Anonymous Hacker Known As XeljomundoX Arrested by Spanish Authorities – Faces 11 Years

Unfortunately, upon logging back online this evening I was met with a bit of bad news. This would be the news that the Anon known as “XeljomundoX,” one of the primary leaders of #OpCatalonia2019, was arrested for their alleged role in advertising and encouraging not just the Catalonian protests which took place this week, but also for their role in encouraging cyber attacks against the Spanish Government with a video shared to social media this past Monday.

As was first reported to me by Anonymous News this afternoon, roughly 5 hours ago, “The former hacktivist arrested again #Anonymous @YourAnonXelj. He was also arrested for cyber attacks on 1-O and they ask him for 11 years in jail. Now accused of spreading a video of which he is not part of the attacks.” On top of that, as was reported by the Spanish news paper El Confidencial today “One of the ‘hackers’ linked to the one known as #OpCatalonia2019, a series of cyberattacks launched this week in protest of the ‘procés’ ruling, has been arrested this morning by the National Police at his home in Tarragona. He is accused of alleged crime of computer damage for being behind a video announcing the cyberattack campaign that occurred as of Monday.

In case you had not seen it or were curious, here is the video he was arrested for………

This is also the second time XeljomudoX has been arrested. They were previously arrested by Spanish authorities earlier this calendar year, in January 2019, following their participation in various international hacking campaigns. Most notably, the hacks and leaks associated with the original #OpCatalonia which took place throughout 2017 and the months/years to follow.

For example, other members of Anonymous put out a video this evening in support of XeljomudoX, stolen video footage detailing the search of Xel’s home and seizure of his computer and social accounts from this past March – lulz……..

Additionally, in protest/support of XeljomundoX myself, I sent a private message to his previously seized Twitter account with my DoB, SSN, home phone number and address, telling Spanish National PoliceArrest me you cowards. I will post the video every single day until he is free. Want to arrest someone for a video, now I know the Spanish Government is desperate. Then you wonder why all these people despise and protest you. DO you actually have pride for Spain? Has any country in the world fallen off any more significantly than Spain the last 600 years? You used to own part of the USA, Central America and South America. Now what are you? A shell of your former shelf, lost all your territory, lost your glory. Now your just a single nation with a failing economy, at the bottom end of the EU. What would you even do without the international bailouts? It’s pathetic. Now you try to stop on anyone who speaks negatively of your country? That’s fucking sad. Ask your boy Mussolini how well Fascist approaches worked for him. You will fall, and it’s because of your own actions. Spend half the effort looking into a mirror that you do trying to squash free speech. This is why you are cowards, and why I would love to speak my piece in your shithole country.

Not unexpectedly, at the time of this article I have not received a response from Spanish authorities, and have no further update on Xel’s situation. Stay tuned.

If you’d like to learn more about this weeks cyber campaign, you can read more here:

Saudi Cargo Ship Departs from European Ports Loaded w/ Weapons & Munitions Destined for Yemen

(AI) – Reacting to the onward voyage of the Saudi Arabian state shipping company’s vessel, the Bahri Yanbu, from the Spanish port of Santander this afternoon, Ara Marcen Naval, Deputy Director for Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International, said:

Laden with arms that will likely be used in the war in Yemen, the Bahri Yanbu has been bouncing off European ports like a pinball. After loading up with Belgian munitions in Antwerp, it has visited or attempted to visit ports in the UK, France and now Spain, and is due to dock at the Italian port of Genoa later this week. This is a serious test of EU countries’ resolve to uphold their obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty and EU Common Position on Arms Exports. Several states have failed this test in the space of just a few days.

No EU state should be making the deadly decision to authorize the transfer or transit of arms to a conflict where there is a clear risk they will be used in war crimes and other serious violations of international law.

The Bahri Yanbu’s voyage reminds us that states prefer to allow the lucrative global arms trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy. But this veil is not impenetrable, and Amnesty International and its partners will continue to closely monitor developments and denounce states for flouting their international legal obligations.


In Yemen, the Saudi Arabia/UAE-led Coalition has used arms imports to contribute to thousands of civilian deaths and injuries, including as a result of attacks that violated international humanitarian law. This has exacerbated the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, where 2.2 million people have been displaced and 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Read More – The War In Yemen, The Media’s Forgotten War:

According to the EU’s reporting on arms exports, EU member states issued at least 607 licences worth over 15.8 billion euros to Saudi Arabia in 2016. The main European exporters of conventional arms to Saudi Arabia include the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. Between 2013 and 2018, Saudi Arabia accounted for nearly half of the UK’s and a third of Belgium’s arms exports. Other countries – including Germany, the Netherlands and Norway – have started to restrict weapons sales to the Saudi and UAE-led coalition.

According to a published export schedule for Saudi Arabian state-owned shipping vessels, the Bahri Yanbu set sail from Corpus Christi, USA on 2 April 2019, destined for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It then called at several other US ports and one Canadian port before crossing the Atlantic and stopping in Germany, Belgium and the UK in early May.

On 3 May, it was reportedly loaded with six containers of Belgian-manufactured munitions at Antwerp, before continuing on to France. It was due to dock at the French port of Le Havre to receive additional arms on 8 May, but following legal action by French NGOs and increased public scrutiny, it continued its voyage without stopping in France, and made an unscheduled stop at Santander in northern Spain on 12-13 May. Its next scheduled port of call is in Genoa, Italy, now expected on or after 18 May.

Read More – The Yemen Papers, Classified Documents from French MoD Published Online:

Amnesty International activists in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy have been monitoring the Bahri Yanbu’s voyage around Europe. The activists have joined protests and co-authored a letter to the Spanish authorities to call on them not to authorize its transit through Spanish waters. The organization will highlight the apparent ATT and EU Common Position violations at a 17 May meeting of the European Council’s Working Party on Conventional Arms Exports.

Saudi Weapons Export Schedule – April to May 2019:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on May 15th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and PDF’s added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs

Pryzraky Group Members Hack 19 Websites Across 6 Countries In Less Than 48 Hours Time

There’s really no other way to say it, but “Pryzraky” group members appear to have gone on an absolute tear this weekend, hacking 19 websites across 6 countries, across 4 continents – lol. While some of the hacks were carried out at random, including “xS1lenc3d’s” attack on Carnegie Mellon University here in the US and the online web portal of the Currency Exchange of Mexico, other hacks by “Mecz1nho Markov” and “Al1n3737” were carried out under the banners of “Operation Sudan” (#OpSudan), “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela) and “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalonia). Still others, including the Universidad del Norte-Financiacion and Facultad de Artes UNALUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, appear to be nothing more than helpless innocent/random victims caught up in their wrath.

Honestly, there is too much information included in the hacks/leaks to sum up all here, so I have just organized and assembled it all for you to browse for yourself. Enjoy!

Operation Venezuela:


Leak Backup:

Operation Catalonia:

C.P Siete Infantes de Lara: hxxp://
MASI – Master in Aircraft Systems Integration: hxxp://
Escola Rosalía de Castro: hxxp://

WEBSITES WITH SQLi – Hacked not Included In Leaks:


Raw Leak:
Database Download:


جامعة القضارف : hxxp://
Elrazi University: hxxp://
Website of The Presidency: hxxp:// (#TangoDown’d via DDoS Attack)

Instructions: move the txt files to the sqlmap folder and then give the command: -r sudan.txt –dbs

File Download:


Universidad del Norte-Financiacion: hxxp://
Universidad Nacional de Colombia: hxxp://

Deface Mirror:

Leak Backup:

Screen Shot from Deface:

Image may contain: one or more people and text

North America:

Target: hxxps://

Target: hxxp://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

Image may contain: one or more people and text

CookieBot Report: 25 of 28 EU Government Websites not GDPR Compliant

Last night I came across and interesting study that just makes me shake my head. This would be the news that, according to a new study by researchers a fringe company known as “CookieBot,” 25 of 28 Government websites across the European Union (EU) are actively hosting ad tech trackers on their websites. This marks a significant discovery because this sort of activity logging is strictly forbidden under GDPR rules and regulations designed to protect user Anonymity and data confidentiality online.

To gather results, researchers scanned 184,683 pages affiliated with 28 .gov domains, discovering “third-party advertising technology (ad tech) trackers from 112 companies” on 89% of the pages scanned. CookieBot claims that the vast majority of these sort of trackers were discovered on third party plugins installed on the Governments pages, including plugin’s for things like “video players, social sharing widgets, web analytics, galleries and comments sections.” Other trackers were secretly installed to gather information on a visitors health condition so that they could later be targeted by ads for it, a practice strictly forbidden under Article 9 of the GDPR dating back to 2019. Through it all, the only countries found to be in full compliance with their own laws were Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. I could explain the results/methodology of the study in more detail, but I’d rather just have you read it for yourself – enjoy.

Read More – About How Other EU Policies Have Violated User Privacy/Security Online:
Download CookieBot’s Report for Yourself:

Read Full Report:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

#OpCatalonia: 10 Websites Across Spain Hacked, Defaced and/or Leaked by Al1ne3737 of Pryzraky

In solidaridad with #OpCatalonia and the ongoing Supreme Court trials of political dissidents being held at the hands of Spanish authorities, “Al1ne3737” of “Pryzraky” unleashed a massive round of hacks, leaks and defaces targeting various businesses and organizations around Spain. More specifically, Al1ne3737 announced a data leak effecting FAIN Elevators in Spain, along with the websites of Astigarraga Kit Line, a high end Spanish furniture retailer, Flins & Piniculas, a online digital media retailer, as well as Dragados S.A., an international business conglomerate basing their operations out of Spain. Al1ne3737 also released the SQLi points of failure of 6 additional websites, offering to give the website owners consultation to patch their vulnerabilities with the release – lulz.

Stepping a bit outside their norm, Al1ne3737 also defaced several of the websites and released a message in Indonesian attached to the leaks reading: “A child will be born today and grow old with no conception of privacy. They will never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, or thoughts which aren’t registered and analyzed. And this is a problem because privacy is important; privacy and peace of mind is what we all need to determine who we are and who we want to be.

Targets via Data Breach:

FAIN FRANCE: hxxps://
Astigarraga kit line:
Flins y Piniculas: hxxp://
Dragados S.A: hxxps://

Deface Mirror:
Leak Backup:

Screen Shot of Deface:

No photo description available.

Additional SQLi Target Locations:

#OpCatalonia: An0nym0us Espana Launches Massive DDoS Campaign Against Spain’s Supreme Court & Judicial Systems

Starting early this morning, March 13th 2019, members of Anonymous in Spain and Catalonia belonging to a faction known as “Anonymous Espana” began launching a coordinated DDoS campaign against Spain’s Supreme Court and its online infrastructure. The attacks themselves are being carried out under the banned of “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalonia), in protest of the thousands of political prisoners currently being held by and facing trial at the hands of the Spanish Government, following the failed referendum/Independence movement throughout the course of 2017 and into 2018.

It just so happens that, at the present moment in time, thousands of political prisoners attached to this movement are currently undergoing trials – trials which are now entering their fourth week and by all accounts, not going particularly well for them. So, in protest of the Spanish Governments authoritarian approach to law enforcement and judicial proceedings, Anonymous hackers are doing what they can to stand up, raise awareness and fight the powers at be –  either through launching DDoS attacks, making postings on social media educating the international public, or hacking/leaking Government data.

Learn More About #OpCatalonia Here:

In a message attached to today’s DDoS campaign, An0nym0us Espana announced: “Let’s give a warning to the Spanish justice.. By the political pantomime they are doing in the Supreme Court.. A trial with the sentence already in question.. That’s why we decided to leave the entire Spanish judicial dome out of service.” For now, it remains to be seen if any Government systems have been hacked or breached, as well as what, if any, data the hackers have obtained.

Websites Targeted 3/13/2019:

Cogreso Genral de Poder Judicial: hxxp://
Lexnet: hxxp://
Ministerio de justicia: hxxp://
Tribunal Constitucional: hxxp://
Fiscalia: hxxp://

Anonymous Announces #StopACTA2, an International Call To Action – Protests Scheduled Throughout Europe On March 23rd 2019

Ahead of the European Unions final vote to pass their new Copyright Directive into law in April, Anonymous hacktivists and political activists alike are teaming up together to stage a series of protests across Europe. Planned for March 23rd 2019 and officially entitled “StopACTA 2019,” protests are currently scheduled to be held across 25 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

View Map of All Demonstrations:

Original Release Calling for Protests:

What are They Protesting?

ACTA2 is what we call the Copyright Directive on the digital market. We call it #ACTA2 because it’s not just about helping creators circumvent copyright restrictions, its about the European Unions attempts to use copyright law as a means/excuse of seizing control over the internet – including the information you post and receive from it. The way we see it, the EU’s Copyright Directive is nothing more than the Governments way of financing censorship. We wholeheartedly believe ACTA2 is dangerous, as it will set the precedent allowing the EU to step in an censor the internet throughout the future. The way we see it, ACTA2 is the beginning of the Orwellian world and we mustn’t open the door too allow our Governments to do this, which is why we will be staging these protests on March 23rd.

Article 11

Also known as the #LinkTax, Article 11 is in essence a direct result of corporate lobbying. It gives extra protections/rights to legacy press organizations and media outlets, requiring mutually agreed upon licenses between the publisher and anyone else whom would like to use, share or republish their information. This includes pieces of information as small as SEO snippets, article titles or headlines, summary descriptions and pictures. In essence, many believe that Article 11 spells the death of small time or independent media outlets online.

Image may contain: text

Article 13

Also known as #UploadFilters the new law dumps the responsibility for posts & comments from the authors who write them to the owners of a website. It offers a tool to help owners of websites better filter their content. However, internet purists fear that this so called “filter” is merely a guise for censorship, restricting the free speech of people on the internet by flagging or blocking users based off specific key words that could be focused around religion, politics, sexuality – et cetera. Activists fear that certain groups of people could be excluded from all conversations in the EU entirely, which sets a dangerous precedent for future abuses or complications.

No photo description available.

The Problem Explained In More Detail

Hello World, we are Anonymous

With overshadowing unease we are observing the deformation of copyright coming from the EU parliament. The so-called Article 13, which was unified agreed upon by EU states, Commission and Parlament on the 13th of February, is threatening the freedom of the internet.

The articles 4b and 4c contained in Article 13 could bring birth to the feared upload filter. This would lead to a massive limitation of uploads on media-sharing websites like YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. This includes the use and circulation of Memes.

We already achieved the aversion of a similar problem in 2012, ACTA. We protested on the web as well as in the streets. The final decision regarding Article 13 will be made mid-April 2019. We cannot rest without showing the EU parliament what it means to steal the freedom of the internet.

The loose collective Anonymous won’t be standing still, choosing to drop its cloak of the silent observer. Censorship of the free internet is one step too far. Anonymous will be supporting the protests on the web as well as the marching on the 23rd of March. The coalition ‘Save your Internet’ provides every information on the topic, including dates for demonstrations. There you will find all the representatives with whom you can share your worries about Article 13.

Together we have to be loud! Together we have to fight for the freedom of the internet! Together we have to shelve Article 13! Make the demonstrations on the 23rd of March massive. As we, the internet, are the very last, strong instance to fight for our rights. All important information is found in the description.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Other Resources:

Save Your Internet:
A Message To All The Creators – Artists, Bloggers, Youtube’rs:
Save The Internet:

This Directive is known by many hashtags on the internet – here are some of them: #stopACTA2, #CopyrightDirective, #SaveYourInternet, #SaveTheInternet, #Article11, #Article13, #UploadFilters, #LinkTax, #Filternet, #ACTA2.

Full Text of EU Copyright Directive As It Will Be Voted 04/2019:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Digital Research Team Announces Hack of 11 Websites Across Spain, Catalonia & Venezuela, Offering To Patch Site Vulnerabilities w/ Each Leak

Over the course of the last 24 hours a new group of hackers going by the name of “Digital Research Team” has announced the release of a wide-ranging series of hacks and leaks effecting different Government agencies across Spain and Venezuela, as well as a variety of public and private colleges/universities in Spain and Catalonia. In statements made available to Rogue Media Labs, the hackers claimed that all of their hacks were “Ethical,” not malicious, and they would therefore not be disclosing any of the files or databases uncovered by the hacks to the general public – believe me, because I tried. Instead, the hackers released redacted screen shots of each and every database they managed to penetrate, tagging the effected victims with each leak to serve as proof that the hacks were in fact real.

What makes this weekends release unique was the fact that, as the hackers announced their leaks on social media, they simultaneously tagged their victims with each posting – offering to teach them how their websites and servers had been hacked, as well as how to patch them in the future. The hackers also left behind an email address along with each leak – – asking the victims to reach out to them for this very information. Not much is known about the group, but in a private message with Rogue Media Labs, Digital Research Team leader and founder “Synflod” explained how “we are just reporting vulnerabilities on websites to secure them and repair the errors in their web infrastructure. We leave our email in each publication so they can contact us faster and easier.

Implicated in today’s leaks however are Spain’s Ministry of Justice, Ministry of State, National Institute of Statistics, Institute of Mayors and Social Services, as well as the University of Malaga, Univesity of Huelva, University of CITCEA-UPC, a technological school specializing in energy, power electronics, mechatronics and enertronics, along with Rovira i Virgili University, the University of Pablo Olavide, the website of the official Chess team of the University of Oviedo and lastly, the website of the Bolivarian Government of Carabobo – led by Rafael Lacava in Venezuela.


Ministerio de Justicia: hxxp://
Ministerio de Hacienda: hxxp:/
Universidad de Malaga: hxxp://
Universidad de Huelva: hxxp://
Instituto Nacional de Estadística: hxxp://
Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales: hxxp://
CITCEA-UPC: hxxps://
Universitat Rovira i Virgili: hxxp://
Universidad Pablo de Olavide: hxxp://
Universidad de Oviedo: hxxp://
Gobierno de Carabobo: hxxp://

Sample Screen Shots from Hack:

Ministerio de Justicia:

No photo description available.

Ministerio de Hacienda:

No photo description available.

Univerisdad of Malaga:

No photo description available.

Universidad d Huelva:

No photo description available.

Instituto Nacional de Estadística:

No photo description available.

Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales:

No photo description available.


No photo description available.

Universitat Rovira i Virgili:

No photo description available.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide:

No photo description available.

Universidad de Oviedo:

No photo description available.

Gobierno de Carabobo – Rafael Lacava en Venezuela:

No photo description available.

Anonymous Espana Releases Databases of 5 Websites, Including Spain’s Professional Golfers Association & National Weather Service

This morning, January 26th 2019, a group of hackers going by the name “An0nym0us Espana” announced the hack and/or defacement of 5 websites across Spain, adding to a separate list of 4 websites hacked earlier this week – released to the public on the night of January 24th. Not only were each of the websites listed below hacked, but all of them had the contents of their online databases stolen/exported – leaked online for the public to download for themselves.

Included in the newest round of breaches are the National Spanish Weather Network, Finques Catalunya, a local real estate company based out of Girona, Spain, Grupo Incoba, an online appliance and home improvement retailer, the official website of LIGAS PGA of the Professional Golfer Associating chapter in Spain, as well Mahala Comunicación y Relaciones Públicas, the Communications and Public Relations Department of the city of Mahala.

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (16.42 KB):

Screen Shot of Defacement:

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (19.88 KB):

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (2.91 MB):

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (16.27 KB):

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (1.39 MB):

#OpCatalonia: An0nym0us Espana Releases Leaks In Protest of The Continued Incarceration of Catalonian Political Prisoners

In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 24th 2019, An0nym0us Espana announced a hack and leak of 4 websites. The hacks were carried out in conjunction with something known as #OpCatatonia, an Anonymous operation launched in solidarity with the people of Catalonia as they fight for their independence from the Spanish Government – demanding that all political prisoners presently incarcerated at the hands of the Government of Spain be freed.

Among the website effected are Ilsa Fabricantes de Menage, a Spanish based online retail platform, the official web portal of the municipality of Ayuntamiento de Panticosa, the Partido Popular de Puerto Lumbreras, a Spanish based political party, as well as the Consulado Heal de. Uruguay en Islas Canarias, the public ministry of the Canary Islands. Not only were each of these websites/organizations hacked and/or defaced, but the contents of their databases were also downloaded and posted online – open/available to the public.

Website: hxxp://
Download (94.21 KB):

Website: hxxp://
Database Download (838.21 KB):

Website: hxxp://
Database Download (19.1 MB):

Website: hxxp://
Database Download (2.48 MB):
Deface Mirror:

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura & 5 Public University’s Across Spain Hacked by Akem, 34 Pages Worth of Data Leaked Online

Earlier this morning, January 22nd 2019, a hacker going by the name of “Akem the God” of “Pryzraky“” announced a massive data leak following the hack of 5 universities across Spain, as well as the Labor City of Culture Club – an online web portal connecting the public to different pop culture events, fine arts exhibitions and much more. Exposed in the leak of The Labor City Culture Club is sensitive information tied to the websites clients, including their full names, email addresses and full account passwords – granting full access to whatever information those users have added/uploaded about themselves on their accounts.

Exposed in the leak tied to the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena are the titles, departments, email addresses and full passwords of university professors and staff members, granting full access to each of their online accounts. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Alicante reveals mirrored file folders contained within databases attached to the sites back end. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Murcia reveals information such as staff emails, telephone numbers and full login credentials, granting administrator level access to the websites back end. The hack/leak of the Universidad de Extremadura reveals the full names and email addresses of various university faculty and staff and lastly, the final leak of Universidad de Málaga revealed information on hundreds of students and staff members, including their full names, email addresses and user names, as well as the mirrored location of various file folders contained within the universities online databases.

** Please note that some of the information contained in today’s leaks were previously published by Rogue Media Labs on January 17th and 18th 2019, following the hack of the University of Malaga and Murica by Akem The God **

Read More – University of Malaga Hack:
Read More – University of Murcia Hack:


Universidad de Málaga (UMA): hxxps://
Universidad de Extremadura (UEX): hxxps://
Universidad de Murcia (UM): hxxps://
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT): hxxps://
Universidad de Alicante (UA): hxxps://
Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura: hxxp://

Raw Data Leak:

Browse Through Full Leak:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Universidad de Murcia Hacked, Site Administrators & Faculty/Staff Compromised by Data Leak

Earlier this morning, January 18th 2019, “Akem The God” announced a hack of the University of Murcia in Spain, his second such hack/leak of a major university in the last 24 hours. While the information leaked via Ghostbin was a but jumbled and disorganized, it appears as though the hacker was able to nab the names, personal email addresses, phone numbers and campus ID numbers of various faculty and staff, along with the department/curriculum they serve under. Akem also managed to leak the login username and password of 4 website administrators, theoretically granting anyone access to the backed of the website.

However, it must be noted that since Akem tagged the University in the hack/leak, it is unlikely the login credentials will be active for much longer – if they haven’t been changed or updated already.

Target: hxxps://
Data Leak: