CyberGuerrilla Releases Integrity Initiative Leaks Part 7, Detailing The UK’s Use of International Espionage Unit Referred To as The EXPOSE Network

Earlier this morning, March 25th 2019, as promised, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla unleashed round 7 of the now infamous Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft leaks. This time, the leaked information deals with the dealings of England’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Office (FCO) and their development of something referred to as the “Counter Disinformation Media Development Programme” – a programme mentioned in far less detail in previous leaks.

Learn More – Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-6:

The leaked documents below essentially tell the tale of how the British Government pays agents to go undercover in countries all around the world, simply just to conduct espionage and collect intelligence which will ultimately allow the English Government to create/craft disinformation campaigns against issues in the international press painting England in a negative light. For lack of a better term, the documents detail how the UK goes about creating pro-England propaganda in order to counteract so-called propaganda or negative publications against them. The British Government’s use of these agents and the information they collect is referred to as “the EXPOSE Network,” which operates with a yearly budget of around 10 million pounds.

The network itself operates on two levels, also referred to as “consortium’s,” which include the following sub-groups: Sibylline, Albany Associates, Stratagem Consulting, The Stabilisation Network, Torchlight Group, M&C Saatchi, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, ZINC Network, The Institute for Statecraft, Bellingcat, Aktis Strategy Ltd., Toro Group, Media Diversity Institute, DFR Lab, ECORYS – each of which operate under the terms of non-Disclosure Agreements to keep the nature out of their work and the information they uncover out of the public’s eye/knowledge. In addition to drafting pro-British propaganda press clippings and conducting espionage in the countries they are assigned, the leaks also expose how at least a portion of the EXPOSE Networks budget goes towards using its agents as “Troll Factories,” simply just to troll others online in order to distract people away from or discredit stories of political interest tied to the English Government in the international media – a strategy largely made famous by the Chinese Government throughout the past.

Today’s Leak In Full:

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

Having found that Sir Alan Duncan and Frau Deborah Haynes intend to keep on misleading the international community, lie to members of the UK Parliament and feed falsehood to the Media, we have again decided to break silence to protect the informational environment in civilized countries.

Here is another project of the FCO’s Counter Disinformation and Media Development Programme that we have previously mentioned. They call it EXPOSE Network and the UK taxpayers will have to pay almost 10 million pounds for it.

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

British secret agents travel around the world, measure the capabilities of potential agents and prepare strictly confidential reports for the FCO:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

After that based on the results of the spy trips they conduct extensive studies with fancy titles like Upskilling to Upscale:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Operation ‘Integrity Initiative’, British informational war against all, which the Anonymous exposed last year, has become empiric evidence that the UK secret services intend to use the campaign against the Russians as a cover for fighting any kind of dissent that runs counter to the globalist policy.

Virtually, today it doesn’t really matter whether you are a forward-looking and independent Media outlet or a distinguished professor, since if you don’t stick to the Euro-Atlantic views then you are a part of the propagandist network! Similarly, if your political views stray too far to the right or to the left from neoliberal agenda then you’re an agent of influence!

We can clearly see how a small group of lobbyists from the United Kingdom has unceremoniously taken advantage of the civil society and its institutions in allied sovereign countries.

Sir Alan Duncan has shamelessly lied to the British MPs during a special hearing, which means the Government will continue to spend British taxpayers’ money on fighting those very taxpayers, afterwards the Government will deny everything and get off scot-free.

We want every British taxpayer to know that in August 2018 FCO’s chief propaganda officer Andy Pryce held a private meeting with two consortiums that sought to receive a grant to implement the EXPOSE Network project.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”workshop—8th-august”]

The first consortium includes: Sibylline, Albany Associates, Stratagem Consulting, The Stabilisation Network, Torchlight Group, M&C Saatchi, Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

The second consortium consists of: ZINC Network, The Institute for Statecraft, Bellingcat, Aktis Strategy Ltd., Toro Group, Media Diversity Institute, DFR Lab, ECORYS.

Surely we think managers of the companies will not miss our publication, yet we don’t wait for any comments from them since we know that all those who attended the meeting with Andy Pryce signed a non-disclosure agreement.

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Well, Statecraft, Bellingcat, DFR Lab (virtually the Atlantic Council) and some others in the ZINK consortium were most eager to receive the 10 million pounds of the British taxpayers’ money to implement the EXPOSE Network project:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Funny how in late January Eliot Higgins tried to persuade his twitter followers that Bellingcat had never received funding from Government institutions and had never even filed an application for funding while it was the Integrity Initiative’s proposal to include Bellingcat which he knew nothing about.

Do you think millions of people from around the world should now believe the investigations of the man?

Apart from all that, the document contains many curious facts about high security projects members of the consortium are implementing inside the United Kingdom, about their secret foreign operations (including the Integrity Initiative), CVs of officials and their proposals to the FCO on developing the EXPOSE Network.

Please note that every member of the meeting was very well aware of what they were supposed to do:

“…unmanaged risks could undermine not only the project’s effectiveness but also the FCO’s broader reputation, credibility and relationships in this space.” (page 61 ZINC Network_Technical Response_Final)

“Project interpreted as UK-sponsored disinformation or “troll factory”, seriously undermining UK reputation and agenda in this space.” (page 63 ZINC Network_Technical Response_Final)

We also publish all technical documentation of the EXPOSE Network project that we have at our disposal:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

We again urge European countries to defend their sovereignty and make sure the UK Government stop all secret operations they are conducting in the united Europe!

Citizens of Great Britain! It’s high time you cast off the shackles of lies and hypocrisy of your ruling elite and brought the scoundrels to trial!

You can download all files in a single archive below, and Rogue Media Labs has also personally backed up each file individually – should any of the leaked files be taken offline elsewhere.

Original Press Release:
Integrity Initiative Leak 7 In Full:
Leak Backup:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.

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Understanding How The Chinese Government Leverages Social Media To Influence Public Policy & Political Opinion Abroad

The following isn’t necessarily an article so much as it is an opportunity for informational download. But, without burying the lead any further, earlier today I managed to come across a new report published by researchers at Recorded Future entitled “Beyond Hybrid War: How China Exploits Social Media to Sway American Opinion,” explaining the subtle differences between how the Chinese Government and Kremlin utilize social media as a means of swaying public opinion abroad. While the report is interesting in its own right, it reminded me of a separate report published by Harvard University in 2017 entitled “How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument” – explaining how the Chinese Government goes as far as to literally employ thousands of employees just to scavenger social media and make pro-China comments on outlets like Facebook and Twitter, solely just to troll news/information painting China in a negative light, or make political policies seem more popular/unpopular than they otherwise would be.

Now, I could write thousands upon thousands of words on this subject here for Rogue Media Labs, but I’m not paid per word or to write articles in general like everyone else in the main stream media. For this reason, I would rather just have you waste your time reading/consuming the actual educational studies for yourself. Happy clicking!

Beyond Hybrid War: How China Exploits Social Media to Sway American Opinion:

Download Full Report Here:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

How the China Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument:

Download Full Report Here:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

New Global Study Highlights The Abuse Women Face Online

(AI) – One in ten tweets mentioning black women politicians and journalists in a sample analyzed by Amnesty International was abusive or problematic, the organization said today, as it released a ground-breaking study into abuse against women on Twitter conducted with Element AI, a global artificial intelligence software product company.

More than 6,500 volunteers from 150 countries signed up to take part in Troll Patrol, a unique crowdsourcing project designed to process large-scale data about online abuse. Volunteers sorted through 288,000 tweets sent to 778 women politicians and journalists in the UK and USA in 2017.

Amnesty International and Element AI then used advanced data science and machine learning techniques to extrapolate data about the scale of abuse that women face on Twitter. Element AI calculated that 1.1 million abusive or problematic tweets were sent to the women in the study across the year – or one every 30 seconds on average.

With the help of technical experts and thousands of volunteers, we have built the world’s largest crowdsourced dataset about online abuse against women. Troll Patrol means we have the data to back up what women have long been telling us – that Twitter is a place where racism, misogyny and homophobia are allowed to flourish basically unchecked,” said Milena Marin, Senior Advisor for Tactical Research at Amnesty International. “We found that, although abuse is targeted at women across the political spectrum, women of colour were much more likely to be impacted, and black women are disproportionately targeted. Twitter’s failure to crack down on this problem means it is contributing to the silencing of already marginalized voices.

Element AI is making its model available to try out for three weeks, to demonstrate the potential and current limitations of AI technology in this field. “This study is part of a long-term partnership between Amnesty International and Element AI. Taking a sober approach to AI, we make long-term commitments, dedicating our technical experts and tools to enable social good actors to do what they do best,” said Julien Cornebise, Director of Research, ‘AI For Good’ and Head of the London office of Element AI.

Politicians included in the sample came from across the US and UK political spectrums. The journalists included were from a diverse range of US and UK publications including The Daily Mail, The New York Times, Guardian, The SunGalDem, Pink News and Breitbart.

No automatic alt text available.

Key findings

  • Black women were disproportionately targeted, being 84% more likely than white women to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets. One in ten tweets mentioning black women was abusive or problematic, compared to one in fifteen for white women.
  • 7.1% of tweets sent to the women in the study were problematic or abusive. This amounts to 1.1 million tweets mentioning 778 women across the year, or one every 30 seconds.
  • Women of colour, (black, Asian, Latinx and mixed-race women) were 34% more likely to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets than white women.
  • Online abuse against women cuts across the political spectrum. Politicians and journalists faced similar levels of online abuse and we observed both liberals and conservatives alike, as well as left and right leaning media organizations, were affected.

Amnesty International has repeatedly asked Twitter to publish data regarding the scale and nature of abuse on their platform, but so far the company has failed to do so. This hides the extent of the problem and makes it difficult to design effective solutions.

Troll Patrol volunteers collectively dedicated an incredible 2,500 hours analyzing tweets – the equivalent of someone working full-time for 1.5 years. “By crowdsourcing research, we were able to build up vital evidence in a fraction of the time it would take one Amnesty researcher, without losing the human judgement which is so essential when looking at context around tweets,” said Milena Marin.

Troll Patrol isn’t about policing Twitter or forcing it to remove content. We are asking it to be more transparent, and we hope that the findings from Troll Patrol will compel it to make that change. Crucially, Twitter must start being transparent about how exactly they are using machine learning to detect abuse, and publish technical information about the algorithms they rely on.


Abusive content violates Twitter’s own rules and includes tweets that promote violence against or threaten people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. Problematic content is defined as content that is hurtful or hostile, especially if repeated to an individual on multiple or cumulative occasions, but not as intense as an abusive tweet.

Amnesty International shared its findings with Twitter. In response, Twitter requested clarification on the definition of “problematic: in accordance with the need to protect free expression and ensure policies are clearly and narrowly drafted.

For full methodology please see here:

This article was originally published by Amnesty International on December 18th 2018. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and Tweets added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

Report: Foreign Trolls Posing As US Veterans Online

A few weeks after Rogue Media Labs first published a report explaining how the Kremlin has started banning all active duty military personnel from social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a new report has surfaced exposing how foreign actors have begun impersonating US Military veterans across social media. Entitled “Foreign Entities Imitating American Veterans Organizations and Sowing Discord with Falsified or Manipulated News” and prepared by the Vietnam Veterans of America, the 11 page report documents how unknown actors have actively begun trying to impersonate and/or infiltrate online groups tied to various US military veterans with the intent of sowing hostility and misinformation.

Presented to the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security last month, the report explains how “similar to widely-reported stories of “troll farms” sowing discord during the 2016 election cycle and specifically targeting veterans, these online entities operate by first appealing to patriotic, Americans, and once they have gained the trust of tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, they begin spreading manipulated and divisive news and other political content.” Considering that this sort of activity only seems to be on the rise across 2017-2018, the Vietnam Veterans of America is claims that getting out ahead of this issue may be “a matter of National Security” headed into the future

View Full Report Here:

Describing how these troll pages/accounts operate, researchers explain how “while most of these pages share junk memes of no significance, the page did occasionally share deceptive or manipulated news and political content that was likely shared to incite an emotional reaction from veterans.” This is interesting to note because in 2017 I specifically remember drafting a report teaching members of the public how to spot troll accounts and/or bots operating online, describing how nearly 100% of the time bot social accounts almost exclusively share inciteful memes just to get people riled up and emotional. Adding that if a social account shares nothing but politically charged memes, has thousands upon thousands of followers and makes random replies to comments that have nothing at all to do with the original comment posted, then in all likelihood you are dealing with a bot account – something seemingly verified by the Vietnam Veterans of America‘s Senate report.

You might also be surprised to know that almost all of the accounts implicated in the report were not created by “the Russians.” For example, the largest troll account uncovered by researchers was actually registered Anonymously through a .eu domain in Bulgaria. Other accounts investigated by the group traced back to the Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Sadly enough though, the group says that they have stopped reporting pages/trolls to Facebook for the time being. Not only has reporting pages been unsuccessful, but the group also notes that “simply shutting down pages does not prevent others from rising in their place, nor does it allow us to find out who is behind them or what their motivations are.” So, much like the FBI’s stance on ISIS terror accounts, Vietnam Vets feels as though it’s more important to keep these accounts active and monitor their activity to gather intelligence, rather than shut them down and force them offline – at least for the time being.

Full Letter To Senate:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Russian Election Troll w/ $35 Million Operating Budget Charged by DOJ

Here is a look at the official complaint filed by the United States Justice Department against Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, 44, a Russian national from St. Petersburg. Though the complaint was filed against her on September 28th 2018, she was officially charged with the crime today – October 23, 2018. According to a press release from the United State Department of Justice, Khusyaynova is charged with operating a Russian propaganda team/service through the Discord online chat platform. More specifically, Khusyaynova is being charged with conspiracy to “defraud the United States by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the government through fraud and deceit for the purpose of interfering with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.

Reportedly, Khusyaynova is accused of operating a Russian troll/political disinformation platform between the months of January 2016 and June 2018, consisting of an unknown number of accomplices with an operating budget somewhere around $35 million dollars. In addition to spreading mis-information online to sow discontent through American society, Khusyaynova is also alleged to have used her platform to sell malicious hacking tools and resources. According to the DOJ, no Americans are known to have participated or collude with her team.

Official Complaint from US Department of Justice:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Anonymous Launches #OpSaudi #OpJamalKhashoggi

In response to the mysterious death/assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, and in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s continued violations of international law and crimes against humanity in Yemen, the Anonymous hacker collective has officially launched #OpSaudi – #OpJamalKhashloggi. Over the weekend, several web pages affiliated with the Saudi Government were either taken offline or defaced, and hackers all over the world went on a “hunt” for state sponsored hackers and trolls working on behalf of the Saudi Government.

In an official press release, hackers affiliated with the operation urged all “Journalists, human rights’ activists, and anonymous individuals” to stand up “and challenge the monarchy government of Saudi Arabia perpetually at all levels – domestic, political, social, and economic.” They are also calling for a complete boycott of all Saudi businesses, press organizations, and are actively lobbying the United Nations to withdraw Saudi’s chair on the Human Rights Committee.

By October 20th 2018, Anonymous Hackers had begun assembling and releasing the IP Addresses of several top tier web pages associated with the Saudi Government for cyber/DDoS attack, including the Ministry Of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of the Interior, General Intelligence Presidency and dozens more – including Saudi Press agencies. On through the morning of October 22nd, many of these web pages still remain inaccessible.

In addition to this, hackers have also begun tracking, hacking and deleting the social profiles/pages of know trolls working for the Saudi Government, either through their own means or by reporting the accounts directly to Twitter for deletion.

For those of you whom are not already aware, dating back to 2015, the Saudi Government is one of the world leaders in terms of state sponsored propaganda outreach via social media, known to be employing thousands of employees to operate millions of Twitter/Facebook spam, troll or bot accounts. The death of Jamal Khashoggi simply presented the perfect rallying cry for people to organize and start cracking down against them. While the exact number is impossible to calculate at the present moment in time, over the weekend, Anonymous hackers have either deleted or reported dozens of troll/fake accounts tied to the Saudi Government – and the operation is still ongoing…..