space Belt executives didn’t like my email or constructive criticism very much, because not only did they not thank me for bringing this to their attention, but they have now ceased replying to all my emails and still haven’t even fixed the security issue. Below is a screen shot of the very problem I am talking about.

Image may contain: text

Askar Refugee Camp

It is a generally known fact that the international cyber espionage/hacking capital of the world is Israel, whom has been granted immunity for this sort of activity over the decades. Not only this, but last month I featured a report explaining how 22% of Palestinian women have gave up and stopped using the internet entirely, after regularly coming under cyber attack and facing sexual harassment online. Not only this, but I personally got a hacking group know as “PinkiHacks” banned off Twitter entirely after they announced something known as #OpIslam and #OpGaza, an online hacking campaign designated at attacking Arabic educational institutions and anyone living in the disputed territories around Israel.

It should go without saying, but perhaps no one in the world is more vulnerable in 2018/2019 than Palestinians, both online and off. For this very reason I reached out to Amjad Rfaie, Director of Askar Refugee Camp, offering to install online security for his website and host his email servers privately. In fact, I was even willing to volunteer to pay money out of my pocket just to do this. However, for reasons unknown, perhaps because I am an America, he has declined.

I was afraid for him because he runs a completely unsecured website lacking even the basic security measures, and runs all camp emails through an outdated Yahoo email account. For those of you unaware, literally every Yahoo account which has ever been created has already been hacked, and Yahoo remains perhaps the most insecure email hosting platform in the world. Given the tensions in the region and the important role he serves in his community, I feared that Amjad could one day soon become an easy target for Israel hackers – if he hasn’t been compromised already. Once again however, he seems utterly disinterested in allowing me to help him and for reasons I simply do not understand, doesn’t even respond to my emails or texts anymore.

New York City Public Library

Here’s another interesting experience I’ve had while trying to launch my online security startup, this time involving the New York City Public Library (NYPL) system. One day I noticed all the free/public classes the library offers, and given my knowledge in the field of cyber security and the tutorials I have already prepared, figured it would be a good opportunity to share my knowledge with the world and get my name out there. However, shortly after handing in my application to the front desk I could hear people talking in back about how “we have to sabotage this application.” Explaining how they couldn’t let me work/teach there because the week beforehand I had used the library’s printer to print out a Visa application to Russia. To this day I have not heard one word back from the library and suspectedly, they just threw out my application the moment I handed it in.

Not only this, but one day I also reported a bug effecting their laptops. For example, the NYPL claims that every time a session expires all the data from the previous user gets automatically deleted so it can not be read by the next user, something which I found to be untrue. Not only did I personally find multiple resumes left on the computer from previous users, but I also tested the system myself. To do this I purposely left my resume open in a Word document and let the session expire. I then went to the library front desk and told them to open the lap top with a new account where, surprise, you could find my open resume right there on screen – a serious data security bug built into their systems. Only instead of thanking me for pointing this out to them, the person behind the desk grabbed the laptop out of my hands and threatened to “tear up” my library card. While their supervisor over ruled them, it just serves as yet another reminder how belligerent people get when you try to teach them something about security, even when you are trying to help.

Every Job I Have Ever Applied for

There is also a reason I am attempting to create my own news and security company, because my work in these fields has made me completely and utterly unemployable for the better part of the last 4 years. Rogue Media Labs is my 5th website, after closing my previous 4 domains. Despite small changes here and there, over this time I have always covered hacking events and cyber security developments, much as I do today. However, despite my unique skills and knowledge, everyone seems to be scared off by what or how much I know.

Look no further than the “Hacking News” section of this very website, which seems to scare the living daylights out of everyone for some reason. I say this because over the course of the last +3 years I have applied for well over 300 positions around the country/world, and have only received 2 call backs over this time, with one interview and 0 hires. As a result, I currently live and work out of a homeless shelter, where I have lived for the better part of the last 9 months – with no one in the world willing to allow me to work or even volunteer for them. I literally cant even pay money out of my own pocket to help secure someone – just ask Amjad about that. Because of the very news I write about, literally no one in the world wants anything to do with me.

My Side of The Story

I’ve tried explaining to people that there is a reason why can interview hackers, intellectually cover data breaches and publish leaks without the same hacks or hackers effecting me, because we both know how hard I am to hack. Some of the worlds most powerful hackers have personally demonstrated to me how it is easier to take down ProtonMail than it is my own website. I keep trying to tell people that if you hired me in the first place, your website wouldn’t have been hacked and your data would still be safe. There is a reason I am trying to start an online security company, because I know what I am doing – even if you don’t.

Still though, people just see me reporting about hacking and think I must be the most underground secret criminal in the world, or that I can’t possibly be trusted to handle any sort of data – nevermind do legitimate business with. It is almost as if employers or executives give no thought whatsoever to the fact that in order to learn how hacks are pulled off and how to mitigate them, you have to study hacking. It doesn’t occur to anyone that you can only learn how to prevent hacks by learning how others are being exploited. The only way I’ve ever learned anything about securing myself was by getting targeted by world class hackers and cyber attacks, experience which can not be taught or replaced. There is a reason no one can hack my website today, because Ive put in the dirty work and research to learn trade secrets. Still though, it doesn’t seem to matter.

But then again, maybe I should be thankful? With the corporate worlds refusal to learn how to secure themselves, I should have no shortage of hacks and leaks to continue writing/reporting about in the future. So, don’t tell me there isn’t a silver lining to every story.

Op-Ed: The Arithmetic Behind Trumps Election & The Political Fallout Which Followed

As I start the process of building a new website to compete with the industry big dogs, starting roughly 5 months from today once the EU election season officially kicks off, I look back at this time two years ago and cant help but be blown away by how much this country has fallen off. What I mean to say is I cant believe how much time, focus, effort, money, resources and progress we’ve lost following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. I cant help but think, has Trumps election set this country back 2 years, 4 years? 8 years? I’m not sure, you tell me.

I mean think about it, just look at the Mueller investigation in conjunction with both the Senate and House’s investigations into Russian interference during the 2015- 2016 election season. Sitting here almost 2 years after the fact, have any of these investigations concluded – what have they even found? No, and almost next to nothing. Moreover, has anything even really resulted or changed as a result of them? No, not really. Sure Google and Facebook have changed some policies since then, but they are both private corporate entities. What does the US Government have to show for itself? Right off the bat that’s two years and literally hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, straight down the metaphorical drain.

Now think about the fact that this was 2 years worth of time, money and resources not spent focusing on immediate threats to this country in the here and now, nor what lies ahead in the future.

Some Arithmetic for You: 2 years of investigations + 2 years lost looking back in the rear view mirror at what hit us in 2015-2016 instead of preparing for the future = 4 years and hundreds of millions of dollars lost.

Moreover, if all of this nonsense continues into the 2020 election season, we will have essentially lost 8 years of progress. As I then put forward, the election of Donald Trump for just 1 term in office may have already single highhandedly set the United States of America backwards almost a full decade – exactly what “those Russians” were hoping for, wasn’t it? The butterfly effect from all of this has also begun to spread around the entire world as well. China remains unafraid to battle us in a trade War, the US dollar is inflating, US national debt is skyrocketing and some of our nations closest historical allies are blatantly ignoring US foreign policy decisions – such as is the case with the Iranian Nuclear Treaty, Paris Climate Agreement and international Cyber Security Guidelines. Moreover, with the Senate now controlled by Republicans and the House controlled by Democrats, the people of the United States are already gearing up for another 2 years of legislative “gird lock” – ensuring that once again, just as was the case from 2014-2016, nothing will ever get done in this country on a political level.

Breaking down the fallout a little further, back when I was writing for Bankrupt Medi4 in 2017 I remember covering a story about a press conference given by Senator Mark Warner (R, NC), in which he told an audience of reporters how he had just learned about the use of “bots” to spread political misinformation and fake news online leading up to the 2016 election season. I also remember being absolutely blown away by his press conference, not at the information he was explaining, but rather because Senator Warner had never heard of the term “botnet” before that week. Yet, this is the man whose leading the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian hacking? How the hell can someone whose never heard of a botnet possibly be chosen to lead an investigation into perhaps the single most advanced and sophisticated hacking operation of all time? What in the world made/makes him qualified for such an en-devour? Nothing.

The fact of the matter is that these investigations always have been and still remain an absolute joke, being led by men/women who are completely and utterly unqualified for their positions. Heading into 2019 now, why do you think nothing has gotten done and these are still ongoing with no end in site? While we are on the subject, look no further than Robert Mueller and this whole “Russian collusion” investigation. Has he ever been more “famous” than he is today? I mean think about it, in 2018 hes essentially become a household name in this country. On top of this, he’s also personally been given a budget of tens of millions with more political subpoena power than almost anyone else in this country not named Donald Trump. But what has his investigation even accomplished? Whats become of nearly 30 million dollars and years worth of investigation? A handful of small indictments that the President could pardon if he really wanted to? Even Mueller knows he can do nothing to touch President Trump, his primary target of the entire investigation in the first place. So what is he even still doing on Capitol Hill then?

The answer is that this is simply the American Oligarchy at play. The people who have power, remain in power. The people with power, only get more power. What incentive does Mueller have to end his investigation? He’s automatically funded, has millions of dollars, more power than he’s ever had at any other point in his career and he’s become a celebrity who makes the national headlines on a near nightly basis to boot. When this investigation is over Mueller is essentially retired, this will be last greatest thing he is ever going to do with his career. Why walk away if he doesn’t have to? So he doesn’t. What incentive does Burr have to say that he has no idea what the hell he’s investigating in the first place? He doesn’t, so he pretends to play along – so and so forth.

Unfortunately, even though we live in a ‘Democracy,‘ we are stuck with the people in power – whether we like it or not. So, here’s to another 2 years and hundreds of millions more dollars spent trying to figure out how the hell the Russians got the better of us 3 years ago. Well done America, who cares about the future anyways – right?

Op-Ed: America’s Dystopia or The New Reality? I Honestly Don’t Know Which Anymore.

My whole life I have been told “just wait until you get older, things will change – things will get better.” Now into my 30’s however, I look at the world around me and things are no different than they have always been. In fact, things have only gotten worse.

When I was 2 years old (1988), George Bush became President. My freshmen year of high school (2000), George Bush became President. When I was 30 years old (2016), Jeb Bush was one of the leading Republican candidates to become next President. When I was 6 years old (1992), Bill Clinton became President. Then, 24 years later, his wife Hillary Clinton was at one point considered to be the odds on favorite to become the nations next President for another 4-8 years. Are we living in an Oligarchy or a Democracy? I honestly don’t know anymore.

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Here’s a rhetorical question, do you still believe you have a choice/vote in any of these elections? Or are you simply being given a handful of people to vote for or choose from? For example, Presidential election primaries usually consist of only a dozen or so contenders, so who gets to decide who those dozen people will be – is it you? No. Therefore, whether you like to admit it or not, voting merely gives people the “illusion” of actually having a choice; the fact of the matter is that you are given a choice to choose from, that is not the same as absolute “freedom” or “Democracy” – no matter how much they want you to believe otherwise.

I graduated college in 2009, just in time for “The Great Recession” and the conditions created by it are all I have known my entire adult/professional life. Unlike our silver spoon-fed politicians and President, I do not know what it is like to work or live in an America which is “great” and/or prosperous. US Congress has operated the US Government under an annual budget deficit every year since 2002 and as a result, our nations National debt now sits at over 21 trillion dollars. Unfortunately though, this figure is only dwarfed in comparison to combined collective “private” debt of American citizens, which currently sits at around 40 trillion. Whether anyone on Capitol Hill wants to admit it out loud or not, or country and its peoples are entirely broke – and not just morally.

The older I get, the less it seems to matter. The average age of Congress is 61 years old and the baby boomers have had a strangle hold on this world/Government since birth. I cant help but wonder, will my generation ever get a seat at the big table or turn in the drivers seat? At 32 years old now, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Donald Trump is 72 years old and his now famous slogan is “Make America Great Again,” but lets take a second to break this statement down, shall we? In trying to make America great again, Trump is admitting that this country is no longer great, or has at least slipped. It is no surprise, Donald Trump lived his “Glory Days” in the 60’s and 70’s – perhaps the single most prosperous time in America’s history. Even his MAGA slogan was stolen from JFK, whom once stated that “America does not have highway systems because it is great, America is great because of its highway systems.

From Barack Obama to Donald Trump, our elected officials all sit in front of microphones and tell the people that “if you just work hard and go to school, anyone can succeed in this country.” Of course they actually believe this. After-all, the system worked just fine for them – didn’t it? Today over half the baby boomers currently “serving” in US Congress are millionaires, and when they were young this country was full of opportunity. What did going to college get me by comparison? $92,000 in student loan debt and the worse credit score you can imagine, destroying my chances of ever getting a loan or starting a business in the future. In fact, the boomers have only exploited the college/university for financial gain. College tuition rates have increased by more than 600% since the 1970, far outpacing the rate of inflation. Did I mention that as of 2016 no other demographic in the United States has a higher unemployment rate than young people in their early 20’s – just after graduating college? This figure is nearly double that of the closest demographic.

The truth of the matter is times have changed. At no other time in history has America grown at a slower rate than it has over the last 10 years. The job market has become over-saturated and in 2016 you are no longer considered special for having gone to college or obtained a college degree. In 2018 a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma in the 1970’s – it only costs about 6x as much as it used to in order to obtain one.

This is the fundamental disconnect between our elected officials and the millennial generation as it presently exists. Only our generation understands what it is like to grow up in this country anymore. Our leaders have already made it and have been in charge for the last 4 decades – literally my entire lifetime. They have no understanding and cant possibly relate to America’s modern struggles, the America the boomers remember no longer exists anymore, only in their minds/memories.

I look around at the state of our country and the world today, we have had to print out trillions of dollars just to stave off full economic collapse. All money to be paid back, with interest, at a later date in time – saddling future generations with crippling debt. Whether they like to admit or not, the EU’s economic system is fundamentally flawed. Spain and Greece have already collapsed and there is a reason why the UK is trying to ‘run for the hills’ as fast as they can – even if they know full well they will never make it. To the East, Russia’s inflation is skyrocketing and from Iran to Russia to Africa, different nation-states around the world are all attempting to drop the US dollar before we reach inevitably reach the 21 trillion “Event Horizon.

Perhaps even worse, we continue to exhaust our fossil fuel reserves at alarming rates, destroying our planets environment while genociding its ecology. In fact, as was reported by the World Wildlife Fund’s most recent report, approximately 60% of vertebrates, 83% of freshwater species and 50% of the worlds coral reefs have been killed off over the course of the last 5 decades alone.

All of the countries/worlds current global conflicts, Wars, societal and economic problems have been created and perpetuated by one generation – the baby boomers, whom refuse to retire, step away from or relinquish control of this world. There’s no end in site. There are no term limits coming, no one in power is ever going to cast a vote to limit their own authority – talk of such is nothing more than just “pipe dreams.” John McCain literally served in office till he died, only death itself was enough to remove him from power – and he wont be alone.

The sad part of this story is that the millennial generation has within itself the capability of changing this world, if anyone ever retires or gives us a chance. In fact, as of 2015, for the first time in history there are more millennials living in this world than there are boomers – we are just outnumbered about 100:1 serving in Government. Even sadder though, this generation doesn’t seem to care. We are obsessed with music television and celebrities, worshiping vanity, materialism and false idols. The number one show in America the last two decades is literally called American Idol.

Almost no young person in this country cares about making a difference, because we know we cant – so no one tries. People know more about celebrity gossip and sports teams than our own Government, history and laws. People spend almost as much time sleeping as they do watching TV and more people play video games than read books. Not only is America’s youth powerless, we are the single dumbest generation in American history to boot.

In our disgust/frustration of the status quo we all sit back and say “fuck society,” but that doesn’t change anything – does it? It’s a damn shame to see. There is a philosophical way of thought called the “Law of Attraction,” which states that like attracts like; negative thoughts and beliefs manifest negative consequences/realities and positive thoughts and beliefs manifest positive results/realities. Therefore, if you say your life sucks then so it shall bet, your life will suck. You say you cant change the world and that it doesn’t matter what you do, then so be it – nothing will ever change. Apparently this philosophy must be true, because nothing ever seems to change.

Our generation has within itself the ability to change the world and end the rein of destruction that the baby boomers generation has bestowed upon this world, but simply screaming “I Dont Give A F*ck” and “F*ck Society” isn’t good enough. This is why I write, it’s the only thing I can do in this world. People say a revolution is coming, and I for one would certainly like to see what that looks like. Maybe one day…..

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Op-Ed: What I Am Attempting To Do/Accomplish Here

I am not trying to make this my mission statement 2.0, but people are starting to ask why I keep jumping from cyber security and hacking to human rights and War so often with my material? The answer is I don’t really know, I don’t necessarily have a “plan” when I wake up every morning. When I see something I want to write about or care about, I write about it – it’s as simple as that, really. Vladimir Putin once said that hackers are like “artists,” they might simply wake up one morning and decide to make, create or do something beautiful. There’s really no more logic to it than that. Just as with the mind of any great artist, the creative process is entirely outside of their control and can not be predicted.

I named this website Rogue Media Labs for a reason, not just because it’s a play off my security company, Rogue Security Labs, but also because I am attempting to do something new here – something that no one has ever seen before. From writing articles in mixed languages, to publishing leaks, to color, theme and design, to embedded Tweets, videos and pdf’s, I am attempting to write articles and make content that no one has ever seen/read before. In this way, my website serves as my own personal “Laboratory,” where I “Frankenstein” different ideas/pieces of information together to make truly unique content. That’s my primary objective here, to do/accomplish things that no one else can.

I am also attempting to turn my website into a catalog or encyclopedia of sorts, something that I can look back on and draw off of at a later date in time – say 2019-2021, when the US Presidential election is sure to kick off the next global media boom/frenzy. I have absolutely no “goals” for this website in 2018, necessarily, I am simply attempting to build a brand, develop a following/reputation and keep steadily pumping out content. Over the course of the next 1-2 years, I want to establish myself as a credible/trustworthy source of information that people want to go when the time really comes – when the time really matters. But this takes time, hard work, patience and perseverance – something I am willing to sacrifice to put in. I do not get paid to run this website, I alone am the editor, staff writer, researcher, proof reader, web designer, graphic designer, web security architect, social media coordinator, marketing director and SEO strategist. What you see on this website only costs me time and money, but I love doing it – so whatever.

I am also developing this website in an attempt to put Anonymous back on the map or back into the “mainstream“- so to speak. Call me sentimental, but I only got a start in this industry/business because someone in Anonymous once gave me a chance, gave me a platform to speak my mind and to this day, I would be absolutely nothing without the help or assistance of the Anonymous Hacker Collective. Honestly, I don’t even know if I would still be alive without them. Even though I’ve now/since gone public, I still feel as though I owe Anonymous something, and have an unshakable bond with the group and their work.

I keep hearing people say “Anonymous is dead” and and for a while there, I kind of felt the same way too. However, now that I am starting to get back in the rhythm of producing/generating content again, I am blown away by what I am finding. Anonymous isn’t dead at all, it’s just more decentralized than ever before – something which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. Say what you want about AnonHQ, it was still the single largest Anonymous news platform, hacking forum and online chat in the world – there’s no debating this. However, following its Blacklisting by Google and Facebook as “Russian Propaganda” though the PropOrNot List, even though the site had been dying for months/years at that point, when the site finally did shut down for good in the summer of 2018 no one had any place to go anymore, or any central point of contact – and no new or curious people were flowing into the group.

Sure we all still congregate in different places on Discord or the IRC, but Anonymous only moved to Discord in the first place because of AnonVoid. Without Void, no one on Discord would have the platform they do today – including Assange and Unity4J.  There are a lot of activists and hacktivists out there whom have either forgotten or don’t even realize that they owe AnonHQ everything.

But as I look around and start conducting more and more research, I am pleasantly finding Anonymous is alive and well. In fact, I’ve never seen as many new leaks coming out as I do today, and I’ve been in the trenches a while now. This is also why I am covering Anonymous so heavily for Rogue Media Labs. I look around at all of the “Legacy” hacking news publishers in 2018. Honestly, how much original content do you find on these sites any more, and how much of it is simply copy and pasted from other articles or websites – just using different words? How many of these hacking news websites even cover hacking events regularly anymore – let alone publishing leaks? Almost none. For better or worse, it appears as though, along with Anonymous, so too has the main steam hacking news industry slowly but surely started dying over the course of the last several years.

This is also something I want to change. This is why I remain unafraid to cover Anonymous and even less afraid to publish their leaks. Two months ago I told Unity4J that I was coming for Assange’s metaphorical throne, and I meant it. In doing so, I hope to cement myself atop the hacking news world over the course of the next 1-2 years, to become a source everyone wants to release their material to when the time is necessary – to create a news website no one has ever seen before and only report on truly unique content.

Op-Ed: Why I’ve Stopped Covering US Politics

Granted the overall theme or direction I ultimately hope to take this website and its content hasn’t exactly been decided yet, I just cant bring myself to cover US politics at the present moment in time. I just cant think of anything more pointless or tiresome. You want a quick horoscope of the next two years to come? There will be endless gridlock, again. Democrats wont let Republicans in the House draft any new laws, Republicans in the Senate wont pass any new bills drafted by Democrats in the House, resulting in Donald Trump writing more Executive Orders than you can shake a “Big Stick” at. All the while, there will be endless legal battles/Supreme Court trials resulting from these same Executive Orders. On top of this, our countries National Debt will only continue to soar beyond crippling levels as we continue to increase funding to our Nations military, empowering them to wage War all around the planet while blowing up more and more brown people. So, there you have it, the state of US politics 2018-2021 in a nutshell – welcome to America.

I already know what this is all going to look like too by the way. After-all, I was a content specialist at the full height of the “Fake News fiasco” and “Russian propaganda” nonsense. You best believe if there is a way to spin a story, I know how to spin it. The main stream “Liberal Media” is going to jump over every new bill the Democrats draft, telling you why/how it is greatest or biggest thing since sliced bread, knowing full well those same bills are never actually going to be passed into law by Republicans in the Senate. They are going to tell you all about how the Democrats are standing up to Trump, trying to progress this nation forward and pass bold new initiatives to help the country. Then, once those same bills/laws are inevitably voted down, the press will draft new stories telling you all about how those stubborn conservatives are only working to hold this country back, how it is there fault nothing is getting done and that the Republicans are just trying to defend Trumps legacy/vision for this country.

As for the Republicans, they are just going to sit back and watch it all unfold – all while preparing the Republican National Committee (RNC) for re-elections. They are going to tell you how speaker Pelosi is too “extreme” to be a competent leader, how every bill being drafted by the Democrats is so far “Left” that Republicans cant help but vote it down. They are going to tell you how the Democrats refuse to negotiate or work with anyone to get anything done, all while they try to spend more money than we already have. This will also be by design too, the Republicans know full well that nothing actually has to get done, because Republicans already own the Presidency and have full control over the Supreme Court. In 2020 Republicans can look back at the last two years and say look! The Democrats had full control over the House of Representatives and didn’t pass a single law into existence!! Is this really the group of dysfunctional “leaders” you want to pass control of this country over to in the future?

Therefore, I don’t have to write a single article relating to US politics if I don’t want to, I just covered every article you are going to read for the next two years in less than 600 words. Of course, this isn’t going to stop the US media from writing it on there end. After-all, websites like The Washington Post, New York Times, Breitbart and Fox News all get paid for every single article they produce – why do you think they write so damn many of them?

Moreover, as a small time publisher it would be pointless trying to cover US politics independently, that isn’t what the American peoples want anyways. I’ve been there and done that, independently covering US politics for my last website only succeeded in bankrupting me completely – wont be making that same mistake again. It is no wonder why sites/papers like the Times and Fox News get so many regular readers, because people know exactly what they are going to be getting every time they go there. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest US Patriot/hero since George Washington? Turn on Fox News or read Breitbart. Want to hear about how Trump is the biggest bigot in history and a disgrace to this Nation? Turn on CNN or read The Guardian. Trust me, it never fails.

The fact of the matter is that the US public, and most people in general for that matter, aren’t interested in putting in the time or effort to learn something new or challenge their own convictions/ideals – they only want to reinforce what’s already in their minds. People read papers like The Guardian or Breitbart for a reason, because they already know exactly what they are going to be seeing/hearing every time they visit. Every single “News” story these outlets produce is going to tell their  readers exactly what their readers want(ed) to hear going in. This is exactly why/how these outlets develop such rabid fan bases in the first place. With the attention span of the average citizen in our society rivaling that of a Goldfish, in our “busy” day in age, with the print industry slowly but surely dying, almost no one feels like they have the time to sit down and read story after story or article after article anymore, never-mind potentially reading something they aren’t going to agree with. This is also why attempting to develop or create an independent news/print media outlet covering US politics is nothing more than “fools errand” in 2018. Consequentially enough, this is also why I envision myself staying as far away from US politics as humanly possible – at least until mid to late 2020, that is…… 😉

Op-Ed: Projections for News Writers Over The Years To Come

As I start to get back involved in the news game, I am starting to remember why my first website was so unsuccessful. Specifically, I am talking about my attempt to enter into and emerge out of the cyber security/hacking news market, in what was already considered a “niche” market – at best. Even today as I browse through my daily news reading list I am finding the same 6-8 sites all publishing the same stories, just using different words. What would be the point of being the 9th?

These websites, authors and journalists are all fighting for the same audience, trying to attract attention for the all same reasons and establish as much credibility as they can with the viewing public. But 2018 has been far from kind to us internet media types. Speaking as a content specialist here, the years of 2015 and 2016 spoiled us all. At no other point in time history were there more people browsing “the web” or seeking out different sources of news/information on it. Millions of bots were flying all across the internet and there was no limit on the type of content people were allowed to share/advertise, nor cap on how much they could spend. It was an unprecedented time in internet history that no one had ever seen before, and almost certainly never will see again.

Following the post election “Fake News” crackdowns by Facebook, multiple “Twitter Purges,” a never-ending “Russian Hacking” investigation and the blacklisting of hundreds of alleged “Propaganda” outlets from major search engines, the internet and internet news will never be the same again.

Fast forward into October 2018 and it appears as though the entire collective world is still suffering from the effects from a post election news hangover. All across the internet site reads are down, internet traffic is down and web-pages across the world are struggling to stay afloat or maintain relevancy. Others, such as myself, have simply decided to close up shop and quit altogether. But not all is doom and gloom, and there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.

You might be surprised to know it but, despite all of the international coverage and outrage, Donald Trump isn’t even half way through his first term in office. If he is elected for a second term in 2020, Trump isn’t even 1/4 of the way through his entire Presidency yet. With this in mind, I put forward that just as internet traffic first started to skyrocket around October 2015, about 13 months prior to the 2016 US Presidential elections, I suspect that internet traffic is once again going to start soaring around the same time – roughly one year from today.

From the perspective of a man trying to enter into the news market for a second time in 2018, I see the calendar year of 2019 as being critically important for news publishers everywhere. I say this because pages reads are only going to continue to decline over the months to come, and Facebook and Twitter will continue to delete/unpublish hundreds of pages/accounts. While some might find this incredibly troublesome or frustrating, I see it as a giant opportunity to begin establishing something new, or to start building credibility for the years ahead. From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s also helping weed out a lot of the competition, which can be construed both positively and negatively.

The way I see it, news publishers are never going to be more scrutinized for the type of content/information they put out there than they will be over the next 1-2 years. While some companies have already established their brand and reputation, others, such as myself, will be looking to set a new bench mark.

Sitting here in October 2018, I’m already feeling the pressure to launch my new platform. My previous site took over 23 months and close to 5,000 hours to build, and at times I still didn’t feel like it was complete enough – or had enough content to “compete” with the industries big dogs. Truth be told, starting from absolute scratch for a second time almost feels overwhelming to me right now. I had thought to launch The Hackers Tribune or Rogue Media Labs by last September 27th, but almost a month later now I’m not even close to getting it off the ground.

From 2015 – 2016 I personally published over 200 articles through various websites, and generated enough content for other authors to produce over 1,000 more. The websites I worked for and with were at the center of the “Prop or Not” list, and for better or worse so was I. In 2017 – 2018, at the full height of the fake news crackdowns, using the essentially the same material/methodology, but only a public name, I manged to get 2 different Facebook News/Media Pages verified and 3 different domains accepted for inclusion into Google‘s news index.

However, now at the end of 2018, my first two attempts at verifying/indexing Rogue Security Labs have both been declined. All my media partners from the past have been so beaten down at this point that it appears as though they have given up entirely, and no longer have any ambition or drive to join me in a new venture or start over themselves. Still though, the fight continues.

Perhaps I am just leading myself on, but I see 2019 – 2020 as a critical turning point in internet history. A time when it will be more important than ever to be unique, factual, responsible and accountable for the type of information anyone puts out there – especially when it comes to international politics and the US Presidential Election. This is why I see a news/media startup as a unique opportunity to begin building a new brand/reputation that no one has ever seen before. Everyone already knows what all the “legacy publishers” are all about, and people either love them or hate them for it. But I also think people are getting bored with it all, and a tired of the partisanship.

Especially given all of the crackdowns against news/media outlets inside the US and out, I believe the viewing public is craving something new/different that they have never seen before. And especially with a lot of the propaganda, fake news outlets and publishers slowly being eliminated and banned offline, at the same time, if you can begin building something new in the midst of all this then it must really say something about your product. For this reason, I embrace the challenge and see the next Presidential election and all the coverage it’s sure to generate as another media goldmine just waiting to be tapped. The key will be gaining a foothold and establishing yourself/credibility before the next media boom really starts to take off in the fall of 2019. Don’t be late 😉