Russia Exposes United States Oil Smuggling Operation In Northern Syria

Russia has accused the United States of breaking their own sanctions and smuggling oil out of Syria.

Speaking yesterday in Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova criticised the American occupation of Syrian oilfields and described the action as criminal activity. Beyond the most recent moves by Washington, Zakharova also accused the Trump regime of smuggling, stating that the activity had already been going on for months.

It’s impossible for a modern international community [not] to raise questions when a civilised state endlessly declares its adherence to certain democratic values, international legal principles in international relations, pumps oil from oil fields in northeast Syria, I remind you: it is a sovereign state – covering up their criminal activities with some pretexts for fighting ISIS. I want to remind you also: ISIS, according to the Allies[International military intervention against ISIL], was finally destroyed in March of this year. Not really, of course, everything “grows together” in the American position, bypassing their sanctions, Americans have been smuggling oil for more than 30 million dollars a month from Syria.” – Maria Zakharova –

The accusation comes hot on the heels of the Russian Ministry of Defense releasing satellite images that show American forces extracting oil and sending it for processing outside of Syria.

The above images show the Daman oil gathering station where “90 automotive vehicles, including 23 fuel trucks” were spotted. In addition, we can see 25 vehicles in the Al-Hasakah province, including 22 fuel trucks. Furthermore, 32 more fuel trucks were seen in Deir ez-Zor on September 8 and 34 fuel trucks were recorded in the Mayadin onshore area on the same day as can ben seen in the images below.

Russia has claimed that the US-controlled company Sadcab is responsible for the operation to extract the of oil and the income of the smuggling has gone straight into the personal accounts of U.S. private military companies and special forces.

Syrian oil is currently valued at $38 and barrel, making the illegal operation worth $30m a month.

Under the protection of American military servicemen and employees of American PMCs, fuel trucks from the oil fields of Eastern Syria are smuggling to other states. In the event of any attack on such a caravan, special operations forces and US military aircraft are immediately called in to protect it. For such a continuous financial flow, free from control and taxes of the American government, the leadership of the Pentagon and Langley will be ready to guard and defend oil fields in Syria from the mythical ‘hidden IS cells’ endlessly. Neither in international law, nor in American legislation itself – there is not and cannot be a single legal task for the American troops to protect and defend the hydrocarbon deposits of Syria from Syria itself and its own people.” – Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry –

The Americans and Donald Trump in particular have been particularly open about occupying and stealing Syrian oil, despite the international legal consequences of such claims.

Just yesterday Donald Trump stated unequivocally that U.S. troops will be remaining in Syria “just because we’re keeping the oil,” while Defense Secretary Mark Esper put it less explicitly this past Monday when he told the press that the current U.S. objective in eastern Syria is “to secure the oil fields.

Critics and international observers have pointed out that plundering Syrian oil would be a war crime under international law.

Under The Hague Convention and international law, occupying forces are permitted to use public assets that it manages, including the yield, but only so far as to fulfill its obligations under the law of occupation. The occupying power is not allowed to destroy assets, transfer their ownership to others or deplete them. Any effort to exploit a finite resource such as the oil reserves in Syria would be in contradiction to these laws. An expression of this principle is found in Section 47 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

This law against international plunder is one of the key aspects of international humanitarian law and the international community and United Nations must now be seen to act. If the United States is allowed to engage in international banditry then not only will it be a supreme double standard, it will render both international law and bodies such as the United Nations impotent. Burka

This article was originally published by Red Revolution Media on November 2nd 2019. It was republished, with permission, through a mutually agreed upon publishing partnership between Rogue Media and Red Revolution. Formatting edits were added/embedded by Rogue Media.

Trump Tells Erdogan ‘I Will Destroy Turkeys Economy’ In Leaked White House Letter

Interestingly enough, Russia Today is now touting a leaked White House letter from the office of the Presidency, in which Donald Trump literally tells President Erdogan of Turkey “Dont be a fool” in regards to his current Syria invasion, with treats of “destroying Turkeys economy” if Erdogan and Trump can not reach a deal in the near future. Dated October 9th 2019, the letter is incredibly interesting for many reasons, first off is the fact it is completely immature and almost childish language coming the from nations highest office. Second, Trump is outright threatening a NATO ally with economic sanctions and economic Warfare – much like we have done to Russia, Venezuela, Iran and many others over recent years. This is also incredibly dangerous for not just the future of international relations between the US and Turkey, but all NATO countries for that matter.

Honestly, I am not going to hype up the letter any more or any less for you, instead you can read it for yourself below…..

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Behind The US’s Use of Hacktivists Groups As Cover for Cyber Campaigns Targeting Brasil

As someone whom has covered hacking news and hacktivists quite heavily for the last 5 years now, I found many events which took place between the later half of 2018 and beginning of 2019 particularly interesting. For those of you whom might not have been paying attention, over this time period the country of Brasil came under heavy fire from seemingly every direction – with many local, state and federal political/Government agencies and organizations getting hacked/leaked.

However, as a hacking news journalists whom got many exclusives over this time period, what was particularly interesting to note were the people whom were behind at least some of these attacks. While some were Brasilians, such as Pryzraky, the longer all of the hacks went on, the more different groups began outing themselves as internationals – particularly Americans. Such as was the case of the group known as “Shadow Squad Hackers” whom were Americans and claimed they were targeting Brasil because they were “disgusting and dirty people.” They claimed they were targeting Brasil for know other reason that they “hate Brasil and Brasilians.” Many also claimed to the be former members of the US Department of Defense at the same time.

While those are just some examples, they were far from alone. As you can see by following the tag below, the number of new or previously unknown hacktivists groups targeting Brasil in 2018/2019 were almost too many to count.

Read More – Brasil Tag on Rogue Media:

Why Is This Happening?

This is a two part answer. The first is the fact that Brasilian Government and political websites are far behind the rest of the world when it comes to sound cyber security practices. For example, the vast majority of hacks were all pulled off via SQL injection (SQLi) – because their website’s IT staff apparently doesn’t know how to block bad query strings. Upon further investigation, many political websites leave their login pages out in the open, on the front end landing page, making themselves an easy target for brute force attacks. Still even further, many of the smaller, local government websites don’t even utilize a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) – making them easier targets for DDoS attacks and defacement campaigns, of which there were many.

However, the second reason is far more interesting – geopolitics. What you may not know is that Brasil is a member/signatory the the BRICS Alliance. Built by an international outreach campaign by Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years, what you should know is that BRICS is built on a long term economic/military strategy to lock the United States out of South Pacific and South Atlantic trading routes, opening up trade routes for developing countries and emerging economies – such as Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

If you think about it logistically or tactically it makes sense, Brasil has potential for the largest economy in South America and sticks the furthest out into the South Atlantic, which gives them the best chance at controlling the South Atlantic and sealing out countries from doing business in those waters. South Africa, for example, can control the Cape of Good Hope – the only route for Western Countries to cross over the African continent and reach Eastern markets by sea. Moving further East, India could have full control over the Indian ocean and has already begun sealing out the US from shipping rubbage to their country. And still yet, further East, Russian and China have the military power necessary to completely lock out the US from reaching all Eastern countries if they really wanted – with an all out attack on Japan not withstanding (RIP).

With that established and with countless coverage of all the Brasilian attacks, along with interviews with each of the hackers and hacking groups behind the hacks, it is my firm belief that the United States Government was using “hacktivist” groups as a cover for the hacks of major political parties and Government websites across Brasil, as revenge for the Brasilians having signed new alliances with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. Moreover, do you believe that all of these cyber attacks targeting Brasil occurring over the same exact timeline of the US’s attacks against Venezuela were any coincidence?

It is my firm belief that the US Government used these groups and these tactics not only to expose information on the Brasilian Government and its members, but also to show them how weak their cyber security practices were. As we already know, the USA does also have a long and extensive history of “meddling” in South America as well. Many of these attacks were no different, they just didn’t have computers in the 60s and 70’s.

Read More – Declassified Documents from CIA Reveal US Political Interference Throughout South America During Cold War:

Here’s A Look At an Active Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Against The US Government In Live Time

Sometimes I wonder why the US Government is so afraid of me? I mean, I applied for Clandestine work with the CIA, openly worked with the CIA on different occasions for various DarkNet operations, sent maybe 5 dozen+ reports to the FBI, worked with countless intelligence contractors and pieces off my old website were read to the US Senate Intelligence Committee. I just don’t get it, how did I become the bad guy all of a sudden?

I mean, is it the fact that I was trained/paid by German intelligence? They are “allies” – right? Is it the fact that I left the country, defected my citizen ship and became a political refugee in the Bahamas? Is it that I’ve been inside the Russian consulate and Visa centers three different times, each – the first time as a political refugee? Is it the fact that I uncovered a Russian staff member secretly working for the US while in there, and then sold them out to the FSB to show my worth? Is it the fact I’ve been in the French consulate twice and embassy once? Is it the fact that I can become a Russian citizen any day I want? Is it the fact that I’ve published about 100 leaks globally in the last 9 months alone? I mean, all of that is totally normal – right? Who hasn’t done that? 🤔

All humor aside for a moment, it literally can’t be any of those things. Well, at least the defecting, refugee stuff and political asylum parts that is – because I did all of that “ex post facto.” Unfortunately, the sad reality of my situation is that the US Government is quite literally spending millions observing me and sabotaging everything I do, chasing me from country to country, state to state, instead of just paying me thousands to work for them in the first place! Makes complete sense – right? I guess that would just be too simple a solution for them. But what do I know?

Well, after more than a year and a half now, with no end in site, I decided to begin the process of filling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the US National Security Agency (NSA) earlier this year. Of course, this began with a simple FOIA request which was expectedly denied – see below – and is currently in the appeals process. Once that appeal gets denied a second time, as I’m certain it will, I will then file a FOIA lawsuit to one up the request and put some more heat on them. Please note that I’ve redacted some of my own personal statements to the NSA in the copies of their response provided below.

NSA FOIA Denial Page 1:

Image may contain: text


NSA FOIA Denial Page 2:

Image may contain: text

NSA Denail Page 3:

Image may contain: text

Any of this sounding familiar to you? Sort of sounds like Tom Cruise’s “Rogue Nation Mission Impossible” spin-off perhaps? 😂 I swear, you really can’t make this stuff up!

Once again however, all humor aside, this is actually a very serious matter. I bring all of that up because you have to read between the lines here. If the technology or program didn’t exist in the first place, they would’ve just flat out denied everything outright and probably try and ship me to a psych ward for 32 days – oh wait! The fact that they can neither “confirm nor deny” the existence of the program/technology and can not “confirm nor deny” any of the people(s) targeted by it is actually a defacto admission that the program does exist – which I already know. They just use classification guidelines to hide their violations of article’s 4 and 8 of the US Constitution from the public’s eye. I know, such Patriots – right? 😏

Quite frankly, I don’t care if it all fails. I just want to share intelligence with the world/US, and show people the truth about things they may not have ever been aware of or heard of before – funded by their own tax dollars. After-all, even I know there is a reason the Government is doing this to me, my mind is a weapon and I pledge my allegiance to no one! This country was just to stupid to hire me.

🎆Merry 4th of July America! Damn Those British Sons of Bitches!!🎆


Russia Publishes Strategy Guide On How To Destabilize Itself, Documents Taken from US Army Research Affiliate

So, here’s an interesting bit of research I managed to stumble upon last night. Produced by the Rand Corporation for the United States Army and entitled “Over Extending and Unbalancing Russia,” the 12 page document details various strategies the US military could partake in to undermine, sabatoge and/or destabilize the Russian Government and its military – both within Russian borders and abroad. Interestingly enough, the documents were first published in Russia, not the United States, and it’s not exactly clear how they go them – but it’s actually kind of funny/ironic, especially given the subject matter.

For example, the Rand Corporation essentially ranks the likelihood of how successful a particular strategy may be. This includes theoretical options like increasing US troop presence in Syria to counter-act Russia’s military presence there, increasing foreign aid to Ukraine, manipulating China to be less receptive to Russian business in Asia, investing more heavily in space-based weapon systems – so on and so forth. Honestly, it’s an interesting look inside some of the private dealings of the US military, and provides an excellent example highlighting how the US Government outsources intelligence to contractors before ultimately making decisions. In a way, it is kind of a rare look behind the headlines – perhaps revealing details/insights into future US military decisions/strategies before they happen.

I could summarize more of the report for you, but why? I would rather just have you waste your time reading the intelligence documents for yourself – enjoy!

Download Document:

Browse 12 Page Release:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

CyberGuerrilla Releases Secrets of US Air Force Stealth Technology

Earlier today I came across an extremely unique dump of information posted online by Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, whom have become extremely active over the course of the last several days. What makes the information so interesting is the fact that, even after reading it and conducting some research, I’m completely unable to verify how rare, classified or confidential the information actually is. All I know is that, in all my years online, I’ve never come across anything like this before. Moreover specifically, the information contains detailed analysis on US stealth technology, such as the ingredients contained in US manufactured structures/material, as well as how these materials are structured within the framework of stealth aircraft.

Original Press Release:

In a message attached to the leak, CyberGuerrilla stated they wanted to unveil this technology to the public here today because “Democratization of this technology will have a positive effect on stability in an increasingly unstable world.” But without any further delay, here is the release in its entirety.

Broadband microwave absorber design concept using a honeycomb sandwich structure:

Unlike the conventional microwave absorbing honeycomb sandwich structure, the new design concept uses the transverse direction of a honeycomb structure with a coated lossy material.

When the incident waves reach the inside of the honeycomb coated with the lossy material, multiple scattering occurs inside the honeycomb due to the two different refractive indices. Then, the trapped electromagnetic (EM) waves lose energy due to the coated lossy walls.

Thus, the honeycomb structure can be used in the transverse direction and the effective thickness in terms of the incident EM waves becomes very large. This considerable thickness represents a very effective way to sufficiently attenuate the trapped waves.

This way, a lightweight and broadband absorber could be implemented without use of a magnetic material and without any limitations on the thickness.

A novel broadband lightweight radar absorbing material is developed using a phenolic aramid honeycomb (HC) coated with a graphene-filled polymeric paint, which is made of a colloidal suspension of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) dispersed in a mixture of polyvinyl-alcohol, water, and 1-propanol.

A multiscale effective-medium model of the GNP-coated HC, which takes into account the morphology and properties of the nanostructured material from micro- to macroscale, is developed and validated through the comparison with experimental data in the X-band. Findings demonstrate a feasible way to develop lightweight and broadband absorbers for various practical applications.

Chinese research showing remarkable absorption properties of honeycomb core structures coated with composite absorber

Preparation and microwave absorption properties of honeycomb core structures coated with composite absorber:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

It seems that Russian experts still do not use this technology on their latest stealth projects…?

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Russian Activists Accuse FSB of Torture In National Crackdown Against Anti-Fascists & Anarchists

A group Russian activists has created a website, YouTube channel and drafted a series of press releases raising awareness on behalf of the Federal Security Service‘s (FSB) use of torture in National Law enforcement. For example, according to a press release yesterday, entitled “How The FSB Is Manufacturing A Terrorism Case,” dating back to 2017, the FSB has begun rounding up, detaining, interrogating and in some instances torturing Russian “Anti-Fascist’s” and “Anarchists” in an effort to crackdown on civil dissent around the country. Allegedly, Antifascists and Anarchists have become so large/prevalent around Russia that they’ve begun syndicating into a much larger group of individuals referring to themselves as “The Network” – said to be highly active across the country over recent years.

However, given this groups knowledge and skills, coupled with their general attitude of Anarchism, the FSB has now since declared The Network to be a domestic terrorist organization – and has begun cracking down on them as such. According to evidence released online, dozens have already been arrested around the country – with several more awaiting trial. Not only this, but in order to crack down on the group, the FSB is alleged to have planted evidence, assaulted individuals prior to their arrests, and have propagated the widespread use of torture – including electrodes – in order to force confessions. Not only is this immoral and inhumane, but it’s also a clear violation of international law – which is why activists are sounding the alarm bells here today.

According to a statement posted online yesterday, April 28th 2019,the activists explained:

“In the run-up to presidential elections and the FIFA World Cup, repressions against antifascists and anarchists started in Russia. In Autumn 2017, 6 people were arrested in Penza; several of them had weapons and explosives planted on them. FSB officers then tortured the antifascists right in the detention facility: they applied naked wires to the activists’ various body parts and turned the electricity on, they beat them up, hanged them upside down. While torturing them, the agents made the activists learn by heart the story the FSB needed: they were supposed to confess of having founded and belonging to a terrorist organization called “The Network”. In late January 2018, two more antifascists were arrested in Saint-Petersburg. They, too, were beaten up, tortured with electric current, and forced to incriminate themselves by confirming they were members of the “Network.”

Visit Their Website:

Russia Officially Passes Internet Isolation Bill, Policies/Construction To Begin by November 2019

This past Monday Russia’s Federation Council officially approved the passage of a new law designed to create a new national backup to the World Wide Web inside Russia’s borders. Code-named “Runet” and domestically named the “Internet Isolation Law,” the operation is designed to create a new set of national infrastructure allowing for Russia to stay connected to the internet in the event of a global shutdown or deliberate cut off from it – such as Russia has been threatened with throughout the very recent past.

For those of you whom might be unfamiliar, the law was first introduced in December 2018 and has quickly made its way through Parliament. From here, all that remains for the law to go into effect is a signature from Putin – which he is fully expected to do. As was reported by Russia Today on April 22nd 2019, the law is officially “expected to take effect in November” with an estimated budget size “of some $460 million” – construction said to begin shortly thereafter, estimated to run until at least 2022.

Learn More – Russia Aims To Create Backup To The World-Wide-Web, Create Its Own National Internet Infrastructure:

As was also reported by Russia Today a week before that, on April 16th 2019, Rusnet will establish “the creation of a national DNS system that stores all domain names and corresponding IP addresses, and would provide cryptographic data protection.” Additionally, it would “also restrict the transfer of data shared between Russian internet users to servers outside of the country.“It is also important to distinguish that the project aims to ensure the internet’s continuous operation inside Russia throughout the future, not to build a sovereign national internet like China has.

Moreover, despite its controversy, Russian lawmakers actually argue that the new law/project is not much different than a 2012 Executive Order signed by then President Obama, allowing the US Government to seize all electronic communications in the event of a national security emergency if need be. In many ways, Russia claims to have drafted this law after first being inspired to do so by Obama’s directive.

Learn More – Obama Executive Order “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions”:

View Copy of Russia’s New Law:

Browse Legislation:

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Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Chairmen of US House Oversight Committee – Elijah Cummings

Interestingly enough, a day after publishing two leaked internal documents from Deutche Bank regarding a suspected money laundering campaign, one of which directly implicates Donald Trump’s ambitions to build a new Trump Tower in Moscow along with the help of VTB Group, a sub-agency of the Russian Government, Donald Trump officially filed motion in a Washington DC Court room this morning to block US Democrats from successfully subpoenaing a copy of his tax records from 2015 and 2016 – the same months/years  Trump was originally campaigning for Presidential office. More specifically, the lawsuit names Elijah Cummings, Chairmen of the US House Oversight Committee for his attempts to subpoena Trumps tax records – something which Trump argues is a gross overreach of Government authority, jurisdiction and/or power.

While I will not get into the whole “charade” here, Trump maintains that the Democrats requests for his tax records have “no legitimate legislative purpose” and claims that the Democrats merely want them to use them as a “political weapon” headed into the 2020 election season. Meanwhile, the Democrats say the documents are necessary because they contain “years worth of confidential information” that can either tie Trump to the Russians or prove his innocence – hence why it is so important that they become a matter of public record, especially after the ambiguity of the Mueller Report. Rogue Media Labs has attached a full copy of the motion filed in court this morning below for your browsing pleasures – enjoy!

Download Copy of Trump’s Lawsuit v Elijah Cummings:

Browse Document:

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Second Leaked Memo Reveals Trumps Close Ties With State Owned Russian Banks & Money Launderers Throughout The Course of 2016 Election Season

This article is a follow up to an article I published a two days ago, April 19th 2019, describing a $600 million dollar loan granted to a sub-agency of the Russian Government known as VTB Group. Leaked to the public by Black Water Security Group and dated November 25th 2016, was a copy of an internal memo sent to all Deutsche Bank employees advising them to disregard any future developments surrounding the loan in question – specifically advising employees to ignore any future developments with the loan, even if they suspected fraudulent activity might be at play. As fate would have it, just a couple weeks after that memo was released, a Russian Banking institution known as Alfa Bank purchased $300 million dollars of that loan out from under Deutsche Bank. As was also pointed out at the time, Alfa Bank is long known to have partaken in extensive money laundering campaigns throughout the past.

Full Story – Leaked Memo Exposes Potential Money Laundering Scandal:

However, another leaked document from Deutsche Bank released by Black Water Security Group yesterday begins to tell another interesting story. Dated December 18th 2016, just days after half of VTB Group‘s $600 million dollar loan was sold to Alfa Bank, the memo advises all Deutsche Bank affiliates against doing any business with VTB Group in the future – especially given their close ties to known money launderers. Whats particularly interesting though is a reference to then President-elect Donald Trump, explaining how he had been actively seeking a loan with VTB Group and Deutsche Bank to begin building a new Trump tower in Moscow. Essentially, the memo, sent by the banks anti-crime division, warned all Deutsche Bank affiliates against staking any loan with Donald Trump – specifically due to his relationship with the Russian Government and known money launders operating through or with them.

It should be noted that the memo’s released by Black Water Security this week were meant to do more to expose Donald Trumps close ties to Russia, after it was believed the Mueller report did not do enough to prove so. While the leaks are far from a smoking gun, so to speak, they certainly do provide an interesting perspective on Donald Trump and whom he had been doing business whilst he was actively campaigning to become President – including members of the Russian mob, money launderers and state owned Russian banks.

Download Documents:

Browse 2 Page Document Release:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Black Water Security Releases Internal Memo Leaked by Former Duetsche Bank Employee Shedding Light On Possible Money Laundering Scandal

In response to the release of the Mueller Report earlier this afternoon, a group of intelligence contractors known as “Black Water Security” published a copy of a leaked memo provided to them by a former Deutsche Bank employeewhom apparently quit after receiving a copy of this very memo nearly two and a half years ago, and whom decided to go public about it after questioning the results of the redacted release of the Mueller Investigation here today.

In a statement to Rogue Media Labs, Black Water Security explained how “a bank’s AFC (anti-financial crime) regulation is meant to stop the bank from participating in laundering the proceeds of illegal activity.” Adding that “Through our contact with an employee at Deutsche Bank USA, we have learned that senior global management officials within the bank were involved in actively relaxing the internal policy of the bank when it comes to financial dealings with Russia. This particular memo was sent in response to an associate of my source flagging a transaction involving VTB Group, which is 60% owned by the Russian government.

Upon researching the incidents in question a little further, I managed to stumble upon record of a December 2016 publication revealing how Deutsche Bank attempted to sell off a $600 million dollar loan from VTB Group, the same group mentioned in the November 25th memo below, before ultimately failing to do so – managing only to sell off $300 million dollars of it to a Russian bank known as Alfa Bank. After sharing this information back with the source of the leak, Black Water Security stated that”Given the dates in comparison to the memo, it seems the memo may have had the intention to mask possible laundering of money to pay off the VTB loan. Or to prevent internal scrutiny (whistleblowers) from flagging the loan.” Essentially, Deutsche Bank just wanted to sell off the loan as quickly as possible and didn’t care how Russia raised the money to do so – which is certainly interesting information in its own right.

Download Copy of Memo:

Copy of Leaked Memo 11/25/2016:

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US Department of Justice Releases Full 448 Page Redacted Version of Mueller Report

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet, 100% opinion free. I know, what a revelation -right? But without any further adieu, earlier today, April 18th 2019, under the direction of Attorney General William Barr, the US Department of Justice finally/officially released their full, albeit redacted, 448 page copy of the now infamous Mueller Investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election. You can download the entire file for yourself below, or click through via the pdf embed below – enjoy!

Download Full 448 Page Copy:

Browse Report:

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