Rogue Security Labs Crashed by PopTart of Pryzraky

The parent company of Rogue Media Labs is called Rogue Security Labs for a reason, because I would like to fancy myself a sort of “savant” when it comes to cybersecurity. In fact, throughout the past, groups such of Ghost Squad Hackers have literally demonstrated attacks which have taken down ProtonMail servers, yet which just harmlessly deflected off me. Over the course of the last 5 months I have literally absorbed thousands of Web Application Attacks from all around the world on both my websites, and haven’t had a single one of the websites I’ve built or protected hacked or crashed since July 2017 – all without unnecessary 3rd party services such as Cloudflare, Radware or Sucuri mind you.

However, that all changed this past weekend when a hacker known as “PopTart” of Pryzraky crashed Rogue Security Labs with a Layer 7 DDoS Attack the likes of which I have never seen before. And I say this because, just a couple weeks ago, I deflected a Layer 7 Attack DDoS Attack from PopTart seamlessly without an ounce of down time. But after some research and a bunch of custom additions, including his own programming, PopTart appears to have finally pulled it off. For this reason, I dare say that PopTart is the most dangerous ‘doser’ in the world right now – at least that I have seen.

For some perspective on this, PopTart originally crashed my site while I was away, on a hike through town – so I asked them to try and replicate while I was back home in front of my computer. I kid you not, even with all Tor nodes blocked, VPN traffic blocked, Proxy traffic blocked and all IPv2 Addresses from China, Indonesia, Brasil and the Netherlands blocked, on top of all my existing security measures in place, PopTart was still able to crash my site – there was nothing I could do. He is the first and only person in history to crash a Rogue Security Labs protected site, and believe me there have been plenty of suitors – not all of them enemies, either.

In an interview with Rogue Media Labs, PopTart claims to have hijacked a majority of the devices in his botnet off the ClearNet – almost none of them having anything whatsoever to do with the Internet of Things (IoT). For this reason, all of the traffic from his botnet registers as legitimate. For example, his botnet passed my bot blacklist rules, passed my hidden recaptcha challenge, and even operates through https as well as http/2. None of my security settings flagged his devices, because they all accessed the website as legitimate, non malicious connections. Only when they were on the website site was the malicious amplification delivered, a truly unique creation the likes of which I have never seen before. Consequentially enough, which is why I’m writing this article here today – to give credit where credit is due.

The whole ordeal serves as a reminder that security is a myth; security is only an illusion. No matter how good your security is,  one day it will become outdated. Apparently the shelf life of my custom mitigations was 21 months. In the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, “No matter how hard you are working, theres always someone out there somewhere working harder. No matter how smart you are, there’s someone out there smarter than you. And remember, every time you are resting, there is someone out there putting in hard work.” In that spirit, perhaps I too have gotten complacent.

Rogue Media Labs Year In Review

While I just started Rogue Media Labs on October 20th 2018, my brief time as Editor-In-Chief has seen a number of small successes. Not only has Google accepted my inclusion into their news index, but Facebook has officially verified my account and approved my page to run/advertise political content ahead of the 2019 EU election season and into the 2020 US Presidential election. Additionally, as a result of my work online I have also been extended an open position to submit work to the award winning Italian based cyber security blog Security Affairs.

Other Notes & Statistics:

  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 607%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased individual article reads by 612%
  • From month 1 to 2, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by 318%
  • From month 2 to 3, Rogue Media Labs increased unique site visitors by another 899%
  • Google News & Facebook verification algorithms have boosted site traffic by 558%
  • Rogue Media Labs has published 172 articles to date, including this one.
  • Over the last 71 days I have received unique visitors/internet traffic from 124 different countries around the world – which is saying something considering I’ve banned Tor traffic the entire time.
  • In order, the United States, Brasil, France, UK and Mexico have generated the most amount of traffic to my website, followed by India, Peru and Spain.
  • To date, Rogue Security Labs has absorbed 2,337 Web Application and/or Brute Force Attacks, primarily originating out of Israel and Ukraine.
  • Rogue Security Labs has blocked 47 followers on Twitter, or 18.3% of anyone whom has attempted to follow me – primarily corporate executives and/or Government employees.

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– Brian Dunn –

Owner: Rogue Security Labs
Editor: Rogue Media Labs

Central Bank of The Bahamas Crashed for +28 Hours by SHIZEN

In conjunction with #OpIcarus2018, hacker “SHIZEN” of Pryzraky has launched a series of web attacks and DDoS against central banks worldwide. Chief among them was an attack on the Central Bank of the Bahamas, which was downed for well over 24 hours between the dates of December 12th to 14th, 2018. As of 9 a.m. Friday morning the banks official website appears to be back up and running again, but the sites administrators have had to install Cloudflare just to make this happen.

Upon investigating the website further, the sites theme manager and developer, Thyme Online, has still yet to even install an active SSL certificate for the website and its front-end still suffers from a lack of basic and fundamental security measures. According to their web page, the Central Bank of the Bahamas currently manages over 55 million dollars in assets, but it remains unclear how much a financial impact the latest cyber attack has had on their business.

According to SHIZEN, “The Central Bank Of Bahamas it’s an easy target, the website is protected by Cloudflare but as long as the DDoS doesn’t exceed the 1 TBPS limit. I have attacked with a Python Script named: & The website has been taken down for 28 hours before it was changed over to Cloudflare, now if you make an check-host you can see an error “503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)”, the website works because he have changed the Cloudflare, so I think I’ll try to take down it with an IRC Botnet or an MIRAI next.Rogue Security Labs has reached out to the Bahamas Central Bank for comment on the incident, but as of December 15th 2018 the bank has declined to respond.

Website Hit: hxxp://
American Bank Proxy:
Target Behind Cloudflare: