My Interview w/ Project Hacktivism (Europe)

It may have been a couple months in the making, but earlier this month I finally agreed to an interview with a European based group of researchers known as “Project Hacktivism,” seeking to learn more about the underground world of hackers, who they are (so to speak), what motivates them, why it continues and why it all exists in the first place. Led by a man going by the name of Marco Romagna, I was submitted a series of questions that I will share the the viewing public here today as a sneak peak before the final research is published, produced or presented.

Here’s what I was sent, and how I replied…..

These are the first questions. Based on your answer I would be happy to ask more. If you can’t answer because it is too private, just let me know. Reading some of your blogs, I noticed you have been highly involved with Anonymous, likely not only as an observer. Therefore, my questions for you are…

1.) First, do you have hacking skills yourself, or are you passionate for technology but not a computer hacker.

Answer:I am not a computer hacker, but I am passionate about learning and view the internet as the greatest library on planet Earth, so I used to spend as much time as possible on it learning. Hacking culture always fascinated me so I began to research it and the more I researched it the more I found myself within it. I was never a hacker, but people seemed to gravitate to me because I have a high IQ and hackers tend to be some of the smartest people in the world actually, and the people who want to affiliate with them are always seeking to learn more about the world in general. I think you will find that some of the deepest corners of the hacking world are also some of the most intellectual corners of the world these days, all full of people whom spend nearly full time hours reading, learning, consuming new information. Couple this with different perspectives from different, cultures, religions, countries, etc, people wind up learning so much from one another – making it addictive.

2.) Have you directly been involved with Anonymous and hacktivism more in general (meaning: participating in active operations)? If so, what did (does) motivate you?

Answer:I have been directly involved in many Anonymous operations all around the world, led many myself, invented many myself, wrote transcripts for others, drafted press releases, made pictures – etc. What motivates me is what motivates everyone; being the change you wish to see in the world. Everyone in this world has different interests, goals or concerns. So people act on this individualism. Whether it be pedophiles, racists, animal abusers, terrorists, you name it, there is always going to be someone out there looking to fight back against it. So this is how people build their different Ops, based on what they want to fight for – which is always relative to the individual.

Hackers are some of the poorest, most oppressed people in this world that you will ever meet – believe me. In real life they have nothing, no possessions, no social power or political influence, often times social outcasts from their own schools or societies, geeks or losers, come from abusive families, lower class – etc. Just people who are accustomed to live without. So this is why they fight so hard online, because the internet levels out the playing field. With the right amount of knowledge, even the biggest of bums in the material world can be a God online. So this is why people fight, why they are willing to steal or pirate so much information/data from people online, because in real life they have nothing and this serves as their motivation to do whatever they can however they can.

What motivates us? It also works, meaning we get results. Look at operation Sudan in 2018 – 2019. We literally changed the course of African history. I started it with a few others from a homeless shelter computer lab in NYC, and helped a revolution in Africa. Just think about that. Anonymous was once one of Time Magazines top 100 people at one time, I have helped INTERPOL and the FBI make dozens of arrests internationally worldwide, been given lines to Air Force Intelligence in Yemen, all because Anonymous operations and online activism. You CAN change the world from a key board, and Anonymous knows this. You just have to work hard enough for it, so this is what many try to do.

3.) Hacktivism is a complex term: could you provide a definition of it and what ‘being a hacktivist’ mean?

Answer:I think my answer to #2 answers your question here.

4.) The golden age of hacktivism was probably the period 2010-2016. Do you think we are witnessing its decline? If so, what are the reasons behind it?

Answer:Well it all started with the FBI crackdowns which hit Anonymous very hard prior to 2015. Then we built up again and got mixed in with the whole Russian propagandist and fake news fiasco, so US Congress, Google, Facebook, and the President of the United States literally all teamed up to fight us, because no one knew who we were or what our true motivations were. As a ghostwriter, The Washington Post, Google and Facebook cited my work and the work I sourced to other websites as Russian Propaganda through the prop or not list and nearly all were banned offline/censored. Meanwhile, in real life, I had 3 verified pages on Facebook, 4 inclusions into Google News index and was an American conservative. But that doesn’t matter to them, anyone whom was Anonymous at the time was the enemy – automatically. The 2016 US Presidential election changed the course of history, including for hacktivism. All of our top platforms, pages and websites were essentially attacked and banned offline. Then, when the money stopped flowing in, the platforms shutdown, stopped running and people scattered. By 2017 everything was remnants of the year beforehand and there were no more central points of contacts for random or new people to find us. Anonymous HQ was the biggest Anonymous forum and webchat in the world in 2015-2016, sometimes thousands of people on at a time – millions of views/reads daily. After what Google and Facebook did to us, it was destroyed.

Getting back into hacktivism in 2018/2019 what I am finding is that the death of hacktivism is relative to geography. Meaning in the USA and Europe where it flourished during its Golden Age as you say, it is dead in the USA and Europe now. But on the other hand hacktivism is exploding in the Middle East, Africa, South America and South East Asia. These are also some of the least advanced countries/territories in the world in terms of cyber security, which is a direct correlation to the rise of hacktivism there I think.

For question number 4 I also think you need to look at the age of the people behind the movement. Many were inspired by movies like the Matrix and V for Vendetta. Maybe these people were teenagers or in their early 20s when these movies and these movements came out. The Matrix is 20 years old at this point. If you were 13 then, you are 33 now. If you were 20, you are 40 now. So the older people get the less time they have to play online or do things online because of adult life. Indubitably, this has also led to the death of the movement – the people originally behind it just got too old to keep playing games online and became remedial wage earners like the rest of society and it just kind of fell off.

** EDITORS NOTE: For the record, it might sound like I am saying Anonymous is dead, but I do not believe this at all, that was just the direction the question took me in that case. **


Avaaz Network Discloses List of +500 Websites & New Outlets Allegedly Sowing Propaganda Ahead of EU Elections

Earlier today, just days before the start of European Union (EU) elections, the Avaaz Network released findings from a recent study/investigation, allegedly revealing over 500 Facebook pages and websites used to sow and spread political propaganda around the EU simply just to disrupt the legitimacy of EU election outcomes later this week. However, take the information with a grain of salt. I say this because George Soros, whom funds the Avaaz Network, is an open hard-left socialist – meaning that anything that is center to right-wing is considered propaganda to these people. The list itself is not much different than the now infamous “Prop or Not List” released by the Washington Post in 2016 – which later had to be retracted.

For those of you whom might not remember, my website and 4 of the websites I sourced content for were once originally included on that list 😏. Regardless, if you would like to see all of the propagandists allegedly operating around the EU at the present moment in time, you can learn more via the resources provided below.

Download Study:

Browse Full Study:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Avaaz Report Network Deception 20190522(1)”]

The Dark Side of War, How Losing Sides In Any Modern War/Battle are Using Social Media To Cast Victors In A Negative Light

For those of you whom might be unfamiliar with me or my previous work, I spent the better parts of July 2016 to February 2018 as a War reporter, primarily covering ongoing conflicts around South Sudan, Somalia, Gaza, Syria and Iraq. In fact, a large part of the reason why I shifted my writing towards hacking news over the time since is the fact that I just couldn’t take it any more – War reporting got so dark I just didn’t want to do it anymore, and wanted something a little more lighthearted to write about each morning.

Regardless, a couple weeks ago I started writing a new article I just didn’t have the heart to finish. Entitled “The Dark Side of War,” it discussed the phenomenon of how every party which losses a War, conflict or battle has quite a sad story to tell. As such, it is then fairly easy for any side which losses a War or battle to present “evidence” or a story line casting the victorious party in a rather negative or disgusting light – especially in the age of smart phones and social media. For this very reason, it is perhaps more important then ever to be critical or vigilant over any/all War coverage we consume. Perhaps put a different way, to take everything with a grain of salt.

So, what exactly am I talking about and why take the time to explain any of this? Well, as it turns out, on May 18th 2019 a new chemical weapons report from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was leaked online exposing a false flag chemical weapons assault carried out at the hands of Syrian rebels, designed to make it look as though attack was actually launched by Bashar al-Assad.

Download/View Copy of Leaked Report:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Honestly, even if you are just hearing about this phenomenon for the first time here today, this is far from the first time Syrian rebels have done this. In fact, Syrian rebels are also known to have carried out false flag chlorine attacks in both Idlib and Aleppo. But lets not revisit ancient history – shall we? Instead, I would like to explain why people are doing this sort of thing in the first place.

To understand why, you first have to understand desperation. Imagine that you have been fighting a War for years on end, before realizing that you’re out of resources and your enemy has you just weeks away from full defeat. What would you do? As it turns out, especially in the age of social media, from Gaza to Syria, the losing sides in any/every battle have begun waging a propaganda War through the media – often times by showing grotesque or gruesome footage chronicling the aftermath of their defeats. Taken out of context, this could make any victorious party look like the bad guys – even if the losing factions were the aggressors all along.

After all, the Syrian Rebels are called “rebels” for a very real reason, they are the ones who rebelled against their Government and started this whole Civil War in the first place. Even though they are losing this War, don’t ever make the mistake of forgetting that no matter how much you may despise Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian rebels also have an awful lot of blood on their hands all the same.

Honestly, the more I start to write about this topic, the less I want to keep writing about it. It’s just hard not to begin to loose faith in the world. But, before wrapping up, what I want people to understand is what is actually going on here. Say for example in Palestine. Now, I for one am firmly behind the people of Palestine and support an end to Israel’s War in Gaza. But, even at that, I am also firmly aware of the propaganda campaigns being waged by Palestinians there – particularly during Israel’s assault on Gaza in 2014.

What you have to understand is that Palestinians know they have zero possibility of ever winning any War or Battle against Israel – at least by traditional means. Therefore, they have taken to unconventional means of waging warfare – Chealsae Manning’s leaks not withstanding. For example, one of Hamas’s tactics revolves around creating propaganda against Israel through social media – which is also why Israel has been trying to crack down on social media postings from Palestine so heavily over recent years. Usually this is done by showing the footage or pictures of dead, burned or bloody civilians – released for nothing other than pure shock value, to dehumanize their enemies actions.

For example, why do you think so many Palestinian civilians are lining up simply to be shot by Israel snipers? It’s because they want Israel to look as inhumane and extreme as possible in the media. Showing pictures of civilians with lost limbs, unarmed, losing those limbs due to their enemies certainly makes their enemies look extreme doesn’t it? But what you have to understand is that lining up to be shot is also extreme, just in a different context.

Now, for those of you whom might not be used to the Deep Web or DarkNet, or whom only get your news through any one of the 24 hours a day news channels, photo’s of dead people might seem pretty shocking or outrageous. But this is also the point. People are trying to offend you in hopes of falsely manipulating your opinion. But, the fact of the matter is that people die on both sides of every conflict. It just so happens that the losing side of any Battle or War just has a more tragic or bleak story to tell than its victors – and more evidence to show. However, it is important to understand that this does not make them any more justified in their campaigns, and it doesn’t even necessarily make them the victims either.

Often times, such as in the case of Syria’s rebels and/or Gaza’s Hamas, social media is being used as a weapon, in a last ditch effort to inspire more people around the world to sympathize with their losing effort or join their cause. In doing so, prolonging their battle/fight that much longer.

Op-Ed: The Upcoming Trial of Julian Assange Is Much More Than A Court Case, It’s A Symbol of Our Time

I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m feeling today, but I fundamentally believe that humanity/society is on the verge of reaching a critical turning point in time/history – a time when we are all collectively going to have to decide if the internet is a tool for good or for bad? Perhaps it’s my past, perhaps it was the arrest of Julian Assange yesterday after 8 years of asylum, perhaps it was news that the President of Sudan resigned just weeks after the President of Algeria, perhaps its the result of all my coverage into “fake news” laws/regulations in countries such as France, China, Jordan, Iraq, Canada, Ethiopia and others, all while state run propagandists organizations like the Institute for State craft and Mossad receive millions/billions in taxpayer funding to do the same – or perhaps still maybe it’s a result of ACTA2 and Copyright reform protests around Europe.

I don’t know and I cant quite say for certain, but I can’t help but feel that humanity/society is on the cusp of something major right now – something revolutionary that will dictate all of our collective freedoms and futures. However, the questions I think we all need to ask ourselves is if we are on the right side of history? Are we all looking out for our own collective best interests/futures?

Anonymous African Operations:

3/07/2019 – Origin #OpAlgeria:
12/26/2018 – Origin #OpSudan:

Institute for Statecraft Leaks:

All Coverage:
Round 7:
Round 6:
Rounds 1 -5:

Censorship/Fake News Regulation 2019 & Beyond:


Unfortunately, I believe that whatever this answer is or may be ultimately boils down to politics and political opinion. It seems to have started with extremist liberals in 2015/2016, but has seemingly infected the entire world ever since. For as bizarre a phenomenon as it was, US liberals/globalists in support of Obama/Clinton in 2015 actually subscribed to the notion that everyone must feel, believe and think the same thing about everyone, everything and every issue – almost literally. The idea that anyone whom did not subscribe to their logic or ideologies should be banned, blacklisted, censored or ousted from society. In other words, “it takes a village” and in order for organized society to work there is no room for dissent, and we must all be working together, on the same page and headed in the same direction – right Hillary? In fact, this attempted homogenization of opinion/society is exactly what led to the rise of the alt-right and other conservative extremists over that same time period – one form of extremism resulting in another, symmetrically.

My Video – State of American Politics 2015/2016:

Believe it or not, I still see this same phenomenon today in the arrest of Julian Assange – only in a somewhat different context. I see it in the re-jailing of Chelsea Manning a week before that and the jailing of Reality Winner a few weeks before that. It’s in the in the Mueller investigations of 2017/2018 and the Comey investigations of 2015/2016 before that. What I’m talking about is the weaponizing of political opinion. The arrogant and self-centered notion that it’s not alright for anyone to disagree with your personal opinions, beliefs or political ideology, and that anyone bold enough to do so must be investigated and/or punished to the full extent of your capabilities/authority – at least if you are the one’s currently in charge/power, that is.

The way I look at it, all across the world, its almost as if society/humanity is waging a political War against itself. It’s not only here in the US, its in the Macron Yellow Vests protests in France, all the Brexit nonsense in the the UK, the Turkish elections of 2019 – so on and so forth. In our modern time politics hasn’t just become a matter of intellectual discussion/debate anymore, it has become a weapon of War to be wielded – both literally and figuratively, foreign and domestic.

But ask yourself, who is this War really empowering? Whom is this War really punishing?

Macron is a multimillionaire President – while thousands of citizens have been arrested, dozens blinded and dozens more losing limbs. Donald Trump is still a billionaire/President of the United States, Bill and Hillary Clinton are still worth hundreds of millions in their own right and only their cronies/minions have been arrested – all while US citizens fight, hate and protest one another in the streets because of their words/policies.

On top of this, the Main Stream Media has never been more influential or profitable than it is today, and in 2019 the MSM has only continued to use their platforms to perpetuate belligerence and political Wars throughout society. We see this every night on Fox News and CNN and this also includes includes the publishing/peddling of the PropOrNotList in 2016, the Google Blacklisting’s of 2017 and Facebook/Twitter purges of 2018 – crippling the platforms of hundreds of small time online news startups, limiting competition, spitting in the face of free speech and freedom of the press while increasing the traffic/profit margins of legacy news publishers.

In our modern hatred for our political rivals, when I look around society all I see is people cutting off their own noses to spite their faces – so to speak. In their own political hatreds, people appear blind to fact that we are all collectively shooting ourselves in the foot. Not only have hundreds of online news platforms been shut down and/or banned offline, including some of my own creations, but people are actually now celebrating the arrest of Julian Assange and others like him. This is also much more symbolic than people understand/realize.

Say what you want about the man or his journalism, the fact of the matter is that everything Julian Assange has ever published 100% cut and dry real, factual material/information. Honestly, can Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post or New York Times claim this? Of course not! For God’s sake, even the Washington Post has to retract the PropOrNotList of 2016, months after the damage from it had already been done. Meanwhile, Julian Assange has never released a single “opinion piece” with his leaks, has never taken a deliberate political stand either direction and not a single one of his leaked documents has ever proven to be fabricated. Whether you like him or not, all Julian Assange did was publish real news/evidence and show people the truth.  Yet, Assange is the man society is after? Why? And what is the point?

I’m not sure what I have to say to make society understand, but I can’t help but feel as though we are on the precipice of something large here. In our blind hatred for our political rivals and in our rabid desire to shut them up, we are destroying our own individual freedoms and liberties, whilst simultaneously censoring free speech and spitting in the face of independent journalism. Society has become so shortsighted, it’s almost as if people do not understand or realize that power is temporary or relative. Sure you can pass laws in the here and now to silence your rivals while you are still in power, but what happens 2, 5, 10 years from now when someone else is in power? Congratulations, in your blind hatred you’ve just now censored yourself as well.

I just don’t understand why people in society have become so arrogant, wreckless and belligerent with their own political ideologies, and I don’t know what to say to make them understand how dangerous we have all become to one another and our collective futures as a result. The more I learn/consume, the more f*cked of a place the world feels or seems to be – if not in reality, then certainly in mentality. I don’t know what to do to educate society, I do not know what to say to make more people care or understand, and I certainly don’t know how to combat ignorance, racism, sexism and political extremism on all levels. The worst part is I don’t think people would even care enough to listen or learn even if I did. All I know is that much sooner than latter, before it’s too late, before we lose our rights to do so, society is going to have to make some serious decisions – decisions which threaten to hand over all of our freedoms and rights to Government regulation and large multinational conglomerates if we are not more careful.

Canada’s Democratic Institutions Minister Proposes New Laws To Regulate Social Media Apps Prior To October Elections

Earlier this morning, April 8th 2019, the Communications Signals Establishment (CSE) of Canada, a government agency tasked with the protection of the country’s communications networks and electronic information, released a 28 page report outlining all of the top cyber threats posed to Canada’s election infrastructure. According to the report, entitled “Cyber Threats To Canada’s Democratic Process,” chief among them are concerns that foreign actors will attempt to leverage social media applications as a means of effecting the outcome of the countries upcoming elections this October – similar in many ways to what was done to the United States in 2016.

As a result, Canada’s Democratic Institutions Minister, Karina Gould, is actively considering enacting new laws that would “regulate social media” – citing that social media companies appear to be incapable of self regulation themselves. What these new laws will look like remains to be seen, but Gould ended her speech stating that “Digital platforms are going to have to accept that they’re going to have to abide by domestic legislation from country to country around the world.

Download Full Report:

Browse Report:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”tdp-2019-report_e(1)”]

European Union Holds Cyber Drills To Test Preparedness for Cyber Attacks Ahead of Next Months Elections

Earlier today the European Parliament hosted “War Games” across Europe as a test to see how well Governments agencies were equipped/prepared to mitigate different cyber attacks and/or election interference techniques – should any present themselves during next months elections. Code named “EU ELEx19,” the first ever “EU Table-Top Exercise” was designed to find “ways to prevent, detect and mitigate cybersecurity incidents that may affect the upcoming EU elections” – after initial tests in September 2018 revealed several critical flaws/vulnerabilities in election protocols and systems. A detailed review/list of Septembers findings can be seen below.

Review of September 2018 Election CyberSecurity Probe:

Consequentially enough, the secondary objective of today’s drills was to determine how well EU Nation-States implemented security measures, mitigations and plans of actions given to them by Parliament in December 2018 – which were developed as a direct result of Septembers investigations. You can find the EU’s plan of action for fighting election interference, along with a press release recapping today’s tests/events below – enjoy!

Press Release – December 2018 Plan of Action Fighting Disinformation and Election Interference:

Press Release – Today’s EU ELEx19 Preparedness Test:

Browse Full Release:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Russian Parliament Moves Ahead w/ Two New Bills Designed To Crack Down On Fake News Publications & Civilian Dissidents

Earlier this week the upper chamber of the Russian parliament approved two bills, each designed to fight the flow of fake news, disinformation and other political propaganda around the country. The laws are similar in many ways to fake news legislation recently passed by various countries around the word over the course of the last year or so, including in France, Iraq, Jordan – et cetera. Also similar to them, critics fear that Russia’s newest legislation constitutes a massive blow to free speech and freedom of the press/journalism.

The first bill, Article 15-3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and on Protection of Information,” prevents citizens from publishing so-called “unreliable news stories” on the Internet – whilst applying the same prohibition to traditional news outlets and other forms of media, both online and off. The bill will also add all sources deemed unreliable to National filtration databases, that will block the sites from the customers of Russian Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). As was also reported by Russia Today, “the bill also stipulates fines for deliberately publishing harmful misinformation measuring from as low as $460 to as much as $23,000 depending on who is fined and how much harm they managed to inflict.

Track Bill Here:

The second bill amending Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” penalizes people deemed to be using the Internet to disrespect society, the Russian government, state’s officials, symbols of the Russian Federation, Constitution, or any other sources of legal authority – as constituted by the Code of Administrative Offenses. As was reported by Russia Today, “for the dissemination of unreliable information in the media or on the Internet, fines of 3-5 thousand rubles are imposed for citizens and from 400 thousand to one million rubles for companies.” With that said however, lawmakers did specify that the bill won’t apply to criticism in “any form,” rather, that which is just “blatantly insulting.

Track Bill Here:

Article 15-3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and on Protection of Information:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Federal Law On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Understanding How The Chinese Government Leverages Social Media To Influence Public Policy & Political Opinion Abroad

The following isn’t necessarily an article so much as it is an opportunity for informational download. But, without burying the lead any further, earlier today I managed to come across a new report published by researchers at Recorded Future entitled “Beyond Hybrid War: How China Exploits Social Media to Sway American Opinion,” explaining the subtle differences between how the Chinese Government and Kremlin utilize social media as a means of swaying public opinion abroad. While the report is interesting in its own right, it reminded me of a separate report published by Harvard University in 2017 entitled “How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument” – explaining how the Chinese Government goes as far as to literally employ thousands of employees just to scavenger social media and make pro-China comments on outlets like Facebook and Twitter, solely just to troll news/information painting China in a negative light, or make political policies seem more popular/unpopular than they otherwise would be.

Now, I could write thousands upon thousands of words on this subject here for Rogue Media Labs, but I’m not paid per word or to write articles in general like everyone else in the main stream media. For this reason, I would rather just have you waste your time reading/consuming the actual educational studies for yourself. Happy clicking!

Beyond Hybrid War: How China Exploits Social Media to Sway American Opinion:

Download Full Report Here:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

How the China Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument:

Download Full Report Here:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

UK Parliament Releases 8th & Final Report Into Fake News Interference

Last week the United Kingdom’s Parliament released their 8th and final report in conclusion of their two year long investigation into international “fake news” programs, providing unique insight into how UK government researchers believe fake news and other propaganda programs like them may have manipulated society, culture, government agencies, elections and/or businesses practices worldwide between 2017 and 2019. Produced by the House of Commons under the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee and officially entitled “Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Final Report,” the 111 page report specifies a number of changes that researchers believe the UK Government needs to make to crack down on future abuses, as well as a set of guidelines for legislators to follow to safeguard/protect future elections.

Perhaps most notably, as least here in the United States, was the UK’s chastising of Facebook for what they deemed to be blatant violations of data privacy and anti-monopoly laws. Interestingly enough, these criticism as similar to the ones Mark Zuckerberg faced during his testimony in front of US Congress April 2018. Also somewhat ironically, the UK’s report on the manipulation of fake news programs comes in the midst of a series of international leaks implicating as secret Government agency known as the Institute for Statecraft, funded exclusively to create and disseminate fake news and other propaganda in countries all around the world.

Download Final Report 2019:

Parliament Report Calls For:

  • Compulsory Code of Ethics for tech companies overseen by independent regulator
  • Regulator given powers to launch legal action against companies breaching code
  • Government to reform current electoral communications laws and rules on overseas involvement in UK elections
  • Social media companies obliged to take down known sources of harmful content, including proven sources of disinformation

Further Finding That:

  • Electoral law ‘not fit for purpose’
  • Facebook intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws

Browse Through Full Report:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Anonymous CyberGuerrilla Releases Integrity Initiative & Institute for Statecraft Leaks Part 6

Yesterday, February 8th 2019, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla published their sixth round of Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft leaks. The leaks primarily focus on Christopher Donnelly’s dealings with various UK intelligence contractors and other Statecraftfellows,” detailing how the Institute for Statecraft and UK Government allocated millions of pounds towards the creation of public relations campaigns and other propagandist strategies throughout Eastern Europe – though primarily in the Baltic’s, which is prone to higher levels of Russian influence. Today’s leaks also document Christopher Donnelly’s long term visions for what he wants Baltic nations to think, feel or believe about the United Kingdom, as well as what the UK could do make Baltic nations feel worse about those ‘big bad meanie heads‘ in Russia over the same time period.

At least in my opinion, today’s leaks are particularly interesting because they really nail down various tactics used by “Clandestine” intelligence agencies to manipulate public opinion on certain issues. For example, in the leaked documents provided below you can learn how it was the UK’s intent to “use commerce as a tool of influence over public opinion,” essentially leveraging economies to make people feel better or worse, happier or angrier, about what’s happening inside their own country’s, as well as how Government agencies utilize “Corruption As A Weapon of War” – using extreme ideological approaches to smear elected officials and therefore manipulate public opinion about them, much like what we are currently seeing in Venezuela with President Maduro.

The leaks also chronicle the UK’s dealings with contractors at Edelman Intelligence, the self proclaimedlargest public relations company in the world,” detailing how the UK allocated millions of pounds of taxpayer money to Edelman Intelligence to produce P.R. campaigns designed to manipulate public opinion on/over various matters, as well as to counter-act Russian influence inside the region. Rogue Media Labs has backed up all of the documents and contracts below, hosted locally so that they can be browsed by the international public. If you would like to own all the documents for yourself, the entire leak is also backed up via an AnonFile located at the very bottom of this page – Happy Clicking!

In a message attached to the leak, CyberGuerrilla stated:

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

While the UK Government keeps on defying our demands for an honest and unbiased investigation into the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative’s meddling in domestic affairs of sovereign European states, Chris Donnelly’s team awkwardly try to justify their illegal activity paid for by the British taxpayers.

The Integrity Initiative’s German cluster held a meeting in Berlin on the 31st of January 2019. A well-known British intelligence officer Harold Elletson and the cluster’s chief Dr Hannes Adomeit co-chaired the event. They again made an effort to divert people’s attention from the organisation’s wrongful activity in the European Union. However their pathetic attempt has been shattered to pieces by irrefutable evidence that we have been and will continue to share with you.

Today we are talking about the way Chris Donnelly used his agents in the FCO to obtain millions of British taxpayers’ pounds through grant foundations: Conflict, Stability and Security Fund and Counter Disinformation and Media Development Programme (ex Russian Language Strategic Communications Programme). We demand that the organisations’ spending of budget money be subject to public control and their activity be absolutely transparent!

Here is the next part of the documents that show to the people of Europe how Donnelly intended to use the capacity of clusters that he had created in allied countries. People of Western Balkans would be especially fascinated to learn how he defended their democracy against disinformation in the 1990s-2000s.

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Donnelly wrote the letter when he was preparing one of his bids for the FCO to allocate 5.5 million of British taxpayers’ pounds to the Institute for Statecraft and Edelman Intelligence.

It is quite obvious that the choice made by the people of former Yugoslavia was as far away from free expression of their will as in fact the UK government is from being transparent to the UK citizens.

By the way, Donnelly-the-puppet-master returns in 2019 to again defend the people of Western Balkans this time from corruption rather than disinformation:

His New Project:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Draft Plan:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ii—balkans-ac-effort-draft—140818″]

Edelman Intelligence Planning To Contribute To The Integrity Initiative:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Alongside with Donnelly’s Balkans plans we publish the reports of the Institute for Statecraft’s Euan Grant working under the Integrity Initiative project.

His Key Performance Indicators:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

In the following documents you can identify people who are one way or another directly connected to the Integrity Initiative. Their names should be very well familiar to you:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This is not the final part of the Integrity Initiative documentation we have at our disposal. In conclusion we would like to directly address members of the Integrity Initiative clusters for the first time. Some of you have proudly admitted being part of the project. Well, are you really that sure now about what you are doing under the slogan ‘Defend democracy against disinformation’?

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Original Press Release:
Download Entire File Archive (2.95 MB):
Backup Download of File Archive (2.8 MB):

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Op-Ed: Need Any More Proof The Integrity Initiative Leaks & Institute for Statecraft are Real?

Over the course of the last several weeks I have heard many Americans around New York City skeptical of the Integrity Initiative leaks, essentially dismissing it as nothing more than just a “Conspiracy Theory” – typical America. People look at the name Institute for Statecraft and chuckle a bit, you expect us to believe that a classified Government organization would actually be set up to disseminate fake news and propaganda to boost up the English empire, and that it calls itself the Institute for Statecraft? That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard of, sounds like something out of Harry Potter they say, so it must be fake.

This is exactly why I hate America, we are single-handedly the most unaware, oblivious and ignorant culture of people on planet Earth. Even when the truth is staring people right in the face, they still lack the intellectual processing power to see/understand it. After-all, this is literally the same population of people whom actually still believe that Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s own personal hand written emails are somehow Russian propaganda. Hmm, didn’t know that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were Russian agents/propagandists! Whats that say about the Democrat Party then I wonder? Trying to teach the average American anything about the world of international espionage, or anything not related to sex, music or materialism for that matter, is utterly futile.

What’s The Rant About?

Over the course of the last 24 hours Rogue Media Labs has been in contact with the Director of Strong Point Security Limited, a defense intelligence contractor for the UK Government implicated within the Integrity Initiative leaks. While I will not reveal our entire exchange, in a message to myself, their acting director stated:

No photo description available.

This is not an isolated incident, I only had to personally back up these files on my website in the first place because they were being taken down all over the world – including on the very file hosting platforms they were originally uploaded onto. This is also a phenomenon which effected parts 1-3 of the Integrity Initiative leaks, which is why CyberGuerrilla had to republish them all again a second time consolidated into 1 singular file posted through AnonFile. This is also why I have had to personally host part 4 of the leaks myself, in a location where no one in the world could possible take it down – my personal website.

Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-3:

Integrity Initiative Leak 4:

My rhetorical question to America is: if all of these leaks were nothing more than a conspiracy theory and the Institute for Statecraft isn’t a real thing, then why would the British Government be working so hard to try and scrub all of the material offline? Why would they even bother to contact and/or later threaten me?

On a side note, if you are not aware, I am currently living in a homeless shelter – where I also run this website out of. Just think about the gravity of what’s happening here. One of the UK’s biggest military/intelligence defense contractors, Strong Point Security Limited, is asking a homeless man for help. Moreover, they are asking a homeless man to take down factual information about a secret government agency used to spread fictional information. Do you see how hilarious and/or pathetic that is? Then they actually wonder why the Russian’s are eating Western Democracies for lunch and why I wont take down the information personally.

My Policy Regarding Leaked Documents

It is not Rogue Media Labs policy to take down any publicly available information found on the internet, which remains a “public domain” – a public space. Additionally, as Rogue Media Labs was not the hacker whom hacked the documents, nor did I coordinate to hack, leak or obtain the documents myself, nor was I the original publisher of the leaks in the first place, I am under no legal burden whatsoever to take the leaked documents down or face any legal burden for the information contained inside of them. Therefore, no matter how much Strong Point Security Limited wants to pout and complain and throw hissy fits, the documents are staying up.

Lastly, a message to the wise. You want to mess around in the world of foreign relations, geo-politics and international espionage? Best believe you are going to become a target yourself. This is something perhaps Mr. Kaszeta should have considered a little more strongly before sighing his multi-million dollars contract with the UK Government. He was only a target because of the immoral work he was getting paid so handsomely to sow for them.

Leaked Documents They Want Me To Take Down:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Op-Ed: Understanding How Trump Was Accidentally, On Purpose, Elected by The ‘Mainstream’ Media

Step 1: How News Websites Make Money

To understand how this really happened, you have to understand how the online news industry makes money. Essentially, online newspapers make money by selling advertising space. The more people that visit your website and the more people that click on any given advertisement(s) contained within it, the more money that site makes. What you should also understand is that some advertisers will also pay “per-click” or per view, meaning that every time an article is clicked on or read, the website will generate a small bit of money for you having seen that advertisement featured on it – even if it is only a few pennies. Therefore, theoretically, the more articles you produce the more money you can make. That’s how many sites “mined” advertising revenue in the past and into the future.

This practice was at the heart of the “Fake News” epidemic and “Prop or Not List,” and I know this because I used to source content to 4 websites featured on that list from 10/2015-11/2016. However, it always used to bother me to see some of my most important articles featured next to advertisements like “Click Here: See Which Child Celebrities Grew Up To Be Obese,” or “8 Tips To Increase Penis Size” directly beside my work. In fact I hated it, but I also knew I was only getting paid to write those article in the first place because of those very advertisements – such is/was “Show Business.

Step 2: How To Generate More Money by Increasing Site Traffic

With that established, you then need to understand the art of “SEO” or “Click-Baiting.” While both can technically be considered skills, only one of which do I really consider a legitimate business practice. For the purposes of this article I would like to focus on the concept of baiting people to click on articles, by generating the most inciteful, over the top, belligerent and/or emotionally charged headlines as possible. This is done simply to cater to a particular audience, get people riled up and engaged, or make them excited/pissed off – ensuring that either way, whomever sees the article will want to click on it, even if for no other reason than to see what the hell is actually going on. Remember, the more people who click on any online article, the more money that article makes. That’s literally the only “goal” of a click-bait article, to get someone to click on it – the subject matter after that point doesn’t necessarily matter, really.

I once did an experiment. For example, who wants to read an article “How Political Partisanship Effects The Dynamics of Modern Democracy,” when they could read something like “Breaking: Hillary Clinton Fronted Child Sex Ring for Husband Bill.” It might be dirty, but I assure you the second article will generate at least 10x as many clicks as the first; 10x the revenue – that’s just the way the online/internet “culture” is, draw your own conclusions about society after that point if you really want. While that is an extreme example, I think it demonstrates the concept quite clearly.

Lastly, before you go ahead and judge, make assumptions or draw any wild conclusions about the websites I sourced content to or did work for, you should also understand that this was an industry-wide practice, from the largest American news corporations on down through the grimiest of Russian propagandists – and everyone in between.

Step 3: How Trump Coverage Was A Media Gold Mine

This concept is a little easier to understand. I mean, who is more polarizing than Donald Trump himself? Even on through today, just the mere mention of his name is enough to throw people into hysterical fits of rage and throughout the course of 2015-2016, perhaps no one in the world attracted/garnered more attention than Trump did. Keeping what you just learned about click-bait and pay-per-click websites in mind, Trumps media madness created a perfect, highly profitable, storm.

As I can personally attest, any article featuring something wild about Trump received astronomically more reactions, comments and reads than anything intellectual – thus those types of articles made astronomically more money. For example, here are two articles produced by myself in the summer of 2016, both featuring coverage of Donald Trump:

Intellectual Article:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Click-Bait Article:

Image may contain: one or more people and text

That was also not a fluke, that was the online news industry at the time. After long enough people almost couldn’t help themselves, Trump coverage generated higher ratings than any other topic – so people just kept on including/featuring it. The problem was that the money never stopped flowing in, and after month after month after month of non-stop coverage, soon enough America had managed to make it through the national primary and debate seasons, and there we were – left with Clinton v Trump for the US Presidency. As unbelievable as it sounds, no one knew exactly how it happened, I guess we all just got a little too wrapped up in corporate greed/money making and it just kind of sort of happened.

Controversy or craziness sells in the media, it is what it is really. Clearly that was what people in society liked/wanted, so news organizations felt obligated to give it to them – “Let Them Eat Cake!” The fact of the matter is that in 2015-2016 the news game was all about who could attract the most attention away from everyone else, there was nothing more to it than that. This phenomenon also wasn’t limited to online audiences, you best believe that from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to CNN and Fox News, all the major corporate news networks were in on it – Trump was a money making media goldmine for everyone.

Step 4: Why Foreign Actors Pushed Support for Trump

Russia. As for why Russia pushed support for Trump, there are two reasons. First was that the Russians knew full well how polarizing of a figure Donald Trump was within American society, and it has always been one of Russia’s primary objectives to disrupt American society – or at the very least make them feel “uncomfortable.” One of the primary means through which they go about accomplishing this is by going around sowing “Discord” or “Anarchy” around society. For example, remember when Facebook revealed that Russian advertisers had bought adverting space to heavily push support for Black Lives Matter protests, but targeted those advertisements directly at political conservatives and white supremacists online? Or when Facebook revealed how Russian advertisers had pushed heavy support for alt-right material, but targeted it exclusively to/at political liberals?

Read More – NATO’s Handbook of Russian Information Warfare:

The second reason why Russia favored Trump was because Vladimir Putin knew that Trump would be more sympathetic to Russia’s concerns, and less likely to engage the country in various political battles or world affairs – such as has been the case in Syria. There is also no denying that Trumps political platform was certainly more favorable towards Russia than Clinton’s was, for example. In other ways, Vladimir Putin also suspected that he may have been be able to socially manipulate/engineer Trump, especially given Trumps “alleged ties” to Russian businesses and Oligarchs throughout the past. It also didn’t hurt than many of Russia’s closest allies also considered the theoretical election of Donald Trump to signal the literal downfall of the United States as they knew it.

China. In April 2016 I remember coming across a report featured by The Wall Street Journal, discussing statement’s given by China’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei in regards to the projections of the US Presidential election later that year. More specifically, Minister Jiwei stated that he believed Donald Trump was an “irrational type,” whose election “would make the United States no longer entitled to world leadership” headed in to the future. At the time, he was the highest ranking official within China’s Government to make any such remarks. That’s essentially it, really. There were several world leaders and countries all over the world who though the election of Donald Trump would be a giant joke, and the worst possible outcome for the American public – so Chinese social media farms and Russian propagandists went “All In” to try and get him elected – the rest is history.

Read More from Harvard University – How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument:

Step 5: The Accidentally, On Purpose, Election of Donald Trump

I don’t necessarily think anyone ever actually expected Donald Trump would eventually become President one day, let alone himself. In retrospect, our enemies were simply just trying to make fun of and divide American society, whilst also trying to set this country/international relations back decades by electing him. Here in America, advertisers, corporate executives and news organizations were all just simply trying to exploit him and profit off of all the attention/controversy he garnered, and Trump even once admitted behind closed doors that he only decided to run in the first place for “the lulz” of it all.

It may have all been a giant mistake, it may have been an accident, or maybe Donald Trump really did earn it – who am I to decide? All I know that the fake news fiasco, Russian propaganda nonsense and click-bait epidemic spiraled out of control and snowballed into a force that fundamentally altered the course of human history. All the world should now realize that, along with being the worlds single largest library, the internet is one of the worlds greatest weapons. It is not for naught my tag reads “Give me a website and platform big enough and I can move the world. The keystroke is mightier than the sword.” With that, I bid you adieu, stay classy mis amigos 😉