Trump Revokes US Signature from Global Arms Trade Treaty, Which Bans The Sale of Arms/Munitions Into Known Conflict Areas

Less than 2 weeks after vetoing a resolution from US Congress that would ban the sale of weapons and munitions to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump announced that he would be ending the United States membership as a signatory to the the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty of 2014. According to the UN, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was first established with the intent of reducing “human suffering caused by illegal and irresponsible arms transfers” by enforcing “common standards for the international trade of conventional weapons” and thus reducing “illicit arms trade” around the world. To date, the treaty has signatories in 130 countries worldwide – 129 after the removal of the US’s signature today.

Though disappointing, the move should come as no surprise. Under Commander In Chief Donald Trump US led bombing have increased worldwide, the DoD’s budget has increased at a rate greater than the combined defense budget of Russia every year annually since Donald Trump assumed office and the President has only continued to increase arm sales/transfers to countries actively engaged in armed conflict since 2016, including tp countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations Emirates – whom have each been sold billions of dollars worth of military equipment individually under Donald Trump.

Donald Trump did his best to spin his decision today as an attempt to protect American’s Second Amendment rights domestically here in the United States, even though the intent of the treaty itself has absolutely nothing to do with that – instead focusing on the movement of arms into known areas conflict or War around the world. Nonetheless, you can see Trumps full speech justifying his decision today via the video provided below.

Trumps Speech, Removing US Signature from ATT:

Full Treaty Text:

Browse Treaty:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of The Prime Minister, Airports, Oil Companies & Over A Half Dozen More Federal Agencies Exposed in Data Breach

I swear, the universe has such an interesting way of working itself out. A couple weeks ago I learned of a controversial new project being undertaken by US cyber-mercenaries on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, solely designed to spy on other Arab nations, news outlets, activists and journalists abroad. More specifically, their work is/was officially code-named “Project Raven,” an operation designed to spy on UAE counterparts in countries such as Qatar, including Qatari media outlets such as Al-Jazeera news.

Learn More – Project Raven:

However, over the course of the last few weeks/months since news of Project Raven first became public, it appears as though the United Arab Emirates has now made itself a target as a result. I say this because last night I came across an interesting cache of documents left exposed online, all stolen from various offices and organizations throughout the UAE dating back to March 2019. Together with the help of PopTart from Pryzraky, Rogue Media Labs was able to extract, compress and back up each the files to be released to the browsing public here today. The leak in its entirety contains records stolen from 11 businesses, offices, agencies and organizations across the UAE – including information such as site webmail passes, user passes, web shells and much more.

Named In The Leaked Doc’s Below:

Abu Dhabi Airports
Abu Dhabi Statistics Center
Emirates Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority
Emirates Ministry of Presidential Affairs
Emirates National Oil Company
Emirates National Media Company
Emirates Policy Center
Emirates Prime Ministers Office
Etihad Airways
Lamprel Energy Limited

Download Full File Here:

Exclusive: Understanding What’s Happening Inside Sudan from Those Currently Living Through The Revolution

Over the course of the last several days and weeks I’ve been blessed to find many new friends from all corners of the world, all working together to raise awareness on behalf of the people of Sudan and help them in their quest for freedom. For the purposes of this article I’d like to draw attention to three recent developments in the world of online activism and journalism. The first is a live a report on the ground inside Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum as the protests and brutalities continue. The second is the transcript of an interview I recently held with a Sudanese politician currently sanctioned on Omar al-Bashir’s national “Blacklist” and lastly are all the most recent developments surrounding #OpSudan as the international fight against Omar al-Bashir’s Government continues.

Part 1

The first part of this article is a live report on the ground from inside Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum, from the same source whom has leaked me information on two separate occasions throughout the past. His updates highlight the violent crackdowns against Sudanese students and protesters alike, which seemingly continue to worsen by the day:

Image may contain: ‎1 person, ‎text that says '‎مستهر القل ماذال راس �ي رصاص قنص اليوم واعتنالات ضرب‎'‎‎
Translation:The Killing Continues. Today sniper shot in the head. Hit and arrests.

I was sent the original video of the following clips, but for the safety of my contact can not provide it. Instead, here is the video republished by other sources on social media:

Part 2

In the second part of this article I would like to feature a recent conversation I had with a political activist living inside Sudan whom has been fighting for regime change for many years now. While I will keep their identity “Anonymous,” the source below is currently on a no-fly list – essentially sanctioned/blacklisted by the Government of Bashir. I bring attention to our exchange because I think it paints an extremely unique and accurate depiction of the events leading up to the 2018/2019 Sudanese revolution, as well as the state of mind of the people behind it.

What you should know about the situation inside Sudan is that Omar al-Bashir has begun running out of options. In fact, Bashir has now become so far backed into a corner that hes begun selling his soul to anyone willing to buy. For example, Bashir has recently sold land, territory and islands to Egypt to raise money. He is also currently offering infantry units/soldiers to Saudi Arabia in Yemen in exchange for Saudi Arabia’s continued protection of him in Sudan. He has also outsourced hundreds of millions of dollars in mining contracts to foreign countries including China and the Philippians just to raise enough money to finance his own Government.

In summery, the people of Sudan are outraged because, despite soaring poverty rates and a severe lack of resources, Bashir only continues to steal more wealth away from the country by outsourcing jobs, resources and contracts to foreign countries/governments – every single one of which takes away from Sudanese citizens and/or businesses. Not only is Bashir sabotaging his own economy by doing so, but on top of this he’s personally financing a War Effort in Yemen whilst also spending millions more to hire foreign contractors just spy on and hack his own citizens. This is all time, money and resources spent in vein, to the direct detriment of the people of Sudan. Consequentially, this is why so many people are demanding his resignation and have begun revolting against him in 2018/2019.

Transcript w/ Anonymous Journalist:

Me: Bashir knows it’s over
It took Kabila how many years to step down?
So Bashir will take time
Certainly not in 2019, but 2020

The UK already offered to pardon him for his war crimes and he still hasn’t stepped down

Me: Yeah, the ICC is a joke

he’s replaced his old cabinet with new ones and said the marshal law will last a year long, while the government crackdown on civilians and their movements has only grown.

Me: Russia pulled it’s signature from Rome Statute b/c even they know the ICC is just a power play, all they do is persecute African nations, as if the UK or US have no blood on their hands for all their Wars
I told Interpol I was going to try and arrest al-Sisi
When he came here to nyc
Was a stunt, but something did come from it, hold on


It’s complete bureaucracy tbh I mean Omar al-Bashir has been travelling a lot lately and while Sudan is sanctioned because of his actions, countries that welcome him don’t receive these sanctions

He’s proved his authority over the ICC by travelling to Qatar, Saudi, UAE and a few other countries within the past few months

Me: What’s the other side of the story?
How many supports does Bashir have?
Like does 50% of the country support him? 15%, 5%

The case against Bashir isn’t the fact whether people want him or not but the human rights violations he’s committed in his reign
currently its less than 20% that is, while the true percentage remains unkown because people going to his rallies receive transportation, food, funding and welfare.
He’s also added several protesters on the no fly list including me :joy:
which is weird since he should want us to leave.

Me: I know Sudan is allied with Russia, that is essentially allied with Qatar, Syria, Palestine

Sudan is allied with malaysia and China as well.

Me: But UAE and Saudi Arabia are different allies

UAE and Saudi are allied with Sudan because Sudan sends soldiers to the front-lines in Yemen
we’re fighting their dirty war.

While china and Malaysia monopolize Sudan’s resources.

Me: China exploits Africa, they build construction in Ethiopia like gran Renaissance Dam, mine Ghana, mine everywhere
China sees so much potential in Africa but steal all the money from Africans
Money and jobs

yup. I mean its capatilism after all, if it wasn’t china, it would be the US or russia

Me: Can you send me information on this? Sudan soldiers in Yemen
I would greatly appreciate

Sudan isn’t that great either, since most of the south’s instability is Due to the north.
Sure thing.

There’s even a video
of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed
with Omer Al bashir
saying that “Sudan has helped us in the war in yemen by Sending us soldiers who we are proud to say are on the front lines of the war”

Me: If you can please send all that and more
I never heard any of that

Video of Bashir’s statements below

Me: No problem, if you can, could you send some articles on bashir use of military in Yemen or abroad, news sources or stories from inside the country

since Saudi and Egypt starting giving up protesters to Bashir
Our news doesn’t cover that But I’ll get you some credible sources from global news
our news is controlled by his regime so it only covers stuff everyone knows or fabricated stories

Me: I was actually hoping to see you here, you have any proof or articles of bashir hiring UAE or Saudi Arabia to spy on people in Sudan


Me: Why is Sudan in Yemen, I’ve seen Somalians executed at sea, fleeing Yemen after they left Somalia for a better life. Dozens executed in boats at sea, just slaughtered, is Sudan in Yemen as a way of protecting against refugees from Somalia?

according to H.H Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, commonly known as MBZ or MbZ, who is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE’s Armed Forces the Sudanese offered to fight in the frontlines so it wasn’t something requested by the Arab League.

The interview was dated 2 years ago and posted on the local broadcast television of respective countries, since then more news began to surface in online publications

Me: But what’s the end game? Sudan doesn’t even border Yemen. They have so few resources why finance a war effort like that?
Trying to impress Muslim ranks or something?

Sudan has always played both sides politically with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, The Sudanese President even went as far as appointed a Saudi National as one of his lead councils. Regularly visiting Qatar, Saudi and recently even having President Erdogan visit Sudan.

I think the president is just pupiteered by personal interest and security.
Turkey has already supposedly bought an island a few months ago which is on Sudanese soil, while Sudan gave up part of a bordering territory to Egypt since Egypt has been the one governing that territory its only in recent years have they realized about this issue. The main import/export port in Port Sudan was licensed to a Filipino company who will manage it.

I know but I don’t see how that could work.
The major issue has always been between the Sunni and Shia Muslims not within the Sunni Muslims themselves and as of right now its an issue of containing the Arab spring.
Look at Tunisia for example
Or Algeria

Me: What is Sudan’s top export? I was going to say Qatar and Saudi are on two sides of the war

Sudans Exports are Arabic Gum and its the worlds 2nd largest African exporter of gold.

Me: And they sold gold mining to Philippines?

they sold the port that deals with all the import and exports
so now all the profits go to a philipino company.
we also have uranium, but cant find resources for it

Me: I was telling you about China in Ethiopia and Ghana.
Modern economic imperialism
this website is blocked idk why
New Uranium Mining Projects – Africa
Russia and China consider joint exploitation of uranium deposits in Africa …… In Sudan, uranium prospection and exploration is being performed by Brinkley …
‎Botswana · ‎Central African Rep. · ‎Congo, Dem. Rep. · ‎Egypt

People also search for
uranium in africa map
wise uranium
goviex uranium
uranium price per gram
african country with rich uranium deposits

Me: I think I am getting the framework of my next article

idk how you can write that much :ok_hand: but its good reads

The meeting “discussed the opening of investment in uranium after consultations with the security authorities,” Alsir said.
Alsir didn’t elaborate on foreign partners that the government consider to mine the nuclear fuel in Sudan and under which conditions. Sudan does not have the needed technology to develop this industry. this is from an article in

Part 3

In this last part of the article I would like to draw attention to recent developments surrounding #OpSudan, an international hacking campaign designed to interfere with Omar al-Bashir and his Government by any means necessary. Most recently, over the course of the last 36 hours or so, “Al1ne3737” of the international hacking group known as “Pryzraky” has released a series of hacks and leaks effecting 3 Government agencies, 3 public universities and 1 public oil refinery.

The first round of hacks/leaks on February 28th didn’t necessarily reveal too much personal information. Rather, Al1ne3737 simply just leaked the vulnerabilities and point of failures attached to each website allowing hackers to grain remote access to it. The second round of hacks on March 1st however revealed much more personal information, including the names, email addresses and passwords of hundreds of registered users affiliated with each site, also allowing for hackers to gain administrators level access over each website.
Targets 2/28/2019:

National Council of Medical Specialties: hxxps://
National Blood Transfusion Agency: hxxp://
Ministry of Urban Planning: hxxp://

Raw Data Leak:
Targets 3/01/2019:

Alsharg Alahlia College:A hxxp://
University of The Fasher: hxxp://
Mashreq University: hxxp://
Obied Refinery Co. LTD: hxxp://

Raw Data Leak:
Data Download (16.89 KB):

Year In Review: State of Human Rights In North Africa & Middle East 2018 – 2019

(AI) – On February 26th 2019, Amnesty International released their newest investigative report entitled “Human Right In The Middle East & North Africa.” The 77 page document highlights the state of human rights, current affairs and political issues, events and debates throughout the geographic areas of the Middle East and North Africa. More specifically, Amnesty’s report highlights the state of affairs in 17 countries during the calendar year of 2018, including Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Israel and Palestine.

More Information – Review of Report:
Download Full 77 Page Report Here:

View Full Report:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on February 25th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and PDF added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs