Trump Tells Erdogan ‘I Will Destroy Turkeys Economy’ In Leaked White House Letter

Interestingly enough, Russia Today is now touting a leaked White House letter from the office of the Presidency, in which Donald Trump literally tells President Erdogan of Turkey “Dont be a fool” in regards to his current Syria invasion, with treats of “destroying Turkeys economy” if Erdogan and Trump can not reach a deal in the near future. Dated October 9th 2019, the letter is incredibly interesting for many reasons, first off is the fact it is completely immature and almost childish language coming the from nations highest office. Second, Trump is outright threatening a NATO ally with economic sanctions and economic Warfare – much like we have done to Russia, Venezuela, Iran and many others over recent years. This is also incredibly dangerous for not just the future of international relations between the US and Turkey, but all NATO countries for that matter.

Honestly, I am not going to hype up the letter any more or any less for you, instead you can read it for yourself below…..

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Conocimientos Libres of CiberGuerra Colombia Releases Leaks & Vulnerabilities of 11 Websites Across Colombia

Earlier this evening I came across a massive round of leaks dumped online by a South American hacker known as “Conocimientos Libres” on April 3rd 2019. What’s particularly interesting about the leak is that the hackers behind them claim to have carried out their operation in retaliation for what they call “false independence” offered to them by their Government.  While the hacker could not be reached for comment, I assume their operation steamed as the result of two recent political developments inside the country.

The first would be the fact that Ivan Duque recently attempted, but ultimately failed to assassinate the President of Venezuela – Nicolas Maduro. If not this, then surely they are referring to President Ivan Duques’s recent decision to overturn/veto portions of peace treaties signed with para-military groups, agreements which have brought the country increased levels of prosperity, growth and stability over the last several years.

Full Leak In Its Entirety:

1 > Sitio Web Bogota Hacked:


2 > Sitio Web Eseisabu Hacked:


3 > Sitio Web Sedtolima Hacked:


4 > Sitio Web Dane Hacked:


5 > Sitio Web amvcolombia Hacked:


6 > Sitio Web esemorenoyclavijo Hacked:


7 > Sitio web minagricultura Hacked:


8 > Sitio Web mineducacion Hacked:


9 > Sitio Web educacioninicialtolima Hacked:


10 > Sitio Web hsrespinal Hacked:


11 > Sitio Web cavasa Hacked:


Pryzraky Group Members Hack 19 Websites Across 6 Countries In Less Than 48 Hours Time

There’s really no other way to say it, but “Pryzraky” group members appear to have gone on an absolute tear this weekend, hacking 19 websites across 6 countries, across 4 continents – lol. While some of the hacks were carried out at random, including “xS1lenc3d’s” attack on Carnegie Mellon University here in the US and the online web portal of the Currency Exchange of Mexico, other hacks by “Mecz1nho Markov” and “Al1n3737” were carried out under the banners of “Operation Sudan” (#OpSudan), “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela) and “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalonia). Still others, including the Universidad del Norte-Financiacion and Facultad de Artes UNALUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, appear to be nothing more than helpless innocent/random victims caught up in their wrath.

Honestly, there is too much information included in the hacks/leaks to sum up all here, so I have just organized and assembled it all for you to browse for yourself. Enjoy!

Operation Venezuela:


Leak Backup:

Operation Catalonia:

C.P Siete Infantes de Lara: hxxp://
MASI – Master in Aircraft Systems Integration: hxxp://
Escola Rosalía de Castro: hxxp://

WEBSITES WITH SQLi – Hacked not Included In Leaks:


Raw Leak:
Database Download:


جامعة القضارف : hxxp://
Elrazi University: hxxp://
Website of The Presidency: hxxp:// (#TangoDown’d via DDoS Attack)

Instructions: move the txt files to the sqlmap folder and then give the command: -r sudan.txt –dbs

File Download:


Universidad del Norte-Financiacion: hxxp://
Universidad Nacional de Colombia: hxxp://

Deface Mirror:

Leak Backup:

Screen Shot from Deface:

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North America:

Target: hxxps://

Target: hxxp://

Screen Shot of Defacements:

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Venezualan Army, Air Force & Ministries Hit by Massive Data Breach, 113MB of Compressed Data Leaked Online

Earlier today I managed to stumble across an interesting leak from my friends working over at Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, from a source known asSpectre” – a hacker whom used to regularly make international headlines throughout the course of 2017 – 2018 for various exploits/source codes. Today’s leak is substantial, including classified information stolen from Venezuela’s Army, including detailed files of Army bases and military personnel, along with countless other documents stolen from various Ministries across President Maduro’s Government. For example, I think every member of Venezuela’s Army and Air Force were doxxed via Microsoft Excel files contained in the leak, and that was only two folders.  Honestly, there is so much information I would rather not list it all off here, instead, I just invite you to download the data and browse through it for yourself.

Rogue Media Labs now owns the data, has compressed all the files into a single zip file and personally certifies that the downloads available below are non-malicious and safe. Perhaps more importantly, the leaked files will not be taken down because I own them and refuse to work for/with any governments, foreign or domestic. Enjoy!

File Download (113 MB Compressed): :

In a message attached to the leak, Spectre stated:


I have leaked sensitive intel on a certain number of governments on to my site for free and for the everyone to see. The information on my site includes classified Venezuelan government documents, MQ-9 reaper drone documents, loads of databases and much more sensitive info. I have done this so that people can access this information and learn from it. I believe that the public deserves to know the truth and everything that their governments do in secrecy. This is the only reason i did this and unlike Julian Assange i will not hesitate to release any sensitive data on any government.

If anyone has any intel that they want to release to the public then they do so through my site. I will do my very best to release as much sensitive data on the shady activities that governments do behind the scenes as possible.

Yours truly,


Spectre’s Website (DarkNet): http://intel2iy3ky6hegf.onion/


Mecz1nho Markov Takes Down US State Department, 4 Other National Institutions & Government Agencies Across Venezuela

This weekend “Mecz1nho Markov,” founder of the international hacking group known as “Pryzraky,” went on something of a small rampage, shutting down major websites across North and South America. The attacks themselves were carried out using Mecz1nho‘s own personal botnet, lovingly referred to as “F*cking Botnet,” which has been used to carry out several high level DDoS attacks throughout the recent past – including attacks on, and many others.

This weekends attacks specifically targeted 5 high profile international Government organizations and internet hosting providers, including Can TV in Venezuela, one of the countries largest internet service providers, The Petro, a Venezuelan organization attempted to “Sow Internet Sovereignty” across the country, as well as Venezuela’s National Institute of Statistics and National Assembly. Chief among his victims however was, the official website of the US State Department – which was successfully #TangoDown‘ed for the better part of 3 hours Saturday night.

In a message attached to the attack against the US State Department, Mecz1nho stated that this is “a small demonstration of my botnet, I can call it F*cking Botnet. It can known down servers using layer 7. It has already launched (and overturned) mass attacks against servers at,,, among other large servers. This force can not be measured in these DStats.” As a demonstration of his botnets capabilities, he then proceeded to launch an attack against NFO servers, which logged his attack topping out around 390 GB per second.

Targets 3/02 – 3/04:

US State Department: hxxp://
Can TV Venezuela: hxxp://
The Petro: hxxp://
National Institute of Statistics: hxxp://
National Assembly of Venezuela: hxxp://

#OpVenezuela: International Hackers Team Up As The Onslaught Against Maduro’s Government Continues Into The Weekend

Over the course of the last 24 hours or so different hackers and hacking groups from all around the world appear to have come together in a coordinated effort to launch a massive round of cyber attacks against the Venezuelan Government. The attacks themselves are being carried out under the banner of “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela), an international hacking campaign largely attributed to the Anonymous Hacker Collective, originally launched in retaliation for Venezuelan President Maduro’s abysmal human rights record and brutal treatment of students and protesters alike throughout the recent past.


Starting on the night of March 1st 2019, “Ergo” of the Brasilian based hacking group known as “Pryzraky” began launching a series of DDoS attacks against the Bolivarian Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities, attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology. The attacks themselves were carried out using Ergo‘s very own custom made botnet code-named “Poseidon,” which is quickly becoming infamous for taking down various website worldwide ever since first being introduced to the public just a few weeks ago.

In a message attached to the attack, Ergo left behind a message for the Bolivarian Army reading “F*ck You! You failed with this nation, we are on the population side. Pryzraky is here to help Venezuelans.
Site’s #TangoDown’d:

Ejército Bolivariano de la República Bolivariana: hxxp://
Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales: hxxp://


Al1ne3737” on the other hand, another member of Pryzraky, managed to hack the websites of 3 South American television stations and networks, dumping the contents of their databases and/or vulnerabilities online. For example, through the leaked information provided below you can find the login credentials of 8 administrators belonging to TV NaGaragem, the names, user names, email addresses, telephone numbers and passwords of 255 registered users of TV Caiçara, as well as the SQL Injection vulnerabilities effecting the website of Sky TV.

Folha de Alphaville: hxxp://
NaGaragemTV: hxxp://
TV Caicara – Audiovisual Brasileiro Independente: hxxp://

Raw Data Leak:
Data Download 54.15 KB):


Another member of Pryzraky, “PopTart” has claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack effecting the Ministry of People’s Power of the Office of the President – presumably via Layer 7 DDos Attack, their primary attack style of choice. While the attack was originally launched close to 24 hours ago at the time of the release of this article, March 3rd 2019, though the site is back online, it’s still functioning abnormally slow.

Ministerio del Poder Popular del Despacho de la Presidencia: hxxp://


Prince” on the other hand is an independent hacker working under the general umbrella of Anonymous, claiming an attack on the website of Venezuela’s Book of Opportunities for Studies – which was still down at the time of this article. This is also the second such hack/leak effecting this website over the course of the last week alone, adding to an entirely separate data leak released to the public on February 28th 2019.

Libro de Oportunidades de Estudios: hxxp://

Original Leak:
Leak Backup:

#OpVenezuala: 2 Television Stations, 3 Universities & 2 Government Agencies Hacked/Leaked/Downed by Pryzraky

Earlier today, March 1st 2019, “Al1ne3737” of the international hacking group known as “Pryzraky” announced a hack and leak of 5 institutions across Venezuela. The hacks themselves were carried out in coordination with something known as “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela), a much larger international hacking campaign largely spear-headed by the Anonymous Hacker Collective aimed at throwing out President Maduro from office for his continued crimes against humanity.

Exposed in the most recent round of attacks this morning were the University of FalconUniversity Gallery of Braulio Salazar, Flipper Industrias El Tocuyo,and two national television stations – the Bolivarian Television System of Aragua (TLA) and Tengo TV. The hack of both television stations released the administrator log in credentials to gain full access over the websites back-end and the hacks of the 3 Universities leaked the data of hundreds of students, staff and alumni, including their names, personal email addresses along with the username and passwords necessary to access their University accounts. 

Today’s hacks and leaks also add to a separate attack against the country launched by Pryzraky group members Al1ne3737 and Mecz1nho Markov on February 27th, hacks effecting Venezuela’s National Anti-Drug Office, Ministry of the Popular Force for Foreign Relations and online Book of University Study Opportunities – an online web portal designed to help students find secondary educational institutions around the country.

Targets (3/01/2019):

Universidade de Falcón: hxxp://
Bolivarian Television System of Aragua – TLA : hxxp://
Galeria Universitaria Braulio Salazar: hxxp://
Tengo TV: hxxp://
Flipper Industrias El Tocuyo: hxxp://

Raw Leak:
Data Download (168.92 KB):

Targets (2/27/2019):

Book of University Study Opportunities: hxxp://
National Anti-Drug Office: hxxp://
Ministry of the Popular Force for Foreign Relations of Venezuela: hxxp://

Raw Leak:
Data Download (22.12 KB):

Digital Research Team Announces Hack of 11 Websites Across Spain, Catalonia & Venezuela, Offering To Patch Site Vulnerabilities w/ Each Leak

Over the course of the last 24 hours a new group of hackers going by the name of “Digital Research Team” has announced the release of a wide-ranging series of hacks and leaks effecting different Government agencies across Spain and Venezuela, as well as a variety of public and private colleges/universities in Spain and Catalonia. In statements made available to Rogue Media Labs, the hackers claimed that all of their hacks were “Ethical,” not malicious, and they would therefore not be disclosing any of the files or databases uncovered by the hacks to the general public – believe me, because I tried. Instead, the hackers released redacted screen shots of each and every database they managed to penetrate, tagging the effected victims with each leak to serve as proof that the hacks were in fact real.

What makes this weekends release unique was the fact that, as the hackers announced their leaks on social media, they simultaneously tagged their victims with each posting – offering to teach them how their websites and servers had been hacked, as well as how to patch them in the future. The hackers also left behind an email address along with each leak – – asking the victims to reach out to them for this very information. Not much is known about the group, but in a private message with Rogue Media Labs, Digital Research Team leader and founder “Synflod” explained how “we are just reporting vulnerabilities on websites to secure them and repair the errors in their web infrastructure. We leave our email in each publication so they can contact us faster and easier.

Implicated in today’s leaks however are Spain’s Ministry of Justice, Ministry of State, National Institute of Statistics, Institute of Mayors and Social Services, as well as the University of Malaga, Univesity of Huelva, University of CITCEA-UPC, a technological school specializing in energy, power electronics, mechatronics and enertronics, along with Rovira i Virgili University, the University of Pablo Olavide, the website of the official Chess team of the University of Oviedo and lastly, the website of the Bolivarian Government of Carabobo – led by Rafael Lacava in Venezuela.


Ministerio de Justicia: hxxp://
Ministerio de Hacienda: hxxp:/
Universidad de Malaga: hxxp://
Universidad de Huelva: hxxp://
Instituto Nacional de Estadística: hxxp://
Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales: hxxp://
CITCEA-UPC: hxxps://
Universitat Rovira i Virgili: hxxp://
Universidad Pablo de Olavide: hxxp://
Universidad de Oviedo: hxxp://
Gobierno de Carabobo: hxxp://

Sample Screen Shots from Hack:

Ministerio de Justicia:

No photo description available.

Ministerio de Hacienda:

No photo description available.

Univerisdad of Malaga:

No photo description available.

Universidad d Huelva:

No photo description available.

Instituto Nacional de Estadística:

No photo description available.

Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales:

No photo description available.


No photo description available.

Universitat Rovira i Virgili:

No photo description available.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide:

No photo description available.

Universidad de Oviedo:

No photo description available.

Gobierno de Carabobo – Rafael Lacava en Venezuela:

No photo description available.

Venezuelan Ministerio de Hacienda Hacked by Akem, Site Database Available for Download

This past weekend “Akem The God” of “Pryzraky” claimed credit for a hack of the website belonging to Venezuela’s Secretary of Finance and Finance, leaking the entirety of its databases/contents online. While not much is known about the hack or how it was pulled off, what we do know is that it does not appear to be related to a much broader initiative going by the name of #OpVenezuala – largely being spearheaded by the Anonymous hacker collective. Instead, the hack and subsequent leak simply appears to be the random act of vigilante hacker against a corrupt state agency.

Due to my current limitations, I haven’t been able to unzip the file personally, but do know that it contains 4.95 Megabytes (MB) worth of data. However, given that their file uploading service of choice, Mega Uploads, is often prone to catering to the will/demands of international law enforcement authorities, there is also no telling how much longer the file will remain online/activity. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to Akem advising them to backup the file via and for a statement on the leaked material contained within it, but as of the morning of January 23rd 2019 have yet to hear back.

Target: hxxp://
Full Database Download (4.95 MB):

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios In Bogotá Hacked, Student Database Contents Leaked Online

In news first brought to my attention via DefconLab earlier today, January 12th 2019, a hacking group by the name of “KelvinSecurity” (KelvinSecTeam) has announced a hack and data leak effecting the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (UniMinuto) in Bogotá, Colombia. In a leak posted to Pastebin, hackers released the school ID numbers, names and email addresses of hundreds of students, along with the name and email addresses of a little more than half a dozen school administrators. Investigating the leak further, the hackers also list the file folder names of 16 other data tables, including login information/credentials, school documents, department IDs and much more – indicating that hackers were able to gain administrator level access over the entire website.

While the group has traditionally been associated with Venezuela, today’s leak featured a message written in Belarusian, reading “KelvinSecurity is a person looking to gather information for talented people all around the work, connecting to networks exploiting their systems.” Historically, the group has been known to announce hacks in hopes of selling any data obtained from it online, though there is no indication the hackers are attempting to sell any data uncovered from Colombia today.

Website: hxxp://

No photo description available.