CyberGuerrilla – Anonymous Gearing up for Operation Targeting Turkey Over Syrian Invasion

While I personally may be in favor of the Turkish invasion of Afrin and Rojava, it is not my job to care about which side is doing what when writing the news, I just report whats actively going on out there. But, getting into the hacktivist scene myself lately, I can not help but notice a ton of international outcry over what Turkey is presently doing in Syria and around their borders. I’m not talking about new reporters, politicians or anyone like that here, I’m specifically talking about some of the larger hacking networks the world over.

For example, over the course of just 1 week there were three different posting to CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus (CgAn) indicating that operations against Turkey will soon be underway, and CgAn is not know to just f*ck around – so to speak. These postings, by the way, included a message from people inside Turkey, a posting from the United States and a posting from France – indicating a large scale effort is soon underway. It should also be noted that their operations are not entirely cyber and not entirely Black-Hat either, rather the groups are using whatever platforms they have to share the message about the Kurdish people and what is happening to them. In solidarity with them, I too share their messages here today with my audience.

Message from Kurds……..

Greeting citizens of the world

The Kurdish people who destroyed jihadist ISIS are now bombed by the Turkish State, the chief supporter of ISIS.
Unfortunately, we read the news of the deaths of many elderly women and children.
This is very sadly.
we shouldn’t stay silent more and not be part of this crime of humanity.
it is time to be sound to that scream echoing to stop this genocide.
Kurdish people should not be sacrificed to the dirty alliance of terrorist Trump and terrorist Erdogan.
All Anonymous members and all hacktivist groups should take action against that genocide.

Biji Berxwedana Rojava Biji Rojava

Message from Anonymous France…….

#OPSafeKurde #AnonymousFrance

Le collectif Anonymous ces lancé dans opération #OpsafeKurde à la suite que les force Turques ont traversé la frontière Syrienne.
Le collectif Anonymous France s’engage de manière indéterminé dans le conflit afin de permettre la paix entre les deux nations.

Et pour éviter toutes nouvelles guerre qui pourrait meurtrie des familles Turques, Kurdes, Syrienne.

Nous sommes légion
Nous pardonnons pas
Nous n’oublions pas
Attendez vous à nous

Message from BlackRat (CgAn)…..

Greeting Brothers and Sisters,

All those wars! All that devastation! All those victims, blood and reaction’s fury! Who is to blame? Who stands behind those who threw the burning torch into the keg of gunpowder? Who had long desired these wars and prepared them? The ruling classes! With their cronyism and kleptocracy, their bureaucracy and ideology, their police and spies calling us criminals. The governments and imperialist cliques, together with their press, tell you that the war(s) must be continued in order to destroy terrorism. Do not be deceived! Terrorism can only be eliminated by peace itself, and the task of bringing it down is posed in every country. Your governments and your press also tell you that the war’s must be continued so that it can be the last war on… This too is a deception. Never has a war put an end to war or terrorism. On the contrary, each war awakens the lust for revenge. Violence begets violence. Thus, after each sacrifice, your tormentors will demand new ones. Nor do the ruling pacifist zealots offer an escape from this vicious circle.

There is only one way to prevent future wars, namely for the Brothers, Sisters to conquer political power and abolish capitalist property. Enduring peace can only be achieved by victorious empowerment of the people.

A revolution not only to free the Kurdish population in Syria, but also the Middle East from the centuries of colonialism, oppression and dictatorships. And it has been an internationalist Revolution, because many internationalists joined this revolution, on the front line against the Islamic State and the Turkish fascism, we helped in hospitals, planted trees and worked to build up a democratic, ecological society, based on the liberation of women. And many revolutionaries joined the struggle all over the world, because the revolution in Syria has shown to all of us, that another world is not just theoretically possible, but it’s actually being built up in everyday life.

Social injustice and class rule are even more apparent in war than in peacetime. In peace, the capitalist system robs workers of the joys of life; in war(s) it robs them of everything, including life itself. And let us be done with devastation. It is you, the people, who will bear the burden of these heaps of ruins today and in the future. The hundreds of billions in cash thrown into the maw of the god of war are unavailable for maintaining the people’s well-being, for cultural purposes, and for social reform that could ease your lot, promote popular education, and alleviate poverty.

And tomorrow new and heavy taxes will be laid on your stooped shoulders. So let us end the squandering of your labor, your money, and your life’s energy. Rise up in struggle for an immediate peace with no annexations! Use every means possible to bring a rapid end to the human slaughter! Take up the slogan: For an immediate armistice! Rise up in struggle, peoples suffering ruin and murder! Take courage! Bear in mind that you are the majority and, when you so desire, you can assume power. Let the governments know that hate against war’s is growing in every country and with it, the desire for social retribution. This is bringing closer the hour of peace among the peoples.

Down with the War’s!
No Masters No Slaves!
Long live Liberty!
Long live Peace, immediate peace, without annexations!
Long live the Revolution!

At the time of this article, October 20th 2019, according to Amnesty International, “at least 218 civilians have been killed in Syria, including 18 children, since the offensive began” – something Turkey denies. If you want to learn more or hear first hand eyewitness accounts about Turkeys current offensive, you’re invited to read more here:


Trump Tells Erdogan ‘I Will Destroy Turkeys Economy’ In Leaked White House Letter

Interestingly enough, Russia Today is now touting a leaked White House letter from the office of the Presidency, in which Donald Trump literally tells President Erdogan of Turkey “Dont be a fool” in regards to his current Syria invasion, with treats of “destroying Turkeys economy” if Erdogan and Trump can not reach a deal in the near future. Dated October 9th 2019, the letter is incredibly interesting for many reasons, first off is the fact it is completely immature and almost childish language coming the from nations highest office. Second, Trump is outright threatening a NATO ally with economic sanctions and economic Warfare – much like we have done to Russia, Venezuela, Iran and many others over recent years. This is also incredibly dangerous for not just the future of international relations between the US and Turkey, but all NATO countries for that matter.

Honestly, I am not going to hype up the letter any more or any less for you, instead you can read it for yourself below…..

Image may contain: text

Fact Checking The Democratic Debate on The Syria/Turkey Question

I’m not sure why it has me so fired up the last couple of days, but when I saw Joe Biden’s face on the television tonight being asked a question about President Erdogan’s new initiative in Syria and Donald Trumps decision to withdraw troops from the country I flicked off the TV and said “Fuck You. Fuck You. You know how many people died because of you?” Then I just kind of walked away for a second to calm down. When I walked back I proceeded to watch the rest of the debate surrounding Syria and I just shook my head the whole time.

I just couldn’t believe how perverted the Democrats logic was on this issue, which was easy to press forward given that there was no opposition to any of their points of view – so they all just piled on. So, for the purposes of this “article” I just want to fact check some of the so called information the international public was subjected to tonight.

What I think angered me most was the fact the nearly all the Democrats, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, essentially vowed to create a new permanent and more official War in Syria if they ever became President in 2020. But it’s almost as if they have no understanding why the USA “lost” the War in Syria in the first place? It was because Russia literally went all in to back/save Bashir al-Assad, for a number of reasons I am not going to talk about today. Meanwhile, the USA merely has 1,000 troops forced to operate under the rules of engagement, which esentially doesn’t allow them to fire a shot without permission. Russia on the other hand will blow anything and anyone up anytime, and they don’t give a f*ck about it either. Point being, for the USA to ever logistically “win” in Syria it would have had to dramatically stepped up military presence and directly taken on Russian forces already stationed on the ground there – id est the USA would literally have to go to War with Russia to win in Syria. Is that what the Democrats want? All out War with Russia? To bad there wasn’t anyone around to challenge their strong positions on this subject.

But that brings me to my second point. Why did Russia beat us to the punch in Syria? This was because of Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s decision to not invest more heavily in the country than we did, instead choosing to ship weapons and munitions to forces already on the ground in Syria, rather than have US forces do it directly for themselves. Such as was the case with arming the Kurds, whom were gifted more arms and munitions than you can shake a big stick at, which is now why Turkey has to target them militarily today, because the US armed them so heavily they became their own rogue militant threat in the region – which happens to border Turkey. Keeping up yet?

Point being, the decision to not invest in Syria more heavily, sooner, was Obama/Biden’s decision or indecision. Moreover, the decision to overthrow the the Assad regime in the first place was also made by Obama/Biden, and the decision to arm the Kurds so heavily was also made by Obama/Biden’s – leading to the crisis everyone is debating today. The Dems all said that Donals Trump has all the blood on his hands for what he did, but they need not look any further than the man man on stage with them, Joe Biden, whom has more blood on his hands than Doanld Trump could ever soak in – specifically in regards to talk to Syria. I guess if Biden is looking for the guilty, he need not look any further than a mirror.

Also, lets be real. There is a reason why Turkey “flipped” on the United States and why commentators now have to ask the question at the 2019 debate “does Turkey still belong in NATO?” The question is obviously yes, why do you think Donald Trump is doing what he is doing? To save NATO. Just think about it, if the US engages in Syria more heavily, specifically in regards to backing up the Kurds coming under assault, the US would literally be engaging with and against Turkey – a NATO member. So, it begs the question, if two NATO allies start bombing one another, what does that mean for Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and which side would all the other NATO countries have to come in defense with? You see, stopping Erdogan in Syria now would mean two NATO countries going to War with one another, which would essentially spell the end of NATO entirely. By exiting Syria, Trump is avoiding a NATO breakup. In this sense, Trump is trying to save the NATO alliance for much bigger issues which may arise throughout the future – preserving its power structure. Does the Democrats want to break up NATO just to save the Middle Eastern Kurds? Is that really a deal they are willing to cut, also going to War with Turkey in the process? I think not, but just let them talk all loud and proud in front of a microphone for a night.

** EDITORS NOTE: Turkey flipped on the USA in 2016 to side with Russia because Russia showed Turkey some leaked cables in the weeks leading up the attempted coup of President Erdogan in July 2016, which was easily foiled by the President. As Turkey has now since also proven, not only did they see hacked materials from the US by their Russians counterparts meant to sway their opinions, but Turkey also produced evidence of their own that the CIA and Obama/Biden were behind the attempted coup – largely for many of the same fallacious notions you are hearing about the Syrian conflict in the Democrats debate today. Essentially, Obama/Biden and Israel wanted Erdogan out to get rid of Assad and create a new Kurdish state. As they say, the so called “Best laid plans of mice and men” – right? Or should it be, “how Biden/Obama f*cked up the Middle East and US relations for a decade?” There is a reason Turkey turned on the USA and Trump has nothing to do with it – it was all Obama/Biden **

I guess that’s all I really have to say here, I’m just being real about the situation. I have no ‘skin in the game,’ what do I have to gain from typing this out for you? I don’t support Trump and I am not a Democrat, but you better damn sure bet even I would give Donald Trump a high five for pulling out of Syria. Better to end it now and not to make it our next Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Vietnam, or Korea – etc.

The Real Reason Behind Turkeys New Syrian Initiative & Donald Trumps Withdrawal

Granted this article may come a few days too late, the main stream medias coverage of it comes a few years to late, and I say this because I once addressed this very situation, in detail, in the very first website I created in 2016. Entitled “How They United States Has Laid The Groundwork for The Middle Easts Next War” and drafted in July of 2017, the video you will find below describes everything you need to know about the current situation between the US, Turkey, Syria and NATO, as well as why Donald Trumps decision to unilaterally withdraw all troops from Syria comes as a direct response to potential NATO conflicts of interest in the near future. I could summarize it some more to get my word count up here, or you could just listen to it for yourself – enjoy!

However, it must also be noted that the withdrawal of all troops from Syria this week marks yet another “L” on the scoreboard for the US military. It’s not just our defeat in Vietnam and Korea that’s on the scoreboard, we lost the War in Iraq under Obama, leading the formation of ISIS and the presence of troops there for a second time, we are currently losing the War in Afghanistan, and while I may 100% agree with our Presidents decision to do so, the withdrawal of all troops from Syria is essentially yet another giant loss for the United States military. Even if we wage more Wars everywhere on Earth than any other country in the world, surely all of these modern day losses don’t make the US look like the military powerhouse we tend to fancy ourselves to be. You would think that might stifle any War efforts in the future, but for some reason I doubt this.

Scores of Turkish Government Websites Deleted Offline by Azerbaijan Hackers

This past Sunday, May 5th 2019, Rogue Media Labs was informed of series of ongoing cyber attacks targeting the Government of Turkey. However, it must be noted that the social accounts, website and archive profile of the hackers behind the cyber attacks has since been suspended and/or taken offline – perhaps because of these very events. While the details behind the hacks are a little vague at this point, what we do know is that all of the websites were compromised via “SQL Injections” (SQLi), and the hackers behind the breaches refer to themselves as the “Azerbaijan Hackers.

After investigating, it does appear as though the hacks were indeed real. I say this because at one point earlier today both of the websites listed below were blank. Then, a little later in the day, after the sites had been restored, they were each flagged by my anti-virus as unsafe or harmful to visit – messages I have never seen attached to any Government run website, never mind multiple. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, the website, social accounts and web archive that originally featured news of the hacks was already been taken offline before I could view it – meaning that there is no telling how many sites were compromised. All I know is that the source behind news of the breaches told me that “a load” of Turkish websites had been “Hacked, Injected and Wipped Offline.” Should more details arise, I will publish an update as I receive them.

Confirmed Websites Hit:


Follow Up: Highlights from First Annual April Lulz Day 2019

On March 31st 2019, I published an article advertising “April Lulz Day 2019,”  an international hacking operation to be launched on April 1st 2019 on behalf of international LulzSec affiliates worldwide. Therefore, it only seems right to do a follow up article here today, chronicling all of the “festivities” associated with the operation – you’re welcome @TheInternet. While I’m certain I did not uncover them all, below is a list of hacks, leaks and defaces from April 1st – at least that I was able to find.

So, what were the highlights you ask!? Ohh, I don’t know, nothing major, “only” about 16 websites were crashed via DDoS attack, 5 websites had their databases hacked and leaked online, 28 websites were defaced, at least 500 Twitter accounts were closed and over 1,000 Facebook accounts were hacked – 😏. Below you can see the full run down, attributed to the sources behind them. All sites marked with “hxxp” are websites crashed via DDoS attacks.

LulzSec Argentina (@LulzSeguridad):


Quilmes Encendido Oeste Wifi Passwords Leak:

LulzSec Kurdistan (@LulzSecKu):

List of 27 Websites Defaced 4/01/2019:
Deface Mirror of 27 Websites Hacked/Defaced:

Target: hxxp://

List of 500 Twitter Accounts Taken Down:

Pinoy LulzSec (@PinoyLulzSec__):


Target: hxxp://
Database Leak:

+250 Hacked Facebook Account Logins:
Additional Facebook Leaks Part 1:
Additional Facebook Leaks Part 2:

Polytech University of Phillipines: hxxps://
Database Download:
Download Backup:

Confidential Doc Stolen from Philippines Army:

Lorian Synaro (@LorianSynaro):



750 Facebook Accounts Hijacked – ClownSec:

Target: hxxp://

As The Peoples Democratic Party Seized Control Over Ankara & Istanbul Today, Here’s A Look At How President Erdogan’s Authoritarian Approach To Law Enforcement Led To The APK’s Lose

Prior to today’s elections, March 31st 2019, last night I came across an interesting paste from a group of online activists going by the name of “AnonyKurds” (@Guerillojova), detailing the state of freedom of the press inside Turkey and the true extend to which President Erdogan has gone to restrict/censor negative publications against him and his ruling party; the Justice and Development Party (AKP). More specifically, the Tweet includes 100 examples of Twitter account owners whom have either been sued and/or imprisoned by the AKP party for posting controversial/slanderous publications, videos or commentary critical of President Erdogan and his ruling Party.

Full Press Release from AnonyKurds:
Backup Twitter List:

However, following tremendous victories from the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) in Ankra and Istanbul, AnonyKurds went on to explain how over 30,000 Kurds alone have been arrested by President Erdogan all within the last 2 1/2 years dating back to the failed coup of July 2016 – a National crackdown which has seen the arrests of 160,000 collectively dating back to 2016. As they were also quick to elleude to, the HDP vitctories today can largely be attributed to these very efforts.

Full Press Release from AnonyKurds:

T. C. ISTANBUL ANATOLIA 7. SULH ALGERIA. Business. No: 2018/7576 D.İş

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s deputy requesting. Ahmet inezel 24/12/2018 With the request of the remittance; in the publications mentioned in the wishes of the applicant’s personal rights are violated, the person’s honor and dignity of the expression of offense, according to Article 299 of the TCK’ has requested to prevent access to the links in the links by stating that the insult mevcut has been committed.


For the first time, it was understood that our court was competent as of the applicant’s place of residence. First of all our Constitution Article 17 (protection of the person’s material and spiritual existence), article: 25-26 expression rate- Article 28 and more (press release) and article: 32 (right of reply and dissemination), 5651 on Internet Regulation Law and bun 4 castells v Spain Emin decision of the Court dated 23/04/1992, the decision of the Court of First Instance of the Court of Constitutional Court of First Instance (application no. 2013/2602 and decision date 23/01/2014), The decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals of the Supreme Court of Appeals dated 11/07/2006 on 2006 / 4-162 basis and 2006/181 and 2012/4 – 511 basis and 2012/1280 decree no. 2012/5834 of the Court of Cassation.

In the first part of the press and the Internet media in this context, the public is informed about the issues of interest to the public, the lighting service, the information gathering, the dissemination of criticism, commenting on the use of the rights of the European Human Rights Article 10 of this amendment recognizes the right to use these rights, which are enshrined in accordance with Article 28 of the Constitution and Law no. 5651, as a justification for law, and to disseminate, criticize and interpret information.

The fact that the information in the description, criticism and value judgment is real and bright, that there is a public interest in the use of public interest and its usefulness, and there is a connection between the subject and the subject. and the use of non-disclosure flags, the exceptions of expressions and Internet broadcasting should be interpreted in a narrow and convincing manner, which is of interest to the public interest. and that an explanation of ideas is supported by an objective description of the press, where the press-internet publication can exaggerate to some extent and even appeal to provocation. It is necessary that the evaluations in polemic nature cannot be considered as false and personal attacks. When the Internet publications are examined: x

LulzSecKurdistan Hacks/Defaces 4 Websites Across Turkey & Iran

Last night, March 29th 2019, a new group of hackers going by the name of “LulzSec Kurdistan” (@LulzSecKu) claimed responsibility for hack and defacement of 4 websites across Turkey and Iran. While the group is new to social media as of March 2019 and the hacks below represent their first couple postings to the service, according to the groups website, the hackers appears to have been very active over the course of the last two weeks – hacking/defacing 150 websites around the world dating back to March 14th 2019.

LulzSecKurdistan’s Portfolio:

Browsing through their archives, it appears as though the group is primarily interested in targets in the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey and Iran, targeting various local businesses, organizations and/or gaming websites hosted inside these countries. The group also appears to be political active as well, hacking some websites and replacing them with a message reading “Stop Killing Muslims.

Hacked Iran:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxp://

Hacked Turkey:

Target: hxxp://

Target: hxxps://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: text

In Protests of Migrants Stranded on Greek Isles, The Acropolis In Greece was Defaced w/ Message Reading “Humanity First: Refugees are Welcome”

(AI) – European leaders were sent a clear message last might when a huge “Refugees Welcome” sign was projected on to the side of the Acropolis. The stunt, organized by Amnesty International, is intended to draw attention to the suffering of refugees trapped on the Greek Islands by the EU-Turkey deal, which marks its third anniversary today.

Three years after the EU-Turkey deal was implemented, it is vital that this call for humanity is seen not just across Athens, but across the whole of Europe,” said Fotis Filippou, Campaigns Director for Europe at Amnesty International. “The situation facing thousands of migrants and refugees on the islands is a scar on the conscience of Europe. Anyone looking up at the Acropolis can see thousands of years of civilisation. Anyone who looking towards the refugee camps on the Greek islands will see that our leaders have learnt nothing. It is time for our leaders to put humanity first. They must end the tragedy thousands of people are facing as a result of the EU-Turkey deal and act now to ensure that those trapped in abject misery on the islands are finally moved to safety on the mainland and on to other European states.

Audio-Visual and B-Roll from Political Stunt Available Here:

Sample Photo’s & Video’s from Release:

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature


The EU-Turkey deal is a statement of cooperation between EU states and the Turkish government aimed at returning people crossing to the Greek Islands back to Turkey on the premise that Turkey is safe for them. This included asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. What ensued in practice is a containment policy, trapping people in the Greek hotspots for extended periods of time.

Read More – Statements from EU about EU-Turkey Deal March 18th 2016:
Download Full Text – EU-Turkey Deal:

There are currently more than 15,000 people on the Greek island “hotspots,” more than a half of whom are women and children. The majority are staying in overcrowded camps, many sleeping in unsuitable tents and containers, facing risks to their safety and security. The camp on the island of Samos alone houses more than 4,000 people, a number exceeding its capacity by more than five times.

On paper, the arrangement was to be accompanied by a “1:1 scheme:” a commitment to resettle one Syrian to EU Member States for every Syrian being returned from Greece to Turkey. Figures show, however, that only over 8,000 re-settlements of Syrians have been carried out in 2018, while around 3.6 million remain in Turkey. In parallel, out of 32,494 total sea arrivals to Greece in 2018, returns to Turkey amounted to only 322.

Read EU-Turkey Deal of 2016:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on March 18th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits, pictures and videos added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs

In One Massive Cyber Attack, Kurdish Hackers Hack and/or Deface 530 Websites Across Turkey

This is one of the hardest hacking events I’ve had to cover recently because the censorship in/around Turkey is so rampant and the hackers behind the attacks are so obscure. But according to a source inside Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, the same group of hackers behind the 2018/2019 Integrity Initiative hacks and leaks, approximately 530 corporate, private and Governmental websites across Turkey were hacked and/or defaced by a swarm of Kurdish hackers throughout the course of the last week.

More specifically, the hacks were carried out by multiple Kurdish hacking groups going by the names of Coldhackers, Mesopotamia Hackers, RojavaHack and PKK-HackTeam. Little to no traces of the aforementioned hacking groups can be found on the ClearNet, but what we do know is that Coldhackers, the primary actors behind this weeks attacks, were originally formed sometime in 2015 – and have presumably been carrying out attacks against enemies of the Kurdish people ever since, particularly against Turkey.

Learn More About ColdHackers:

What makes this news particularly interesting is the fact that the Government of Turkey has banned Turkish news outlets from reporting on the incident, meaning that the only way for the world to know about the hacks is for the hackers behind the incident to push the news coverage themselves – which is exactly why they decided to publish news of it through Anonymous CyberGuerrilla. For example, below you can find three photos released by the hackers documenting the attacks.

Screenshots/Photos from The Attacks:

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 person

Additionally, in a message to the public attached to the initial release of the hacks, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla translated the following message from Kurdish:

Leader of the Kurdish people, in particular, we have a promise to our martyrs and our resisting people that we will continue our actions in the virtual environment as well as in all areas against the continuation of the isolation conditions that are not applied to any law or humanity, which is applied on all the oppressed and exploited leaders and people of Rêber APO.

We reiterate that we will continue our attacks in virtual environment as the virtual guerrillas of the President APO. In this context; As Coldhackers, Mesopotamia Hackers, RojavaHack and PKK-HackTeam, the fascist isolation on the President APO will end, and we will continue to make the most severe attacks, from the freedom of the President to the freedom and security of the APO.

According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, Hakkari, who are elected by the popular and popular votes of the Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven, raises the ongoing hunger strike actions against the isolation in the regions of Strasbourg, Hewlêr, Galer, Russia, the TC dungeons, Kurdistan and different parts of Europe. We note that we have hacked hundreds of sites we have hacked in order to salute all hunger strike actions, especially President APO, and we have captured a lot of confidential and important information.

Again, here is the news site and page of our virtual attacks. The most powerful way to respond is to remain silent while attacking your enemies site.


This latest hack also comes on the heels of a separate incident involving the Government of Turkey, in which hackers claim to have stolen over 400 classified files belonging to a corporate manufacture of weapons and systems for Turkey’s Armed Forces earlier this year in the beginning of January. While the hackers behind the hack did not reveal much about themselves at the time, its strongly suspected that they originate from Greece – essentially claiming as much in their original press release. The hackers have offered to share the files with any/all interested parties, but no official leak has ever been published from them – including by/from CyberGuerrilla.

Rogue Media Labs has made several attempts to contact the hackers behind the breach, even going as far as to attempt to barter/trade for the documents and files in question, but have still yet to receive a response. For more information you can try to reach them yourself at

Ghost Squad Hackers Release Contents from Internal Operation Known as #OpDecryptISIS, Exposing +1GB of Compressed Data Related To ISIS Members, Recruiters & Sympathizers Online

Earlier this morning, February 12th 2019, “S1ege” of Ghost Squad Hackers released a treasure trove of leaked documents compiled as the result of something known as “Operation Decrypt ISIS” (#OpDecryptISIS), an exclusive operation unique to Ghost Squad Hackers. In a personal interview with Rogue Media LabsS1ege explains how the data provided below comes as the result of months of work, time spent quietly working behind the scenes infiltrating ISIS networks, socially engineering its members and compromising their administrators online.

Unlike operations of the past, such as #OpISIS and #OpIceISIS, largely carried out under the banner of the Anonymous Hacker Collective and which typically targeted low level members of ISIS located on the ClearNet, Ghost Squad’s most recent operation was unique in the fact that it was almost exclusively designed “to take out the top chain of ISIS’s command” – which also subsequently led to the uncovering of countless lower level members involved with the terror group.

Operation Decrypt ISIS Raw Press Release:

Included in the leaked material provided below are rooted phone numbers belonging to ISIS members, the account names and numbers of ISIS members operating on encrypted Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services such as WhatsApp or Telegram, as well as detailed logs stolen from ISIS members as they browsed through the internet. The leak also contains detailed files on the identities of ISIS members extracted from various accounts, chatrooms and web pages across the internet, divided across the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Moldova, Syria, Turkey, Uganada and Yemen. Ghost Squad also attached a separate file of ISIS member compromised via their VPN connections. The individual file folders contained with the leak also contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on countless terror members, including their “Phones, Geolocation, Cameras, Telegram accounts, numbers and channels, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, personal ID’s, Credit Card details and IP Logs.

Screen Shot of Main Leak:

No photo description available.

It should be noted however that the information contained within the leaked files only includes information on those who are either directly operating under the flag of ISIS, or directly participating within clandestine communications associated with the terror group. Quite simply, you do not find your way into these sorts of rooms or channels by accident, meaning that everyone named in the leak represents legitimate targets either actively participating with ISIS or attempting to learn how to do so. Either way, they are all guilty – even if by nothing other than association.

In a message attached to the leak, S1ege wanted the world to know that:

The Islamic state is far from dead..

People fail to realize that Isis is a lot like a decentralized movement, they operate primarily based on ideologies. They’re not a centralized group or physically located anywhere. Think deeply about the fact that most of the Islamic state’s attacks globally aren’t executed by some foot soldier sent abroad to carry out an operation/terrorist attack handed to him by Isis’ chain of command, rather, they’re done by lone wolves inspired by radical ideologies discovered somewhere on the internet – not their local mosque’s.

Presidents fails to acknowledge what causes the Islamic state to gain in numbers, fails to understand how to tackle the core/root problem. Isis/terrorism will never die, so long as one remaining member creates propaganda GSH will continue to combat Isis wherever, whenever on the internet.

Encrypted or decrypted we will find you and expose you Isis…

Browse Through Entire File Archive Leak:!izo1XC7Q!xq18rHeHzwJrss9sJrIoTQ

Contacts Data from Hacked Islamic State Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak (77KB):

SMS Data from Hacked Islamic Stat Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak 1 (656 KB):
Raw Leak 2 (482 KB):

Call log Data from Hacked Islamic State Admin’s Phones:

Raw Leak 1 (1,214 KB):
Raw Leak 2 (956 KB): 

File Archive Backup 1:
File Archive Backup 2:
Auto-Download Backup:

While today’s leak comes as something of a surprise, after talking with various group members over the course of the last several weeks and months perhaps it shouldn’t have. I say this because while they never hinted that a large scale release was immediately immanent, Ghost Squad Hackers have been making it clear that they intend to make 2019 the year in which this Islamic States online presence is finally exterminated once and for good. For example, these were sentiments echoed by M1r0x of GSH just last week.

Even with the release this week, the fight isn’t over and new intelligence indicates the Islamic State has once again started shifting their presence to a newer means of communication – such as ZeroNet. As always, the fight continues….

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