The Real Reason Behind Turkeys New Syrian Initiative & Donald Trumps Withdrawal

Granted this article may come a few days too late, the main stream medias coverage of it comes a few years to late, and I say this because I once addressed this very situation, in detail, in the very first website I created in 2016. Entitled “How They United States Has Laid The Groundwork for The Middle Easts Next War” and drafted in July of 2017, the video you will find below describes everything you need to know about the current situation between the US, Turkey, Syria and NATO, as well as why Donald Trumps decision to unilaterally withdraw all troops from Syria comes as a direct response to potential NATO conflicts of interest in the near future. I could summarize it some more to get my word count up here, or you could just listen to it for yourself – enjoy!

However, it must also be noted that the withdrawal of all troops from Syria this week marks yet another “L” on the scoreboard for the US military. It’s not just our defeat in Vietnam and Korea that’s on the scoreboard, we lost the War in Iraq under Obama, leading the formation of ISIS and the presence of troops there for a second time, we are currently losing the War in Afghanistan, and while I may 100% agree with our Presidents decision to do so, the withdrawal of all troops from Syria is essentially yet another giant loss for the United States military. Even if we wage more Wars everywhere on Earth than any other country in the world, surely all of these modern day losses don’t make the US look like the military powerhouse we tend to fancy ourselves to be. You would think that might stifle any War efforts in the future, but for some reason I doubt this.

Here’s A Look At an Active Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Against The US Government In Live Time

Sometimes I wonder why the US Government is so afraid of me? I mean, I applied for Clandestine work with the CIA, openly worked with the CIA on different occasions for various DarkNet operations, sent maybe 5 dozen+ reports to the FBI, worked with countless intelligence contractors and pieces off my old website were read to the US Senate Intelligence Committee. I just don’t get it, how did I become the bad guy all of a sudden?

I mean, is it the fact that I was trained/paid by German intelligence? They are “allies” – right? Is it the fact that I left the country, defected my citizen ship and became a political refugee in the Bahamas? Is it that I’ve been inside the Russian consulate and Visa centers three different times, each – the first time as a political refugee? Is it the fact that I uncovered a Russian staff member secretly working for the US while in there, and then sold them out to the FSB to show my worth? Is it the fact I’ve been in the French consulate twice and embassy once? Is it the fact that I can become a Russian citizen any day I want? Is it the fact that I’ve published about 100 leaks globally in the last 9 months alone? I mean, all of that is totally normal – right? Who hasn’t done that? 🤔

All humor aside for a moment, it literally can’t be any of those things. Well, at least the defecting, refugee stuff and political asylum parts that is – because I did all of that “ex post facto.” Unfortunately, the sad reality of my situation is that the US Government is quite literally spending millions observing me and sabotaging everything I do, chasing me from country to country, state to state, instead of just paying me thousands to work for them in the first place! Makes complete sense – right? I guess that would just be too simple a solution for them. But what do I know?

Well, after more than a year and a half now, with no end in site, I decided to begin the process of filling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the US National Security Agency (NSA) earlier this year. Of course, this began with a simple FOIA request which was expectedly denied – see below – and is currently in the appeals process. Once that appeal gets denied a second time, as I’m certain it will, I will then file a FOIA lawsuit to one up the request and put some more heat on them. Please note that I’ve redacted some of my own personal statements to the NSA in the copies of their response provided below.

NSA FOIA Denial Page 1:

Image may contain: text


NSA FOIA Denial Page 2:

Image may contain: text

NSA Denail Page 3:

Image may contain: text

Any of this sounding familiar to you? Sort of sounds like Tom Cruise’s “Rogue Nation Mission Impossible” spin-off perhaps? 😂 I swear, you really can’t make this stuff up!

Once again however, all humor aside, this is actually a very serious matter. I bring all of that up because you have to read between the lines here. If the technology or program didn’t exist in the first place, they would’ve just flat out denied everything outright and probably try and ship me to a psych ward for 32 days – oh wait! The fact that they can neither “confirm nor deny” the existence of the program/technology and can not “confirm nor deny” any of the people(s) targeted by it is actually a defacto admission that the program does exist – which I already know. They just use classification guidelines to hide their violations of article’s 4 and 8 of the US Constitution from the public’s eye. I know, such Patriots – right? 😏

Quite frankly, I don’t care if it all fails. I just want to share intelligence with the world/US, and show people the truth about things they may not have ever been aware of or heard of before – funded by their own tax dollars. After-all, even I know there is a reason the Government is doing this to me, my mind is a weapon and I pledge my allegiance to no one! This country was just to stupid to hire me.

🎆Merry 4th of July America! Damn Those British Sons of Bitches!!🎆


Saudi Cargo Ship Departs from European Ports Loaded w/ Weapons & Munitions Destined for Yemen

(AI) – Reacting to the onward voyage of the Saudi Arabian state shipping company’s vessel, the Bahri Yanbu, from the Spanish port of Santander this afternoon, Ara Marcen Naval, Deputy Director for Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International, said:

Laden with arms that will likely be used in the war in Yemen, the Bahri Yanbu has been bouncing off European ports like a pinball. After loading up with Belgian munitions in Antwerp, it has visited or attempted to visit ports in the UK, France and now Spain, and is due to dock at the Italian port of Genoa later this week. This is a serious test of EU countries’ resolve to uphold their obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty and EU Common Position on Arms Exports. Several states have failed this test in the space of just a few days.

No EU state should be making the deadly decision to authorize the transfer or transit of arms to a conflict where there is a clear risk they will be used in war crimes and other serious violations of international law.

The Bahri Yanbu’s voyage reminds us that states prefer to allow the lucrative global arms trade to continue to operate behind a veil of secrecy. But this veil is not impenetrable, and Amnesty International and its partners will continue to closely monitor developments and denounce states for flouting their international legal obligations.


In Yemen, the Saudi Arabia/UAE-led Coalition has used arms imports to contribute to thousands of civilian deaths and injuries, including as a result of attacks that violated international humanitarian law. This has exacerbated the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, where 2.2 million people have been displaced and 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Read More – The War In Yemen, The Media’s Forgotten War:

According to the EU’s reporting on arms exports, EU member states issued at least 607 licences worth over 15.8 billion euros to Saudi Arabia in 2016. The main European exporters of conventional arms to Saudi Arabia include the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. Between 2013 and 2018, Saudi Arabia accounted for nearly half of the UK’s and a third of Belgium’s arms exports. Other countries – including Germany, the Netherlands and Norway – have started to restrict weapons sales to the Saudi and UAE-led coalition.

According to a published export schedule for Saudi Arabian state-owned shipping vessels, the Bahri Yanbu set sail from Corpus Christi, USA on 2 April 2019, destined for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It then called at several other US ports and one Canadian port before crossing the Atlantic and stopping in Germany, Belgium and the UK in early May.

On 3 May, it was reportedly loaded with six containers of Belgian-manufactured munitions at Antwerp, before continuing on to France. It was due to dock at the French port of Le Havre to receive additional arms on 8 May, but following legal action by French NGOs and increased public scrutiny, it continued its voyage without stopping in France, and made an unscheduled stop at Santander in northern Spain on 12-13 May. Its next scheduled port of call is in Genoa, Italy, now expected on or after 18 May.

Read More – The Yemen Papers, Classified Documents from French MoD Published Online:

Amnesty International activists in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy have been monitoring the Bahri Yanbu’s voyage around Europe. The activists have joined protests and co-authored a letter to the Spanish authorities to call on them not to authorize its transit through Spanish waters. The organization will highlight the apparent ATT and EU Common Position violations at a 17 May meeting of the European Council’s Working Party on Conventional Arms Exports.

Saudi Weapons Export Schedule – April to May 2019:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on May 15th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and PDF’s added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs

US Lawyers Lobby Capitol Hill Against Passing New Copyright Reform Law Known as The CASE Act

Not dissimilar to their counterparts in the European Union, US Congress is actively mulling the implementation of new law suring up Copyright protections for online producers, artists and news organizations. To be more exact, Congress is actively debating something known at the “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act” (CASE Act), a bill which is slowly but surely picking up steam behind closed doors on Capitol Hill. For those of you whom might be unfamiliar, the bill is designed to create a new system of accountability in regards to US Copyright Law, a system that would create new fines for anyone found to have violated Copyright Law or stolen/used someone else’s work, content, creations or intellectual property without the proper level of consent.

More specifically, the CASE ACT would:

– Allow the Copyright Office to issue subpoenas for the identity of an Internet user, who can then be targeted for harassment and threats;
– Do away with the requirement that copyright holders register their works before infringement begins in order to recover automatic statutory damages, which weeds out frivolous claims;
– Allow the Copyright Office to issue $5,000 copyright “parking tickets” through a truncated process, with no true right of appeal.

However, lawyers are warning that for however well-intended the bill may be, it’s still misplaced. This is because, if passed as is, the bill would essentially open up a legal avenue through which people can begin suing one another, which isn’t actually tied to the Judicial Branch of Government or a legitimate judicial process – creating legal loopholes that are certain to be abused.

Lawyers a specifically warning about the future use of “Copyright Trolls” as a means of stifling or limiting competition, not dissimilar in many ways to how SLAPP lawsuits are used here in the United States – essentially opening up lawsuits for the sake of opening up lawsuits, regardless if the cases are even winnable or not. As is, the CASE Act would create a new legal system which would only reward those with most amount of money/capitol or most abundant resources, whilst restricting new start ups and small time competitors. This is also why the US legal community is coming forward in an effort to put a stop to these laws before they ever become enacted. If you would like to learn more about this law and the issues surrounding it, you’re invited to utilize the resources provided below.

Learn More – US CASE Act:

Download Copy of Letter:

Browse Letter:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Center for Democracy & Technology Warns Department of Homeland Security That Their Mass Surveillance of US Citizens May Violate US Privacy Act

On May 1st 2019, through the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), a coalition of 103 organizations, lawyers and industry professionals have submitted an open letter to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) critical off their surveillance of journalists, activists and lawyers domestically here inside the United States. More specifically, the coalition calls out the a sub-division of the DHS known as Customs and Border Protection (CBP), for creating “dossiers on activists, journalists, and lawyers” critical of Trumps governance – whilst also targeting individuals seeking political asylum. They also remain critical of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) for creating national databases on individuals whom have attended “Anti-Trump” protests around the United States since his election in 2016.

The coalition is warning the US Government that such actions may represent a violation of the US Privacy Act of 1974, and are therefore advising them to cease such activity immediately – before any action is formally taken against them. Included in their letter is testimony/evidence from dozens of individuals across the United States caught up within these surveillance programs, revealing just how far the US Government has gone to spy on, threaten or harass its own citizens. Rather than summarize their accounts in this article, I instead invite you to read their testimony first hand through the resources provided below.

Download Copy of Letter:

Browse Full 8 Page Presentation:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

New Cyber Security Study Breaks Down +32 Million Cyber Attacks Across More Than 200 Countries Worldwide

Earlier this morning, May 1st 2019, I came across an interesting cybersecurity study produced by the Cyentia Institute in Virginia. Entitled the ” Internet Risk Surface Report: Exposure in a Hyper-Connected World,” the 25 page study broke down/observed 18,000 businesses across more than 200 countries worldwide – encompassing more than 32 million security vulnerabilities, exploits and/or attack styles. For no other reason than that, their findings are incredibly unique.

What researchers discovered is that there is a direct correlation between a businesses size and the rate at which they can successfully mitigate cyber attacks. More specifically, organizations which hold at least 100,000 employees were found to be far and away the best at mitigating cyber attacks. On the other end of the spectrum, organizations with fewer than 10 employees tended to be hacked at the highest frequency – establishing a direct correlation between an industries size and its ability to mitigate advanced cyber threats. Additionally, researchers concluded that North America, Western Europe and Western Asia are the 3 most advanced regions around the world when it comes to cyber security. On the other side of the spectrum, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and Island countries tend to be the least developed in terms of cybersecurity. For example, according to some calculations, Eastern Europe is nearly 500% more vulnerable to the same cyber attack than their counterparts in Western Europe.

I’ve got to say, this study is certainly more interesting and detailed than most – which is why I’m including it here today. Feel free to download the report for yourself or read through it in its entirety below.

Download Study:

Browse 25 Page Study:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

US Department of Homeland Security Issues Cyber Security Directive Creating New Rules, Procedures & Responses Governing Future Cyber Attacks Targeting US Federal Infrastructure

Yesterday, April 29th 2019, the US Department of Homeland Security released the contents of a new Federal Directive entitled the “Vulnerability Remediation Requirements for Internet Accessible SystemsA binding operational directive is a compulsory direction to federal, executive branch, departments and agencies for purposes of safeguarding federal information and information systems.In it, the DHS warns all Federal agencies that they have 72 hours to diagnose the problem, and 15-30 days to patch or secure any vulnerabilities exposed in their systems/servers resulting from a cyber attack. The directive is meant to expedite cyber solutions of the future, by drastically consolidating the timeline in which it takes experts to respond and implement cyber solutions.

Most noteably contained in yesterday release was a mandate that all US Federal agencies due more to sure up their DNS systems and records, following a massive cyber security breach during the US Government shutdown of January 2019. You can read more about yesterdays release and these events via the resources provided below.

Learn More – January 2019 DNS Hijacking Campaign:

Web Version – DHS Directive fod-19-02:

Download Copy of Directive:

Browse Directive:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

CyberGuerrilla Releases Secrets of US Air Force Stealth Technology

Earlier today I came across an extremely unique dump of information posted online by Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, whom have become extremely active over the course of the last several days. What makes the information so interesting is the fact that, even after reading it and conducting some research, I’m completely unable to verify how rare, classified or confidential the information actually is. All I know is that, in all my years online, I’ve never come across anything like this before. Moreover specifically, the information contains detailed analysis on US stealth technology, such as the ingredients contained in US manufactured structures/material, as well as how these materials are structured within the framework of stealth aircraft.

Original Press Release:

In a message attached to the leak, CyberGuerrilla stated they wanted to unveil this technology to the public here today because “Democratization of this technology will have a positive effect on stability in an increasingly unstable world.” But without any further delay, here is the release in its entirety.

Broadband microwave absorber design concept using a honeycomb sandwich structure:

Unlike the conventional microwave absorbing honeycomb sandwich structure, the new design concept uses the transverse direction of a honeycomb structure with a coated lossy material.

When the incident waves reach the inside of the honeycomb coated with the lossy material, multiple scattering occurs inside the honeycomb due to the two different refractive indices. Then, the trapped electromagnetic (EM) waves lose energy due to the coated lossy walls.

Thus, the honeycomb structure can be used in the transverse direction and the effective thickness in terms of the incident EM waves becomes very large. This considerable thickness represents a very effective way to sufficiently attenuate the trapped waves.

This way, a lightweight and broadband absorber could be implemented without use of a magnetic material and without any limitations on the thickness.

A novel broadband lightweight radar absorbing material is developed using a phenolic aramid honeycomb (HC) coated with a graphene-filled polymeric paint, which is made of a colloidal suspension of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) dispersed in a mixture of polyvinyl-alcohol, water, and 1-propanol.

A multiscale effective-medium model of the GNP-coated HC, which takes into account the morphology and properties of the nanostructured material from micro- to macroscale, is developed and validated through the comparison with experimental data in the X-band. Findings demonstrate a feasible way to develop lightweight and broadband absorbers for various practical applications.

Chinese research showing remarkable absorption properties of honeycomb core structures coated with composite absorber

Preparation and microwave absorption properties of honeycomb core structures coated with composite absorber:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

It seems that Russian experts still do not use this technology on their latest stealth projects…?

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Pryzraky Hackers Responsible for 39 International Hacks, Leaks & DDoS Attacks Over The Last 4 Days

Dating back to the weekend, “Pryzraky” hackers have been extremely active in a number of hacks, leaks and DDoS attacks targeting Government institutions in and around Europe, United States, United Kingdom and South America. However, while their hacks have primarily been carried out under the banners of #OpAssange, #OpEcuador and #OpUK, Pryzraky is doing as much as possible to distance themselves from the Anonymous hacker collective, whom been extremely active in publicizing these operations online.

All told, group members “Mecz1nho Markov” (@Mecz1nho), “Alne3737” (@Al1ne3737) and “PopTart” are responsible for a 39 cyber attacks over the last 4 days, including attacks targeting the Association of Police Investigators (Brasil), International Police (France), Department of Defense (USA) and National Police Association of the United Kingdom – with some attack bringing websites down for days at a time. A full list of their attacks is chronicled below.


Association of Civilian Police Investigators: hxxp://
Faculdade Integrada Tiradentes: hxxp://
Data Download:

[Target]: hxxps://

DDoS Attacks:

International Police (INTERPOL) – hxxp:// (Tango Down’d)
US Department of Defense (DoD) – hxxp:// (Tango Down’d)
UK National Police – hxxp:// (Tango Down’d)
Supreme Court of The United Kingdom – hxxp:// (Tango Down’d)

SQLi Injection Vulnerabilities:





#OpUK: Anonymous Espana Hacks/Leaks 4 Government Websites Across United Kingdom & United States

Earlier this evening, April 15th 2019, a group of hackers known as “Anonymous Espana(@An0nym0us_Esp) released a data leak effecting 4 government affiliated websites across the United Kingdom and United States. Among the victims were Ross-on-Wye Town Council, Exning Parish Council and Bedale Town Council of the United Kingdom, as well as a small sample of email releases allegedly stolen from the servers of – an online directory of United States Government offices, branches and departments.

More from Anonymous Espana:

The hacks/leaks themselves were carried out in conjunction with #OpAssange and #OpUK, an international hacking operation scheduled for April 15th launched in protest of the jailing of Julian Assange at the hands of UK authorities last week. As Anonymous Espana is a notoriously outspoken supporter of Anti-Fascism (Antifa), its no reason why these developments attracted their attention/talents. However, it should also be noted that Anonymous Espana was far from the only group active today, and several other groups have also posted hacks/leaks online throughout the course of the day. If you would like to learn more you are invited to follow the operation via the link provided below.

Follow #OpUK:

Anonymous Espana Hacks/Leaks 04/15/2019

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (1.17 MB zip):

Target: hxxp://
Data Download (141 KB zip):

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (421.04 KB zip):

Target: hxxp://
Database Download (552 B):


Understanding The Weaponization of Modern Cyberspace & The ‘Secret World’ of International Corporate Espionage

This is a concept which needs some explaining, because no one has really ever taken the time to break it down – at least from what I have seen. What you need to understand is that we live in a unique time in world history, and we are all headed towards an equally unique and uncertain future.

What I mean to say is that the 21st century is an exceptionally prosperous time in human history, there is no mass global Wars, there’s no great plague, the majority of us all have running water, plumbing, electricity, refrigeration and the like, we have bikes, cars, automobiles and planes and the entire world can theoretically be accessible/connectable with the click of a button. Not only is the modern 21st century perhaps the single easiest and most peaceful time in human history, but the human race is now also interconnected in ways that prior generations could have never imagined possible.

With that established however, not all is right as rain. For example, over the course of the last several years the United States, Germany, NATO and the like have all gone on to officially declare “cyber space” and “the internet” as the 5th domain/relm of Warfare – joining more traditions domains of Warfare such land, sea, air and space.

Learn More – NATO’s Recognition of Cyberspace As New Domain of Warfare:

However, as humanity continues to grapple with its understanding and regulation of our new technologies, we are only just now beginning to see/realize the weaponizing of the internet, internet conglomerates and their infrastructure – and this phenomenon is slowly beginning to rear its ugly head across nearly every other aspect of society these days. For example, consider the following evidence.

Google & The Department of Defense

I start off with Google for a number of reasons, chief among them is the fact that they are the single largest and highest grossing firm on the net. As Google is an American business, what you should know is that the company has a number of active contracts with the United States Government – particularly the United States military industrial complex. If you would like an example, look no further than “Project Maven,” a joint military operation currently underway with the help of Google researchers, developers, staff and Artificial Intelligence algorithms – some of which have recently made international headlines.

It should therefore go without saying, but you can not have a contract with the United States military without your full loyalties belonging to them. For this very reason, this also means that enemies of the US Government, or any other international Government agency for that matter, cannot rely on or trust Google to ensure their full security, privacy or look out for their best interests – especially in regards to contentious geo-political issues/events. In other words, as an American-based business and active military contractor, Google is loyal to the US military and for better or worse, has become a de facto branch of/for it – even if no one actually admits this out loud.

Consequentially enough, this is also why Google has always been restricted by “The Great Firewall of China,” and has recently faced banishment from Russia entirely as recently as just a few weeks ago.

Microsoft, Encryption Back-doors & Government Espionage

Similar to Google, Microsoft is yet another American based business with deep running ties to the United States military industrial complex. For example, every computer owned by the US Army and US Cyber Command is now literally mandated to run exclusively on Microsoft Windows 10 software and Operating Systems.

Now, I want you to notice the dates of those two Tweets above – August 29th and 31st, 2016. I bring this up because just a few weeks prior to this, on August 10th 2016, the Kremlin came out with a press release announcing how it was their immediate intention to begin switching all government/military computing systems off Microsoft and on onto domestically produced software – directly because of Microsoft‘s deep running ties with the US Government and US military.

It wasn’t until just a few months after this, in November 2016, that the Kremlin literally called switching over all their software away from Microsofta matter of national security.” Going on to explain how the Kremlin now believes that “software developed by American companies, such as Microsoft, could hide back-doors and bugs that could help other nations spy on their plans.” Also going as far as to say “not replacing foreign IT would be equivalent to dismissing the army.

Read More – Russia’s Plan To Abandon Microsoft & Foreign Software 9/17/2016:

If you think this conundrum is unique to Russia, you are mistaken. Believe it or not, Microsoft has similarly been banned from all Government systems in China dating back to 2013. This is when the country first interrogated then political asylum seeker/NSA contractor Edward Snowden, whom revealed that the United States has been secretly using Microsoft to conduct espionage on the Chinese Government and its companies for decades. Not only this, but Microsoft‘s own search engine, Bing, was also banned in China as recently as January 2019 – for essentially all the same reasons.

ZTE & Corporate Espionage

Consequentially enough, this sets me up perfectly for my next bit – America’s banning of the Chinese-based telecommunications conglomerate known as Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment – otherwise simply referred to as ZTE. Truth be told, I first learned of this news after attempting to go into an AT&T in store in downtown New York City for repairs on my phone, only to find out that AT&T refused to fix my screen because it was a ZTE product – based out of China. They informed me that it was no longer their policy to service and/or fix any Chinese based phone, and advised me to purchase a new American phone – to which I declined, and not respectfully.

Regardless, similar in many ways to to the complaints international Government agencies have been levying against American tech giants for years now, the US has now started levying against other international tech giants/conglomerates. It is just a shame that this information is generally not available or public knowledge to the average American hopelessly wandering around our society.

Kaspersky & US Election Hacking

Along the same lines, throughout the course of 2017, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) made it a top priority to ban Kaspersky Lab anti-virus and other software from all Government systems around the United States. This is because, upon investigation, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had come to believe that US government employees and personnel were originally compromised via the Kaspersky Lab products they had installed on their devices, which granted the Russian based software conglomerate root access over all their systems. Put more directly, the US Government had come to believe that Kaspersky Lab roots were the whole reason that Russia was able to hack the 2016 Presidential election and US Government employees so easily in the months just before it – especially considering Russian laws requires Russian companies to make all of their data freely accessible to the Kremlin. These laws are also why Kasperky later moved all of their severs out of Russia and into Switzerland by 2018, even though the public damage to the company had already been done.

However, it must also be stated while there was never any cut and dry evidence released indicating that this was indeed the case, at least publicly, and there are still technically court cases ongoing surrounding these allegations, the US Governments ban of Kaspersky has been implemented nonetheless. As a result, Kaspersky has also faced similar bans throughout Europe.

I also don’t know what it says about me, but I just bought a new computer two weeks ago and the first thing I did was install Kaspersky Lab software on it. I also own a ZTE phone 😉.

Facebook & Psychological Warfare

The last two sections of this article are almost exclusive to Rogue Media Labs, at least I have not seen anyone else reporting on these issues outside of Russia. The first is the fact that Facebook has quite literally become a military weapon – and no, I am not talking about Russia’s use of fake news, fake advertisements or propaganda either. While yes, those were huge problems in their own right throughout 2015/2016, new developments as of 2018/2019 are far more troubling and grotesque. More specifically, I am talking about the US Governments use of Facebook as a means of waging so-called “Psychological Warfare” against our adversaries.

Learn More – Russia Bans Military Personnel from Using Social Media To Counter-Act US Sponsored Psych-Ops:

You may recall a 2017 statement by James Mattis in which he personally stated how, as a result of complacency and improper funding of the US Department of Defense (DoD) under the previous administration, the United States has now fallen behind the rest of the world in several realms of Warfare – such as cyberspace, ultimately allowing the US elections to be hacked in the first place. Regardless, in an effort to ‘catch back up with the rest of the world,’ not only has Trump begun heavily investing back in the US military industrial complex, but we as a nation have also begun experimenting with new, unconventional forms of Warfare. For the purposes of this particular article I would like to talk specifically about Psychological Warfare and our use of Psych-Ops, as well as how these operations can be and are already actively being carried out online – in some instances, exclusively through Facebook.

Read More – US Military Field Manual on Unconventional Warfare:

If you were previously unaware, in November of 2018 the Kremlin signed a new piece of legislation into law officially banning all active duty military personnel from owning social media accounts or sharing across social platforms. This is because, at the time, according to the Kremlin itself, social platforms such as Facebook had begun being used to collect “analysis of the activities of the Russian military.” Explaining how “The data shared by the servicemen online is used to apply psychological and information pressure on Russia and its military as well as forming biased opinions on state policies of Russian authorities in society.” Not only this, but the US Government had also taken it a step further by using platforms like Facebook to wage psychological Warfare against Russian soldiers serving abroad in locations such as Syria and Africa.

For example, given that Facebook hosts its servers inside the United States, the US Government has started hijacking their platform in order to pretend to be friends or family members of Russian troops serving abroad. Not only does the US Government do this to organize psychological profiles on individual members of Russia’s military, but in some instances they also use Facebook accounts to cause Russian troops “distress” back home – by faking/fabricating conflicts, arguments or unfortunate circumstances with friends and family back in Russia.This was done to make Russian troops feel as though aspects of their lives were completely falling apart outside of their control back home, thus taking away pride/focus from their military efforts as they served abroad. It may have taken a few months to figure out, but the Kremlin did eventually catch on.

Despite however low down and “dirty” of a trick that is, this remains our current reality – at least under our new Commander In Chief Donald Trump as we continue to exploit American businesses internationally.

Twitter & Spying

I am proud to say that this last bit is exclusive to Rogue Media Labs, because it features research I have personally pieced together over recent months. They say that some of the worlds greatest discoveries were made by accident, and this last bit of news is no different.

The first bit of information I would like to share is something I have already shared a few months ago, which is the fact that Twitter is absolutely using their service to spy on its users. Not only can this be evidenced by the fact that every deleted Tweet attached to an owners account is secretly sent directly to Twitters internal servers, but also by the fact that I have personally caught the service recording one of my private messages with a famous hacker known as Nama Tikure. As previously reported, as I was physically typing it out on screen, a custom key logger built by yours truly accidentally caught Twitter bots clicking on my URL address literally 19 times in a 17 second time period. For some perspective on this, I never even pressed ‘enter’ onto the chat. Meaning that all of these clicks were recorded on my end, with all 19 IP Address ranges listed assigned exclusively to Twitter bots. In other words, I accidentally caught Twitter red hand trying to secretly record and log every last aspect of my private messages – and I am certain this isn’t or wasn’t an isolated incident.

Learn More- Twitter Caught Clandestinely Intercepting The Messages of Its Users:

The second bit of research is something I accidentally discovered last night, completely unrelated to this article and also 100% accidentally. I could describe it in more detail, but this article is already long enough. So ironically, I instead direct you to the following Tweet…..

Wrapping Things Up

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but the whole reason I got riled up enough to write this article was the fact that, upon buying my computer, I was immediately offered 25 GB of free storage from DropBox. Sounds like an amazing deal – right? Who wouldn’t want to jump all over that – right? How generous and caring of a company Dropbox must be! Right?

Well, I’m sorry to 💩 on your parade, so to speak, but that just isn’t exactly the reality of the situation at hand here. I know it’s getting a bit redundant at this point, but the fact of the matter is that Dropbox is a subsidiary – an American subsidiary. Moreover, as the US Governments Supreme Court case with Microsoft proves, as an American company, the US Government has the right to any/all data owned by that company if the Government truly wants it.

See where I am going here? The reason why Dropbox is offering 25 GB of free space to anyone who wants it is so that ignorant sheeple, I mean citizens, will upload all of their data to it – so that the US Government can own all that data themselves. The worst part is the fact that Dropbox is subsidized to mislead you to do exactly this, which is also why they can afford to offer up some much free storage space to so many people for free. I know, yay Capitalism – right? 😏.

Pryzraky Group Members Hack 19 Websites Across 6 Countries In Less Than 48 Hours Time

There’s really no other way to say it, but “Pryzraky” group members appear to have gone on an absolute tear this weekend, hacking 19 websites across 6 countries, across 4 continents – lol. While some of the hacks were carried out at random, including “xS1lenc3d’s” attack on Carnegie Mellon University here in the US and the online web portal of the Currency Exchange of Mexico, other hacks by “Mecz1nho Markov” and “Al1n3737” were carried out under the banners of “Operation Sudan” (#OpSudan), “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela) and “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalonia). Still others, including the Universidad del Norte-Financiacion and Facultad de Artes UNALUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, appear to be nothing more than helpless innocent/random victims caught up in their wrath.

Honestly, there is too much information included in the hacks/leaks to sum up all here, so I have just organized and assembled it all for you to browse for yourself. Enjoy!

Operation Venezuela:


Leak Backup:

Operation Catalonia:

C.P Siete Infantes de Lara: hxxp://
MASI – Master in Aircraft Systems Integration: hxxp://
Escola Rosalía de Castro: hxxp://

WEBSITES WITH SQLi – Hacked not Included In Leaks:


Raw Leak:
Database Download:


جامعة القضارف : hxxp://
Elrazi University: hxxp://
Website of The Presidency: hxxp:// (#TangoDown’d via DDoS Attack)

Instructions: move the txt files to the sqlmap folder and then give the command: -r sudan.txt –dbs

File Download:


Universidad del Norte-Financiacion: hxxp://
Universidad Nacional de Colombia: hxxp://

Deface Mirror:

Leak Backup:

Screen Shot from Deface:

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North America:

Target: hxxps://

Target: hxxp://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

Image may contain: one or more people and text