Second Leaked Memo Reveals Trumps Close Ties With State Owned Russian Banks & Money Launderers Throughout The Course of 2016 Election Season

This article is a follow up to an article I published a two days ago, April 19th 2019, describing a $600 million dollar loan granted to a sub-agency of the Russian Government known as VTB Group. Leaked to the public by Black Water Security Group and dated November 25th 2016, was a copy of an internal memo sent to all Deutsche Bank employees advising them to disregard any future developments surrounding the loan in question – specifically advising employees to ignore any future developments with the loan, even if they suspected fraudulent activity might be at play. As fate would have it, just a couple weeks after that memo was released, a Russian Banking institution known as Alfa Bank purchased $300 million dollars of that loan out from under Deutsche Bank. As was also pointed out at the time, Alfa Bank is long known to have partaken in extensive money laundering campaigns throughout the past.

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However, another leaked document from Deutsche Bank released by Black Water Security Group yesterday begins to tell another interesting story. Dated December 18th 2016, just days after half of VTB Group‘s $600 million dollar loan was sold to Alfa Bank, the memo advises all Deutsche Bank affiliates against doing any business with VTB Group in the future – especially given their close ties to known money launderers. Whats particularly interesting though is a reference to then President-elect Donald Trump, explaining how he had been actively seeking a loan with VTB Group and Deutsche Bank to begin building a new Trump tower in Moscow. Essentially, the memo, sent by the banks anti-crime division, warned all Deutsche Bank affiliates against staking any loan with Donald Trump – specifically due to his relationship with the Russian Government and known money launders operating through or with them.

It should be noted that the memo’s released by Black Water Security this week were meant to do more to expose Donald Trumps close ties to Russia, after it was believed the Mueller report did not do enough to prove so. While the leaks are far from a smoking gun, so to speak, they certainly do provide an interesting perspective on Donald Trump and whom he had been doing business whilst he was actively campaigning to become President – including members of the Russian mob, money launderers and state owned Russian banks.

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Black Water Security Releases Internal Memo Leaked by Former Duetsche Bank Employee Shedding Light On Possible Money Laundering Scandal

In response to the release of the Mueller Report earlier this afternoon, a group of intelligence contractors known as “Black Water Security” published a copy of a leaked memo provided to them by a former Deutsche Bank employeewhom apparently quit after receiving a copy of this very memo nearly two and a half years ago, and whom decided to go public about it after questioning the results of the redacted release of the Mueller Investigation here today.

In a statement to Rogue Media Labs, Black Water Security explained how “a bank’s AFC (anti-financial crime) regulation is meant to stop the bank from participating in laundering the proceeds of illegal activity.” Adding that “Through our contact with an employee at Deutsche Bank USA, we have learned that senior global management officials within the bank were involved in actively relaxing the internal policy of the bank when it comes to financial dealings with Russia. This particular memo was sent in response to an associate of my source flagging a transaction involving VTB Group, which is 60% owned by the Russian government.

Upon researching the incidents in question a little further, I managed to stumble upon record of a December 2016 publication revealing how Deutsche Bank attempted to sell off a $600 million dollar loan from VTB Group, the same group mentioned in the November 25th memo below, before ultimately failing to do so – managing only to sell off $300 million dollars of it to a Russian bank known as Alfa Bank. After sharing this information back with the source of the leak, Black Water Security stated that”Given the dates in comparison to the memo, it seems the memo may have had the intention to mask possible laundering of money to pay off the VTB loan. Or to prevent internal scrutiny (whistleblowers) from flagging the loan.” Essentially, Deutsche Bank just wanted to sell off the loan as quickly as possible and didn’t care how Russia raised the money to do so – which is certainly interesting information in its own right.

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